Hamari Adhuri Kahani...

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Sep 15, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 20 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 49 times)

“Arnav! Please help me!” she shouted out so loud.

She kept on shouting for help but it was like as if no one heard her, she just broke down into tears as she continue trying ways of getting out of the room.

A few seconds later she saw the lock of the door turning and she became nervous.

She just hoped whoever that was trying to open the door was here to help her.

She shut her eyes and started reciting some prayers just when the door opened.

She opened her eyes in fear but was relaxed when she saw Arnav standing in front of her.

“Arnav” She said as tears rolled down her eyes and she rushed towards him to hug him.

“What happened Khushi? Why are you crying? And what are you doing in this room?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“Arnav I’m sorry… I’m really sorry” She said as she kept on crying.

“Khushi at least tell me what happened… why do you seem to be so scared?” Arnav asked

She broke the hug as she pointed towards the wall while her hands trembled

Arnav turned his head to look at whatever she was trying to show him and when he saw it, he too was left shocked.

“Khushi… Khushi…” he couldn’t speak anything further… he was also left in shock just the way Khushi was.

“How is this possible?” He asked

“I don’t know Arnav… I don’t know” She cried

“But how did you come inside this room, it had been locked and no one has the keys, I think even Grandma doesn’t have the keys”

“It was open Arnav”


“Yea I was just sited in my room when I saw the door open, I even wondered how it was possible that it was open when it was forbidden for anyone to go inside.

I just got curious to know why this room had always been forbidden so I decided to come inside and have a look

I was looking around when I saw this photograph covered with a piece of cloth so I just pulled down the cloth and when I saw the photograph I was shocked

I got so scared that I just wanted to run out of the room but I don’t know how the door locked itself, then I started shouting for help but no one heard me.”

“It’s very rare for someone to hear you if the door of the rooms are closed, I was just heading to the terrace when I heard you shouting”

“I don’t even know who wanted to trap me inside here”

“No one wanted to trap you Khushi, the door might have shut because of the wind, it was jammed when I tried to open it.. so don’t worry”

“But then the question is, who opened the door?”

“I don’t know that, we’d have to solve that mystery”

“We have so many mysteries to solve Arnav… I don’t know if you’ll believe what I tell you but I have been seeing this palace in my dreams since childhood” Khushi said

“What?” Arnav asked in surprise

“Yes, in fact in my dreams I used to see something similar to what happened today, I usually used to see myself entering this room when I find the door open and then pulling that cloth off and when I turn to run away the door shuts itself…

What I never saw in my dream was this photograph and I always used to wonder why I never saw it.. But today I have seen it, and it’s scaring the hell out of me”

“This is really weird”

“It is… I’m so scared Arnav, I don’t know what’s happening… I wish we could be able to read whatever that’s written on the walls but the language is so weird I don’t even know which language it is, how can we read?”

“I think I can read it” Arnav said as he stared at the wall.

“What? Do you know which language it is?”


“Then how can you read something you don’t know Arnav?”

“The same way you can see this palace in your dreams when you had never been here before… the answer to our questions lie in this wordings Khushi”

“Fine then… please try to read it… I’m really worried Arnav”

Arnav stared at the wall for a while as he tried his best to read whatever that was written on he wall but he just couldn’t.

He shut his eyes and tried to think of something when he saw some visuals…

They weren’t clear in his mind, but they were just giving him some hints.

He opened his eyes and concentrated on the wall once again

“Our love will never die” He read a few lines as he translated them to Khushi

“What else can you read?”

“Killing us won’t bring you any honor, this palace will always remained cursed” Arnav read

Khushi got hold of his arm sacredly as Arnav continued reading.

“Everyone will pay for their deeds, our love wasn’t a crime”

“I’ll always love you, even after I die, even after they kill us cruelly”

Arnav continued reading as tears started rolling down Khushi’s eyes.

“We will come back, we will complete our incomplete love story, and when we do that, all your heads will be down with shame” Arnav read as he turned to look at Khushi in surprise.

“Does this mean… does this…” She was nervous… she couldn’t even talk properly.

“Arjun and Vasu’s love story was incomplete, but it won’t remain the same… we were meant to be together… we will be together”

“Arjun and Vasu” Khushi said in shock as she looked at Arnav with her eyes wide open.

They both looked at the wall for a while then Khushi pointed at something written on the picture.

“Read this please” She said

“Arjun and Vasu” Arnav said

“No! How the hell on earth can this be possible Arnav? How?” Khushi said as she hugged him tight and broke down into tears once again

“Relax Khushi.. It’s okay calm down.. Maybe this is just a prank”

“I wish it was a prank Arnav but it’s not its reality… why don’t you understand this? I see this palace in my dreams always…

You can read a language that you’ve never learnt, a language that you don’t even know…

The worst part of it is this photograph, this damn photograph of us together!” She shouted angrily

“Khushi calm down”

“How do you expect me to calm down Arnav… do you have an idea what all this means?

Do you have an idea what the names written under the photograph means and all this that has been scribbled on the wall?

Arnav this isn’t any prank, it’s a damn reality, you are Arjun and I am Vasundra… this photograph of us dressed so royal like the king and the queen says it all.

We were in love at that time but I don’t know why our love story was incomplete like whatever has been written on the wall.

We are here to complete our love story, the way it’s been written on the wall… all this while I’ve been wondering why you mention Vasu even when you don’t know her, here is the answer Arnav, you have loved Vasu for so long that you mention her name.

The biggest truth is that you are Arjun the prince of Sheesh Mahal, and I am Vasu, your maid!”

Sep 17, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 44 times)

Arnav just stared at Khushi is disbelief.. Was it really that truth? Was he Arjun? And she Vasundra? Was he a prince of this kingdom once? Was Vasundra his maid? Did they fall in love?

 He wanted to think that all this was false but somewhere he knew it wasnt. Why would he mention Vasu when he was about to kiss Khushi? Why did he fall in love with Khushi so suddenly? Why did he get attracted to her so soon? Why did he always mention Vasu in his dreams if he had no connection with her?

The fact was that he had a connection with her.. And the connection was that they both loved each other once upon a time. Now was when he understood why he never got attracted towards other girls.. There was so many.. But none of them made him feel like Khushi did. Khushi just hugged him as she broke down into tears.


 "I'm sorry Arnav, I'm really sorry.. I misunderstood you.. I always avoided my attraction towards you because of Vasu not knowing I myself was Vasu... That day when you were about to kiss me.. You mentioned the name Vasu because somewhere you knew it was her you were going to kiss. I always wondered about what relation you had with her.. Today I got the answer.. I am really sorry for misunderstanding you.. Please forgive me..." Khushi cried.

Arnav broke the hug as he stepped backwards.. He nodded his negatively in confusion yet.. He knew this was true but still he wasnt able to accept it... Why did destiny chose them only to go through all this?


"Arnav.. I'm sorry" Khushi said.


"Sorry? What would your sorry change Khushi? Would it change the fact that you hurt me? Would it change the fact that I did all this damn drama for you even though you had no respect for my love and my feelings? Would it change the fact that you still dont love me but because of this truth you feel you should love me so you are forcing yourself for it?


Grow up Khushi and learn this truth.. Love cant be forced and if you dont have feelings for me you cant force yourself to have them.. That will never happen okay?"


 "Arnav.. What are you trying to say? That I'm trying to play around with your feelings? I know I did hurt you.. I know I did a lot to you but believe me that was only because I was angry on you... Somewhere I always thought that you did know who Vasu was. you did know why you always mention her.. But you were hiding it from me... I just did it all out of anger... I know I lied that whatever that happened between us wasnt love but that was because I was confused.. I couldnt understand my feelings at that time... But now I do.. And I do realize that yes.. I do love you.. Whether you believe it or not."


 "You love me because i'm Arjun.. Not because i'm Arnav"


 "And what's the difference between Arnav and Arjun? Arnav get this.. I still dont remember the past so there is no way I can develop feelibgs for someone in the past.. I know you.. I have spent time with you and thats wHy I'm saying I  love you.. I love Arnav.. Not Arjun"


 "I'm sorry Khushi.. I just dont know why but i cant just understand this yet"


"You still cant understand the fact that I let you touch me.. You almost kissed me with my consent and you and I both know it well.. That wouldnt have happened if we both dint feel for each other"

Arnav just stared at her silently.. He dint know why but he was still confused.


"Can we try finding out about Arjun abd Vasu?" he asked.


 "I was doing that the last time you called me and Nk back in a hurry.. I was almost getting to know the whole thing"


 "I called you back because your life was in danger Khushi.. Its just forbidden to take Arjun and Vasundra's name in this village.. On top of it.. Some men.. I dont know why they were so desperate to kill you.. I saw them in town when i was passing by.. They were asking about you.. At that moment i just wanted you to be safe.. I looked for you everywhere but couldnt find you.. So I had to call Nk and tell him to bring you back"


"Why would anyone want to kill me? I mean I was here for the first time.. Who even knows me?" Khushi asked.


 "They dont know you... They know Vasundra.. And Vasundra  lived here her whole life"


 "But how would they know about Vasundra? Even you own family member know nothing about Arjun and Vasundra when Arjun himself lived in this palace."


 "That's what we have to find out.. Unless we get to know the exact story.. We'll never be able to understand so many things happening in our lives"


 "So let's start finding out then"


 "But the question is.. Where do we start from? Who would tell us abiut Arjun and Vasu? Who would want to help us? Who knows about this things?"


 "Mrs. Devyani Raizada" Khushi said leaving Arnav surprised.


Sep 17, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 63 times)

“What? How would grandma be knowing about this?” Arnav asked in surprise

“She knows Arnav, I have been having doubts since the day I came here, she’s been hiding lots of things not only from us but from the whole family.

I don’t know why but I also feel that somewhere the reason why she doesn’t want us both to get married is related to our past life”


“Yes Arnav… I even asked her but she ignored it… I really have a doubt that she knows and if we need to find out the truth about Arjun and Vasu then we will have to talk to her”

“Okay fine… but go to sleep right now, we will talk to her in the morning” Arnav said

“I can’t wait till morning, I need to know what had happened”

“You have to, grandma is asleep right now okay… I also need to know what the story is but we have to wait till morning” Arnav said

Khushi just nodded positively as they both walked out of the room silently and shut the door… Khushi headed back to her room and Arnav to his.

Neither of them was able to sleep for the rest of the night as they just kept on thinking and trying to remember things if they could.

They just kept on tossing and turning on the bed until morning.

Both Arnav and Khushi arrived earlier at the breakfast table looking and waited for the rest, they just wanted to get a chance when they would find Devyani alone and talk to her as Khushi’s parents were here too so Devyani wasn’t going to be alone for sure.

Within no time everyone else joined for breakfast and they all started eating apart from Arnav and Khushi who were just staring at each other and making gestures.

“It’s okay guys relax, we will try our best to convince grandma” Anjali giggled as she looked at Arnav and Khushi

“To convince me about what?” Devyani asked

“About their marriage, since we’ve started breakfast Arnav and Khushi have just been talking to each other in gestures, they haven’t eaten anything”

“Come on Anjali”

“What? I just said the truth… look even Khushi is blushing”

Everyone looked at Khushi and she like really blushed just the way they all stared at her

“Stop doing that, I wasn’t blushing okay” Khushi said

“Yeah we can see that” NK giggled

“Arnav, can I talk to you please” Khushi said as she stood up and walked away.

Arnav looked at everyone then followed her.

“What happened?” he asked

“I can’t wait… this is eating me up… I need to know what had happened, I need to know why we both couldn’t be together... I just don’t feel good like this”

“I know Khushi but what do I do?”

“Call Grandma and tell her we need to talk to her and tell everyone else we are trying to convince her for the marriage, please”

“No way! I am not doing that”

“Please Arnav, do it for us please”

“Us? You are forgetting one thing Khushi, you don’t love me and all this marriage drama is fake”

“Okay fine whatever will you please call her now?”


“Fine, then I’ll do it myself, I don’t care if everyone thinks I’m desperate…” Khushi said as she started walking back to the table but Arnav held her hand and stopped her.

“Wait here, I’ll go and call her myself”

Arnav headed to the table and asked Devyani if he could talk to her for a few minutes, Devyani agreed and headed aside with Arnav.

“Look if you think you both will be able to convince me then don’t even think of it, my answer will still be the same” Devyani said

“That’s not what we want to talk about” Khushi said

“Then what is it?”

“We need to know the truth and we both know that you both know about it, and we’ve also known half of it, now we need to know the whole thing grandma” Arnav said

“Which truth?” Devyani asked nervously

“About Arjun and Vasundra, or let me say about both of us because once a upon a time, we both were Arjun and Vasundra”

“What nonsense, who told you that?” Devyani asked as she turned away from them

“We already saw the picture in the secret room grandma, please don’t hide things from us now” Arnav said

“You saw the pictures Arnav, they were of Arjun and Vasundra, they looked like you both but that doesn’t mean that you were the ones…

Just having the same face as theirs is just a coincidence, so don’t think much about it”

“If it was a coincidence, why would I always dream of the same room? If it was a coincidence why did you keep that room locked for so many years?

If it was a dream why did Arnav mention Vasu’s name even in his dreams? When he got close to me, he mentioned her too, that would happen if he had been close to me once and that never happened before today…

If Arnav and I aren’t Arjun and Vasu tell us why you don’t want us to get married, give us a reason behind your no and we won’t ask you anything else after that.” Khushi said

“All this still doesn’t mean you are Arjun and Vasu, stop assuming things”

“Fine then, give me a reason why you wouldn’t want me and Arnav to be together”

“Because I don’t want you as his wife”

“There must be a reason why you don’t want me as his wife, do I look bad, or am I bad by character, or maybe something else, I might have done something to displease you and never knew, tell me what is the reason?” Khushi asked

“You mean danger to his life” Devyani said angrily as she turned to look at her then turned away again, she regretted speaking out the truth.

“Interesting… how am I a danger to him? I mean I came to India for the first time, no one knew me so why would someone want to kill Arnav because of me?”

“Because you belonged to this place, because you both loved each other, because you both are Arjun and Vasundra!” Devyani said angrily.

“Look, I told you she knows the truth Arnav” Khushi said

“Grandma, what happened? Tell me the whole story, I tried so damn hard if I could remember but nothing came in my mind…

I want to know what happened to us, I want to know why even though Arjun and Vasundra existed so long before us, why would still my life be in danger… I want to know everything please” Arnav said

Devyani just looked at both Khushi and Arnav as she nodded positively… maybe it was time to tell them the truth.

And the next update is on monday :p but seriously... thank you so much for the comments, to each and everyone of you, i do read comments, trust me, i'm just lazy to reply... but m not being rude at all... i really appreciate it, so thank you so much.

Sep 20, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

After breakfast, Devyani headed to her room followed by Arnav and Khushi who were so eager to know about their past life.

They all settled down in Devyani’s room and Devyani started telling them about it.

“So what do you want to know?” Devyani asked

“Many things, we are just blank.. we have no idea on what’s going on in our lives” Arnav said

“As far as per I had researched I got to know that Arjun was the prince, he employed Vasundra as his maid… they fell in love… but I need details, how did they fall in love, what happened after they fell in love, who confessed?

Did they inform the king? What was King’s reaction? How did the people react to it, it was for sure they weren’t going to accept it so what happened about it?”

“Okay relax, I’ll tell you the whole story… Vasundra joined the kingdom and started working for the prince obviously as she was employed as her maid…

Prince Arjun wasn’t much attracted to her at first, she was just a maid for him after all, every time he just noticed her busy doing her work so let’s say he was just impressed by her work that was it.”

“So how did things change?” Arnav asked

“They changed one evening when Vasundra had almost finished up her work and was ready to go home, prince Arjun headed to his room injured on his arm and his leg, Vasundra was in the room at that time finishing up her work.

When she saw Arjun walking in hurt, she ran towards him forgetting that maids were not allowed to even touch the prince, at that moment she just saw him hurt and wanted to help him” Devyani said as she went into flashbacks.


“Prince! Are you okay? What happened to you?” Vasundra asked as she helped him settle on the bed.

“Nothing much, I had gone into the jungle for hunting and some enemies ended up following me so this is the result of the fight” Arjun said

“I’ll just get some herbs to apply on your wounds” Vasundra said as she rushed out of the room hurriedly and returned back in no time with some herbs.

She quickly crushed them and put them on the wounds and then tied a piece of cloth on the wounds.

“They would be better by tomorrow” she smiled as she stood up.

“Well Vasundra, you know you have gone against the rules of the kingdom for which you might get punished badly and you can also lose your job” Arjun said

“What did I do prince?” She asked sadly.

“You just touched me, and you know as a maid you aren’t allowed to touch anyone from the kingdom”

“Well if that’s my fault then I don’t mind losing my job prince, I can’t see you hurt and just stand in a corner without doing anything, humanity comes first then everything else”

“That was an impressive answer, don’t worry I am not going to fire you, you can relax and go home, it’s late anyway” Arjun said as he smiled

“Thank you prince and take care” She smiled back and walked away while Arjun was just left staring at her…

There was something about this girl that attracted him towards her, her simplicity, he honesty, her innocence and everything else she possessed, she was truly gifted.

Flashback Ends…

“So after that incident, Arjun just got attracted towards Vasundra and he started looking for excuses of talking to her and spending time with her.

He would just sit in his room the whole day and keep on calling Vasundra to clean this and that while he talked to her about so many things…

A few months passed just like that and the prince by now had realized that whatever he felt towards Vasundra wasn’t just a mere attraction but love.

For now he dint care of she was his maid, or if she came from a poor family… all he knew was he had never felt this way before, not for any other girl.” Devyani said

“So did he confess?” Arnav asked

“Yes he did, he was the prince after all and he wasn’t scared of anything or anyone, but that comes later…

I told you Arjun’s side of story, but there was Vasundra’s side too… after bandaging his wound that evening Vasundra headed home but she couldn’t stop thinking about how kind the prince was to her… he might have got angry on her for touching him but he dint, he wasn’t rude or arrogant, he had never shouted at her… he was just someone so different.

When on one side Arjun was looking for excuses to be with Vasundra, on the other side Vasundra was happy as she was getting to spend all this time with prince…

At one point she even came to realize that she had actually fallen in love with the prince but she decided to keep silent about it.

As for her she was a maid, she came from a poor family, she had nothing while on the other side Arjun was a prince, he would get millions of girls so why would he like a girl like her?

So on one side Vasundra started maintaining distance from Arjun which Arjun dint like at all, and one day he ended up confessing his love to her leaving her in tears.

She wasn’t able to decide if she should be happy that the prince loved her too or she should be sad because even if he loved her, there was no future for their relation, no one was ever going to accept it.

She kept on telling the prince that yes she also did feel the same towards him but she dint see any point of taking this further because they wouldn’t ever be able to be together.

Arjun on the other side dint want to listen to anything, all he knew was that he loved her and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her while Vasundra was just scared and she even wanted to quit this job and just sit at home.

Arjun was just seeing the worry on her face when he wanted to see the happiness of her knowing that he loved her, he dint like that so he just got hold of her and pulled her closer kissing her immediately.

Vasundra was left in complete shock.. here she wasn’t even allowed to touch the prince and he was kissing her making her completely weak until she had to give in.

Arjun broke the kiss and told Vasundra to give her some time, he would talk to the king himself about this and he would make sure he’d convince him.

Vasundra agreed to this and they both waited for the right time when Arjun would talk to the kings about this”

“So was he able to talk to the king?” Khushi asked

“Yes… one evening, a soldier informed him that the king was free so before talking to the king, he decided to go and meet Vasundra first so that they both could decide if it was the right time to talk to the king about this.

Vasundra agree to this and Arjun headed back to the kingdom happily and in full confidence that he would be able to convince his father.”


As soon as he entered in the palace, he was informed by the king’s maid that the king was looking for him.

Arjun quickly headed to the king’s room nervously but yet confidently… he was going to do the biggest thing today after all.

He knocked at the door and entered in as he took a deep sigh.

“Were you looking for me dad?” He asked

“Arjun, is it true that there is some kind of relationship between you and your maid Vasundra? If there is I hope it’s only physical and she will leave from here when it ends without anyone getting to know about it” The king said

“Yes dad, you are right… I do have a relation with her but it’s not physical, it’s a relation between two souls, between two hearts… and if I have to tell you in clear words, I would say I love her!”

Sep 21, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

The king looked at Prince Arjun in shock, he couldn’t just believe that his son, the prince of such a huge kingdom was in love with a maid, a girl who would never be able to match their standards.

“Arjun, are you out of your mind?”

“No dad, I am just in love and falling in love doesn’t make much difference to the mind, it does to the heart”

“You know I’ll never let this happen, I’ll not let you both be together”

“And I’ll not let anyone separate us… I came to you thinking that you’d understand me, but I guess I was wrong dad, this world would never understand love” He said as he walked out angrily

Flashback ends…

“What happened after that?” Arnav asked

“Did the king agree? Or what did he do?” Khushi asked

“Prince Arjun was adamant on his decision and so was his father… Vasundra was trapped in between the both…

The news of Arjun being in love with Vasundra spread all over the kingdom like fire and people were mad, they dint want to understand this.

The rule of the kingdom had always been that the prince had to marry a princess, he couldn’t marry any other girl if she wasn’t a princess and when they got to know that Arjun was in love with Vasundra who was no near to being a princess even, they all got so angry.

Arjun obviously wasn’t scared of anyone, but Vasundra was… she knew the people of the village, she had lived more with them than the prince… she knew their rage could set fire in their lives and so she was scared, not for herself but for the prince.

People ended up at Sheesh Mahal, they stood there at there at the gate” Devyani said pointing towards the gate from the window of her room.

“I was standing here in my room, staring at all those people who were shouting at the king… all the people had always respected the king, no one had ever dared to even talk to him in a loud voice and that day they all were shouting at him and blaming him for things…

The king was really hurt… he dint know how he would convince all those people… he was angry on Arnav too wondering why he had to do this and stake the respect of the kingdom like this…

Anyhow the king managed to convince the people and promised them, that until he is alive he wouldn’t let Arjun and Vasundra live together…

He headed back to his room and sat there for a whole day thinking on what to do… the people were still losing patience, God knows what they had to do with Arjun and Vasundra, maybe they just thought it was their job to interfere in this matter” Devyani said

“Exactly… I mean it was their lives, they had the complete right to choose their partners, so why were the villagers behaving this way?” Khushi asked

“Because first of all, love marriage was completely forbidden in the kingdom and what made them angrier was that Arjun was in love with a maid… it was just intolerable for them…

The people had taking everything in their hands and the king somewhere felt that if this keeps going on for a few more days, they would even harm Arjun.

So he decided to talk to Arjun, one last time…

This time he knew what he had to say and what he had to do…

He called Arjun in his room and told him he was okay with him being with Vasundra but the people would never understand…

If they got really mad, they would end up killing both of them…

Arjun still wasn’t scared, he loved Vasundra… and he wasn’t going to let her go just because of the fear that people would kill him, it was high time they understood love.

The king tried a lot but there was no way Arjun was going to back out…


“Arjun, why don’t you understand… this people will kill you”

“Dad why don’t you understand us? I love her, what’s wrong in that? It’s my life, what do the people have to do with it?

They can’t force me to marry a random princess who I don’t have feelings for, a princess is just a normal human being just like Vasundra… the only difference is Vasundra was born in a poor family and the princess in a kingdom..” Arnav argued

“I understand you Arnav, but it’s not easy to make this people understand, they are getting really violent”

“So what do I do then Dad?”

“Leave her Arjun… for the welfare of the whole kingdom end this here”

“Sorry dad I’m not going to do that” Arjun said as he turned around to leave just then the king stopped him.

“Okay fine, I’ll help you both… you both will have to go far away from this kingdom for a while.. when I manage to finally convince the people, I’ll call you back” The Kings said

“Really Dad?” Arjun asked excitedly while the king nodded

He was so happy that now at least his father was supporting him.

“Tell Vasundra not to go home today, stepping out of here would be dangerous… she cant even stay in the kingdom it’s not safe…

I think you should take her to the hut that’s behind the palace… she would be safe there for tonight” The King said

“Thanks Dad for supporting us” Arjun said as he happily headed to his room where obviously Vasundra was waiting for him

“Prince I’m really scared, I told you things were never going to work out, I’m even scared of stepping out.. the people are waiting for me like a lion waits for it’s prey” Vasundra said as she hugged him directly.

“Don’t worry Vasu, I have talked to dad and he’s ready to help us”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yes I am very serious don’t worry, everything will be fine in a few days” Arjun said as he hugged her back.

Flashback ends…

“So everything was getting back on track, even the king had agreed, but what went wrong?” Arnav asked

“Nothing had ever gone back on track… things weren’t the way they seemed to be…

Arjun trusted the king and went with Vasundra to the hut behind the palace… they both were just discussing things in the hut when a soldier came to call Arjun telling him that the king wanted to discuss the plan of them leaving tomorrow from the kingdom.

Arjun went to the palace leaving Vasu behind.. But he had no idea he was leaving her in danger…

His dad had never agreed for all this, he just pretended to agree because he knew Arjun was stubborn and he wasn’t going to back out at any case… so he had only this option left.

While Arjun went to meet the king, a few men lit the hut on fire from all sides, leaving Vasu inside it to burn alive” Devyani said

“Oh My God! That’s so unbelievable… how could the king be so heartless?” Arnav asked

“Nothing meant more that the so called respect fro him, and for that the king could have done anything… which he actually did” Devyani said

Sep 23, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

Arjun had just entered in the palace when he saw the fire outside, he quickly rushed out hoping he’d be able to save Vasu.

The king saw him running back and ordered his men to get hold of him but there was nothing going to stop Arjun from saving the girl he loved.

People had already started gathering around wondering what was going on…

Just when Arjun was about to reach the hut, the soldiers got hold of him while the king rushed towards him to stop him.


“Let me go!” Arjun shouted as he tried to free himself from the hold of soldiers.

“Arjun are you out of you mind, you want to jump into this fire for that maid?” The kings asked disgustingly.

“Yes dad, it’s better to jump in a fire and save the girl I love or burn with her there than to let her burn alone!

I trusted you and what I got in return was betrayal? Why Dad? Why did you have to do this?” Arjun asked angrily.

“Because whatever you both were doing was wrong! Have can you be in love with a maid, no one is going to accept that!”

“She’s not a maid, she’s Vasundra and she’s the girl I love and I can proudly say that to the whole world, I don’t care about a thing” Arjun shouted as he used all his strength and pushes away the soldiers that were holding him.

“Arjun!” The king screamed

But it was too late… he had already jumped into the fire to save his Vasundra…

The king ordered the men to put the fire off and they all quickly set to work, but by the time they were done putting the fire off, it was too late.

Arjun and Vasundra were lying on the floor, half of their bodies already burnt..

“Somebody call for a doctor” The Kings shouted

“No doctor is going to save them, they deserve this fro breaking the rules of the kingdom” One man from the crown said

The others started supporting them and the king was left helpless, there was nothing he could do to save his son…

Moreover he blamed himself for this, if he hadn’t planned to kill Vasundra, then Arjun wouldn’t have died too.

Flashback Ends…

“That wasn’t it… what was worse was that the people were so angry they dint even spare their dead bodies.

I don’t even know how to explain what they did just for the name of punishment…

Since then Arjun and Vasu’s name had been like forbidden in this place…

They both died just because of the cruelty of this people who wouldn’t understand their love…

It’s been years now…

When Arnav was born… many people said Arjun was back to take revenge for what the people did to him because he looked exactly like Arjun.

As he grew up, he grew up to be a complete copy of him… and when he started taking Vasu’s name in his dreams… I realized people were right… he was Arjun, he came back for his love… he came back to complete his half left love story” Devyani said as she looked at Khushi.

“Why dint you ever tell me about this?”

“I thought it was better if you dint know… After Arjun passed away, his room got locked and since then no one opened it… but I did once… to hand a painting of you and Vasundra that I had got it made secretly…

I wish at that time I could be able to support you or do something for you but I was too young to do anything and when I grew up, I thought this would be the least I could do for you” Devyani said

“How were you related to Arjun?” Khushi asked

“I was the daughter to the King’s younger brother, so like a cousin sister to Arjun” Devyani said

“Why dint you ever let anyone of us inside that room, maybe if I’d get to know the truth earlier it would have been better” Arnav asked

“Because I thought you wouldn’t understand things and you were the only one reborn, we dint see Vasundra so I thought maybe this was just a coincidence until the first day Khushi walked into this palace… and all my doubt got clear.

Arjun and Vasundra’s love story was left incomplete so now destiny was once again bringing them back together as Arnav and Khushi”

“So why did you refuse for our marriage then?”

“Because if the villagers get to know, you know what might happen… remember that night when NK and Khushi were out asking about Arjun and Vasundra you had to call them back because you knew some people were going to harm Khushi.”

“Yeah but that was an information I got for my men” Arnav said

“Arnav get this… people still know you, I mean they still know Arjun as Vasundra, some old ones like me still remember the story and till today they still believe that whatever Arjun and Vasundra did was wrong.

I refused for your marriage because if that happened people will get angry once again and they might end up harming the both of you”

“What the hell… for how long will we keep on living our lives on what people want?” Arnav asked angrily.

“You said the room had been locked, then who opened the door?” Khushi asked

“I did… because I thought it was the right time for the both of you to get answers to your questions, I wanted you both to know that I had a reason for refusing for your marriage” Devyani said

“This is ridiculous” Khushi said

“I mean why would they disturb us now? What do they have to do with our lives? We aren’t the kings or anything anymore, the world has damn changed”

“But a few people haven’t Arnav”

“I’ll see who tries to touch us” Arnav said as he walked away angrily.

“Khushi I think you should just go back to Switzerland and continue living your life, stop dreaming about Arnav” Devyani said

“Until now I wasn’t dreaming, but now I definitely will… if this people aren’t taught the difference between right and wrong they always will continue doing this… it’s high time they change their minds and treat everyone equally”

“You don’t know this people, they can go to any extent”

“Well I’m ready to get to know them then” Khushi said as she walked away too.

Sep 24, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Arnav sat in his room yet wondering how the people could be so cruel… how everyone could be so cruel to judge love through status difference.

He just punched the bed angrily not being able to digest the fact that people could even stoop this low for their so called respect or rules or whatever the hell it was.

Khushi knocked at the door then walked in.

“Hey… what’s up?”

“Nothing much… I’m just wondering about whatever Grandma told us… I mean those people were insane and what’s more weird is that even this generation people are yet into all that”

“Which has to change right?”

“Exactly my point… they should learn how to respect love… they should understand that love happens between two people not their class or families or anything else related to them, it’s only two of them that’s it”

“God know how many people would have gone through such things… some would have been separated because their parents weren’t happy… some because of status and class difference… some because love was **** and what not… this should change.”

“Yes… people have to understand that what matters is love, that’s it… what’s the need of getting married to a bad guy from a good family which matches your status when he can’t keep you happy? It’s better to be married with a guy with a bad family and status higher or lower than yours… at least he loves you so he can keep you happy”

“But talking about this to ourselves isn’t going to change a thing… we have to do something… we have to take a step and make things change”

“And for that we have to get engaged” Arnav said

Khushi stared at him for a while trying to process things in her mind and finally she nodded in approval.

“We will get engaged… let’s see who tries to stop us” She said

“It’s not as easy as it seems to be…” Devyani said as she walked in.

“And we don’t want it to be easy” Arnav said

“We just need your support and we’ll make sure this people realize that what they did to Arjun and Vasu was completely wrong… what they did to other couples was wrong…

They should understand love is nothing but a pure feeling and that they won’t get anything out of separating two people who love each other” Khushi said

“Okay fine… I’ll talk to your parents and tell them I’ve changed my mind… I’ll make sure you both get engaged soon” Devyani said

“Thank you so much” Khushi said as she hugged her.

Devyani gathered all the family member in the hall telling them she had something important to discuss with them.

At first they all thought she would still say something about Arnav and Khushi’s engagement and not allow it but to their surprise that wasn’t the case.

She informed everyone that Arnav and Khushi had finally managed to convince her for the engagement and she wanted it to happen sooner.

Everyone was happy as everything was going well unknown to the fact that the reason behind this engagement wasn’t really what it seemed…

“So when should we plan the engagement?” Shashi asked

“Whenever you do, it should be grand” Arnav said as he looked at Khushi

“Yeah it should be huge and everyone from the village should be invited” Khushi added to it

“What?” Devyani asked worriedly.

She had seen this people, she knew how cruel it would be and here Arnav and Khushi wanted to invite the whole village… why?

It wasn’t really a good idea.

“You know how expensive it would become inviting the whole village?” Devyani asked

“It’s not a problem grandma, we’d handle the expenses” Arnav said

“We’ll share it in fact… we both are getting engaged why should one of us do everything” Khushi said

“Okay… as you both wish” Devyani said in defeat.

“If you both want it to be grand, it would surely take time for preparations… why don’t we make it next week then?” Shashi asked

“Next Saturday is the best option” Anjali said excited

“We can leave to Delhi or Mumbai for shopping tomorrow… and get some of the best event planners from there to plan the engagement” Garima said

“Sounds Good” Khushi said as she looked at Arnav.

“Yeah… sounds good” Arnav nodded in approval.

Khushi walked outside the mansion followed by Arnav as she settled herself on the bench outside.

“Don’t worry… it would just be the engagement.. we can break it later” Arnav said as he sat next to her.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you are doing all this just to escape the marriage right.. Engagement was your plan… so I’m just assuring you that I still know you don’t love me”

Khushi stared at him speechlessly… she dint know why but she felt bad about this.

She felt bad doing this to him when she knew how much he loved her and right now there were no misunderstandings between them, she knew she was vasu… and he had always been taking her name…

Somewhere she wished it could go just more than the engagement but she wasn’t even sure of what she wanted.

All she knew right now was that she wanted people to know Arjun and Vasu were not wrong but then what after that?

What would happen after they break the engagement?

Would everything get back to normal? Would she just go back home and forget about everything that ever happened? Was it going to be that easy?

“What happened?” Arnav asked

“Nothing… actually I’m sorry”

“For what?”

“For hurting your feelings… for making you do this… I know I was being too selfish but anyway I’m really sorry, I hope you’d forgive me for all that I did” Khushi said

“You did nothing… if it weren’t because of you maybe we wouldn’t have known all this, maybe I would always have regretted mentioning some unknown vasu’s name while kissing you when I dint know who she was…

But now I at least know vasu was none other than you… maybe our love story was left incomplete in the past and maybe that’s what’s meant to happen this time and I completely understand… it’s not a must you should love me…

Your heart might beat for someone else… I’ll just be happy knowing that we finally taught people what was right… so what if we dint end up together right?”

“Right” Khushi smiled as she hugged him.

Arnav held her tightly into his arms… while he said all this he kept hoping that somewhere in between she would shut him up and tell him that in the end they were going to be together… they were going to have their happily ever after but that wasn’t the case…

She dint say anything… rather she seemed happy and satisfied with the answer he gave her so maybe this was what destiny had for them and he had to accept it.

Sep 28, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 51 times)

She broke hug and stared at him, he seemed sad and she was confused. She knew she had been attracted towards him when she came here, she even allowed him to kiss her, that wasn’t something like just a simple attraction..

Somewhere she knew she had pulled herself back because of Vasu and now that she had got to know that she was Vasu she wanted to give it a chance but she wasn’t sure if she yet felt the same way towards him.

She was so much confused about her feelings and in such a state she dint want to give Arnav any confirmation and give him false hopes once again, that would just be hurting him again.

“You okay?” She asked

“Yeah… just laughing on the fact how unlucky I am”

“Unlucky? Why do you say that… you have so much, you are so rich… what else do you need to feel lucky?”

“Isn’t it weird that I lost your love in our past life and in this life I can’t be with you? That means I lost you twice… I feel like a loser” He giggled

“That doesn’t make you unlucky, in fact you should consider yourself lucky that you fell in love, some people don’t” Khushi said as she looked at him but he refused to look back at her.

He was just staring down at the grass, and how those little ants were walking all over them.

“Arnav” Khushi called him out but still he dint look at her, he just replied with a yes and avoiding looking at her.

“Can you please look at me when I’m talking to you… this is important Arnav… you are making yourself hopeless and I don’t want that… you are a strong man come on” Khushi said

“Not anymore” He said as he finally turned his head up to look at her and all Khushi could see were tears in his eyes.

She dint want to hurt him this much, she cared for him as a friend but there was nothing she could do…

Why did people have to fall in love with someone who couldn’t love them back, it’s so painful…

Although right now she couldn’t deny she had feelings for him, she neither accepted them… her confusion was just making things harder.

Arnav stood up and walked away as Khushi sat there feeling helpless, she dint like seeing him like this, it made her feel hurt too.

She ran behind him and hugged him from behind.

“I am sorry Arnav… just give me some time please” She said

Arnav turned around and cupped her face as he tried to smile.

“Why are you sorry Khushi? You aren’t wrong… it’s not your fault that you don’t feel for me so you shouldn’t force yourself to do so…

You know the thing is I have never had a close friend, I don’t know with who I can share such things and decrease my pain that’s why I ended up saying all this to you…

Look I am fine okay… it’s just that it’s hard for me to handle this… to see you next to me, to get engaged to know but knowing it’s all fake, it’s all going to come to an end”

Khushi just stared at him not being able to understand what to do, he had become so hopeless.

She let him walk away as she stood there thinking about things… why couldn’t she just decide what she felt towards him? Then maybe things would be different now.

She turned to look at Arnav who was heading towards the get while at the same time there was a car heading towards him from the gate…

“Arnav!” She shouted out his name but he was lost in his world of pain that he dint have an idea of what was going around him, he just kept on walking and walking.

She felt so scared as she panicked and ran towards him hoping she’s reach him in time.

By the time she reached near him, the car had stopped just inches away from him, she took a deep sigh and pulled him away.

“Are you out of your mind, what if something could have happened to you? What if the car dint stop? Where the hell was your mind Arnav?” She shouted at him.

“I’m sorry Khushi… I dint realize it” He said as he freed himself from her hold and started heading back to the mansion.

Khushi stood there feeling so frustrated, he was acting so normal to it… what if something had happened to him?

She rushed behind him and stopped him by holding his hand.

“Why are you acting so normal to it Arnav… what if something had happened?”

“But nothing happened right, I am here I am fine you want me to make an issue out of it…come on… It happens, it’s really fine” he said trying to calm her down

“No it’s not… that car was so damn close to you… how could you be so careless”

“Okay fine I am sorry Khushi… it was my mistake… I have apologized for it, why are you making a huge issue about it now?”

“Because I care for you… I got so scared, for a while I thought I lost you! My heart broke into pieces, I rushed towards you thinking the car might hit you anytime, I was so damn scared” She said as she broke down into tears…

“Hey… it’s okay… I am really sorry I was just… anyway look I’m fine so don’t worry and don’t cry, I’ll take care next time… I promise” He said as he cupped her face.

She nodded positively as she looked him into the eyes…

She took a few breaths and hugged him so tightly.

“Please be careful next time, I don’t know what I’d have done if something happened to you” She said

Arnav held her tightly into his arms and a smile curved up on his face… his plan had worked.

He looked at NK who got out of the car and winked at him as NK rushed inside the mansion.

“Why are you so worries by the way… I mean whatever that could have happened would have happened to me, so why are you scared and why are you crying?” He asked

“I don’t know… I just know that I dint want to lose you”

“And why don’t you want to lose me”

Khushi stared at him for a while summing up everything in her mind… she stared at him silently for almost five minutes and then smiled at him.

She pulled him closer and started brushing his lips with her thumb as she bit her lip… she got hold of his collars and pulled him closer to her mouth moving her lips closer to his… she waited a few seconds before she locked her lips with his.

Arnav flinched, this wasn’t what he expected… but whatever she was doing was good… it made him feel good.

At first she just kissed him slowly but then started pacing up, sucking his lips harder and harder as she kept on pushing him until he hit a tree and rested his back against it.

She ran her hand on his hair pulling him closer as if there was any space left in between them, she bit on his lower lip making him smile.

She pulled back a few seconds later and blushed as Arnav continued staring at him.

“I was confused a while ago, you just cleared my confusion” she winked at him as she pulled him again and started kissing him…

She kissed his lips then his cheeks, his forehead, and anywhere else she could.

“You both better get a room!” NK shouted from the balcony.

Khushi pushed Arnav away as she blushed and almost ran away when Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her back.

“He is right, we should get a room… I still haven’t got the answer to my question… and if this is what I get in return of asking that question, I’ll keep on asking the same question for the rest of my life”

“Shut up” She said as she hugged him while he lifted her in his arms and headed inside the mansion whispering a thank you to NK.

Sep 29, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

Arnav headed to his bedroom with Khushi directly and locked the door behind.

“Your intentions don’t seem really good” Khushi said

“You are the one who made them bad” He winked at her.

“Arnav… we aren’t even engaged yet” She said as she stepped backward

“When did I say we are?” he asked as he pushed her on the bed

Her heartbeats were in a race, this man was lying on top of her and she dint want to stop him, his closeness felt so safe to her, she had finally realized that the feelings she had for him weren’t just an infatuation but love.

Right now if he wanted to romance her, give her some pleasure and make her feel good, what was wrong with that? They were getting engaged soon anyway so it wasn’t a big deal and who knew what the future held for them… what if the villagers ended up separating them again?

What if their love story was left incomplete once again?

She shut her eyes as he kissed her cheeks lightly them moved to her mouth opening it up with his slowly then all at once as he sucked her lips liker a hungry man.

She clenched the bed sheet tightly into her fists as he kissed her, this felt so good like never before… she wanted to breath but it seemed as if she lacked breaths, this man was completely all over her and she dint want to push him away and take this moment away from herself, he was doing exactly what she wanted.

He moved down to her neck placing feathery kisses all over, her smooth flesh was enough to drive him crazy, he wanted to bite her skin and leave behind marks of his love but that wouldn’t be the right thing to do before they were even engaged…

He moved down to her belly as he slowly pulled out her tucked chiffon top and she clenched the bed sheet tighter.

“Arnav” She heard him whisper her name, which made him knew he was exactly on the right track

He pulled the top until her neck revealing her bare belly as he slid his tongue all over her belly making her move up and down…

He got back to her mouth and bit her lip lightly as he kissed her, this time more wildly almost eating up her lips… he had been so hungry for her… he had yearned so badly for her and at one point when he remembered thinking that she was about to get engaged to his friend and he would have lost her forever, he just lost all his control.

He continues kissing her as his hand slowly trailed from her neck passing through her cleavage and headed towards her belly button… until it finally landed on the zipper of her jean.

She wanted to speak, she lacked breaths but he dint let her do any of it, he was almost where he wanted to be, and nothing could stop him today.

He unzipped her jean as he finally took his lips away from hers and while placing trails of kisses all over her bare body he pulled it off her completely.

“You have such a beautiful body” he said scanning her from top to bottom… her body was left only covered with her inner wears, she felt so exposed and so shy she just wanted to hide herself somewhere and what place could be better than his arms.

She sat up on the bed and hugged him tightly not wanting to let him see her like this… she just felt so shy.

“I’m not done yet” he said as he broke the hug and claimed for her lips once more as he got hold of her waist and made her stand up.

He pushed her to the nearest wall and pinned her there as he kissed her for a while then slowly bent down on his knees.

Khushi’s knees were weakening, she couldn’t understand what sort of pleasure this was that made her feel this way, she almost knelt down with him but he pushed her up again.

“Stay like that!” he ordered.

He started kissing her thighs sending shivers all over her body and all she could do is stand there and moan out.

He trailed designs with his finger all over her leg then her belly and rested it on her innerwear almost pushing it inside when something suddenly stopped him.

“Arnav!” there was a knock at the door.

“Is Khushi with you inside?” Anjali asked

“Yeah she’s with me, anything important?” He asked feeling irritated.

They both were so lost in the moment and this sudden disturbance was just making him angry.

“Oh her dad was looking for her, please send her downstairs soon, you guys can romance later” She giggled as she headed away.

Khushi looked at Arnav’s expressions and she couldn’t stop herself from laughing at how defeated, angry and sad he looked at the same time.

“Maybe destiny wants this to be finished after marriage” She winked at him as she headed towards the bed and picked up her jean and top.

Arnav walked from behind and got hold of her waist as he hugged her tightly from behind.

“I’m not letting you go” He said

“I have to Arnav, you know how dad is, if I don’t go he might just get so angry and I fear him so much so please let me go”

“Only on one condition” he said


“You’ll come to my room tonight after everyone is asleep, then there would be no one to disturb us”

“No way… I am not coming”

“Why?” he asked with a sad pout

“Because it isn’t right… I mean I don’t mind it but it’s not right for our family members... you understand what I’m saying?”

“Okay fine don’t come” He said as he turned away from her

She walked towards him and hugged him as she placed a light kiss on his lips.

“Arnav I love you… I know I have been running away from saying it, but now I am saying it to you, I love you… I don’t know how much but all I know is that if you tell me I can surrender myself to you right now and I don’t need to prove that… I almost did that right now if Anjali dint interrupt…

I can be here tonight, I can let you touch me and kiss me and do anything you want but don’t you think it would be better if we wait until we are engaged? You see I’m not even taking it until our marriage but just engagement… at least we’ll be tied in a bond and that would be enough.”

She cupped his face and made him look into her eyes.

“I promise you, on the night of our engagement, Khushi will surrender herself completely to you, till then take the fun of waiting and yearning for more” She winked at him.

“Can I confess something?” he asked while she got dressed up


“All this accident thing was a drama, I had told NK to do this”

“I know” Khushi said as she smiled and turned to look at him.

“How do you know?” he asked

“I saw you winking at him but I was glad you planned that or maybe I wouldn’t realize what I really felt for you” She pecked on his cheek one last time as she unlocked the door and quickly rushed out.

Shashi was waiting for Khushi in the hall when Khushi finally headed there and sat opposite him.

“Yes dad, were you looking for me?” She asked

“What’s going on Khushi… is there something I don’t know about?”

“What are you trying to say dad?”

“I went out for a walk, I was at the market when I liked a dress for you but as I wasn’t sure about your size I showed the photographer your photo because the know better about sizes and what shocked me was he addressed you as Vasundra…he headed away telling people that I know Vasundra and it was all like a shock for me…

Who the hell is this Vasundra? And why does he have to shout to people about it?” Shashi asked

“Was he an old man?”

“Very… he couldn’t even walk properly but just by seeing your picture he stood up and headed outside and started telling people things I couldn’t even understand… can you tell me what’s going on?” Shashi asked rather angrily

Khushi just stared at him silently… she dint know what she was going to tell him.

Sep 30, 2016

Hamari Adhuri Kahani... Part 29 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

“Dad… if I tell you, you won’t believe me” Khushi said as she settled down next to Shashi.

“And why wouldn’t I believe you?” Shashi asked

“Because if I was told the same thing, I wouldn’t believe, it’s just that I’ve experienced some incidents which made me believe this”

“I’ll believe in anything my daughter says, I trust you Khushi” Shashi said

Khushi stared at him her eyes almost welling her up. Since childhood she had always been scared of her dad, maybe because he was too strict unlike the dad’s oh her other friends.

She always thought maybe he dint love her, or maybe she wasn’t his real daughter and some more stupid thoughts, but when he said he would trust anything he says, he just made her realize she had been wrong.

He wasn’t strict because he dint love her, he was strict because he loved her and maybe wanted a good future for her.

“Dad I am Vasundra” She said

“What?” Shashi asked in confusion.

“I’ll explain the whole matter to you, just promise me you’ll listen to me calmly” Khushi said

Shashi nodded as Khushi explained the whole story to him and for a while he really couldn’t believe that what she said was true.

Did rebirth really exist?

“Are you serious, I mean I hope you aren’t joking around with me” Shashi asked

“No dad, I’m serious… people here still hate Arjun and Vasundra and this time we want to show them the truth, they should know that loving someone is never wrong.” Khushi said

“But you know that’s dangerous right? This people have been hating you since ages now, do you know the amount of that hatred? It can lead to bad consequences…

Why don’t we just go back to Switzerland and get you and Arnav married there? No one would even interrupt it” Shashi said

“If we had to run away dad we could have done that last time too, what we want is for people to know that it isn’t wrong for a prince to love a maid, class doesn’t matter, it never will” Khushi said

“So what is the plan exactly?”

“On Saturday, the whole village will be invited to our engagement party, we don’t know what would exactly happen but then whatever that will happen will be handled.

We want the whole village to know that a love story is never left incomplete, mine and Arnav’s love was left incomplete in the past, but we were reborn again for our love and they’ll have to understand that.

We actually have no idea on how the villagers are going to react, but as far as I have known, I know the hatred is still there and someone will surely try to create problems”

“So in short you just want to show the people that even if they killed the both of you in the past, you are here again and you are together, you won and they lost”

“Something of such sort” Khushi said

“I never knew my daughter grew up so strong, I’m proud of you Khushi and I’m with you, fight for your love” Shashi said as he hugged her affectionately while Khushi hugged him back.

Khushi was sited in the hall with everyone else when NK came inside running.

“What happened?” Anjali asked

“Something is wrong somewhere” NK said

Everyone looked at him in confusion as they wondered what could have happened.

“What’s wrong?” Devyani asked worriedly.

“Some villagers have gathered at the gate, I don’t know what’s happening, they just seem furious, they are saying they want to see you”

“To see me? Why?” Devyani asked

“Because you are the elder and that you’d understand them better about what they have to say.

Devyani looked at Khushi as they both obviously got the hint of what was coming up.

“Where’s Arnav?” Devyani asked

“He’s in his room, he was sleeping I think” Khushi said

“Go to his room and stay there in with him, don’t come out until I myself come and tell you to come out” Devyani said

“Why Grandma? Do the villagers have problem with Arnav and Khushi?” Anjali asked

“Can we discuss this later… Khushi do as I said” Devyani said

Khushi stood up to go to Arnav’s room but she still seemed a bit hesitant.

“Nothing will happen, you don’t have to worry, I’ll handle everything, just go” Devyani assured her and Khushi ran to Arnav’s room.

Arnav was busy working on his laptop when Khushi walked to his room and shut the door behind in a hurry.

“What’s up, you missed me so soon?” Arnav giggled

Khushi just ignored him as she rushed to open the window of Arnav’s room so she could peep at what was going on outside.

Devyani headed towards the villagers who had gathered at the gate wondering how she would handle them in case they were here because of Arnav and Khushi.

“What happened?” Arnav asked as he stood up.

“The villagers are here, God knows what’s going to happen… I just hope they don’t create any issues now, I can’t lose you once again Arnav” Khushi said as she trembled with fear.

“What’s wrong? Why are you all gathered here today?” Devyani asked

“We’ve got to know that Vasundra is here… until now we all knew that Arnav was prince Arjun but we dint do anything but now that Vasundra is here and we’ve heard rumors that they are getting engaged, we are here to confirm if it’s true or not”

“You’ve heard it right, Arnav and Khushi are getting engaged but if you are interested about some Arjun and Vasundra they don’t live here, find them somewhere else” Devyani said

“Stop acting Devyani we all know… you were there when the incident happened, how could you even allow this to happen once again? Arjun and Vasundra can never be together”

“Arjun was a prince in his previous birth and even if you all believe that Arnav is Arjun right now then I don’t see the point why you all are here, he isn’t any prince anymore and Khushi isn’t any maid in fact she’s the daughter to one of the leading businessmen in Switzerland so why are you even here? What issue do you have?”

“The issues is something that has always been there, they might be reborn but the fact doesn’t change that they went against the kingdom and so they must be punished, they can’t get married even right now”

“What stupid logic is that, can you all please leave from here, it’s my family and Arnav is my grandson, I know better what to do about his life, you people better not give me advices”

“We are leaving for now, but mark our words, we won’t let this marriage happen, not at any cost” The villager said as the fumed away.

“What will happen now Arnav? I can’t live without you please do something… they can’t separate us like that, why do they want to punish us? I thought they would have forgotten or they would let go this as it’s something very old but this people still have hatred in their hearts, even when some of them weren’t even born when the incident occurred…

Why cant they just let us be in peace?” Khushi almost broke down.

“Hey… listen to me Khushi… look into my eyes”

Arnav cupped her face and made her look at him.

“I don’t care what they do, I don’t care what they say, all I care about is you and that I love you, I always will support you and be by your side, this time no one will be able to separate us, no one will take you away from me… trust me, everything will be fine” He said as he hugged her.

She held him tighter feeling safe in his arms… all she hoped was things would be the way he said.

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