#InternationalLeftHandersDay : Things that are 'Baaye Haath Ka Khel' for TV personalities!

Aug 13, 2016

#InternationalLeftHandersDay : Things that are 'Baaye Haath Ka Khel' for TV personalities! (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 2 times)

It's International Left-handers day! The left hand is considered to be the weaker hand, which led to the use of a phrase that says 'Baaye Haath Ka Khel!' We decided to make a list of things that are 'Baaye Haath Ka Khel' for TV personalities. Check it out!

Comedy for Kapil Sharma!

Kapil Sharma is definitely one of the best comedians out there in today's time. Kapil may not be good at a lot of things, but Comedy is definitely his 'Baaye Haath Ka Khel!'

Paranormal Practices for Simar!

Sasural Simar Ka is a proof that Simar can do all sorts of Paranormal activities. From Summoning ghosts to turning into a house fly to fighting Naagin's and Daayans and even giving birth to the devil! Simar can do it all with her Baaya Haath!

Breaking Doors for Daya!

While Daya ben is good at Garba and making Dhokla's, the Daya From CID is the best when it comes to breaking doors and breaking into someone's house! All you need to say is 'Daya Darwaza Tod Do' and the rest is all a Baaye Haath Ka Khel for him!

Leaving no evidence, for Tanu!

Tanu is definitely one of the best Vamps out there. In the show Kumkum Bhagya, she has been troubling Abhi and Pragya for a while now. As soon as Pragya is about to expose her, she fails every time! Why? Because Tanu leaves no traces behind that would put the ball in Pragya's court!

Walking and Talking endlessly for Anup Soni!

Anup Soni has been hosting Crime Patrol for a long time now. His peculiar style of narrating the story is to walk around the sets and talk while looking into the camera. There is a rumour that over the years, Anup Soni has Walked over 2000 Kms on the sets. If only Pokemon Go was launched a few years back, this guy would have caught em all! So Walking and Talking is a 'Baaye Haath Ka Khel' or Baaye Pair ka Khel in his case!

Swapping sides for Shagun!

Shagun is a girl who can be good when she wants and bad when she wants! There have been countless incidents in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein when Shagun has switched from being bad to being good and vice versa. It seems that she is confused in between the power of the dark side and the light side!

Solving cases for Swara!

Swara from Swaragini can be one of the detectives out there! We have earlier seen Swara do all kinds of investigations to find all sorts of evidence. In fact, there could be an entire spin-off series in which Swara solves all kinds of crimes!

Credit : Atharva Lobo, Tellybuzz

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