TV stars share memories of Janmashtami and Dahi Handi!

Aug 25, 2016

TV stars share memories of Janmashtami and Dahi Handi! (By Medsuper)

Dahi Handi celebration commemorates the way of living of Lord Krishna. In his childhood days, young Krishna was very fond of curd and butter. While growing up, his fondness for the same just increased, leading on to him turning mischievous and indulging into stealing curd and butter from the neighbourhood. 

Dahi Handi has now emerged as a competitive sport. Hundreds of teams participate in this event every year. Famous celebrities are invited to promote the event. In recent years, the prize money has reached to one crore which is equivalent to 10 million of Indian Rupees! As we celebrate this festivity with the same fervour once again, actors share their take on how they celebrate Janmashthami. 

Ravi Dubey, currently seen in Jamai Raja:

We always had a holiday on Janmashtami. We used to celebrate the festival in the colony. The temples would look beautiful once they were decorated for Janmashtami. Lord Krishna has always inspired me and even if we look at his teachings in the context of today's generation, so many things he has said about practicality, knowledge, and power can be applied. This Janmashtami, I will go to Iskcon Temple and pray for the well-being of all my near and dear ones.

Sartaj Gil,l currently seen in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: 

I have grown up watching the Dahi handi ceremony in my locality. I've always enjoyed the festive mood and the celebrations but I was really worried as well for the kid who would break the handi in the human pyramid. They end up falling so often and the thought of falling from the top of the pyramid is scary. So I always pray for that young kid, who is at the top of the pyramid.

Parag Tyagi, currently seen in Brahmarakshas:

My fondest Janmashtami memory is from my childhood when I was part of a Govinda dahi handi group in my town. My town is very close to Mathura and Vrindavan. Being a tall, strong boy, I was the hero of my team. We would make the human pyramid and a little boy would climb up and break the handi.. I can never forget those days and sometimes I wish I could do it all over again. This year, I will go to ISKCON for Darshan like every year and reminisce about my childhood dahi handi days!

Siddharth Arora, currently seen in Meri Saasu Maa:

I was always excited about this festival since we'd go around and see different mandals compete with each other for breaking the Dahi Handi. The forming of the human pyramid and their failed attempts and the victory cries on finally breaking the handi seemed so much of fun but now I understand the effort that goes into breaking the handi. I continue to relish the prasad that they typically distribute on Janmashtami.

Eisha Singh, currently seen in Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: 

As we grew up, I would go with my family to see the dahi handi ceremony. I would always tell my dad that I wanted to be on the top of the human pyramid and break the handi but he would laugh at me saying that I would hurt myself. I am afraid of heights, but I still wish to break the handi once in my life!

Mouli Ganguly currently seen in Jamai Raja:

For Janmashtami, as a kid, I used  to go to my aunt's place where they'd keep the Jhula. Mom along with other elders would sing bhajans and prayers. I loved the decorations, the food and the festive mood. I also remember going to Iskcon for Prasad, I loved the Prasad in the temple. This year I am going to pray for the wellbeing of our society.

Shubhangi Latkar currently seen in Sanyukt:

My mother-in-law celebrates the birth of Krishna ji in a very grand way. We decorate the house, make Prasad, sing for the lord and spread happiness and love. Janmashtami is celebrated as a son is born in the family and it always makes for a memorable day.

Credit : Tellybuzz

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