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Aug 29

JAAN*E MANN.....! (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 120 times)

Hi frnds.....! Iam Anjanaa. iam a new writer and this is my first story. I think u guys will surely support me.


A white SUV zoomed off into the gates of Shantivan, exactly screeching just like its owner. Giving the car keys to the servant and barking an order to park it in the lot a young man of late 20's entered into his house with his head held high.

Arnav entered inside the house and found that his sister Anjali and mami Manorama , who is good for nothing make up kits. his jiju who is a joru ka gulam Shyam sitting near her feet and doing something. he was low interested in them . he walked past them to be stopped at his track as his sister called him.

" Arnav, what the hell ur wife is thinking of herself......? " asked Anjali.

" why what happened.....? " he asked

"Arnav , I told ur wife to bring a juice for me , but look she is not seen for past one hour. this is like insulting me. just because she is a new bride , will she behave like this......? "

" Stop this nonsense di. it is between u two. don't bring me inside this. and iam not interested in any matter regarding to that so called juice of urs" he said and went to his room.

when he entered, he saw his cloth kept ready for him to change. he groaned and shouted " kushi......."

and like a butterfly , she came to him running hearing his sound.

" Ji , Arnav Ji.....do u need anything...? " she asked.

" yes " he said

" what Arnav Ji......? " she asked with a smile.

" A peace of mind. can u give me.....?" he said.

" I didn't understand Arnav Ji...." she said and her smile slowly fading away.

" y don't u understand, when I say don't do any of my work. can't u do that for me. I already warned u to stay away from me, didn't I ....? then why the hell u are doing all this. I already said to u and iam again saying don't try to get in my Gud books, becoz that is never going to happen. now get away from my sight......! " he roared.

kushi ran away from there crying hearing her husband's words. she went to guest room and locked herself inside it and cried her heart out.

she kushi Gupta is a calm girl. she is of 21 yr old. she had a family before her marriage who knows nothing other than to hate her. the reason is , becoz at the time of her birth her mother died. and everyone thought that is due to her bad luck. her father , his second wife , her mama and mami everyone just hated her. the only persons who loved her in that house is her brother ( second wife's son ). he is 9 yrs younger to her but loved her very much. and her chachu who made her feel father's love and he is the one. who got her married into this house.

when her marriage is fixed she thought atleast hear after there will be her husband to love her , but no , he also hated her from the day of marriage. its been a month of their marriage. still her husband hate her without any reason.

and his family is also not in gud terms with her. here only Arnav's dadi and her pet goat lakshmi only loves her.

she just wished all this change soon and her husband start to like her.


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shall i continue
Aug 31

JAAN*E MANN..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 84 times)

OMG.....! I didn't thought that I'll get such a response for this story. thanku so much everyone.


After changing his dress , he just sat back on the bed and started sipping his black coffee. and just a sip, he came to know that it was prepared by kushi. anger surged in him and he threw the cup against the wall and it broked into numerous pieces.

' man..... why can't this girl leave him alone.....? she got what she want right.....?then why the hell she is acting....? that too with him. always irritating him always. ' he groaned in anger.

It was at night , he came down to have dinner, but there too some drama was going between his di and his so called wife. ' none can breathe in this house peacefully ' thought Arnav.

he went near dadi and said " dadi , iam going out "

" where .....? " she asked.

" to my friends home " he said.

" Ok . have dinner and then go " she said.

" no dadi. I'll have it with my friend and dadi I won't come tonight to home " he said.

" chote. u r married now.....! u can't go like this " she said sternly.

he looked at kushi with anger and she said " its Ok dadi . let him go. "

" Ok " said Dadi.

he went out not waiting for anyone. now he need that girl's permission to go anywhere.

he was driving when he got flashback.

It was exactly one month and two week before.

it was a day before his dadi took shagun to kushi's house.

he called her " hlo , can I speak to miss. kushi " he asked.

" s. iam kushi. who r u.....? "

" this is Arnav. my dadi told , that they fixed our marriage. I don't want this to happen so pls , tell everyone that u r not interested in this. "

" but why....? "

" there is a personal reason. I can't reveal it to u. so pls cancel this marriage " with that he cut the call.

he expected the marriage to be stop. but nothing of that sort happened which made him anger and kushi was all gloomy throughout the rituals. he thought that none heared her. but that girl didn't even took a step to speak with anyone. all this is becoz to enjoy the luxury of being Mrs. ASR.

and the very thought made him hate her. he travelled to a house.

he pressed the calling bell. the door got opened and a beautiful lady opened the door welcoming him.

" hi Arnie....." said the lady.

" hi lavi....." he said smiling to the lady lavanya and hugged her.

" what happened.......? fought with ur new wife.....? " she asked.

he nodded a No. and went inside moving her. sighing she too inside.

Sep 8

CHAPTER 3* (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 79 times)

Arnav came inside the house morning. he directly went inside his room. he was about to search inside his cloths and then realized that kushi had not kept anything ready for him . this made him slightly disappointing. he then thought " what the hell Arnav ? u only said her not to do anything right ? then y r u expecting her to do something for u ?"

shaking his head he went to wardrobe and picked his suite and towel and headed into the bathroom for bath. after sometime he came out of the washroom wrapping a towel in his waist. he was looking damn handsome like a Greek god.

he got ready in his three piece suit. and gelled his hair perfectly. he was thinking ' where is she ? I didn't see her from the time I entered here ? ' he got shock at his own thought ' from yesterday night iam thinking about her. I should speak with lavi ' he thought and was about to move that's when kushi who slept in the pool side like always came inside their room. last night she was damn sad thinking about Arnav's behavior towards her. she slept late and waked up some hours before and again went to sleep telling workers to make things ready for pooja as dadi would do pooja early morning.

both in their own thoughts didn't see each other and crashed against each other and fell down with Arnav down and kushi on the top of him.

they both were totally shocked. his hands on her bare waist was doing something inside both of them. They both couldn't take their eyes of each other.

suddenly there came Anjali's voice. she wanted her to do something " kushi...... kushi....where r u.....? "

hearing her voice kushi was about to get up but Arnav thought " if anjali sees them in this position , then she would do some drama for sure....' so he again pulled kushi towards him and kushi lost her balance and came against him crashing and the most shocking part was , their lips met each other making them open their eyes as much as they can. they were not doing anything but their lips meeting together stopped their world.

anjali again shouted " kushi....." but there was no response . she uttered "where this girl went.....? now who will do all the work...? irresponsible girl. let Arnav come, I will tell him this for sure. " and stamping her foot she went away.

Here even at the stage of shock Arnav's ears caught everything and again got lost in kushi. she was closing her eyes tightly. he was holding her waist and still their lips was together. Arnav got lost in the feeling and inhaled her fruity scent . all this made him carried away. and he started kissing her making kushi even more shock.

he just kissed her and his hands started roaming in her waist dangerously. after sometime he left her and kushi came out from her shock and stood up and ran inside the washroom. once locked she started crying " why he kissed me....? how can he do that.....? he don't even like me.then why.....? " and cried more . suddenly a thought came inside her mind " what if he accuse me of seducing him....? no, if he said something like that , then I will die for sure "

Here outside Arnav was too shocked by his own behaviour. he thought " what will she think of me....? will she think that I took her for granted...? in a single night how can I change like this....? I have to make everything clear with lavi....! soon.....! "

he thought and went out to make his mind calm. and decided to discuss the matter with lavi. and for sure he is not going to tell her about today. otherwise she will.......

Sep 17

Chapter 4 * (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 106 times)

Arnav entered in the premises of AR and like always went to his cabin directly and sat on his chair leaning back on the head rest. and his P.A who saw him went to his cabin and started telling him his schedules.

but Arnav was not at all listening to anything as his all thoughts were about the morning incident.he said "Priya cancel all my meeting after 3 " said Arnav to his P.A

she looked at him and said " Ok sir. there is only one meeting after 3 . I'll postpone it to tomorrow "

Arnav nodded his head and Priya went out and started her work. here Arnav was still lost . after sometime he started his work and meeting.

at night -

Arnav went to his room and stood at the door looking kushi who is cleaning the photo frames of his room.

on the other side kushi who is cleaning their marriage photo standing over ladder, caressed Arnav 's face and thought " why Arnav ji.....? why u hate me this much....? " thinking about this itself bought tears in her eyes and all this was noticed by Arnav . he felt very bad for hurting her.

While thinking about this she started descending from ladder and she got slipped from it and was going to fall but Arnav went and caught her in his safe arms securely. she was frightened and was shivering and Arnav can clearly sense that. he hold her close to him and called her name " kushi. its Ok.....! u r safe...u didn't fall....." he said.

kushi opened her eyes, which was closed till now and seeing Arnav she remembered his anger and cold behavior and again tears brimmed in her eyes. And then only she realised that she is in his arms and wriggled in his arms and Arnav left her down.

Spelling a quick ' thanku ' she ran from there wiping her tears.

Arnav stood there seeing her retreating figure. while the whole dinner she didn't even looker at him. after finishing her work kushi went to room and saw that Arnav was slept. she took her bed spread and pillow and went to poolside.

making her bed she sat there and looked at her mother's photo and started speaking with her mother " mamma , am I that much bad that everyone hate me. y u left me.....? everyone says that I only killed u.... but I didn't even see u for once , then how can I kill u....? even Arnav ji hates me. but I love him so much. I thought dying is the most horrible thing in the world , but now I understood that living is the most horrible thing..... i miss u mamma...I miss u so much. " she said and cried her heart out. Arnav who stood behind the door heared all this and also had tears in his eyes. and went out without saying anything.

he went and opened the door of their parents room and entering inside he locked the door and lied on the bed looking at his parents photo. they both were such a cute couple. he remembered his father's words " remember always this aru , iam a successful business man but when I failed to keep ur mother happy that day I will be fail as a man in my life ". this was his father's words when he asked him a silly question in his childhood.

" papa, today I failed in life papa. I made my wife cry. I failed as a man papa " he wiped a lone tear and said " but not anymore papa. I will be a successful man in my life. " he lied there sometimes .

after sometime he stood up and headed to his room and closing the door he went towards his bed but stopped thinking about kushi. he went to poolside and saw kushi was fast asleep. he sat beside her and looked at her face which is tear striken. now when he looked her " she looked so pure " and he thought " how did u not notice her innocence Arnav......?" he questioned to himself.

" iam sorry kushi " he said and slowly lifted her and took her inside and lied her on bed and he himself lied beside her looking at her face.......!

Sep 20

Chapter 5 * (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 84 times)

Next morning -

Arnav opened his eyes next morning and tried to get up but couldn't and looked down to see that kushi is hugging him by waist and her leg over him. he again tried to get up but her hold on him got tightened.

Arnav didn't knew what to do.....? he was really feeling awkward. due to his continuous moments kushi got disturbed and woke up. Arnav immediately closed his eyes. kushi opened her eyes and is shocked to see her hugging him. she didn't know how come she landed on the bed. she clearly remembered that she slept on the pool side after speaking with her mamma.

' what will Arnav think when he come to know that she is sleeping here....? ' she jumped out of the bed and ran into washroom. on the other hand Arnav opened his eyes and went for jogging. after fresh up kushi got ready and did her pooja and went to prepare breakfast.

Arnav finished his jog and was going towards his room but stopped seeing kushi working in the kitchen. he thought ' will she forgive him for his cold behaviour towards her....? ' . he thinking something went inside kitchen and called her " kushi......"

she looked at him and said " ji , Arnav ji "

" Er.....kushi can u bring a coffee to me.....? " asked Arnav hesitatingly.

smiling to him broadly she said " just give me 5 min Arnav ji. I will bring it to our room "

Arnav was relieved seeing her smile and nodding his head went to his room smiling to himself. Arnav drank the coffee prepared by her and got ready for his office in his suit and had breakfast served by a glad kushi.

Arnav went to his room and took his laptop bag and that is when he remembered something and went to his poolside where kushi Ia watering plants. he called ' kushi '

kushi turned and looked at him. he said " this is for u......" extending two boxes before her.

confused kushi bought it and opened the first one and found her favourite glass bangles in her favourite orange colour. and surprised she looked at him and opened the other box and found postal colours in it. tears welled up in her eyes seeing this. this is the first thing she received from her husband. other than her chachu no one have gave her anything.

Arnav got panicked seeing her tears and asked " what happen kushi...? u didn't like them....? its Ok , if u didn't like it."

" no no Arnav ji. I like it so much " said kushi smiling through tears. after wiping her tears she said " thanku Arnav ji "

" thank god u like it. kushi u love painting Na, so thought to buy u this and u can paint in study " he said.

before turning he said " u didn't had breakfast na . have them fast " and coming near her and hugging her he said " bye " and went from there.

' this much change all of sudden.....is there something I should know ' thought kushi looking his retreating back.

precap - Arnav and lavi's conversation.

Sep 21

Chapter 6 * (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 92 times)

Arnav went to his cabin and sat on his chair and after listening to the schedule he started his work. after sometime he remembered about kushi.

he thought about the changes in him in these two days.



Arnav went inside lavanya's house and sat on the sofa.

" kya baath hei Arnie......? u r looking disturbed....! " said lavanya.

" nothing lavi.....! " said Arnav.

she sighes and ask ". don't lie to me . for ur kind information we both are friends for bloody 7 yrs and from or face I can say what u r thinking. and iam seeing from the day of ur marriage , u r not at all looking happy. what is it....? " said lavanya.

Arnav sighed. she is true. she and akash ( lavi's hubby ) and Arnav are close friends from the day he joint Boston. they trio are just like " three idiots."

" lavi....this kushi is also like that girl. she is thinking to use me and enjoy the luxury of mine.she is also behind my money. "

lavanya was shocked " how did u know this Arnie.....? ( looking at him sharply ) can I ask u something.....? don't u think u are being judgemental"

" what r u saying.....? " he asked. god now his friend is also taking that girl's side.

" then what should I say......? u r judging her without reason. " said lavanya.

" no lavi ( Arnav explained whatever happened at the day of shagun and her activities of being a Gud wife ) now tell me am I being judgemental."

" s. when u being a Great ASR couldn't stop ur marriage then ,she can have thousands of reasons....! did u ever try to ask her....? try to communicate her.....? at least try to listen to her side of story......? no. without doing any of these things , u directly jumped into the. conclusion that kushi is gold digger and top of all that u r comparing kushi with that **** " shouted lavanya opening his eyes.

S. she is right. he didn't thought this point. may be his wife is innocent. may be he was wrong... ! Arnav sat there thinking and lavanya said with a soft voice " Arnie.... everyone r not same. u can not waste ur life thinking over past. u have ur whole life ahead. don't misjudge kushi. from whatever I saw , she is Gud girl. "

still Arnav seem to be unsatisfied . she said " what is ur problem Arnie.....? ur wife is gold digger , this is what u r thinking right ....? I will help u to find about kushi. if she came out to be the one , I promise that I will myself throw her out of ur life . fine "

" and how will u find out....? "

" that I also don't know. I will think of something. " said Lavanya.

Arnav nodded his head and asked. " how is akash....? I didn't call him from two days. "

" he called me. and almost packing is going to finish. after one week I told to book my tickets. "

" Ok " said Arnav and having dinner with her he went to sleep but sleep was far away from him. he was thinking about kushi only the whole night.

Jun 19

CHAPTER 7 * (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 86 times)

The next day when he went to his house his mind started to search his wife as he already developed a soft corner for her deep inside him.

And the same day , after cancelling his meeting after 3 , he decided to roam around with lavanya who was busy in her final shopping as she is going to move to America with akash.

They both roamed around for sometime and sat at a coffee shop sipping some coffee and eating Burger.

" so....." started lavanya.

Arnav looked at her confusingly and asked " what.....? "

huffing Lavanya said " what u thought about our conversation yesterday......? "

Arnav recalled the conversation happened between them which for sure developed a soft corner for his wife , and the morning incident ran across his mind ,but still his mind is not convinced fully and conveyed the same to lavanya " I need time lavi....."

" OK. but make sure it didn't become too late Arnie, because time waits for none " said lavanya and Arnav nodded his head.

Then they discussed something random when Arnav heared a familiar voice and turned towards its direction only to find kushi there with her brother talking and laughing , lavanya also looked at her and said " she look so pure while smiling, why can't u see her innocence Arnie...... " for which Arnav couldn't answer.

still kushi was unaware of him and spoke with her brother happily , there came her frnd isha , it was a planned meeting it seemed to Arnav and lavanya.

" Hi.....Isha....how are u......? " asked kushi.

" I fine kush , and what is this iam seeing......? I thought at least this time u will bring ur husband and I would get a chance to oogle at him, but no again u r roaming with ur this chotu......" said Isha.

Kushi looked at her with wide eyes and smacked her hardly " ouch.....! it really hurts idiot "

" serves u right u stupid.... " said kushi.

" looks like ur wife is so possessed with u Arnie " said lavanya earning a glare from him.

" dhi , why do u keep such pumpkin as ur frnd " asked samrat kushi's brother.

" kushi......" whined Isha and looking at samrat " u better keep ur mouth close otherwise iam gonna complaint about u to ur physics teacher. don't forget once I was her pet....." and both was about to argue again when Kushi interrupted and stopped them.

" tell me , when is ur marriage......? " asked kushi to Isha , whose face fell down.

" kushi , marriage was about to get fixed but papa couldn't arrange the money the guys family asking for so we decided to postpone the marriage for some days " said Isha and kushi looked at her shocked.

" what are u saying Isha , but u told the marriage is about to fixed now u are saying u all this , and most shocking is u guys agreed to give dowry "

" who is marrying now a days without dowry kushi. so just relax " said Isha .

" I can't believe it.......u r saying all this....how can u marry a person like him.....? "

" then what shall I do kushi ? Rohit ( isha's fiancee) is going to start a business and he need some money for that , what to do....? everyone cannot get ASR as their husband like u " said Isha.

" u know what Isha , iam really ashamed to call u as my frnd. ( Isha looked at her shocked ). what did y say....? everyone is not ASR right....? do u know one thing , Arnav ji was not rich like this before some years. he had worked hard to reach this position. he didn't wait for his wife's money to start a business and become rich. and one more thing , A person who can't provide some basic things to his wife should not get married to anyone. if he wants luxury , he should earn it , not get on roads BEGGING in the name of Marriage " said an angry Kushi and Isha sat immovable at her seat whereas Arnav was totally shocked by her behaviour on the other side lavanya could see her win end is nearing.

" dhi , relax " said samrat.

" what relax.....? and listen Sammy , iam warning u , if ur mother is planning to get dowry from ur wife's home then I will.....I will......I will do something which will be not gud for them " said kushi looking at him who in return looked at her horrified.

" dhi.... iam just 14 yrs old and u are threatening me as if iam in search of my bride.."

kushi calmed a bit and said " iam sorry Isha, I shouldn't have spoke like that, but think for once will u be happy in ur life making ur parents suffer for their life paying debts. a person who can't earn himself and his wife is worthless to get into a married life. its like begging yaar. the only difference is a begger will ask for a coins while these people in a name of marriage is begging for car and money. just keep one thing in your mind ' NEED CAN BE FULL FILLED BUT NOT GREEDINESS ' " said Kushi.

" shall I ask u one thing Kushi......?( seeing her nod) what if jiju's family asked for dowry before ur marriage..... what u would have done.....? "

" then I would have definitely reconsidered my decision of marrying him. ( came her straight answer )and I respect my husband for that because he is a self made man. " said kushi with pride in her eyes.

" iam sorry for imposing my thoughts over ur marriage.....! I shouldn't have use such tone for ur fiancee " said Kushi. whoever it is , we should not interfere in their life imposing our decision is one of the principle of Kushi.

" he is no more my fiancé kushi....." said Isha which shocked kushi " Isha no....I just said u my thinking that's all , u can make him understand ur situation "

" No kushi. u r right....for some unknown idiot , why should my parents suffer....? I was just thinking of stopping it but didn't gained courage. now ur words have given me enough courage " said Isha and went from there.

" Sammy , am I right this time.....? " asked kushi.

" my dhi is always right......! " said samrat showing his thumbs up.

Later they both also went from there paying the bill. on the other side lavanya cleared her throat bringing gaining Arnav's attention. giving a winning smile to him she also went away leaving Arnav there. and Arnav understood her unsaid words. He never knew that kushi is a person of such a thought. he never knew that she can raise her voice at anyone. but one thing ' he is out of his doubts now. his vision is clear and he realised he hurted and insulted such a pure soul. he thought she is greedy but it was viceversa. he realised his mistake.

Later he went home buying kushi's favorite bangles and paints which once samrat aka Sammy told him during his wedding ritual. he cared less then but now..........

He decided to be a gud husband for her....

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