Hamari Adhuri Kahani...

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Sep 1, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

“What’s it about the Arjun Vasundra mystery?” NK asked

“No idea, but I’ll make sure I find out about it today, it’s really getting into my nerves”

“Let’s try finding out from other people”

They both walked a bit further and found another crowd but when they asked them about Arjun and Vasundra they also reacted the same, they just walked away.

Khushi was feeling really angry on how people reacted, why wasn’t anyone interested in telling them about it?

She felt someone tapping on her shoulder, and when she turned around she saw a girl, almost of her age standing in front of her.

“It’s very dangerous to ask people about Arjun and Vasu, those just ignored you, some might even harm you for taking their names” she said

“But why? What’s wrong?” Khushi asked

“I’ll tell you, come with me” She said as she walked away and both Khushi and NK followed her.

They walked until they reached at a very lonely place, there was nothing there apart from dry trees and grasses and a burnt house which seemed too old.

“Do you see that house?” the girl asked pointing towards it.

Both Khushi and NK nodded positively as they waited for her to tell them the story.

“Vasundra used to live there with her parents… she was like the apple of their eyes, a very happy girl who had no complaints with life.

Her parents could hardly afford food for once a day but she never complained, since childhood she would work at people’s place and earn some money, get some food and come home and feed her parents…

She had many problems that maybe neither of us have ever faced, but she never complained about it, not even once.

And Arjun, he was a guy who always had issues with everything… there wasn’t a thing which he dint complain about, he needed everything to be perfect, after all, he was the prince of this village.

He used to live in sheesh mahal, where you live right now, that palace belonged to Arjun’s father who was the king of this village” The girl said as she looked at NK

“There were so many differences between them, Arjun was a prince and Vasundra was only a normal girl, how did they both meet?”

“They met because of Arjun, he had just fired his maid because she dint do work as per his wish, so the king was looking for a new maid for Arjun…

Vasundra heard about it and thought why not give it a try, if she gets to work in the palace she would earn well and at least be able to feed her parents well.

So she tried her luck and she did get the job.”

“I can now understand somehow why people are running away from talking about them both” Khushi said

“What happened then?” NK asked

“The first time Arjun saw Vasundra was when things began changing. She was standing in his room near a window, she was holding a bird in her hand.

She tore a small piece of cloth from her already torn clothes and tied it around the bird, it was maybe injured.

She then set it free and when she turned, her eyes met with Arjun.

Arjun was the kind of a guy who would get angry if he found the maid in his room doing no cleaning but staring out the window, but right now he was more touched than being angry.

He kept on staring at Vasundra, her clothes were half torn and so dirty, her hair was in a mess but still he couldn’t get his eyes away from her.

Vasundra walked away silently at that time but then Arjun started calling her to his room every time making some kind of excuses.

He got her new clothes saying that the maid in the palace wasn’t allowed to be dressed like that, got her hair cut and washed perfectly and did every small thing for her.

Within no time they both started getting closer.. and eventually..”

“They fell in love” Khushi said as some blurred faces came in front of her eyes.

“Yes, they fell in love… and as they say for love the beginning is usually so happy and beautiful, but in the end, it’s very cruel… something of such sort happened.

They began so beautifully… Arjun even gave a room to Vasundra opposite his in the palace where she would live, he also made sure her parents dint face much problems and they were leading a perfect like…

Somewhere Vasundra had always been scared of people, she dint know how everyone would react when they got to know about them and she usually kept on telling Arjun that they should stay away… he would get some princess who would be much better than her…

But they say it’s very hard to stop loving someone and at that time Arjun was even ready to leave the palace just to be with her, she meant everything to him..

So they continued living their lives, romancing when people dint see them and everything was just going on well until that ugly night…

Which came and ruined everything for this village” the girl said with a sigh.

“What happened?” NK asked

Just when the girl was about to continue, his phone rang… he received the call in a hurry.

“Where are you NK? And where is Khushi?” Arnav asked

“I just took her around, don’t worry she’s with me”

“I need you both home, right now… you know she’s our guest and what if something happened to her?” Arnav sounded worried

“We’ll be there in half an hour”

“No way, you should live from wherever you are right now, I need you here in five minutes or I’m coming to look for you guys, why don’t you damn understand? Her life is in danger!”

“What? How?”

“I’ll explain that when you both get home, hurry up now”

“Okay, I’ll leave right now” NK said as he disconnected the call

He turned to Khushi who was already looking at him with so many questions.

“We need to leave Khushi”

“I know but she hasn’t finished telling us the story, let’s finish it then we leave”

“No we have to leave, right now Khushi please”

“Okay” Khushi said as they all rushed back to the town.

Raizada Mansion.

NK had just parked the car when Arnav came running towards the worriedly.

“Are you both okay?” he asked

They both nodded positively as Arnav took a deep sigh of relief.

“Khushi go inside everyone is waiting for you at the dinner” Arnav said

Khushi walked inside hesitantly as Arnav turned to look at NK

“Where the hell did you take her? Do you know how dangerous it could be for her, she has many unknown enemies out there”

“Enemies? How the hell is that possible Arnav? She’s here for the first time, where did she get enemies from”

“I don’t know, all I know is she isn’t safe outside the palace”

NK looked at him in confusion, he couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

“Look I’ll explain things after dinner, let’s go inside everyone is waiting”

They both headed inside while NK was still confused, how the hell on earth was Khushi’s life in danger?

Sep 3, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

NK followed Arnav to his room after dinner

 “Dude will you please tell me what’s wrong? How is Khushi’s life in danger?” NK asked

 “Who the hell gave you permission to ask about some weird love stories?” Arnav asked

 “What does that have to do with Khushi’s life being in danger?”

 “You know how much people hate Arjun and Vasundra in this village? No one even mentions their names and you tried to act so macho that you went to ask people about their love story”

 “How would I know the villagers have problem with them, and we were just asking about them, it’s not a big deal”

 “It is a damn big deal because Khushi… she was involved, her life was in danger”

 “Why only her life? I was with her too, I asked about Arjun and Vasundra to so why would my life no be in danger too?”

 “NK look you’ll not understand this things, I’m not telling you to not take her anywhere, just inform me once on what your plans are so I can know if you are on the safer side or not”

 “Okay next time I’ll inform you” he said as he walked out leaving Arnav behind stressed.

There was something else for sure, this wasn’t the only reason why he was so much stressed.

“Arnav… is everything okay?” Khushi asked as she walked towards him.

“Yeah everything is fine, I’m sorry if I disturbed you”

 “Why were you angry on NK? I’m sorry I was the one who asked him to take me out”

“It’s not about him taking you out Khushi… I was just worried”

 “Worried for what?”

“Your safety, you don’t know the people here and their beliefs so just be careful next time please”

 “Why are you so much worried for my safety, I’m grown up I can take care of myself Arnav”

 “Because I love you, is that so hard for you to see?”


“How long Khushi? For how long will you keep on running away from the truth? How long will you hide your feelings for me? How long will you keep me away from you?”

 “Until I get to know who Vasu means to you”

 “Khushi she means nothing to me, I damn don’t even know her! Why are you spoiling both our lives on just a name of someone maybe who doesn’t even exist?”

“Because I somewhere feel she means much more to you, more than me”

“Be logical, I haven’t met anyone with such a name, I don’t even know her I haven’t in fact ever heard of her name from anywhere”

 “You have Arnav… you have, she is related to you in a way that you can’t even forget about her in your sleep… Shall I remind you of her full name? Vasundra… maybe now you get an idea”

“Vasundra loved Arjun Khushi, they were here centuries ago, how can I be related to her then? If you don’t love me say it on my face but please don’t come up with such illogical reasons”

“Arnav trust me, you are related to her somehow”

 “You know by doing this you are just making fun out of me? Out of my love for you? Are you trying to tell me that I don’t love you and whatever I feel for you is a complete lie? Khushi you are the first ever woman I fell for, the first ever woman who stole my heart away in just some seconds..

I don’t know what it was, why we got attracted so easily but all I know is that I love you and I am not ashamed of accepting it unlike you.

Maybe when you go back to Switzerland, you’ll forget about me, you’ll even forget my name but remember whenever you’ll need friend, I’ll always be there. I have talked to Aman, he has booked your tickets back to Switzerland, you are leaving tomorrow evening”

 “What? Why the hell did you do that? Did I tell you I wanted to leave? Who the hell gave you permission to book my tickets? You aren’t my husband so don’t think you can control my life”

“I’m not your husband neither am I trying to control your life, only your parents can do that, I received a call from your father, he needs you back, I have no idea what you have done to your phone, they couldn’t reach you so they gave me a call” Arnav said as he angrily walked out of the room.

Khushi was completely nervous and scared, if she had ever been scared of anyone in her entire life, then it was her dad! She even stammered while talking to him and now he’s back home and he wants her home, which sounds like something really serious.

She was almost getting out of the mess, she was almost solving the Arjun Vasundra mystery and now this happened, she had to leave before she could find out the whole truth.

 She rushed out of the room and followed Arnav.


“Arnav!” She shouted his name.

 “Can I please use your phone? I have no idea where I left mine, I need to talk to mom”

“Sure” Arnav said as he handed his phone to her then walked away. Khushi dialed her mom’s number as she rushed to her room, after a while Garima’ received the call.

 “Hey mom, it’s me Khushi! Please don’t shout my name, I don’t want dad to know it’s me”

 “Where the hell is your phone? You know how worried your dad is? He had been trying to call you, he’s even angry on me for allowing you to go to India alone, he says he doesn’t care if it’s business I should have joined you”

“But he was to come back after two week, why all over a sudden?”

 “I don’t know, change in plans, you know how your dad is… I’m sure this time he has something big in his mind for you, you better be here soon”

“I’m leaving tomorrow, God! I’m so scared”

“Relax, he’s your dad he won’t kill you”

 “Okay take care, I’m so nervous, facing dad is like a huge thing, God help me”

 “Stop over acting and sleep now, goodnight” Khushi disconnected the call as she sat silently on the bed.

Normally when her dad came back without a notice, it usually had to do with something related to her, this time she wondered what it could be.

She yet had to find out about Arjun and Vasundra, she yet had to check all the mirrors in this place but maybe for that she’d have to return which was next to impossible.

She walked out of her room and headed downstairs to return Arnav’s phone back to him. He was sited on his bed lost in some thoughts, a tear escaped his eye and he quickly wiped it away.

She knew whatever that brought that tear in his eye was related to her but she was so much confused, she wasn’t even sure of her own feelings and then this Vasu thing came up. He all over a sudden declared he loved her when maybe for her all that she felt towards him was attraction.

 “I’m sorry” she said as she walked towards him. She placed the phone on the bed, Arnav dint look at her, maybe he knew she was going to leave soon and it was hard for him to accept it.

“Sorry for hurting you so much Arnav, it was nice meeting you, I’ll always remember you as a good friend” She smiled as she headed towards the door.

 “Only a good friend?” he asked

She nodded and walked away leaving behind Arnav with shattered dreams, he never knew he could fall so deeply in love with a girl in no time and she wouldn’t fall for him.

Things were just getting harder for him but he knew he had to be strong… because life doesn’t stop here, it had to go on and if they were destined to be together, destiny would bring them together once again but for now he had to let her go and be just friends with her.

Sep 3, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

Next Morning

 Khushi walked to the breakfast table, everyone was there except Arnav.


 “Where is Arnav?” She asked as she settled herself on the chair


 “He left for the factory, he said your order of machine will be processed and he would make arrangement for them to be sent to Switzerland very soon, if anything give him a call” Anjali said


“It’s okay I’ll talk to him when he comes before I leave” Khushi said


 “He isn’t going to come until late night, he said he had a lot of work, Aman will take you to the airport and NK would be with you until you leave”


 “You mean he isn’t coming to even say a goodbye?” Khushi asked sadly Anjali just nodded negatively…

 Khushi felt hurt, she dint know what was going on in her life, at one point she dint want to accept that what she felt for Arnav was love and not infatuation and on the other side she was craving to see him for one last time.


 Arnav was busy in the factory handling the work as he tried to keep himself busy so that he couldn’t think about Khushi. He told one of the workers to carry some machines that weren’t needed and put them in the store he tried to write thing, to make machines to even clean up the damn place but Khushi wasn’t just leaving his mind, everywhere he would see, he would remember her. Why did life have to be so miserable, why did she have to leave and he couldn’t do anything to stop her, why were they falling apart even before falling together? He felt so hurt, so broken like life was falling apart.


 Main yeh nahi kehta… ke pyaar mat karna…

Kisi musaafir ka magar… aitbaar mat karna…


 His eyes were becoming moist, he dint want his workers to see him like this so he just left. He walked towards it, got inside and sat there as he started driving it, having no idea where he would go, all knew was that he just wanted to escape her, or go back home and stop her from going but he knew she wouldn’t stay back, not for him. She dint love him, why would she stay back?


Pardesi pardesi jaana nahin… mujhe chorke… mujhe chorke..

Pardesi pardesi jaana nahi… muh modke… dil todke…

Pardesi mere yaara… vaada nibhana… mujhe yaad rakhna kahin bhul na jaana…


 He drove to sheesh mahal, he tried to stop himself from doing that because he knew it would get difficult for him to see her leaving but he just couldn’t make his heart understand. He stopped the car outside and sat there, he shouldn’t get out, he shouldn’t go to see her, that’s what he kept on repeating in his mind.

A window opened upstairs and he raised his head up to have a look, it was the window to Khushi’s room. She sat on the edge as she looked outside, staring at the bird flying.

She seemed to be sad but why would she? She wasn’t attached to anyone here then why would she be sad for leaving?


 Phoolon ke mausam me milne aate hai… patjhad me

Panchi bankar udjate hai.. hasti aankhon ko aansu de jaate hai… vadaa karke bhi na vapas aate hai..

pardesi mere yara laut ke aana…

tum yaad rakhna kahin bhool na jaana…

 pardesi pardesi jaana nahi… mujhe chorke… mujhe chorke..


 He put a stone on his heart and drove away even when he just wanted to get out of the car and rush inside and hug her tight and tell her not to go.

Khushi felt a tear rolling down her eyes, she dint understand why she felt so sad, so hurt, so broken. She dint understand why she felt like staying here forever and not leaving. She wiped her tears off and headed to NK’s room, she wanted to go to the factory and meet Arnav, and see him maybe for the last time that was when she knew she’d feel better.

 She convinced NK to take her to the factory and they both left within no time. When they arrived there and asked about Arnav, a worker informed them that he left a while ago.


 “Don’t be sad Khushi, I’ll call him and ask him where he is, if he isn’t too far we can wait okay” NK said

 Khushi nodded as she tried to smile, she just hoped she’d get one last chance to see him.


 “Hey Arnav, I was at the factory with Khushi, she wanted to meet you… where are you?” NK asked


 “I’m going out of town, something urgent I’ll be back late at night” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

 He parked his car a bit further from the factory where he could see NK and Khushi standing.

 NK told her something and tears started rolling down her eyes, if this wasn’t love then what was it? Why dint she want to accept it? He had seen them going towards the factory so he followed them, but he wanted to make sure he doesn’t meet her, because maybe this was right for her, if she dint love him she’d have to live without seeing him, it wouldn’t make much difference to her.

But if he met her and talked to her then it would be really tough for him to let her go. At this moment he really wanted to believe that somewhere Khushi loved him because of her behavior but all he couldn’t understand was why she wasn’t accepting it. He brushed off the thoughts coming to a conclusion, if she loves him she would come back or else it would be the end of his one sided love story.


Both Khushi and NK got back into the car and drove back to sheesh mahal.


Har pal meri yaad tumhe tadpayegi… me jagunga neend tumhe na aayegi…

 Chor ke aise haal me jo tum jaoge… sach kehta hoon jaan bohot pachtaoge…

 Pardesi mere yaara muje na rulana… tum yaad rakhna kahin bhool na jaana…


Evening. Aman arrived at Sheesh Mahal to take Khushi with him as she had a flight to catch. Khushi was ready to leave with her luggage, she bid everyone goodbye and headed to the car with Aman and NK. Aman started driving, Khushi dint speak a word, her eyes were just looking outside hoping for one last time she would see him, just for once but she dint.


 Pardesi mere yaara… laut ke aana… mujhe yaad rakhna kahin bhool na jaana…


Aman parked the car outside the airport as NK unloaded out the luggage. He handed Khushi’s bag to her and hugged her.


 “It was nice knowing you, you were such a sweetheart” NK said


 “It was nice knowing you too NK, I’ll miss you”


“I’ll miss you too, anyway have a safe journey and call me when you reach okay?”


“Sure, Aman thank you for the best accommodation”


“You are welcome ma’am” Aman smiled

 Khushi took a deep sigh as she turned around and walked inside the airport leaving her heart behind. Before she entered inside she turned to look back once hoping that maybe Arnav came here and maybe she would see him but to her bad luck, he wasn’t there. She just wiped the tears dropping down her eyes and walked inside.

She passed the security check and headed inside the plane, settled herself on her seat and within no time it took off. And finally they both parted their ways once again, maybe this was destiny, none of them knew if they would meet again, if they would ever see each other even. Maybe this was the end, of their small story that ended even before beginning.

Sep 6, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Khushi had just walked out of the airport when she spotted her personal assistant waiting for her there.

She walked towards her and handed her luggage to her as they both headed towards the car.

“What’s the position?” She asked

“Sorry? I mean position of what?” her secretary asked

“Dad, and his anger… God! Why doesn’t he understand I’m not a little kid anymore, I can travel alone”

“Well that’s up to the peak, he’s been waiting for you so eagerly”

“Oh God! Please save me” Khushi prayed as they both drove to the Gupta mansion.

She stepped out of the car as Garima rushed towards her and hugged her happily.

“Oh it feels great to see you after so long”

“Mom relax, I wasn’t away for a whole year, all I’m worried about right now is dad… What is he going to do, I’m sure he’d give me the worst punishment”

“Well he’s inside waiting for you, let’s see what’s on his mind” Garima said as she walked inside followed by Khushi nervously.

“So finally the princess is here” Shashi said as he stood up from the sofa and turned to look at Khushi.

“Hey dad, when did you come back” She tried to be strong

“Just a few days back and got to know you weren’t here… why would you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Go on a trip alone? That too to India, and I wonder how the hell you mom even allowed you”

“Come on dad, it was just a business trip and I am grown up, I can handle things, I can take good care of myself… for how long will you keep me locked inside this mansion?”

“Khushi I have never refused for freedom, I have always given you enough freedom to go out with your friends party late night go wherever you want but only in Zurich not out of the damn country” Shashi said angrily

“Exactly, that’s like locking me up”

“Fine you feel I’m locking you up right? Then this time, instead of a punishment I have a gift for you”

“And what’s that” Khushi asked as she looked at Garima

Garima nodded negatively having no idea of what was going on in Shashi’s mind.

“I want to get you married, go at your husband’s place and do whatever you feel like, I won’t interfere because your husband would be the one to do that if he wishes to”

“What?” Khushi asked in shock as she turned to look at Garima again.

She couldn’t understand why her dad was doing this to herm just because she travelled alone, did she deserve such a huge punishment for that?

“Dad you know I’m not ready for marriage yet”

“Then get yourself ready, Rohan, my friend’s son is coming here tomorrow from Canada, he’s got a good business over there, he’s successful, rich and handsome… there would be no better guy than him for you”

“But dad…”

“Look Khushi, I met him personally he is a gem of a person, I can bet that he would keep you happy, he would give you everything that maybe I wasn’t ever able to give to you..

Just meet him once, I’m sure you’ll like him, I have talked to him and I even showed him your pictures, he loved them… it’s already a yes from his side”

“But dad what about me? My wishes? My career?”

“He would let you continue doing what you want Khushi, marriage doesn’t mean an end to everything”

“It does to me, I just don’t want to get married right now”

“You have to… and that’s my final decision… Garima, make sure she understands that, I don’t need any unnecessary drama tomorrow”

Shashi walked to his room and Khushi rushed to her room as she locked herself inside.

Garima knocked at the door as she tried to talk to her but she dint want to listen to anything.

“Khushi listen to me, locking yourself up like this won’t help”

“And getting me married when I’m not ready would help? Really mom! What’s wrong with dad?”

“Khushi we are just thinking about your future, I know Rohan from before, he is really a good guy, he would keep you happy believe me, or is it that you love someone else?”

“No mom, I don’t… neither do I have any problem with Rohan… it’s just that there are lots’ of things in my life which I have to do before getting married…”

“Then just meet him right, I’ll convince your dad, I’ll tell him to let you guys get engaged and there would be no marriage until you are ready for it”


“I promise, now come on stop crying and be a good girl, meet Rohan tomorrow and get to know him, I’m sure you’d love him…”



Khushi was lying on her bed staring at her phone, she wondered if she should call Arnav and inform him that’s she’s reached safely or she shouldn’t.

She even remembered all those moments she spent with him, and wondered what it would be like f what she felt towards him at that time wouldn’t be just an infatuation but true love.

She pressed the call button and Arnav received the call just on the first ring.

“Did you reach safely? How are you? I hope you had no problems on the flight, was everything okay?” he started asking questions.

“Relax Arnav, yes I have reached safely and I’m completely fine… seems like you were just waiting for my call”

“I was just worried… anyway its good you are safe so sleep now you should rest, goodnight”

“Arnav I…”

The call was already disconnected, at one point he was so worried about her and on the other point he disconnected the call, why was he avoiding her like this?

She dint know why but she felt hurt, she dint like him avoiding her… she wanted to talk to him but he just disconnected the call.


Arnav put his phone on the side table and sat there staring at the Picture on his wall.

“It’s so hard to ignore you when all I want to do is fly to Switzerland right now and hold you in my arms… I miss you so much Khushi… I hope you’d understand” he said sadly

“We all miss her” Anjali said as she walked to his room

“Why dint she fall in love with me like the way I fell for her? I am not a good person?” Arnav asked

“This is how love is meant to be like Arnav.. Only the few lucky ones get their love others just get pain”

“Then why do they say love is beautiful?”

“Because it is, it comes with pain but doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.. it makes you start seeing yourself from a completely different point of view”

“Will Khushi ever fall in love with me? Or should I just learn how to live without her?”

“Do what your heart says, I’m sure it’s give you the best answer and now stop being a Romeo and sleep, you have to go to work tomorrow”

“Yeah goodnight, and that you for the advice”

“Welcome anytime my dearest brother.”

Anjali kissed on him on his forehead and walked away and Arnav tried to fall asleep believing that this was how his life was now going to be without Khushi…

Silent, empty and lonely…

Sep 7, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Khushi was sited on her bed wondering what she would do about the new guy her dad wanted her to meet, she was not ready at all for all this right now.

All the while what kept on going on in her mind were memories… memories of India…

Memories of Arnav… memories of their kiss and what not…

She tried to brush off the thoughts making herself believe that whatever she felt for Arnav was just an infatuation which would end in a few days…

Paas aaye… dooriyan phir bhi kum na huyi… ek adhoori si hamari kahani rahi…

Aasman ko zameen yeh zaroori nahi… jaanle… ishq sacha wahi jisko milti nahi manzile…

Khushi stood up as she walked towards the window, she pulled of the curtains welcoming the bright sunlight.

She stood there staring outside… she missed being in Sheeshmahal, waking up to someone already calling you for breakfast… a huge family…

The room itself, it was so beautiful…

She shut her eyes and folded her arms… everything about this place felt different… she dint understand what it was about india or Sheeshmahal or the Raizada’s that got her so much attached to that place.

Rang the noor tha… jab kareeb tu tha… ek Jannat sa tha yeh jahaan…

Waqt ki rait pe kuch mere naam sa… likh ke **** gaya tu kahan…

Hamari Adhuri Kahani… Hamari Adhuri Kahani…

“Khushi, you aren’t ready yet?” Garima asked as she walked in.

“I’m lazy today, I just don’t feel like doing anything.. I don’t even feel like getting out of the room”

“Then stop being lazy, remember Rohan is coming to see you… he might be here anytime… he left last night from India”

“From India? But you said he was from Canada?”

“Yeah but I guess he had something to do in India so anyway take your shower, I’ll send your personal assistant with the dress you’ll put on”

“Dress? Come on mom can’t I just put on my normal clothes?”

“No, now go start getting ready” Garima said as she walked away. Khushi headed to her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror… she looked so pale…

She touched her cheeks when all over a sudden again memories of Arnav came in front of her… their first kiss, the most beautiful thing she had ever experienced was running through her mind all the while.

She just brushed off the thoughts and started to take her shower.


Half an hour later, she walked out of her room and found a beautiful pink dress placed on her bed.

With it was a jewelry box which had all the jewelries necessary.

“Damn mom, I’m not going to a party” she said angrily as she picked the dress from her bed.

She got dressed into it and looked at herself in the mirror.

The dress fitted perfectly on her, she looked like a beautiful princess, she wanted to be happy because this dress made her look really pretty but she wasn’t because of the reason behind why she had to put it on.

Garima walked inside and found Khushi admiring herself in the mirror.

“You look gorgeous, you just need to do something about your hair and put on some jewelry”

“I’m not going to a damn party and if that guy had to see me he should see me the way I am, the real me, she shouldn’t get impressed by this dress and me pretending to be nice, he should like me for who I am, crazy or stupid or bad me”

“He would like that side of you too”

“Why are you both doing this to me?” Khushi asked sadly.

“Not the same topic again Khushi… get ready and then go talk to your dad, he is in the study room waiting for you”

“I’m sure he has lectures for me, do this don’t do this.. Behave this way don’t behave this way… I feel trapped! Don’t I have any freedom mom?”

“If you dint we couldn’t tell you to meet the guy, we would tell you that you are going to get married to him and you got no other option…

Stop behaving like a kid Khushi, I told you it’s going to be only an engagement you can get married whenever you are ready”


Garima walked outside reminding Khushi for the last time that she had to see her dad in the study room.

Khushi tied her hair in whatever looked good and put on her earring and a thin neck chain. She looked at her reflection in the mirror once more before she walked out of her room.

She stood outside her room looking around, it was the same house, the same place she’s lived since she was born but today it felt as if it wasn’t hers anymore.

She walked to the study room where Shashi was waiting for her.

She knocked and then walked in as Shashi turned to look at her.

“My daughter looks really beautiful today” he said

“Thanks dad”

“Since I came back Khushi, I have been very angry, not on you but myself. I don’t know why I just get worried about every small thing related to you.

You are my one and only daughter and I love you so much, I have always done what any father could do for his child.

I have given you all your needs, I have fulfilled all your wishes I have always wanted to see you happy.

All I want is the best for you and believe me, Rohan is going to be the best for you.

I know right now you are angry at me for forcing you for this, but I have never forced you for anything before right? I am doing this for your good.

I asked you last night and I am asking you today, if you like any other guy tell me, I have no problem as long as he would keep my daughter happy.”

“No dad I don’t, I told you it’s just that I am not ready”

“I talked to your mother about that and believe me I’ll not get you married until you are ready for it, just get engaged okay?”

“Have I ever gone against your wish dad?”

“Oh Khushi, you sound so low.. Please trust your dad whatever I am doing is for your good okay? Now come on smile, Rohan and his friend are already here, your mother is with them, it’s time for you both to meet now”

Khushi smiled a bit as Shashi held her hand and they both headed to the hall, Khushi dint have the strength to even turn her eyes up and look at the guy.

They kept walking, they passed the corridors, descended the stairs but she just dint bother to look anywhere else but the floor.

They both stopped in the hall but her eyes were yet on the floor.

“Khushi, raise your eyes and have a look at him” Shashi said

Khushi hesitantly turned her head up and took a deep breath as she looked at the guy standing in front of him.

She dint know how to react at the moment, all she couldn’t believe was that this guy was standing in front of her.

How could that be possible? How the hell on earth could it be possible?

She was shocked, surprised, happy, sad and what not… she had all the mixed feelings in the entire damn world and she dint know why she felt like this.

Why she felt so happy seeing him, why she felt so relaxed like everything was going to be good now, nothing would go wrong in her life.

Pyaas ka yeh safar… khatam hojayega… Kuch adhura sa jo tha poora hojayega…

Jhuk gaya aasman… milgaye do jahaan… har taraf hai milan ka samaa…

Doliyan hai saji… khusbuein har kahin… padhne aaya khuda khud yahan…

Hamari adhuri kahani…. Hamari adhuri kahani…

Sep 8, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 56 times)

“Arnav” she said as a smile curved up on her face.

She felt so happy seeing him here, it made her feel so good like finally things were going to get better.

“Hi Khushi” Arnav greeted her politely.

“You both know each other?” a guy sited behind Arnav asked as he stood up.

“Yeah, she came India to purchase machines from us, she stayed at our place, so I know her” Arnav explained.

“Now that’s going to be good, my best friend already knows the girl I’ll get engaged to, by the way, hey, I’m Rohan” he said

“Hey, Khushi here” Khushi said as her eyes kept on staring at Arnav.

“She is the girl you came to see for marriage? The one you told me you want to get married to?” Arnav asked

“Yes dude, she’s the one” Rohan said as Arnav just stared at Khushi feeling completely broken.

Me toh jiya na mara’n… haaye ve das main ki kara’n…

He sat back on the sofa while she sat opposite to him, he would look at everything but not her.

He was trying to avoid contact with her eyes or maybe he was trying to hide the pain that could be seen in eyes after getting to know that she was going to get married to his own best friend.

How would anyone feel when the person they loved got married to their own best friend?

Dil jude bina hi toot gaye… hath mile bina hi chut gaye… Ki lekhe ne lekh kismet ne…

baar baar ro’n aankhiya… tune jo na vekh sakiyan… khole aaye aaj kudrat ne…

kataan main kive din, teri sath tere bin… me ta’n jiya na mara’n…

Khushi was continuously staring at Arnav even when Rohan was trying to talk to her.

He had asked her so many questions to which she just nodded or gave a no or yes as an answer. All her attention was just on Arnav.

She dint know why but she was worried about him, she knew he was hurt.

“So Khushi, tell me what are your plans, when do you want us to get engaged and then the marriage?” Rohan asked

Arnav just looked around for a while then pulled out his phone from the pocket and stood up.

“I need to make a call, I’ll be back” he said as he walked to the balcony in a hurry.

He made sure he was standing at a place where no one could see him and he finally broke down.

It was hard, so hard to control himself inside there when he got to know that the girl he loved was soon going to get married to his best friend and there was nothing he could do about it, nothing at all.

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna… jag soona soona lage… Jag soon soona laage, koi rahe na jab apna…

Hain to yeh kyu hota hai… jab yeh dil rota hai… Roye sisak sisak ke hawaye… jag soona lage…

He felt a hand on his shoulder all over a sudden as he quickly stood up and wiped his tears.

He turned around and found Khushi standing in front of him.

“Khushi… you should be inside, go talk to him, it’s a decision about your life you should get to know him well” Arnav said

“Are you okay Arnav?”

“Yes I am perfectly fine, what happened to me?” he asked…

Only if he could tell her how much hurt he felt, how empty he felt from inside when he got to know he had now lost her forever.

Everything was going to change soon, the girl he loves would become his best friend’s wife… what would hurt more?

What was it that Rohan had and he dint? He even loved her which Rohan dint, for him this was just an arranged marriage.

Rohan got her despite of nothing and he dint even get her love despite of loving her so much… why was this world so cruel?

Roothi roothi saari ratein.. pheeke pheeke saare din…

Veerani si veerani hai, tanhayi si tanhayi hai…

Aur ek hum hai… pyar ke bin…

“Arnav… Rohan and I…”

“I know Khushi… I am fine, he’s my best friend… I just dint know when he told me that I have to come here with him to see the girl he’s getting married to would turn out to be you..

I am okay.. I will be” He tried to smile

Har pal chin chan se jo toote koi sapna…

Jag soon soona lage koi rahe na jab apna…

“Okay you know what, I know what to do…” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand.

“What are you doing Khushi, what would your parents or Rohan think if they saw us like this?” Arnav said

He tried to pull his hand out of her hold but she wasn’t letting him go.

“Arnav just be quiet okay, now just shut up don’t even speak a word more…

I am sorry I know you are hurt, I dint want you to get hurt… I dint even want this to happen, I am just really sorry for everything”

“It’s okay Khushi, I told you everything is fine, I am fine”

“Okay if you are fine then good, let’s go inside” she said as she pulled him with her inside.

Shashi, Garima and Rohan stood up in surprise when they saw Khushi holding Arnav’s arms and pulling him inside with her.

“What happened?” Shashi asked

“Arnav… what’s going on?” Rohan asked as he stared at them both.

Arnav just stood there silently… he himself had no idea of what was going on.

“Mom… Dad… meet Arnav Singh Raizada, the man I love” Khushi said

Everyone looked at her in shock, even Arnav… what she said was just totally unbelievable.

“What the hell Khushi… why are you lying for me? It’s okay I know I love you but you don’t, then what is the need for lying?” Arnav asked

“Khushi what is this?” Shashi asked

“Arnav… is it true? Do you love her?” Rohan asked

“I’m sorry Rohan, I dint know Khushi was the girl you were coming to see or I couldn’t come here with you… yes I do love her I won’t lie, we met as I told you and I fell in love with her, she even knew it but she said she dint love me..

I don’t know why she’s saying all this all over a sudden, please don’t take me wrong, I have done nothing, I am your best friend I wouldn’t ever do this to you” Arnav said

“But now I do Arnav… I realized it when I came back, when I missed you, when I just couldn’t feel better without you” Khushi said

“Khushi I had asked you if you loved someone and you told me you dint” Shashi said angrily

“Dad I was scared… but when I saw Arnav here I just lost myself… I am sorry Rohan I can’t get married to you”

“Just a minute Rohan… I’ll talk to her” Arnav said as he pulled her away with him.

They headed outside again when Arnav glared at Khushi angrily.

“Why the hell are you doing this Khushi? I don’t need your pity, I know very well you don’t love me and I am okay with that you don’t need to do me this favor” Arnav said

“I am not pitying you Arnav, I am doing this for myself… I am sorry for whatever I did I should have asked you.. but I know you’d understand me… dad wants to get me married and I’m not ready at all for it…

When I saw you here this idea clicked my mind… I am sure dad would have no problem with you.. please do this for me”

“You want me to lie? To your dad and to my own best friend?”

“I want you to lie because this isn’t right, why do they have to force me to get married? Just say yes in front of dad, accept we love each other, I’ll handle the rest”

“I can’t do that Khushi”

“Please Arnav, just help me out of this, you are the only one who can help me please don’t say no, I’m going inside, I’ll wait for you to come and accept” Khushi said as she walked inside leaving Arnav behind in thoughts…

He was trapped between his best friend and the girl he loved… how could Khushi be so heartless? How could she ask him to do something like this for her?

Patharon ki iss nagri mein.. pathar chehre, pathar dil..

Pheerta hai mara mara kyun raho me tu awara…

Yahan na hoga kuch haasil…

He walked inside after thinking a lot where everyone else was waiting for him.

“Uncle she is right, we both love each other, I just thought she wasn’t sure but now I know she also loves me” Arnav said

Sep 9, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

“Rohan I’m really sorry, I dint want to…”

“Shut up okay, sorry for what Arnav? In fact I am happy that you got the girl you love, maybe I was just a way to bring the both of you together” Rohan said

“Are you sure you aren’t angry?”

“I would be angry if you let me marry the girl you love, I wouldn’t want to do that to you… yes I do like Khushi but you deserve her” Rohan said as he hugged Arnav.

“Thank you for understanding me” Arnav said

“Why did you not tell me about Arnav when I asked you Khushi?” Shashi asked angrily

“Dad I was so scared as I told you and I wasn’t sure of my feelings, but when I saw him here I realized how much I loved him”

“I hope this isn’t any kind of a game you are playing”

“No dad, I really do love him, believe me”

Arnav was continuously staring at Khushi as she explained things to her dad, only if he could tell how hurt he felt by doing this.

“Okay then let’s sit and discuss about your engagement with Arnav… Arnav are you okay with it? I mean we want the both of you to get engaged in a day or two and then you can leave for India or stay here whatever you wish to…”

“I’ll have to talk to my family regarding that”

“Why don’t we make it like we all go India, Arnav and I would get engaged in Sheesh mahal in a royal style” Khushi said excitedly.

“That’s a good idea, we’ll even meet your family and talk to them” Shashi said

“I think we should go” Garima added.

“As you all say” Arnav finally agreed

Khushi was happy she would get to go to India once again, she would finally get a chance to complete her search, she would find out everything that had been disturbing her.

“Is it okay if we leave tomorrow?” Shashi asked

“Yeah sure” Arnav replied

“Dad if you don’t mind can I take my sweet to be fiancé away for a couple of minutes, I need to talk to him” Khushi asked

“Sure, he’s all yours” Shashi said

Khushi held Arnav’s hand and pulled him with her to her room as she hugged him as soon as they entered in.

“Thank you so much Arnav, I knew you would help me, I don’t know how I’d be able to thank you but this means so much to me” Khushi said

Arnav broke the hug as he looked at her and smiled

“Don’t that me Khushi because I dint do this for you, I did this for Rohan” Arnav said

“For Rohan?”

“Yes, I surely don’t want my best friend to get married to a girl who is not interested at all, I don’t want him to spoil his life by taking such a decision” Arnav said as he angrily walked out.

Khushi followed him and got hold of his hand as she pulled him back inside.

“Are you angry on me Arnav?”

“You expect me to be happy about this Khushi?”

“I just thought you helped me as a friend”

“I helped my best friend not you Khushi… I dint know you’d use my feelings for you against me… what will you get by doing all this? By all this drama?

Lying to me or anyone else is fine, why are you lying to your own parents? Did you see them? They were so happy about you being in love with me, they must have had so many dreams about your engagement and your marriage but they don’t know their daughter is just playing games with them.

I’m sorry to say this Khushi but for the first time ever I’m compelled to think, are you the same girl I fell in love with? Because right now, you look like a complete different person to me.” Arnav said

Khushi just stared at him continuously not knowing what to say, she couldn’t even understand why he was saying all this.

“Hey don’t worry, I won’t back out from the engagement, not everyone gets lucky like me… I’ll never forgive myself for doing this Khushi never” he said as he walked away leaving behind Khushi in confusion.

What wrong was she doing? Was it wrong to escape from an engagement that she was being forced for? Was is wrong to ask him for a small help so that she could sort out the mess in her life?

Where exactly was she wrong? And why was Arnav behaving so rude and angry towards her?

Arnav left with Rohan as they both headed back to the hotel, Rohan showed no sign of jealousy or anger or any kind of ill feeling towards Arnav, he was just happy for him that finally he got the girl he loved, only if he knew that the truth was something else.


Arnav was sited in his room thinking about everything, he dint know if what he was doing was right or wrong, should he tell Rohan the truth or not?

His phone rang and he looked at it as Khushi’s number showed up.

He ignored it and it kept on ringing.. Khushi wouldn’t just stop calling him.

The call rang once again and this time he disconnected it angrily but Khushi on the other side dint give up, she kept on calling and calling until Arnav was compelled to receive the call.

“What’s wrong with you Khushi? Can’t you leave me alone? Why are you calling again and again?”

“Arnav I am sorry, I don’t even understand why you are angry on me… let’s talk please”

“I don’t need to talk about anything Khushi, we are going to India tomorrow we’ll get engaged and then later on I’ll break the engagement that it right? Or you can break it too if you wish to, do whatever you want but just leave me alone for now please”

“Why are you behaving this way with me Arnav?”

“Because I’m hurt, and you’ll never understand what I feel, I am trapped between my best friend and my love, I don’t know if whatever I’m doing is right or wrong, I’m also lying to your parents who have trusted me with you…

Just leave me alone please, don’t call me until I call you, I need some time alone, I’ll call you myself when I’ll be fine okay?”

“Okay” Khushi said as she sadly disconnected the call.

She dint know why but she had never seen this side of Arnav, and right now she felt really hurt because of his rude behavior towards her, many people had been rude to her, angry on her but she never felt this restless…

Sep 10, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Next Morning.

Arnav was with Rohan at the airport waiting for Khushi and her family to come so that they could board the flight and leave for India.

Arnav seemed to be sad and lost in thoughts which was so unobvious, which guy would be sad when he gets the girl he loves?

“Dude are you okay?” Rohan asked

“Yeah, I’m just a little bit worried, I have to talk to my family and all…”

“Don’t worry I’m sure they would accept Khushi, she’s such a nice girl after all, just get ready to be engaged”

“Sorry, I hope we aren’t late” Khushi said as she appeared from nowhere.

Arnav just greeted Garima and Shashi and they all headed inside, Khushi felt really bad, she couldn’t understand why now he was ignoring her.

Khushi was excited to go back to India, she knew there was a lot she had to find out yet and this engagement was the only thing that would give her the chance…

She wouldn’t be a guest of the Sheesh mahal anymore, she would be Arnav’s fiancé so she would get to access many rooms and she might find out more things.

 All she wanted was to put an end on this Vasu and Arjun mystery and how the hell on earth she had dreams of that room in Sheesh mahal when she had never been there before.

There were lots of questions in her mind and the answer to them was Sheesh Mahal only.

Arnav on the other side was worried, he did say yes for the engagement but what would happen if things dint turn out the way they had planned?

What if Devyani or Anjali or anyone else from the family objects? What would he do then?

Although he was sure his family members would understand him and support whatever decision he’s taken, he was still nervous.


After sitting in the plane for almost nine hours, they finally arrived at New Delhi where Aman was already waiting for them.

“Would you like to rest for a while before we leave for Rajasthan or it’s okay if we leave directly?” Arnav asked Shashi

“I don’t want to waste any more time, I am excited to meet your family, so I guess let’s just leave” Shashi said

“Okay then” Arnav said as they all headed to the cars and drove directly to Rajasthan.

Arnav called and informed Anjali about him coming with some guests and so all the Raizada’s got busy in preparations, although Arnav dint specify who the guests exactly were.

They cooked different dishes, got the guest rooms ready, and just did everything they could, everything they always did when a guest came over and then waited excitedly for the new guests Arnav was coming with.


They arrived in Rajasthan at evening, the clouds were just becoming darker.

The cars were parked outside Sheesh Mahal as everyone stepped out.

“Wow, this looks like a palace, so beautiful” Garima said

“It’s called Sheesh Mahal, I have been living here since I was born, in fact it exists since long, all my ancestors have lived here” Arnav said

“It’s really beautiful” Garima said

“Let’s head in, I’m sure my family members must be waiting excitedly for all of you” Arnav said as he walked inside followed by everyone else.

“Khushi! What a pleasant surprise” NK said as he walked towards her and greeted her.

“I’m sure you dint expect me to be back so soon” Khushi said

“But I was sure you’d be back”

“And why was that? What made you so sure about me coming back?”

“We dint complete our mission on the love story, remember?” NK whispered in her ears as she just smiled.

“This are Khushi’s parents” Arnav introduced them to the family members as they all settled down on the sofa.

“I am really happy to see you back Khushi, we all had missed you” Anjali said

“I missed every one of you too” she smiled

“Nani, Di… I have something important to tell you… I know you are happy to see Khushi and her parents here but I also know you have so many questions” Arnav said

“Yes we do, but can we discuss that after dinner? I’m sure you all must be hungry” Devyani said

“Sure, let’s head to the dining table”

They all settled themselves on the chairs as all the servants served them dinner and they all ate peacefully.

After dinner they headed back to the hall and talked about many things.. Both the families were getting along well which made Arnav a bit more confident until the topic of his and Khushi’s relation came up.

“I think it would be better if I told you why we are here, let’s discuss about it” Shashi said

Devyani and Anjali just looked at each other in confusion, they had no idea what they were going to talk about.

“Actually when Khushi came back, I wanted her to meet Rohan and if they liked each other, I thought I’d get them engaged and then married after a while.

So we called Rohan and he came to see Khushi with Arnav, while discussing about Rohan and Khushi we got to know that Khushi liked Arnav.

In fact they both liked each other, so Rohan was also okay with it and we were also okay with it, we decided that we should get the both engaged.

Arnav suggested that we come here, visit his family members and talk about it, he would do as you all say so that I why we are here” Shashi said

Anjali just looked at Arnav and smiled, she was happy that her brother would finally get the girl he was so much in love with.

She just winked at him but Arnav gave no reaction, he just behaved as if all this dint excite him at all and as if he wasn’t happy about it.

“I liked Khushi the first day I met her, I would really be happy if Arnav and Khushi got together, I can’t a better sister-in-law than her” Anjali smiled.

“So that means you have no objection with this relationship?” Garima asked

“Not at all, if Arnav is happy then I am also happy, all I want is for him to be happy so I surely don’t have any objections” Anjali said excitedly.

“But I do” Devyani said as she stood up.

Everyone looked at her in shock, even Arnav, he never thought that Devyani would object this relations, why would she?


“Let me talk Arnav, I don’t have any problem with Khushi, she’s a nice girl and I know you like her and she likes you too, trust me I really have no problem with her, but I can’t make her the daughter-in-law of this house, that’s just not possible…

She can’t be your wife Arnav, you can’t get married to her, and that’s my final decisions, I won’t change it no matter how much you try to convince me so save the time and don’t even try to convince me, I won’t even explain the reason for my no, just know whatever I’m doing is for good and that’s where our happiness lies.

Sep 10, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

“No! That’s not where our happiness lies, if you want me not to get engaged to Khushi you’d have to give me a valid reason” Arnav said

“And I told you I am not going to give you the reason”

“Then I’m also going to get engaged to Khushi whether you say yes or no… it’s my life, I can make my own decisions”

“You are trying to repeat the same mistake again Arnav!” Devyani shouted angrily.

Everyone looked at Devyani in shock not being able to understand what she was trying to say.

“Repeating the same mistake again? What did I ever do that’s I’m repeating… in fact as far as I remember it’s the first time I’m even talking about getting engaged” Arnav asked

“I said I’ll not explain things, it would be better if you both just don’t repeat the same mistake again” Devyani said as she stood up and walked away leaving behind everyone in confusion.

She wasn’t talking about Arnav only, she was also talking about Khushi, but she dint even know much about Khushi then why was she telling her all this?

“I’m sorry I don’t know why she has objections but we’ll manage to convince her” Anjali said

“It’s okay we understand… she might be having a reason too” Shashi said

“Arnav please take them to their rooms, I’ll talk to grandma meanwhile” Anjali said

Arnav lead the way upstairs as everyone else followed him, Khushi preferred staying in the guest room she was in before.

Khushi sat on the bed as many thoughts ran through her mind, she knew that Devyani was surely hiding something, she had always doubted that and for now she was sure.

All she needed to do was find out whatever she was hiding, but how would she do that? She wasn’t even able to solve the Arjun Vasu mystery yet and now she had to solve her own mystery.

She knew she could solve this, and she could take a step forward only if she got to one room and remove the mirrors, whatever she would find behind it would help her much… but which room would she go to?

She thought for a while then headed downstairs to NK’s room, she knocked at the door a couple of times and NK came to open the door.

“Khushi! Do you need anything?” NK asked

“Yeah, I was asking would you mind if I slept here tonight, and you slept in my room, I don’t know I feel like there’s something there, it’s getting me so scared and uncomfortable”

“Yeah sure, you can sleep here I don’t mind” NK said

“Thank you so much NK” She smiled as she walked in.

NK just picked whatever stuff he needed and headed upstairs to the guest room and Khushi shut the door quickly.

She thought of waiting until everyone in the palace was asleep then she would get the mirror out of the wall and find another clue.

Half an hour later all the lights were shut, which meant everyone was asleep.

She quickly got a screw driver that’s he came with from her room and started un**** the screws from the mirror.

It took her less than five minutes to finish un**** it and then she finally took the mirror of the wall and placed it on bed.

She read whatever that was written on the wall but couldn’t get its meaning.

“For Love was forbidden, everything related to it will be forbidden…”

She kept on reading the phrase over and over again but couldn’t get the point.

All she could understand was that Love was forbidden here once, but what was related to it? And why was it also forbidden.

She could understand that whatever happened to Vasu and Arjun was because love was forbidden here but then why did people even from now hate them?

What did they do? Why dint anyone like talking about them?

There were so many questions running in her minds and she just couldn’t understand anything.

She put the mirror back on the wall and made sure it looked perfect then headed back to the guest room.

She knocked at the door and NK walked out once again.

“What happened now?” he asked worriedly

“I can’t sleep in your room either, I guess I’ll get no sleep tonight… everything feels just so weird here, I don’t understand why this is happening to me”

“It’s okay you are just stressed that’s why you are thinking a lot about things, calm down and let’s sit inside we’ll make stories if you can’t sleep”

“That sounds better” Khushi said as she walked inside and sat on the bed as NK sat next to her.

“Did you find out anything else about Arjun and Vasu?” Khushi asked

“No after that day, I dint try” NK said

“What else do you know about this village, I mean the history.. Anything that you find suspicious or you’ve never believed or just something random.”

“Firstly what I don’t understand is this Palace, you know it’s been existing since ages… there used to be many palaces here that’s what we were told and the owners either broke them and constructed bungalows, some sold them off and then they were broken off…

So what I wonder is how did Sheesh Mahal survive… you know I mean everyone in the village did something with their palaces, they developed it with the new technology but then why didn’t any of our ancestors who lived her before think the same way?”

“How many ancestors do you know?” Khushi asked

“Just about dad, grandfather and great grandfather… we were never told anything about the other people before them…

All we just know that this palace had ever belonged to our ancestors, and at one time they used to rule this place, they were the kings or something” NK said

“Have you ever thought that you might somewhere be related to Arjun?”

“How is that possible? And if we were related to Arjun, we would be knowing it, I mean everyone in the village knows about Arjun and Vasu so if Arjun was related us, we would have been told.”

“I think so before you just told me that your ancestors used to rule this place, and according to the story that girl was telling us that day, Arjun was the prince of this place, so how is it possible that he was the prince but he wasn’t related to you?” Khushi asked

“You have a point there… but then why wouldn’t anyone tell us about it?”

“Did you notice that days when we asked about Arjun and Vasu? Everyone reacted so badly to it… it was like they hated them so much.

So I’m sure they did something, or maybe Arjun did something because of what everyone started hating him, they couldn’t tolerate him and maybe his punishment might be he would have been disowned and that way he wouldn’t belong to this family anymore and they stopped talking about him and mentioning him in this family anymore..

Although this isn’t what might have exactly happened, but it’s just a thought”

“I agree with you, there might be something and we might get to know if we get to know about the Arjun Vasu story, we’ll find that out tomorrow”

“Yeah, I think I’m sleepy anyway.. can we sleep?”

“Sure, I’ll head back to my room, see you in the morning”

NK stood up and walked back to his room as he shut the doors and slept.

Khushi walked towards the door to shut it when her eyes fell on the forbidden room, it’s door seemed to be open as it was making some noise when the wind blew.

She looked around for a while and then started walking towards the room.

Sep 14, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

While she was heading towards the room to check if the door was really open because it just seemed to be open and not, it might be shut and maybe she was just thinking it was open, she dint know how but all over a sudden she could hear some noise, as if it was raining, but the weather had been clear when they came then how did it start raining all over a sudden?

She felt scared and nervous at the same time, everything today just seemed too weird and too scary for her.

She entered back into her room and peeped out of the palace through the window, it was indeed raining.

The rain was too heavy like never before, the thunderstorm almost scared her off as she rushed to shut the all the windows of her room when she noticed something weird.

The door to the room that was opposite to her room was open, so it wasn’t just her thought, it was indeed open…it wasn’t really weird that it was open but it was weird because that room had always been forbidden for everyone who lived in this palace, it’s door had been kept locked and no one was even allowed to stand near that room.

She was really curious to know what had been keeping the room locked for so many years and why no one was allowed in there so she silently stepped out of her room and headed towards the forbidden room…

Her whole body was trembling, her legs were not taking her forward but her mind was and no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t stop herself from going there.

She stood in front of the door and took a deep sigh, this was really scary, it made her feel as if there was a ghost who had been tied up in this room for millions of years like it happens in the movies.

“Khushi” she heard someone call out her name…

She turned around quickly and looked for whoever called her but she couldn’t see anyone… all the lights were still shut.

Her heart was in a race, beating so fast… she was completely trembling with fear.

Did she just imagine someone calling out her name or someone really did? If anyone called her out then why wasn’t anyone present?

She looked at the door once again, it was open but only a bit, she had to push it so that it could open and she could get a view of what had been hidden inside there for years.

“Don’t go inside!” she heard Devyani’s voice

She turned around and found Devyani standing behind her, she looked angry and she was continuously warning her not to go inside.

“Why shouldn’t I? I also need to know what’s in this room” Khushi asked

“Don’t go inside I said!” Devyani said angrily as she disappeared all over a sudden leaving Khushi completely scared.

Was she here in real or was she imaging her being here? What was wrong with her? Why was she just imagining random things?

She shut her eyes for a while and tried to make herself confident, she had to face whatever that was inside confidently if she wanted to step in that room.

She took few deep and slow breaths and then decided to walk in so she slowly pushed the door completely open and walked inside, the room was completely dark and not even the lightening could brighten it.

She looked around but all she could see was darkness… there was complete silence, if this room had been locked for years, why wasn’t there any sound of insects, for sure no one cleaned it so there should be insects inside here.

She dint even know where the switch of light was, and was it even going to work? She started moving her hands through the wall until she finally touched a switch.

She pressed it switching on the light and after the bulb blinked for almost a minute, it lit up brightening the whole room.

She felt nervous but a bit relaxed, it wasn’t as scary as it seemed to be in her dreams but it was exactly what she saw in her dreams, then why wasn’t it scary?

All she could wonder is how was this place related to her? How was this room related to her? Why did she always see exactly the same room in her dreams?

She looked around realizing it really wasn’t what she thought, it wasn’t really about a ghost tied in the room, it was something different, something which left her amazed, the walls were completely different than the interiors of the palace.

Why was it the only room that was different from others?

Maybe because it had been locked up for years, for sure this palace was renovated, but only this room was left the way it was.

Which meant that this room had really been locked since long and maybe from everyone who lived in this palace only Devyani knew why it was locked and what was actually hidden inside here about which none of her family members should have known.

There were different things scribbled on the walls but none of them were readable or maybe they were in a language she couldn’t read.

But if that was so, why were the things behind the mirror written in a language she could read and understand?

Did anyone in this palace even have the idea of whatever that was behind the mirrors? And if the palace was renovated then who wrote those things behind the mirror?

Was someone trying to help her or trap her?

Because by now she at least understood one thing, the person who scribbled all this on the walls of this room wasn’t the same person who wrote those things behind the mirrors.

Firstly the language was different, whatever was written in this room was something she wouldn’t ever be able to read, and she had read whatever that had been written behind the mirrors, so the question was who was doing this?

Who was giving her the hints when no one in this palace knew about the things she was finding out, maybe Devyani had an idea but she was so sure she wouldn’t have given her such hints, she would have just told her the truth.

She stared at whatever was written on the walls for a while until somewhere she felt like although it was in a language she dint know, she might be able to read it.

Her head started spinning, she tried so hard but she couldn’t manage to read whatever that was written, all she could see were blur images of this room, a young girl with a man, they were giggling and writing stuff on the walls.

She held her head tightly and shut her eyes, she dint want to see those visuals, they were just scaring her more.

She looked at the wall in front of her, it also had something written but in between there was a piece of cloth hanging, maybe covering up something.

What would it be hiding? What might be behind it? She thought for a while as she thought about pulling the cloth and seeing it by herself, but she was scared, what if it was really something that wasn’t meant for her to see.

She remembered how she reacted in her dreams after she pulled the cloth away and that’s why she was scared but she also had to put an end to this mystery, at least maybe after this she wouldn’t have the dream again.

She slowly walked towards the wall, her hands trembled as she raised them to pull the cloth of but she kept on encouraging herself, she had to do this.

She pulled off the cloth while her eyes were left wide open at what she saw when the cloth fell down revealing whatever that was hidden behind it.

She stepped backwards as tears rolled down her eyes… her hands were trembling worse than before, her legs were too weak to take her back to her room.

She turned around to leave and forget anything that she saw but just when she turned around, the door shut itself.. Was it really some ghost? Was someone playing a prank on her? What the hell was it?

“Somebody help me out if this damn place” she cried as she shouted at the top of her voice hoping someone would come to help her.

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