Beyond Desire

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Aug 18, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 74 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (POVs in red)

"I want her", He said.

"But sir, she is not one of our models", Aman said.

"I don't care Aman", He said recklessly.

"Sir, she is one of the locals here", Aman said.

"So?" he lifted his eyebrow haughtily.

"It would be difficult to...." Aman trailed off.

"Why do I pay you Aman?" Tearing his gaze off of her, he looked at Aman for a split-second and spoke harshly.

"As you say sir", Aman said meekly.

"You have 24 hours!", his eyes went back to look at the beautiful laughing form.

Aman nodded.

"You may leave", he bellowed without looking at Aman. 

"F*ck, I need a cold shower", he thought looking at the attractive girl playing with her friends in the lawn of his estate as he watched her lustfully standing on the third floor balcony.

The scotch in his hand was of no help today.

A new FF, my friends, let me know if I should proceed. Please leave your comments below. Again a random idea that I'll start developing as it goes!!!

For new readers, do take a look at my other story- "My very own Arnav"

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Aug 18, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 72 times)







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My very own Arnav


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (POVs in red)


A beautiful place...a summer resort...right at the foothills of Himalayas. This was the place used initially by the Britishers to beat the summer heat. Varieties of fishes (called Carps) live in Nainital lakes. Carp breeding is an occupation here..horticulture too. Varieties of fruit orchards are found here. 

To begin with, this is what had attracted Arnav's Dadu's attention. Even though Dadu was based in Delhi, he bought a huge estate in Nainital with multiple fruit orchards around. He built a colossal three-storeyed mansion in the centre of the estate teeming with lawns. There were a multitude of servants and workers under him here. Dadu wanted a place that could be a romantic get-away and also be useful for business. 

Hmm...Business and Pleasure...

Arnav chuckled... "Arnav"- only Dadu would call him so. His Dadi and Di called him 'Chote'. Everyone else called him ASR or Sir.

Mr.Raizada, the ruthless businessman, the heartless monster were his other names. 

Having lost their parents at an early age, Anjali and Arnav were brought up by their Dadu and Dadi. Dadu realized that Arnav carried the same business acumen that he had...may be a tad more. Dadu was always proud of Arnav. His intelligence, sharpness, analytical skills, acute judgement, intimidation tactics (used often on opponents) helped establish Arnav as a leading businessman and the tough CEO of AR Designs at an young age. 

Though Arnav initially liked having fun with movies and friends, after Dadu's death, he had to step up to protect AR Designs in Delhi. Arnav then lost interest in fun...Fun meant only one thing....girls....

Aug 18, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 96 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (POVs in red)

"Khushi... Khushi Kumari Gupta... that's her name sir", Aman said.

"Khushi", he breathed. Sitting on the lounge chair in the lawn with palms under his head "Khushi", Arnav repeated, "she does look happy".

"For now", Aman thought. But he did not have the guts to voice that out.

"Good job Aman!", "You actually got back to me in... 22 hours", extracting his left hand from under his head, he said looking at his rolex watch.

"Sir", Aman said hesitatingly.

"What is it?", Arnav asked sharply. He knew Aman well enough by now to understand that the hesitant tone meant job half-done.

"She comes from a very conservative family sir. She will not agree to... to such an arrangement", Aman dragged.

"Haven't you learnt anything from me in the past 5 years?", Arnav barked irritated. "Buy her Aman", he continued, "there is nothing in the world that money cannot buy."

Oh, ASR, you are in for a big shock...

"I want her here in the mansion by tomorrow evening", Arnav said.

"But sir..."

"You are excused", Arnav said in a cold steely voice.

Working as his PA, Aman knew that ASR's cold tone was more dangerous than his angry tone. Aman scurried away to safety.

The next evening:

Arnav walked down the stairs from his patio in the second floor to the living area when he heard a soft musical female voice. She was trying to convince the maid servant that she had been told to come over. A big smile erupted on Arnav's face. 

The maid servant left with a flicker of his hand. He looked at the girl...Khushi...from bottom to top. With a simple peach-colored sari and a blue sweater over it, she looked divine. Her complexion, her flawless skin, her curves, her big hazel eyes, her pink plump lips... Arnav was lost. 

"I have to have her", he thought.

She noticed the way he looked at her and felt very... very uncomfortable.

"Sir ji.." she said timidly looking down, "I.. I was told to help out here tonight.", she continued, "I guess most probably in the kitchen... since I am a very good cook".

Arnav gazed at her unabashedly. He watched how her lips moved when she talked, how she lifted her eyes up to him occasionally to see if he was listening to her, and how she gulped feeling scared at his brazen stare.

"So, she has no clue why she is here?", Arnav thought, "Or is it a new way of dealing?", "May be she is shy to say it explicitly", "Anyhow..."

"Sir ji, which way is the kitchen?", she asked interrupting his thoughts.

"Alright, I'll play along. And I don't mind good food", he said pointing to the kitchen.

She looked clueless for a second but then hurried away into the adjoining kitchen. 

40 minutes later, Arnav was treated to aromatic hot food on the dining table. He kept inspecting her, while she nervously fidgeted her sari pallu noticing his looks. She gradually moved herself behind in such a way that a part of her body was hidden by a pillar. As soon as his dinner was done, she cleaned up the area.

"Sir ji", she spoke, "It's getting late, Can I get going?", she asked.

"You are not leaving till tomorrow morning", he said bluntly.

Her eyes rounded into big circles with traces of fear in them. She looked around here and there to see if there was anyone else that could help her... just in case...

"Oh, so you really do not know why you are here?", Arnav questioned and then himself answered, "I want you in my bed", he said crudely.

The fear in her eyes was soon replaced by disgust.

She turned back and meant to leave ignoring him.

Arnav felt insulted and enraged. He was never rejected before. He had refused girls but not the other way round.

He caught hold of her left hand with his right hand and pulled her towards him. She crashed into his chest. She immediately used her palms to create a distance between them.

Using his left hand, he moved the back of his fingers on her cheek feeling the softness, "Money is not a problem", he whispered coming close to her ear.

In a sudden unexpected move, Khushi pushed him back with force and slapped him hard on his left cheek. She looked red and angry. Before Arnav could process what had happened, she ran into the night.

Arnav was livid

"Khushi Kumari Gupta, you just opened a Pandora's box", he cursed. "Let me see where you escape now".

Both of them were sleepless that night and many nights after in fear, the other burning with revenge...

Aug 19, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 110 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)

15 months later (1 Year 3 months later) at Raizada Mansion, New Delhi:

Arnav was in his bedroom getting ready for work when his phone rang. 

Arnav: Yes Aman

Aman: Sir, the Vermas have taken a step back on the deal. 

Arnav smirked.

Aman (continued): The older Verma released a press statement that he was no longer interested in pursuing it.

Arnav: Good, they came to their senses. Continue!

He had the phone in his left hand while trying to fasten the tie around his neck with his right.

Arnav: F*ck! Where is the blue tooth?

Just then a slender hand took the tie from him and started tying it around his neck. Arnav looked at her for a second and swapped the phone to his right hand.

Arnav heard what Aman had to say. 

Arnav: Alright Aman, get Nishant on board. Let him take this forward. Well done!

Arnav cut the phone with a smile and threw it on the bed.

Arnav: Tina, can you find my bluetooth?

She searched for it and finally found it.

"ASR, here you go", she said giving it to him. "ASR", she hesitated. 

"What?", he snapped.

" is the party at Monroes", she said, "Do you mind...I it okay...if..."

"Spit it out", he commanded

"Is it okay if I come in as... as your date?", she asked hopefully

Arnav stared at her for a second and nodded.

"Be there at the party by 7, I'll come directly from AR", he said.

"Thanks ASR".

At the Monroe Party:

Arnav looked like the perfect dashing businessman dressed in a black Tuxedo. He saw heads turn in his direction as soon as he entered. The host and the hostess came to him right away and welcomed him warmly. Arnav had actually gotten bored of these parties long back. But he had to attend... a business obligation...

Huh! He gave out a long sigh.

Tina, on the other hand, was enjoying herself. She met a few acquaintances and was chatting with them happily. 

Arnav walked to the bar. He ordered his usual... Scotch...

"Care to dance with me Mr.Handsome", a lady flirted with him.

"Some other time", Arnav answered arrogantly.

Though surprised for a second, the lady faked a smile and left right away. That is when he noticed her dress color... peach...

Suddenly Arnav had a flash of a damsel in a peach-colored sari with big hazel eyes. "Khushi", he murmured. His body and mind constricted painfully.

Arnav no longer had the mood to stay back in the party. He sent a message to Tina that his driver would pick her up later. He then thanked the host and left.

As he sat down in his black Bentley, he said to his driver, "Home, Mohan".

"Yes, sir", came the prompt reply.

Arnav put his head back and closed his eyes.

"Khushi", he sighed.

Images of the past flashed in his mind- Him hugging Khushi, pulling her closer, running his thumb on her flushed cheeks, his hand on her bare waist, kissing her on her shivering pink lips, and finally Khushi on his bed...

"Dammit Khushi, where the hell are you?", frustrated he ran his fingers through his hair.

He opened his eyes and looked out of the car window determined, "I will find you."

A couple of hours later, Arnav called the private investigator, "Any news of her Sameer?".

"Not yet sir, but I feel we are pretty close", Sameer continued, "My sources are stationed at Nainital and Bareilly". "I will get you the news very soon sir; sincerely apologize for the delay."

At AR, Delhi branch, a week later:

Arnav was having a hectic day with back to back meetings. He was dead-tired. 

"Aman, get me a black coffee", he barked on his extension. Aman rushed to do his boss's bidding.

Just then, his phone rang. Arnav's eyes widened looking at the Nainital number.

"Hello", he said.

"Sir ji", called a female voice.

"Ha Payal", he spoke in anticipation.

"Sir ji", Payal said in a much lower voice.

"Is someone there Payal?", he asked.

"Ha", she said.

"Did you find out?", he asked.

"Ha", she repeated.

"Where?" he asked, the excitement building up.

"Bombay", she almost whispered.

Arnav immediately relaxed with a winning smirk.

"Sir ji", she said again.

"What is it Payal?"

"Last name is Kulkarni", she said.

"Thanks Payal", he cut the phone.

Arnav instantly called Sameer and gave him the info. 

"Thanks sir", Sameer said, "I will get you the full details within a day".

"Remember Sameer", Arnav said, "Completely confidential".

"I know sir", Sameer said, "No one will have a whiff about this".

"Khushi honey", Arnav snickered, the exhaustion having left him with Payal's call, "I'm coming to Bombay to get you".

He didn't know then that a bigger shock awaited him in Bombay.

Aug 21, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 132 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (POVs in red)

15 months before (The day after Khushi slapped Arnav) at Gupta House, Nainital:

((Timeline-wise this is right after Part-2))

Khushi woke up late. She had a pounding headache.

Payal: Khushi, get up. We are late to work. Bankimji will not be happy if we report late.

Khushi: Ha Jiji, I will get ready in 10 minutes.

Payal: Kya hua Khushi? Why are your eyes red and puffed up? Did you cry?

Khushi instantly remembered the reason for her puffy eyes and pounding headache... The devil... the slap...

At once she was scared... out of her wits... 

"God, what have I done?" Khushi thought, "He is rich and powerful", "What if he does something to me or my family?". "I should have just run away without slapping him", "But how? The Rakshas caught me tight in his arms, slapping was the only way to escape..."

Khushi was brought out of her thoughts by Payal.

Payal: Khushi, stop daydreaming. Come soon.

The same morning at at Raizada Estate, Nainital:

Aman had never seen Arnav that angry... he was furious... actually beyond furious...

Arnav: I need details about her

Aman: Sir, whom?

Arnav (with a searing look at Aman): Khushi

Aman: But sir, I got you the details.

Arnav: Shut up Aman. I need everything about her and her family.

Aman: Ok sir

Arnav: ASAP... and cancel my meetings for today

Now, Aman was shocked. ASR would never neglect his work even on sundays. So, something big had happened yesterday. Aman knew better than to ask this of his boss. His boss was definitely obsessed with this girl.

Aman: Yes... Yes sir

Arnav (coldly): Details, soon.

Aman was back by afternoon with Khushi's information.

Aman: Sir, She comes from a lower middle class family here and lives with her parents, Bua and sister. She was born and brought up here. She studied until 12th grade in Nainital and then did her BA in Economics from MJP University in Bareilly. Her sister Payal is two years older than her. Both the sisters work in Raizada Orchards. Khushi helps one of our managers, Bankim Lal, with accounts. 

Currently, the girls live with their Bua. Their father Shashi Gupta used to work in Raizada Orchards until he got a paralytic attack. His wife Garima has taken him to an Ayurvedic center around 100 miles from Nainital for treatment. I heard his condition is deteriorating. The family cannot afford proper allopathic treatment.

Arnav: Alright, call the girl back here. I would like to... let's say... make a deal...

Aman (gulped): Ok sir

Arnav: Get ready Aman, we are going to my orchards. (sarcastically) It's been a while, right?

Now this was the second shock of the day for Aman. He knew exactly why ASR was going to the orchards now.

Raizada Orchards, Nainital:

The work section at the Orchards went into an uproar. The big boss visiting them was the news of the decade. The office was miraculously cleaned up, chairs set, and everybody looked prim and proper.

Arnav entered looking around for the girl that left him sleepless last night.

Bankim and other managers hustled around him trying to impress upon him about the wonderful yield of apples, strawberries, peaches and apricots this year. 

Arnav was offered his favorite black coffee which he declined with a lazy flick of his hand. Coffee was not what he was here for.

Arnav looked at Aman with a nod and Aman started questioning the managers regarding the produce. Aman then asked them about the accounts and who manages them. Subsequently, Khushi and Payal were summoned to Arnav's presence.

Arnav sat and watched Khushi leisurely while everyone around was super attentive to the slightest movement of his little finger.

Every second was unbearable to Khushi. She was anxious and fraught with worry. "Is he going to talk about last night? Is he going to take me from here by force? Infront of everyone? Hey Devi Maiyya, please no.. no.. no", she prayed earnestly, "My respect and my family's respect are at stake here".

"So, you help with managing accounts here, huh?", he asked her recklessly. She nodded her head hesitantly.

"Sir", Bankim affectionately chimed in, "She manages most of the accounts here", he continued, "She is very capable sir, I can almost say she is the accounts manager".

"Then what do you do?", Arnav snapped at Bankim. 

Bankim was shocked, to say the least. "Woh, sir, I... I... I taught her the work. I... I oversee how she... how everyone... ", he trailed off.

Khushi felt sorry for the elderly Bankimji.

"I would like to see the accounts", he said looking at her, "At the estate mansion today evening". "Let's see how good you are", he leered at her. 

Only she understood what exactly he meant.

Everybody released their breaths after he left. 

Payal (whispering): Wow Khushi, he is so handsome. He looks bilkul like a hero; and he is so commanding and powerful.

Khushi could not answer.

Payal: If you are scared to go alone to the estate mansion today evening, I can come with you. Waise, he is scary too.

Khushi: No Jiji, I can go by myself. Besides, you have to help Buaji in cooking.

Khushi knew what Sir ji would talk to her and did not want Payal to know about it. She took a deep breath, she needed to deal with this better, unlike yesterday. Last night she was caught unawares, today she will be careful and alert. She was going to state firmly that she wouldn't tolerate such nonsense. She would make it clear to him that she was not someone to stoop low for money/ pressure.

Only if it was that easy...

Later that evening at Raizada estate Mansion:

Khushi stood in front of him with the accounts even though she knew he wouldn't be interested in them.

Arnav moved his eyes on her from top to bottom and she trembled knowing that look.

"You are one feisty girl, aren't you?", he said narrowing his eyes.

"Sir ji.. Sir ji... I am sorry for yester..", she was cut off.

"Don't bother", he roared, his eyes darkening every minute.

Khushi jumped back scared.

"I'm not someone who can.. who can do these things.. I mean I have never ever... I cannot.." she mumbled.

"Listen", he cut her off again, "I know your father's condition is declining day by day", "I will help", he went on, "I'll get him into the best hospitals, ensure that he gets the best treatment".

She was stunned and looked up into his eyes.

He stared at her beautiful hazel orbs for a second and continued, "I am a businessman, In return I want you... of your own accord", "I am leaving to Delhi in a couple of hours but I'll be back next week".

Roving his eyes all over her, he said, "I expect you to be... ready by the time I get back... Even though you slapped me, I promise I'll be gentle with you", he sniggered. 

"But... but why me?", Khushi asked weakly.

"Until yesterday I was smitten with your beauty, now I am smitten with your guts", Khushi went rigid hearing this.

Looking at her frozen expression he said, "Like I said before, I do not enjoy an unwilling partner in bed."

Khushi watched him walk away to his room. She was paralyzed at the turn of events. 

"What just happened? How did I end up in this mess? Babuji's treatment... but then I can't do this. I believe in marriage and love. Babuji's health is worsening day by day... but if I do it, how can I live with myself for the rest of my existence? Hey Devi Maiyya, what games are you playing with me? Is he there in my fate?"


Khushi then had no clue that indeed he was there in her fate...

Aug 23, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 120 times)



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (POVs in red)



Back to the Present (15 months after Arnav met Khushi) at Raizada Mansion, New Delhi:

((Timeline-wise this is right after Part-3))


Arnav (on phone): Yes Di, I am fine. 


Anjali: Are you getting ready for work?


Arnav (in an annoyed tone): Di, today is Sunday. I am at home 


Anjali (chuckling): I know that baba. But I don't trust you would take a day off work. That's why I asked...


Arnav (rolling his eyes): How are you all?


Anjali: We are all fine. 


Arnav: How is Jiju's work going on?


Anjali: Rohan is doing fine too. Now-a-days he seems to be turning into you... A workaholic...


Arnav smiled at that.


Arnav: How is my princess?


Anjali: Neha is doing well, she is out playing with her friends. 


Arnav: This early in the morning?


Anjali: Ha, she has her school friends in the same gated community as we live in. They will be at the

park for at least 2-3 hours before she comes back home tired.


Arnav laughed softly.


Anjali: Come over to Banglore Chote, It has been a while since I saw you.


Arnav: Sure Di. But then why don't you all plan a trip here to Delhi? It's been a while since I saw Dadi too.


Anjali: Dadi loves it here. She has been roaming around all the south Indian temples with gusto.


Arnav chortled.


Anjali: Waise, Akash is very grateful to you. He had called from Bombay the other day. He said that he is indebted to you for trusting him with ARB. He seems to be working hard.


Arnav: No problem Di. Even though I started it as a sister company to AR, that is for you. Anjali Raizada Bansal (ARB) is your company. And Akash being Jiju's brother, I think it's a good idea if he manages it.


Anjali: Waise, how is Tina doing?


Arnav: Good, I guess.


Anjali (surprised): What do you mean 'I guess'? She lives in the same house as you.


Arnav: That doesn't mean I need to know how and what she does all the time...


Anjali: You are terrible Chote. Are you not treating her well?


Arnav (sighing): Di, please don't exaggerate everything.


Anjali (yelping): I am exaggerating? Really? God I don't know how she is living with you. Pass the phone to her.


Arnav: She has a phone too and I'm aware that you know how to contact her. I am expecting an important call on my phone, so call on her number if you want to enquire about her.


Anjali: Wait till I tell Dadi how you are dealing with her...


Arnav (interrupting her seriously): No Di. Do not breathe a word of this to Dadi, I mean it. Now let me go. Have a good day!

With that Arnav disconnected the phone.




A couple of hours later, Arnav received the call that he had been waiting for anxiously.



Sameer: Hello sir


Arnav: Hi Sameer


Sameer: Sir, I am sorry I was supposed to get back to you by yesterday afternoon. But there were a few things that I found out which I had to be doubly sure about before I presented the entire particulars to you.


Arnav: What is it Sameer?


Sameer: Sir, it would be better to talk in person. I also have some evidences that you need to see. Is this a good time?


Arnav: Yes, Come over to my place right now. I'll be waiting for you. 






One hour later in the study at Raizada Mansion:



Arnav and Sameer were sitting in the closed study with some documents and pictures spread out in front of them. Arnav had strictly warned his servants not to disturb him until he stepped out.



Sameer: Sir, you said that Khushi might be using the last name Kulkarni as a cover. Thanks sir, because that helped out a lot.


Arnav: Hmm


Sameer: The thing is... um..


Arnav (crisply): What is it?


Sameer: It's not just for a disguise. She is... um...


Arnav (barked): Out with it Sameer


Sameer: She is married... to Rajesh Kulkarni... Hence the last name.



Arnav was dumbfounded. "What?"



Sameer: Sir, there is more to it. One year back, Khushi and her husband Rajesh were travelling from Nainital to Rampur when there was a landslide that hit them. Rajesh died on the spot. Khushi was injured severely. There were three other cars involved in the same rockslide.



Sameer (went on)Sir, here are the proofs of the landslide, the date and the time, the cars and their numbers, the people affected in the slide, people who survived and who did not. I am positive that Rajesh did not make it. Here is his death certificate. Khushi had multiple fractures and was in a critical condition for more than a month. None of her family came for her. I don't think they even knew what happened to her.



She was then treated by Dr.Sergal who decided that the medical facility was not capable enough to deal with her type of case. Dr.Sergal's mentor Dr.Vade took over the case.



Arnav (horrified): Type of case?



Sameer (resumed): Ha sir, the medical reports prove that she suffered mentally after the accident. She was diagnosed with PTSD... I mean... Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Something that happens to people who go through severe trauma/ accidents and veterans of wars.



The reports say that she was intensely affected by her husband's death. Even after she healed physically, she had panic attacks for a long time. It took her more than 4 months to get out of this. During this period she was shifted to Dr.Vade's clinic in Nagpur. 



(Showing the pictures of the doctors) Sameer continued: Dr. Vanitha Vade and her husband Dr. Deepak Vade run this hospital. We obtained the records of the hospital too. Our men have enquired about the doctors and Khushi; Frankly, as we speak, they are still continuing the same.

The Vades took good care of Khushi. Dr. Vanitha Vade counseled Khushi and brought her out of depression over a long period of time. They coaxed Khushi to rediscover herself slowly.



Khushi recently, precisely a week back, took up a job with Tech Designs, a small company in Bombay. Khushi now lives with Mrs. Batra, Dr. Deepak Vade's cousin, in her house as a paying guest in Bombay. 



Our men have concluded that the Vades have no law suits against them. The elderly couple are involved with social service a lot. There is no case of malpractice on them. They are clean.




Sameer (persisted): Khushi just reached Nagpur yesterday to spend the weekend with Vades. The only people she seems to consider family are the Vade couple. Khushi is not in touch with her family in Nainital. There has been no form of communication between Khushi and any of the members of Gupta family in Nainital. We have proofs for that too. 




Sameer finished the report and looked at Arnav. For the first time in life, Arnav was incapacitated. He was lost for words. Even though he was furious with Khushi for vanishing, his stomach churned learning what had happened to her. 




It was too much information to process. He put his head back on the chair, and rewinded whatever Sameer just told him. 




There was a sudden flash of thought: "If Khushi was not in touch with any of her family, how did Payal find out that Khushi is in Bombay? How did Payal get to know that Khushi's last name was Kulkarni?"




"I need to speak to Payal", he deliberated.




Arnav had thought of a few reasons for Khushi's disappearance but what he just found out was nowhere close to what he had assumed.

Aug 26, 2016

Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 153 times)


(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (POVs in red)

Back to the PAST (15 months back when Arnav made the indecent proposal to Khushi):((Timeline-wise this is right after Part-4))

At AR Branch, London:

Arnav was done with the day. Had he not come to London, he would have been in Nainital by now. 

"Nainital", he breathed deeply, "How did Nainital suddenly become so important?", he mused, "All because of that fiery goddess".

"If only I didn't have to come to London from Delhi", he groaned.

"Dang it! I can't wait to have her", he smashed his scotch glass on the wall impatiently

"It's been ten days since I saw her", Arnav thought, "I told her to be prepared in a week", his body tightened painfully, "She must be waiting".

Dream on ASR...

The bell to his luxury suite rang, and in walked Lavanya, his executive at AR, London.

Lavanya was very efficient at work. Since joining AR 2 years back, she was infatuated with ASR. She knew ASR was not into dating and so adjusted into his lifestyle of occasional night stands. Everytime he visited London, she would wait for him.

She wore a red sleeveless bodycon midi dress knowing well that he loved to see women in red. Arnav scanned her from top to bottom and understood her intentions in a second.

"Would you like me to get you some scotch?", she asked him seductively swaying her hips.

"Hmm", he said.

She looked at the shattered glass and its contents on the floor and instantly knew that he was frustrated.

"Is something bothering you?", she asked as she got him another glass and sat on his lap, slowly winding her arms around his neck.

He didn't answer but stared at the wall. He didn't look interested in her today. She was surprised.

She ran a finger across his jaw slowly dipping into his chest and tried going down further. Arnav caught her hand, "Get on bed", he ordered.

As she got on the bed, he took his robe off and joined her. Lavanya could sense throughout that he was only physically present. But she wanted him more than he wanted her. Moans of pleasure and pain filled the next hour.

Later, as he got the much needed release, he put his head back on the headrest of the bed and said, "Lavanya Leave!" She was stunned. He was never this brunt with her, neither was he this irate.

"ASR, what happened?", she asked, "Did you not enjoy it?"

"Lavanya, it will be best if you exit now", he said gritting his teeth.

Lavanya picked up her clothes and left him to his thoughts.

Arnav had time and again seen Khushi's face in the place of Lavanya's during the past one hour. He kept thinking how it would be to hear Khushi's moans instead. 

"What's wrong with me?", he ran his fingers through his unkempt hair, "Why can't I get her out of my head?", "I have never pined for any girl this way", "true I had many for my needs", "but I never gave a damn to any of them including Lavanya", he pondered.

"What is with Khushi that I go crazy for her?", "Is it because she declined me, slapped me?", "I have had many beautiful girls, but then how is Khushi different?", "Or is it because she is an amazing mix of beauty and innocence which I have never encountered before?". "Probably so, Alright then", he decided, "I will be fine and stop thinking about her once I have her. I won't rot for her anymore after that".

Oops, you couldn't be more wrong ASR, Good luck with that...

At Gupta House, Nainital:

Khushi was thinking about him too, but on a different track...

"He said he would come in a week", she thought, "he wanted me to be... to be... ready"

"Devi Maiyya, how can I?" tears sprung in her eyes, "But then Babuji's treatment?", she choked, "What will happen if my family find out that I... with him...", Khushi was horrified at that thought. 

"He is not here", she felt slightly relieved, "May be he forgot", "Or may be he found someone else", " Bankim ji said that he was softer when his Dadu was alive. Taking over the burden of the company made him rough. So maybe he is not that bad a person after all. He might have made the deal in anger because I slapped him. May be now his conscience kicked in, so he is staying away. Whatever it is, Devi Maiyya, save me."

"If I could get a decent job outside Nainital, then", Khushi contemplated, "But then no.. I can't do that", she realized.

"I have to go check on Babuji how his health is first, then may be request Bankim ji or other managers to loan me some money for Babuji's treatment". "I should cease worrying and stop thinking about Sir ji."

The next day Khushi left to the Ayurvedic center where her father was being treated.

A week later:

Arnav roared his white SUV through the hill curves to Nainital. Some of the roads were very narrow with people still driving like crazy on those roads, in addition he encountered some cyclists. "Unbelievable", Arnav muttered.

Nature was absolutely enthralling with lush trees and beautiful blue lakes around, but Arnav's heart was set on some other beautiful thing. As he drove closer to Nainital, his heart beat was deranged and he felt amusingly idiotic about his excitement in meeting her.


Aman had stayed back in Delhi to take care of some business especially since his boss was in a hurry to leave. It was evening by the time Arnav reached Nainital, "Perfect timing!", he thought.

By the time, he reached the estate mansion, the Gupta girl was already called to cook. Arnav entered the mansion to smell aroma of freshly cooked food. Asking the servant to take luggage to his room, he went in straight to the kitchen and hugged her from behind.

She gasped. He turned her around to find the Gupta girl, only it was not Khushi. Arnav took a step back.

"What are you doing here?", he asked rudely.

She shivered at his tone and proximity, "Woh, Sir ji, I... I... was called here to cook".

"Not you, Khushi was called", Arnav was blunt.

"Khushi is not here Sir ji. I mean... not ... not in Nainital", she said stammering

Arnav's blood boiled. He instantly turned back to the cold calculative ASR, "Where is she?", he asked in his steely voice.

Payal was now scared out of her wits. "She is ... gone to... Babuji's treatment center", she said meekly.

"Leave", he ordered. 

"Sir ji, but your food...", she was interrupted

"LEAVE", he bellowed.

Payal scurried away in fear.

"How dare she?", Arnav was furious now, "How dare she.. when she knew I was coming?", "And I had told her to be ready by the time I came?"

Arnav was raged, frustrated and disappointed at the same time.

Arnav (on phone): Aman

Aman: Yes sir

Arnav: Khushi is visiting her parents at the Ayurvedic center. Send some of our trusted servants and get her back immediately.

Aman (shocked to the core): Sir?

Arnav: Are you deaf?

Aman: Okay sir, it will be done.

Arnav: She has to meet me tomorrow morning at the latest. In the meanwhile, get her father transferred to one of the best hospitals for his treatment.

Aman: Okay sir.

Aman (hesitated): Sir?

Arnav (crisply): Speak up Aman

Aman: Sir, pardon me for asking you this. You can have anybody else. If you want, I will send a model from Delhi right now. But, why are you so particular about Khushi? I mean this desire for her....

If it was anyone else, Arnav would have made sure that he regretted asking this question for life. But Aman, being more than just his loyal employee and PA, someone who knows him in and out, and doesn't judge him for what he is, Arnav chose to answer him.

Arnav (smirking): Aman, let me be straight forward. It is not just desire anymore, it is desire, insanity, attraction, passion, obsession, my demand to control her life, my desperate need to possess her. It is way beyond desireā€¦    

Next morning at Raizada estate Mansion:

Khushi stood in front of him in the living room nervously fidgeting with the pallu of her sari. Her eyes were down and she was scared to death. Arnav was angry until he saw her, but one peek at her beautiful face calmed his senses. For some inexplicable reason, he wanted to win her heart instead of scaring her.

Arnav (pleasantly): How are you Khushi?

Khushi's jaw dropped. This is not the tone or the words that she had expected. She simply nodded.

Arnav: How is your father doing?

Khushi: Thank you Sir ji. He is... your men... admitted him in the big hospital

Arnav: I know. 

Arnav looked at her with a smoldering gaze.

Arnav: I held up my end of the deal. It's your turn now.

Tears swam in Khushi's eyes. She knew what that exactly meant. But there was no way out. She slowly nodded her head in affirmative.

Arnav got up from the couch, and started walking towards her. She instinctively took a step back. "No", he said, "Don't move back". He ran his thumb on her cheek gently. Khushi's heart was thumping in her chest. She closed her eyes tightly.

He cupped her face with both his hands, lifted her chin up and brushed his lips on hers. She jolted her eyes open. He smiled at her surprised look. "Tonight", he breathed at her lips. He saw a blush spreading on her cheeks.

Khushi was herself puzzled that she felt shyness instead of fear. Arnav was fascinated to see her blush.

"I have to travel out of Nainital during the day but I'll be back by evening", he said softly. He was himself amazed about explaining all this to her when it was his mission to never account anything to anyone, least of all to a girl he was going to bed. 

"I want to first eat your hand-made dinner", he placed a tender kiss on her forehead and left.

Khushi was stunned at his behavior. "Is this the same guy who was blunt and crude two weeks back?" she thought.

Throughout the day, Payal noticed that Khushi was lost. She had an inkling of what was happening between Khushi and Sir ji. Sir ji hugging her assuming her to be Khushi was evidence enough. Buaji and her parents were ecstatic that Sir ji was taking care of Shashi's treatment. 

Only if they knew at what cost... 

The evening arrived quicker than it would for Khushi. She had never been this petrified in life.

Arnav entered the estate mansion with excitement. The vision of Khushi cooking food in the kitchen brought serenity to his mind. "How would it be if this is the sight that I meet with every evening?", "How would it be if Khushi stayed with me for life?", he chuckled at himself, "This girl has an unusual control over my heart and mind".

He went closer to her and whispered, "Hi Khushi". She was startled and turned around in a jerk. 

"Careful Khushi", he called out loud as he held her waist to stop her from falling back.

"Ahh", Khushi cried as she twisted her ankle.

"Easy, easy, come with me", he tried to help her walk, but she couldn't. He lifted her up in his arms, walking to the adjoining bedroom, placed her on the bed. He sat down on his knees on the floor next to the bed and gently massaged the ankle that was hurt. 

"Are you okay?", he asked her tenderly.

Khushi sat still, baffled at his concern.

He leaned forward and gently pecked her on her lips. Khushi's face started forming the pink hue that she had on the morning. She looked like an angel and the yellow sari that she wore complimented her skin and curves more.

Arnav couldn't stop himself. He stood up, hovered over her on the bed and gently ran his right hand over her dainty waist. Khushi's breathing hitched. With his left hand on her nape, he pulled her up halfway and kissed her passionately on her lips. Khushi was lost in the newfound sensations. She closed her eyes and submitted to the kiss.

Arnav moved down from her lips and peppered kisses on her chin, throat and shoulders. He smoothly unpinned her pallu and started going further down kissing her. He took the sari off her upper body and kissed her zealously on her abdomen. Khushi held onto him tight unable to understand the ache materializing in her. He looked at her pert bre*sts still covered by her blouse. He bit her hard and that jolted her out of the compromising position she was in. 

She pushed him back roughly and moved away from him on the bed. 

"Khushi, what happened suddenly?", he asked not understanding what abruptly went wrong.

Khuhsi then noticed that her pallu was off and covered herself with her arms. She felt ashamed that she gave in to him. Arnav was perturbed. 

"This is not right", she said admist sobs, "I can't... I can't do this". 

Arnav's worry was replaced with anger. He yanked her closer with his arm on hers and said, "Remember the deal?"

She shook her head furiously, "I cannot... I am sorry but I cannot".

Arnav pushed her back and stood up frustrated. "I told you that you have to be willing. Dammit, you are making me feel like a f*cking rapist".

He marched out of the bedroom, picked the SUV keys and drove away.

He kept thinking about her, how she submitted initially, and then how she pushed him off. There was an incomprehensible ache in his heart at her tears.

Just then, he noticed a truck swaying on the road coming towards him. "Is the driver drunk?", he thought. The truck swerved into the path of his car and to avoid it, Arnav had to suddenly change direction. He turned away form the valley side of the road to the rocks on the hill. Before he knew, his SUV crashed into the hill with a loud bang.

Arnav felt his head split. He felt the air bag inflate cushioning him. His hand tried reaching out for his phone to call Aman but he couldn't.

Everything suddenly went black... completely black...

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Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa9) (Thanked: 34 times)

Call for Help:


Seriously need your help. I got logged out of my account. I am unable to retrieve it since I am not getting any emails on my gmail account on how to change my password. I have lodged a complaint to the folks on 'myeduniya' but haven't heard back from them yet. So, I created another account with a simple change in my name. If I cannot get back into my old account, I will have to post my stories and updates on this account. Unfortunately, I have the next update ready but I cannot post it due to this issue.

Another issue with the new account is, I cannot edit any of my recent/previous posts once I update them. If the moderators on 'myeduniya' see this note, I need them to send a retrieve password on my gmail so I can log back in.

Will appreciate any kind of help!!!

Thanks, Lisa.

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Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 131 times)

Hey guys, I'm back...



(Conversations will be marked in blue for ease of reading) (Flashbacks will be in green italics) (POVs in red)



Back to the Present (15 months after Arnav met Khushi) at Raizada Mansion, New Delhi:

((Timeline-wise this is right after Part-5))

"How did this happen?", Arnav kept thinking after Sameeer left, "How did things go this bad?", "How could Khushi do this to me?"

His head was reeling with all the information that Sameer just gave him.

"Khushi and her husband Rajesh were travelling from Nainital to Rampur when there was a landslide that hit them"

"Khushi had multiple fractures and was in a critical condition for more than a month"

"She was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"

"Even after she healed physically, she had panic attacks for a long time"

"Khushi is not in touch with her family in Nainital"

"Khushi recently, precisely a week back, took up a job with Tech Designs, a small company in Bombay"

Arnav's heart was burning with rage, pain and betrayal. He clumsily poured himself some scotch and gulped it down. Nothing could assuage his torment today. Only she could...

"Khushi", he screamed as he wiped the bar desk with a clean sweep of his hand throwing the bottles down. 

Tina came running down to the living area at the glass-shattering sound.

"ASR", she said, "ASR, what's wrong?", "ASR please talk to me", she begged.

"Get out", he bellowed, "Leave me alone". He walked away to his bedroom.

Tina was scared to the core. His normal cold anger was very different from today's fury. Tina picked up the phone to call Anjali but then quickly decided against it. "No, I will only be worrying her more, besides Di lives in Banglore. There is not much she can do from there". She then remembered the only person that could talk sense into him.

Tina (on phone): Aman, this is Tina

Aman: Yes Mam

Tina: Aman, please come to RM right away. ASR is...

Aman (panicking): What happened to ASR?

Tina (anxiously): He is furious about something. He looks like a mad man. I am scared he will hurt himself.

Aman: I will be there in 15 minutes

A while later, after a lot of placation, Aman was let into Arnav's bedroom. Tina, though, was not allowed.

Aman: ASR, what happened?

Arnav stayed silent. He kept searching for the medicines. It had been a long time, almost an year, since he used them but he needed them today... to calm himself... to get out of his manic rage...

Aman: Did you hurt yourself? What are you searching for?

Aman checked for any cuts or bruises on his employer. Arnav still stayed silent.

Aman (impatiently): Sir, please talk. What the hell happened?

Arnav was silent again. Aman was fraught with worry. Arnav found the medicines he was looking for and swallowed one.

Aman's eyes grew big looking at the medication that his boss took. He knew why...

Aman: Sir, whatever it is, I want you to calm down. You are the ASR. You always analyze and dissect things and find a solution to any problem. Think coolly and tell me what happened and what you plan to do. Please...

Arnav was pacified to a small extent with this talk. Time elapsed and the medicine taken had partially cleared his mind. Closing his eyes, Arnav took a long deep breath. Aman waited for him to speak.

After what seemed an eternity, Arnav started speaking.

Arnav (unemotionally): Aman, I want you to do something.

Aman (promptly): Yes, sir.

Aman was ecstatic that his boss was back. "The cold calculative arrogant ASR is the best", Aman chuckled to himself. He couldn't see his boss broken down.

Arnav (seriously): I want you to orchestrate a meeting with a company called 'Tech Designs' in Bombay. Create a situation in such a way that they request our help. You will gladly provide help as a manager not of AR but as a manager of ARB. I will speak to Akash about this. 

Arnav continued: Let them not know that ARB is a sister company of AR. Make it look like ARB functions independently. I want ARB to be the major shareholder in 'Tech Designs'. Get them to sign the contract with us on our terms. Specify that a few of their employees of our choice will be absorbed into ARB. Set the stipulations in such a way that they are watertight. Leave them no choice.

Aman was stupefied. He had surely heard wrong. Probably his lack of breakfast was messing with his head, like it did with his boss. "Or may be the medicines the boss just took", Aman was damn confused. 

"Sir", Aman was suddenly cautious, "um... Why do we have to care about a small company like Tech Designs?", "I mean", he worded carefully, "Why should we invest in it with no profit to us?"

Arnav gave a tight faint smile, "There is profit Aman", he was quiet for a few minutes, "Khushi works there".

That was all was needed for Aman to understand, "You found her?", he squealed. Now everything fell in place for Aman.

"It will be done sir", Aman said in a business-like tone, "to the T".

A week later at RM:

Arnav was almost ready in his business formals. His flight to Bombay was in a few hours. He had to stop by AR to sign some documents before he left to airport. 

He turned to look for his coat and found Tina sliding it on his arms gently. 

"ASR", she purred softly in his ear, "Can I... can I come with you to Bombay?"

Arnav narrowed his eyes at her, "Since when do you accompany me on my trips?"

"Please", she supplicated, "I will not disturb you in any way", "I just want to be with you", "we can see the beach sometime together".

"No", he was clear, "This trip is very important for me", "Why don't you go to Banglore and spend time with Di and Family?"

"ASR", she held his right hand before he moved away, "You cannot do official work all day, right?", she asked hopefully.

"This is not an official trip. It is personal", she was stunned to hear him say that.

"Personal?", she asked, "But then..."

"Enough Tina", he roared

"But I am entitled to know", she said as a last resort

"No, you don't", he added in a dangerously low tone, "I told you already", "Do not rub your rights on me".

He took his carry-on bag, turned swiftly and left.

Bombay, the Financial Capital of India:

Arnav had been to Bombay a multitude of times, but this time his heart started beating fast as the flight landed. 

"It is different this time", he smirked, "the air smells of Khushi", he shook his head, "I am crazy insane about that woman".

Aman was in Bombay from the past one week and had successfully executed the plan. Arnav had chuckled when he saw Aman's message the previous day, "The gun is fully loaded and ready to be fired sir".

Akash Bansal came to the airport to pick Arnav. 

"You could have sent a driver to pick me up Akash", Arnav said getting into the car, albeit arrogantly, "Why did you have to leave your work and come?"

"It was not a problem at all ASR", Akash said admiringly, "Waise, Aman has been an amazing help from the past one week"

"Hmm", said Arnav, his thoughts going back to the reason for his visit here.

His contemplative mood was broken by Akash welcoming him into ARB building.

"ASR, I am so excited to show you around ARB", Akash said reverently, "We function along the lines of AR"

"I know", Arnav was a tad reckless, "Di said you have been working very hard too". 

He looked around and added, "Good job Akash" sending Akash over the moon.

Aman came down to receive his boss. "Tomorrow evening is the party with Tech Designs", Aman told Arnav as they both exchanged a knowing smile.

"How do you know if all of their employees will be present?", Arnav asked Aman with a naughty glint

Aman shook his head and chuckled, "Sometimes he is impossible, well, most of the times", he corrected in his mind.

"I made it mandatory", Aman said with a wicked smile on his face.

Next evening, Party at Taj, Bombay:

The CEO of Tech Designs, Mr.Raman, was thanking Akash and Arnav copiously for their support. Even though Akash felt uncomfortable as he was not the one who struck the deal, he stayed silent as Arnav had told him to. 

Arnav slowly moved behind as he kept his eyes on the entrance, "Any time now, honey", his body tightened in anticipation.

Khushi entered smiling with her colleagues in a light blue colored net embroidered saree. She looked stunning.

Seeing her brought back many memories for Arnav. He released the breath that he did not even know he was holding. His eyes turned dark. He retreated further into an adjoining patio that overlooked the party hall. 

Aman's message beeped on his phone, "Sir, she is here".

"Bring her to me", he replied back. Aman turned around, scanned the area and found Arnav standing on the patio with his randy eyes on Khushi.

As planned, a waiter bumped into Khushi, spilling juice on her sari. He apologized to her profusely for his 'mistake'. Leading her to an isolated area where she could clean herself up, the waiter left. Khushi walked into the deserted corridor from the bathroom after washing off the juice stains on her sari. She was puzzled that the waiter brought her this far inside. Her heart picked up a beat that she could not understand.

As she turned left to enter the passageway to the party hall, her legs halted. Her jaw dropped at the silhouette of a man standing tall looking in her direction. She could even recognize his shadow in sleep. 

"Is that him?", she was frozen, "But, how?"

He started walking towards her in a predatory gait. Her heart beats turned erratic perceiving the reality of the situation. He stopped a few feet away from her, his stare, though, was intense as if burning through her clothes.

Khushi's eyes teared up. "After all this time?", she thought. 

She couldn't hold herself anymore. She ran straight into his arms and hugged him... her Sir ji... the love of her life...


He raised his arms and brought them around her in a protective embrace. Pulling her closer, he dipped his head down into her thick hair and bit her on her neck.

"Khushi, I missed you", his voice was hoarse.

As she heard that, she broke down in his arms crying. She hugged him tighter, if possible, and tried to absorb him into her being.

His previous months of wrath, sorrow and despair were washed off with her in his arms

"This is where she belongs", he mused, "Khushi- the queen that rules my heart and life"

(Dear all, I understand your confusions, but let me assure you that all ends well. As the story proceeds, you will know about everyone...All in good time...Until then just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride...)

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Beyond Desire (By Sillylisa) (Thanked: 65 times)

Hey guys,

Need more inspiration to write these FFs. As much as I want to post the next updates, I was kind of de-motivated with the lack of enthusiastic response on my stories. Since, I did not receive the kind of feedback that I expected, you can anticipate some delay from my side...

Your comments are vital to me and I really need those before I can take these FFs forward !!!


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