Devi to poison herself in Chakravartin Ashok Samrat!

Aug 25, 2016

Devi to poison herself in Chakravartin Ashok Samrat! (By Medsuper)

Chakravartin Ashok Samrat is becoming more interesting day by day. With the wedding drama and the evil clan track, the show has picked up a steady pace. In the upcoming episodes of the show, Charumitra smartly overhears Ashok and Bindusara where she gets to know that Bindusara is just acting fake and pretending that he is a part of the evil clan. Since he trusts Ashok, he is fully supportive of Ashok and has decided to help him undercover.

Charumitra informs Susheem that Bindusara is just pretending and Susheem like always, gets extremely angry and starts breaking stuff! On the other hand, Devi faces a totally different situation!

Dharma asks Devi instead of Kaurvaki to Marry Ashok! Devi considers herself as a lower class person as compared to Ashok and after putting in a lot of thought into it, she decides that the only way to get out of this mess is to end her life. She decides to consume poison and end her life once and for all!

Credit : Atharva Lobo, Tellybuzz

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