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Dec 16, 2017

Chapter 19 Arnav talks with Anusha. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 131 times)

it's been a week that Arnav met Anusha , he tried being normal in home but , His wife is smart enough.... Though she didn't ask him anything openly..she tries doing everything to cheer him. Making his favourite breakfast in garden , asking him to play carom with her and much more things with her beautiful smile which is enough to lit his mood. Lovely wife he had for himself....isn't it.

He was looking at his and Kushi's photo in his gallery smiling. Suddenly knocking his door Anusha barged in making him flabbergasted.

'now why is she here ? ' he thought.

Anusha - Hi Arnie...how r u ?

Arnav - Fyn Ms.khanna...he answered in a formal way.

Anusha didn't expected this. Anusha - It was 'Anu' for u Arnie...

Arnav gave a sarcastic smile - It WAS not IS, and by the way u r no one to call me 'Arnie '. Address me 'ASR' like every others and I am more than fyn with Ms.Khanna..... what brings u here ?

If Anusha expected a nice answer from him like in the past then she had a tight imaginary slap across her face.

Anusha - woh just came to see u as its been so many days we met.

Arnav - Oh...Actually I almost forget that there was a person named Anusha khanna. U see,I can't remember every person from my school & college right...?

Anusha - Are u still angry at me Arnie ?

Arnav gave a stern look making her gulp. Anusha - Iam very sorry Arnie....I was a fool then to dump u. pls forgive me Arnie.....pls...

Arnav laughed and said - U know what Anusha....? I have really moved on in my life and now I realise that what I felt for u can be anything but not LOVE.....If it was love then I would have crumbled myself ,I would have roamed like a devdas. I would never able to come out of that....but see now Iam more than happy....Which means I no more have any feelings for u and u really mean nothing to me. u were just a passing cloud.

Anusha - Pls Arnie...

Arnav - get out....(she was about to say something ) I SAID GET OUT....He shouted.

Anusha went out, looking at him through glass door and smiling at him she went away. While on the other side Arnav was burning in anger. 'what the hell she's thinking ? and what she wants from him now by asking for forgiveness ? '

Angrily he started to home. He was thinking all the while about Kushi. He would never allow Anusha to know about Kushi. 'A girl like Anusha will go to any extent and he will never let anyone to harm kushi. she is his precious treasure which he would protect till his last breath' he thought.

He went home finally and the day went well after he went home. His mind is not ready to stop comparing Kushi and Anusha . ' when he loved Anusha, she deceived him but when he never treat kushi as a human, she didn't stopped loving him. Anusha rejected him when he had flaws. But kushi accepted him with all his flaws and his rudeness.' ' His Kushi is such an angel anyone would ask for '

He was getting ready while thinking all this. In the test of love , his kushi had passed with flying colours. He now had decided not to think about Anusha and start his love life with his Kushi.

He was wearing his shirt , kushi came in with his coffee. Suddenly his heart swelled with love seeing her.

Kushi - Arnav ji....here have ur coffee and breakfast. Come on.

Arnav went near her. Arnav - I don't wanna eat...

Kushi - why ?

Arnav - because I don't want to eat in a same hand.....she said crossing his hands

Kushi - Now what is this same hand matter? (thinking for sometime ) I have a idea.....eat with spoon.

Arnav - I too have a idea....I don't mind eating in my wife's hand today.

Kushi - oh...so u thought it was prepared by maid. I only prepared it Arnav ji.

Arnav's face palmed. Arnav - Dumbo kahiki...He said and went to have his food huffing.

Kushi didn't heared anything. She went to bed arranging it properly. Arnav finished his breakfast and went to get ready .

He was tying his tie , when he saw kushi in mirror and a naughty thought came into his mind.

Arnav - Ahhh.....he screamed gaining Kushi's attention. She went running to him.

Kushi - What happened Arnav ji ?

Arnav - I think its a toe infection..... My nail is paining and I couldn't wear my tie.

Kushi - Let me help u. she said and started to tie his tie. She was so lost in her task that she failed to see the lovely glance her husband is giving her.

After tying she tried to move but couldn't as Arnav pulled her to himself. Her eyes popped out. His hand was around her waist while the other one was moving her hairs away.

Arnav - U know what Wifey....I don't have any Toe infection....

She was shocked. ' he lied to her....why ? ' Brushing his nose with her he left her and went.

Kushi stood gazing herself in mirror. Suddenly again Arnav hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek loudly making her gasp.

Arnav - Bye sweetheart. take care and do miss me.

Again shock. ' kushi u must be dreaming ' she said aloud making him chuckle. He pinched her arms pulling her to reality.

Kushi was looking at him unable to digest the fact. Arnav looked at the mirror and raised his brows asking her 'what ? ' and she nodded a NO....

Again kissing her cheek he went away taking his belongings. Still Kushi sttod under daze. She came to reality and blood rushed to her cheeks. She could see herself Blushing like an idiot. She blushed hiding her face in her palm. Arnav who was looking at her from outside smiled from his heart. HIS WIFE is happy and HE will be the reason of her happiness from now on....he determined.

Jan 5, 2018

Chapter 20 Arnav and Lavi's Convo (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 114 times)

Arnav was going to his cabin after his meeting. It was nearly 11. He sat on his chair relaxing. He had a smile in his face thinking about his morning segment. His wife is such a cutiepie. His phone rang stopping him thinking further.

Arnav - Hi lavi. how r u ? Asked Arnav once he answered Lavanya's video call.

Lavi - Iam fyn Arnie. how r u and Kushi ?

Arnav - Iam fyn and kushi is also so happy.

Lavi - Wr r u right now ? it doesn't seem to be ur Cabin. Asked Lavanya seeing the new background.

Biting his tongue and smiling sheepishly he said - Lavi....Woh Iam in Mumbai right now.

Lavi - what ? she shouted on the other side.

Arnav - Haan. our Mumbai branch needs my attention, so I came here.

Lavi - Don't tell me that u went Mumbai leaving kushi in Delhi....

Arnav - Kushi is here with me.

Lavi - Oh.....U and KUSHI alone.....She teased him making him roll his eyes.

Arnav was thinking whether to share about Anusha with Lavi or not. Arnav - Lavi Woh.....

Lavanya sensed the seriousness in his voice. Lavi - S Arnie... tell me.

Arnav - I met....woh....I met Ms.khanna here.

Lavanya couldn't remember this particular Ms.khanna. Lavi - who ?

Exhaling deeply, he said - I saw Anusha here Lavi...

There was a deep silent for few seconds before Arnav heared a shout from other side - What the hell that girl is doing there? what the damn she want now ?

Arnav - Relax Lavi. its nothing to get worried about.

Lavanya looked at him unbelievable. Arnav- Even I got out of control seeing her. all the days starting from the day I met her came across my mind. The days when we roamed as Couple and so on. I still can't forget her. I thought 'I loved her ' lavi.I can't get over from her thoughts. The way she behaved with me those days........ His voice chocked.

Lavanya - do u still didn't forget Her.

Arnav - Do u think I can forget Anusha ?

Lavi - This is ridiculous Arnav. I told u to move on in ur life with Kushi.

Arnav - I bloody hell can't move on Lavanya. Everything I went through is still fresh in my mind.

(panting in anger ) Iam burning every second remembering her. And that girl dared to meet me again after breaking up with me in a most unforgettable way. I just wish to.....

Shaking her heads Lavanya asked - What are u doing to urself Arnie ? Now u r not alone. Every decision u take will affect Kushi in a bad way. U will hurt her.

Arnav - I WILL NOT HURT KUSHI....he said determined.

Lavi - But just now u said U cannot forget Anusha. And u think Kushi won't get hurt knowing all this.

Arnav - I said I can't forget Anusha. Its true. but I meant , I can't forget Anusha's betrayal which will remain me that Kushi is such a gem I got. Anusha is a dawn which had fade already with the rays of Kushi. Remembering Anusha will make me realise every second that Kushi is the one made for me. My destiny is twined with Kushi. Remembering Anusha's betrayal will make me remember that , I should not make kushi to go through the same that I went through.

Lavanya - What r u.....

Arnav - I won't hurt KUSHI Lavanya. She is such an angel anyone could ask for.

Lavanya - Arnie have u said about Anusha to Kushi ?

Arnav - NO....(Shouted Arnav). I can't say anything to Kushi , Lavanya. Iam scared. Iam scared to loose Kushi. she will hate me Lavanya. She will go away from me.

Lavi - why r u scared to loose her ? She asked to make sure , what she thinking was true.

Arnav- Because Kushi is my everything Lavanya. She is my Soul. if I lost her I will lost myself. Iam selfish Lavi. I want to be happy with her. I won't hurt her even if that cost my life. I Love her so much Lavi. And I can't say how much Kushi loves me. She stood by my side bearing all the hurt I gave her. But not anymore Lavanya. I....He couldn't continue.

Lavanya gave a teary smile. Lavi - Arnie.... U r right this time. U r going in a right path. so happy for u. Kushi really loves u a lot. I will pray to god....to bless u with all the happiness and make my Arnie a happiest person in the world.

Arnav - In that case ur prayers are already answered. Ur god had blessed me with happiness and made me a happiest person by giving Kushi to me.

Lavanya raised her brow in amu****t. Arnav - Bye. I have to complete my work soon and go home. My kushi will be waiting for me. Gud nyt Lavi.

He ended the call making Lavanya's mouth open in a wide 'o' on the other side. He went to meeting after that. Only god knows why this both frnds are speaking or blabbering. they just said what they want but couldn't even remember what they spoke. unlogic conversation.

Arnav was waiting in a signal. Rain was pouring heavily. He was looking around when a lady came to him wearing a rain coat with a bundle of fresh roses drenching in rain. he wished to buy all those red flowers for kushi. He bought that and smiled thinking her expression this morning. And was curious to see her expression while seeing those flowers. She will blush bringing shame to these red flowers.

He went to his home once the signal cleared. He excitedly went to his home and saw the hall was dark. He found it weird and switched on the lights. Everyday kushi will come to him with her bright smile hearing the car sound, but today....

He went to his bedroom and saw kushi was nowhere. Thinking he went and searched whole house and didn't find her.

He went to terrace , seeing its door open. he went and stood at the doorstep roaming his eyes in search of kushi. The flowers in his hand fell down. his throat ached and his knees gave up its strength and he slumped down. his eyes started to pour his precious liquid cursing its fate to see such a thing.......

Jan 8, 2018

Chapter 21 What happened in the terrace ? (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 130 times)

Arnav just kept on looking at his front standing immovable. His mind stopped working. His eyes fixed on a single person. 'we should act fast ' his mind warned his unconscious heart. He stepped ahead not minding the heavy rain drenching his torso.

He went near and again slumped down near her. He managed to whisper the name " Kushi......."

He kept on seeing her as she was sprawled on the floor lying lifeless. he felt his lungs stopped working and it became difficult to grasp breath. He came to sense and lifted her in his lap and patted her cheek calling her continuously. But there was no response from her.

He lifted her in his arms and went to his room and made her lye down on the recliner. He hugged her - Kushi wake up kushi.....He sensed her skin was as cold as ice. He hurriedly went to the cupboard and taking a dress of her, he changed her wet dress , when he didn't realise that he himself was drenched totally. he started rubbing her palms and feet......but still there was no response from her. he cried. He just lifted her again and zoomed to nearest hospital.

Once in the hospital, he shouted for doctor. Immediately she was attended by the doctors. He was waiting outside walking to and fro. He just can't bear seeing kushi in danger.

After what like ages , doctor came out. Arnav started shooting question to the poor doctor. Arnav - Doctor how is kushi ? what happened to her ? is she conscious now ?

Doctor - Relax Sir. Ur wife is fyn now. She is having high fever and no she is still unconscious. Let her be here today for treatment , we will discharge her tmrw.

Thanking the doctor , he went inside and looked at the weak face of kushi which always adorned a bright smile. He sat beside her bed and stroked her hair softly. He bend down and placed his lips on her forehead only to hiss with the burning sensation. She was really having high fever.

After sometime Kushi started gain her conscious. She started moaning something in her mouth. Arnav was beside her in a second. Arnav - Kushi.....wake up dear....Kushi....

Kushi woke up her eyes with great difficulty as it was feeling so heavy.Kushi- Ar..r..n..nav Ji.....

Arnav's eyes brimmed with tears. Arnav hugged her hiding his face in her hot neck. His tears wetting her skin. He looked up - who told u to drench in rain like this pagal ? Do u know how scared I was ? (He scolded her cutely and again hugged her ) Don't do this again Kushi. I was so scared to see u like that.

Eventhough she heared everything she couldn't speak. After sometime she again slept and the whole night passed on like this. Next morning he went and paid the bill and directly went to Kushi's room.

Arnav - I paid the bill kushi...shall we leave ?

She nodded and stood up. Arnav held her carefully and both slowly went to his car and zoomed of to their home.

Once in home , kushi was about to walk but was shocked to see that Arnav had already lifted her in his arms.

Arnav - Don't be shocked. u r very weak and u still have fever. I would have lifted u in the hospital itself, but I know u will be uncomfortable as there was many people. But here there is no one. And I won't let my wife walk in this condition.

Kushi was looking at him deeply. She wounded her arms around his neck and buried her face in his neck making him stop a bit. But he again went and made her lay down on the bed.

Arnav - take rest kushi , I'll go and get something for u to eat.

She lay down on the bed. she was shivering due to fever. Soon Arnav came back with a hot soup for her.

Arnav - Kushi wake up....have this soup.

Kushi - I don't want anything Arnav ji.

He smiled and kept the soup on the table. He sat on the bed and lifted her in his arms. Arnav sat comfortably and made kushi lean on him. Kushi was surprised by this gesture. He circled his one arm around her. Arnav - Kushi drink the soup dear....you have to take medicine right ? Pls....He said to her softly caressing her soft hair with his other hand.

Kushi hmmed and he started to feed her the soup. He was holding her like a mother holding her baby close to her. He gave medicine to her.

Arnav - Now like a gud baby sleep....He said still stroking her hair.

"Arnav ji"


" Didn't u go to Office ?"

" No..how can I go leaving u here like this? I can't work there peacefully. I will be here with my Wifey..."

Kushi didn't said anything and slept under his pamper.

It was night,Arnav was working while kushi woke up and was looking at Arnav.

She tried to get up but fell back wincing. Arnav ran to her. " do u need anything kushi ?"

kushi was hesitant. "tell me kushi"

" Arnav ji....woh..I wanna go washroom "

" for this u r hesitating. Iam ur husband kushi. u can tell me anything u want. Don't be shy dear....come " he said and lifted her in his arms and left her in washroom and again settled her on the bed.

Kushi again laid on the bed. Arnav also completed his work and settled beside her. She was shivering with her eyes tightly closed. Arnav saw her shivering form.

" Kushi....." She heared a soft sound and opened her eyes. She saw Arnav extending his hands towards her and nodded his head ,asking her to come near him. Kushi was looking at him and his wide hands. Tears formed in her eyes when again she heared him calling her. Arnav moved a bit closer and without wasting a second she hugged him tightly. Tears escaped her eyes.

Arnav wiped her tears and kissed her forehead. " Sleep kushi...." he said and hid her in his protective frame and tangling himself as much as he could, not minding her hot burning skin.

Kushi was getting pampered by Arnav so much today. isn't it ?

Jan 15, 2018

Chapter 22 Award function....... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 117 times)

Again a week passed with Arnav taking care of kushi, staying with her. He didn't even let her feet touch the ground. Kushi was confused with the new behavior of Arnav. she couldn't conclude , why this change. On the other hand, Arnav was falling deeply for Kushi. He can't even stay away from her few inches. he just want to stick to kushi always.

Now kushi was totally fine , all thanks to Arnav. Arnav didn't went to office in this one week. kushi was surprised " the man who fought with her to go office when he was sick , didn't even care about it when she was ill "

Today was a great day in Arnav's life. The day he was recognised as THE ASR.... Four years back. It was evening , Arnav was busy choosing a suit for himself. He sighed hard ,he didn't knew what to wear. At last he shouted " Kushi....."

She came to him. kushi - What happened Arnav ji ?Arnav - Iam confused kushi....I don't know what to wear...will u select a dress for me?

Kushi nodded and started to look a suit for him. Finally she selected a black and white suit for him. she gave that to him.Kushi - lijiye Arnav ji.....This would look gud on u....

Arnav smiled to her brightly. Arnav went near her and pulled her into a hug. Arnav- Thanku sweetheart. OK , I have chose a dress for u.....Get ready soon. we will leave for the function.

Kushi looked at him without any emotion. Kushi - No Arnav ji. Iam not coming. Arnav's face fell down. Arnav - But kushi....

Kushi - Pls Arnav ji. Iam feeling week. And there will be AC and all.....I won't feel comfortable.

After this what Arnav can say. He just nodded. And went to get ready. He got ready in his black and white suit. His hair perfectly gelled. he was looking perfect except the smile he didn't had on his face. he was so sad. ' How much he wished , kushi to join him today.May be....by chance this day can change into important day for him. but....' Sighing he started collecting his belonging. He turned around and found kushi staring him. He went near kushi and hugged her and kissed her forehead.

Arnav - Are u sure kushi? u don't wanna join me. I can wait...if u want...

Kushi - Pls understand Arnav ji. its getting late u should leave.

Nodding his head Arnav went. Kushi stood watching him getting on the car.Soon Arnav zoomed off. Arnav reached the venue. ignoring the flashes he went inside taking long strides.He went and took his seat.

" Arnav " he heared a voice calling him and turned around only to get annoyed. Its her ...Ms. Anusha khanna.

Anu- Hi arnav...

Arnav - Not today Ms.Khanna. Iam already in a grumpy mood. Go away from here. He spoke rudely.

Right then Anusha's fiancé Vivek too came there. Vivek - Hello ASR....How r u ?

Arnav - fine thanku.

Vivek - By the way....R u alone here ASR....

Arnav got sad more. what will he answer now. He really wished kushi to be here right now....

He was about to answer but.....

" When Iam here...he cannot be alone " He heared a musical voice, a voice he missed for exactly 1 hr, 13 min and 40 sec right now. He turned only to get surprised. that's HIS WIFE.....he smiled brightly making her smile.

Vivek - U....

Arnav - MY WIFE , KUSHI...

He observed her.she was not wearing his chosen dress. yet she looked so so pretty. She was wearing a half white long top with black designs , matching pearl ornaments, silver watch and of course her long open hair. She took a step in daze and reached him without breaking the eyelock she shared with her man.

Arnav smiled and held her hand. But kushi freed her hand making him frown. Next second he stood surprised as she wounded her arms around her husband's and the pink cheek she had sensing his gaze was something that won't wipe away from his heart.

He introduced kushi and Vivek each other and royally ignored Anusha. speaking with Arnav sometime Vivek went away with Anu. Arnav pulled the chair beside him for Kushi to sit. Both took their seat. Both didn't spoke anything. Kushi again wounded her arms around his making him gaze her both shared a smile. Soon the function started.

Arnav again won the best fashion house award. He was happy.

Anchor - Now the turn for a best business man award. and the person gonna get this award is seriously someone deserved. there is a short video to show u all the best business man of the year 2018. Can we have the video pls....

Every lights went off. Every eyes was fixed to the screen. And there came a magestic picture of ' THE ASR....' And there played a voice in background saying the rise of AR EMPIRE. Arnav couldn't believe. this is surely a surprise for him.

Anchor - Can we have the BEST BUSINESS MAN OF THE YEAR MR.ASR , owner of AR FASHION HOUSE on the stage pls....Give it up for ASR guys...

Arnav got up from his seat and a roar of applause echoed in the hall making him nervous. He went to the stage and collected the award. And his eyes landed on his wife, who was giving him a beautiful smile with eyes full of love and pride, only for him.

This day cannot be much unmemorable than this. He thanked his employees for helping him in achieving what he was today and got down the stage.

Jan 16, 2018

Chapter 23 Lovely moments...... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 121 times)

Arnav and kushi started to their home. The journey was a silent one. Both not knowing what to speak and stealing glances of each other. Once in home Kushi got hold of the awards and got down. Clearing her throat she said ,kushi - Iam going inside Arnav ji.

Arnav - I'll park the car and come.

Nodding her head kushi went inside. She kept the awards on their room and was admiring it. She went near dressing table, Suddenly she gasped feeling someone hugging her from behind. She looked up to see Arnav hugging her. She relaxed.

Arnav - I missed u...He said like a baby making her smile.

Arnav- r u smiling...seriously ? Do u know how much I missed u ? U can't even imagine wifey (he pouted and turned her to himself and wrapped his arms around her waist) Promise me that u will accompany me wherever I go.( he showed his palms)

Kushi smiled and pushed his palms down making him frown again. Raising on her toes , she planted a soft kiss on his cheek. " I promise" she said.

Arnav looked at her amazed for her guts. She buried her face in his chest.

Arnav - waise...u could have come with me itself when I asked u. u denied me first and when I reach, u also came there. why ?

Kushi came out of the hug and wounded her arms around Arnav's neck , again making his eye brow raise. Kushi - woh kya hein na....There is something called as SURPRISE. and moreover Now a days my husband is becoming a bhulakkad.

Arnav - what the....

Kushi - He left his phone here itself. so I came behind him to handover his phone.

Arnav - Is it ? but I didn't got any phone from my wife.

Kushi - I thought...when Iam with him....He should concentrate on ME rather than Phone.

Arnav felt his heart thudding hearing her. Arnav - And u were saying that there will be AC and all and u won't be comfortable.

Kushi - hmm...S But I had better idea. If it was cold , i will hug my husband tightly and his warmth is enough to keep cold or harm away from me...Isn't it ? And there is no such place where I feel uncomfortable in ur presence. she said looking his eyes.

Arnav felt so overwhelmed hearing her. He was so lost in her that his hands raised to her face caressing it. He kissed her forehead making her close her eyes.

Kushi came out from the hug. She tried move only to be pulled back by her hubby.

Arnav - I never knew My wifey can speak like this also.

Kushi - Pathi hei. Haq banthi hei meri. ( I have rights to speak like this with my husband )

Arnav was looking at her intently. She moved back and he took a step forward. His eyes never leaving her making her lashes look down. He smirked seeing something.

Arnav - Don't move. he said to kushi who shook her head in NO and still kept on moving.

Suddenly Kushi stumbled and shouted "ahhh...." and fell down on the bed and making Arnav fall over her in the process of holding him.

She gasped feeling him over her. Arnav was just blank...he didn't had any senses to think straight now. kushi was looking at him with her innocent eyes , Arnav was feeling himself drowning in her eyes. he kissed her eyes making her close it. He reached down to her nose and placed a kiss over there and he moved further only to frown at the hair tendrils over her lip. He blew air over her lips making her shiver. she clutched his shirt tightly. He moved the hair away and looking at her deeply for a second he placed his lips over hers making her gasp.

He kissed her gathering all the love he had for her. his lips playing on her mouth literally making her go numb. This is the second kiss they share but they could definitely feel the difference. He broke the kiss and rested his forehead on hers breathing heavily. He again placed soft kisses on her cheek , Neck and reaching her shoulder he bit her there making her gasp loudly. He started to kiss her everywhere he could making her loose her senses. She turned around feeling her thudding heart. He smiled and moving her hair aside he placed kisses on her back making her shudder. His hot breath falling on her skin is something she couldn't resist.

His hands found the zip of her dress and removed it still kissing her. He made her turn around and looked at her intensely.

Arnav - Kushi....hearing his husky voice she opened her eyes.

Arnav - R u ready to be my wife in all senses ?

Kushi's eyes filled with happy tears. Which husband ask his wife such a question on such a situation. she was happy that he respected her feeling. She placed a soft kiss on his forehead as if answering him. Both smiled looking at each other. And there started everything. They didnt knew when their clothes had discarded and how exactly everything started but the whole night that smile refused to leave their face.This was not out of any emotions or lust or something else. It was full of love they both had for each other.

After their hours of love making they both lied on each other's embrace.

Arnav - Are u OK sweetheart ? He asked stroking her hair lovingly.

Kushi - what happened to me in the first place ?

Arnav again looked at her amused. Arnav - By any chance , is my wife trying to tease me ? he asked seeing her naughty glint.

He started tickling her making her giggle. She hugged him. Kushi - Stop pls...

Arnav - Kushi shall I ask u one thing ?

Kushi nodded. Arnav - Kushi...will u forgive me for my behavior at starting days of our marriage ?

Kushi wounded her arms around his neck and pulled him towards her and said - Iam with u right now because ,we came across those days together. and forget those days Arnav ji.

Arnav kissed her forehead - Take care of me OK .( kushi giggled ) What....Iam saying the truth. Take care of me like....Daily feed me breakfast, help me in wearing tie, A sweet gud bye kiss while going office and a tight hug while returning, Make me lie in ur lap and stroke my hair and....He kept on saying things.

Kushi looked at his form. From his words she can sense there is still a baby Arnav buried inside him who is still carving for love and care.

Arnav -And if I do anything wrong , u will correct me like ur baby. If something is bothering u , u will let me help u. Promise me.

Kushi smiled and placed a loud kiss on his cheek. Arnav rolled her over him and said - Is this ur new invention of way to promise.

Kushi - What ? she asked confused.

Arnav - Kissing me everytime...

Kushi smiled. Arnav - I like it.

" what ? "

" u and me like this.... And u are smelling me. U r having my perfume smell all over u." kushi blushed at his talks.

how much she had wished to have a day like this. to be loved by her husband. though he didn't said it to her directly , his actions are screaming it. She laid silently on his chest hearing his heart beat and let sleep took over her. Arnav smiled looking at her. He made her lye properly on bed and covered her with a quilt properly and kissing her forehead he hugged her burying his face in her neck.

It felt so content to be in her embrace. He had felt it long ago. He didn't felt like he had rushed up things between them. In fact this had made him feel that everything started beautifully in their husband and wife relationship. He is ready to protect their relationship and love his wife as much as she deserved.

Jan 19, 2018

Chapter 24 New morning.. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 138 times)

Arnav and Kushi was sleeping peacefully in each others arms. The golden morning rays disturbed Kushi's sleep and she opened her heavy lids. She tried to get up but couldn't as her husband was burying his face in her neck and his arms and legs wounded around her. She smiled seeing him and started to stroke his thick hair. Slowly she placed a soft kiss on his cheek and untangled herself without disturbing his sleep and went to washroom for fresh up.

After she went Arnav turned to other side with a sweet smile on his face and hugged his pillow and slept again.

Kushi got ready in her green saree with glass bangles adorning her hand and mangalsutra on her neck. She dried her hair and combed it. She was about to move but stopped feeling someone holding her pallu. She turned around to find Arnav standing there with her pallu on his palm. She looked at him questioningly. Arnav pulled her near him slowly.

Arnav - Something is missing.

Kushi - What is missing ?

Looking at her intently he moved forward making her blush. He moved very close to her.

Arnav - this.....(saying that he filled her partition with sindhoor) Now perfect.

Smiling to him kushi went down to mandir while Arnav went to washroom. Kushi prepared his coffee and breakfast. After sometime she went to their room.

She sighed seeing him sitting with wet hair on the recliner. She went near him and started dragging him towards bed and made him sit there. Arnav was confused at her doings.

Kushi- Are u still a baby Arnav ji ? (Taking hold of a towel she wiped his hair ) Ithni bade hogayi hein app phir bhi Baal pochna nahi aatha aapko ( U have become this much big yet don't know to wipe ur hair ) u r still behaving like a baby Arnav ji.

Arnav was looking at her like ' what the '. HE and BABY....like seriously.... ASR is compared to a BABY.....But he can be a baby for his wife right ? Suddenly a naughty thought popped up in his mind.

Holding her arms he pulled her and rolled her that she is lying down and him over her. Arnav moved his face very close to her.

Arnav - Iam not a BABY ok ( After a pause ) just give me a single blink, I will make sure that in next ten months u will carry MY baby in ur arms. Iam very well capable of that....what say ? He asked her seducingly moving her tendrils caressing her belly under her saree.

Kushi gasped loudly with her eyes forming a Big "o". First she was shocked as he pulled her suddenly. next by his words and third by his moves.

Arnav - And I think we are already on the mission after whatever happened yesterday night...

Kushi blushed at his talks and looked down not able to look at him. Arnav moved further down and brushed her nose with his. Kushi pushed him away and got up from the bed. Kushi - woh....ur breakfast is ready.... come down Arnav ji.

She literally ran away from there making him laugh. He also ran behind her only to see that she was standing near the railing blushing like hell and her hands over her tummy.

After sometime Arnav went to dining table and sat back. Kushi started serving him. He was about to eat but she pulled the plate away making him confused again. Taking a piece of Paratha she held it before his mouth making him surprise.

Arnav- I can eat kushi.

Kushi - Woh...Arnav ji...yesterday night someone said to me that I should feed him his breakfast. do u remember who was that ?

He couldn't help but opened his mouth with a big smile. He pulled her on his lap and started feeding her. they both finished their food.

Kushi helped him getting ready. Arnav was going but turned around and said - 'should I go to office today ? I feel like staying in home with u'. He said like a baby

" NO..." she replied.

Arnav thought for sometime - Shall I come home for lunch today ?

" NO..." again she said curtly.

Pouting like a baby he turned around only to stop feeling a tug. he turned around to find that kushi was holding him exactly like he held her before.

He raised his brows asking her what. She went near him and placed a kiss on his cheek -' Arnav ji...like everyday I will sent ur lunch to ur office. Have it properly. if u come home for lunch it will take more of ur time and u will take more time in evening. So have ur lunch there itself finish ur work fast and return home soon. I WILL BE WAITING FOR U....OK '

Arnav hugged her close to himself - u r becoming very sharp now a days. OK. I will finish all work and come to u soon. Till then take rest. u r looking so tired.

Kissing her forehead he went to his car and started to office. Kushi stood smiling seeing him going to office. A morning can't be more beautiful than this. She felt everything changed so beautifully. Romancing and being cozy with her husband is feeling like.....There is NO words..She just sent a silent prayer to god that nothing should change and remain like this forever.

Jan 30

Chapter 25 Little flashback.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 128 times)

Kushi switched on the TV and started watching random programs. After sometime she started preparing lunch and packed it and send that to Arnav. She went to study room and started her painting work. her thoughts was only about Arnav and so the painting. His every features was imprinted in her senses. Her hands automatically moved according to his features. One whole hour she spent in painting. Once finished she had a close look at the painting. Tears brimmed in her eyes. Waves of thoughts crossed in her mind.

Flashback -

It was the day when Arnav flirted with her. she was blushing thinking about him. That's when her phone rang. She looked the caller ID and her happiness knew no bounds.

" Chachu " she screamed in glee.

" Kushi, how r u gudiya ? u r fine right ? Arnav is keeping u happy right ? " he asked hurriedly making her confuse.

Kushi - Chachu , what happened ?

Chachu - u first say me.

Thinking about Arnav , she blushed remembering morning incident. Kushi- Chachu Woh, he.....she couldn't continue due to her shyness.

Sighing Chachu said - Iam sorry gudiya. Iam really sorry. Without thinking and checking about Arnav, I made u married to him. I should have spoke with Arnav first. now iam regretting.

Kushi was really confused hearing his words. Kushi- what r u saying Chachu ?

Chachu - Today only I came to know that , Arnav didn't want this marriage. He called ur chachi and said to stop this marriage. Without knowing anything I have gave ur hands in him. Now u r suffering.

Kushi was shocked hearing that - Chachu , there is nothing like that. he takes care of me very well. U r confusing urself. Believe me ,he is the best husband anyone can get.

Her Chachu was not ready but kushi somehow convinced him. She cut the call. tears rolled in her eyes. ' Arnav ji never wanted me in his life....' her heart flashed the sweet moments she spend with him. she then thought ' May be before marriage he thought so. but now he is changed, he is giving our relation a chance.' Even then she wished to see him once. His single smile towards her will give her courage and confidence about their relationship and her heart will be in peace.

She got ready and went to his office to see her husband once, but there a big thunder awaited her. She heared Arnav's conversation with lavanya. ( Till Arnav said that , He can't forget Anusha and he loved her in the past ). Nothing more she wanted to hear. She just ran away to her home. She misunderstood the whole thing. according to her ' Arnav still love Anusha , that's why he didn't want to marry her. and he considers her to be his friend ONLY ). She sat on the terrace crying for God knows how many hours. Rain started pouring heavily but she sat there crying. Her body became numb but still she didn't moved. Atlast she lost her conscious and fell there itself.

After sometime when she opened her eyes, she found herself in the hospital and heared Arnav scolding her for drenching in rain. She was in dilemma not able to trust him fully with her and again closed her eyes not able to think more.

Then reaching home he lifted her and fed her food again confusing her. He didn't go for office a week taking care of her. Her senses was still collapsed ' what she should conclude after all this days ? But he himself said that He loves some girl named Anusha...then why this care for me? No man can behave this way with a woman whom he consider as JUST a FRIEND. his behavior is something more than that. That was soothing her soul.

Then after a week he called her for Award function. She would gladly accompanied him if he asked her the same before a week. Now....she didn't want to go anywhere. Making a lame excuse she stayed in home itself.

She was sitting when she found his wallet on the dressing table. ' Arnav ji forgot his wallet here itself...Let's call him and inform him ' she thought and called him only to hear his phone ringing somewhere near her. ' phone also....' she went and picked that only to keep on looking at the screen. She smiled seeing the screen. It was flashing " MRS.ARNAV " calling with a heart symbol attached to it with a cute picture of hers which she is unaware of. ' when did he clicked this picture ? ' she thought.

But that didn't mattered. " No one will save a contact of a person whom he consider as a friend like this. Till today she never knew a single word can give this much peace to someone. She opened his gallery and was surprised seeing a whole folder filled with her photos. He had clicked every picture unknown to her. She smiled with tears.

She then played videos only to find there was many business video calls that Arnav had saved for future use. One video caught her attention. The same video that was recorded when Arnav and Lavanya was speaking. Her face fell off hearing that again. but the video played fully. She couldn't believe her ears. She smacked her head for not staying there fully and heared him. She also heared ' I Love Kushi so much Lavanya ' of Arnav.

She jumped in happiness. She shouted and danced in joy. Suddenly she remembered something.

Arnav called her to the function and she denied. She remembered his fallen face. ' Iam sorry Arnav ji. without knowing anything, I hurted u so much na....No problem....I will make up for all that. ' she jumped in glee and got ready and went to her husband.

Flashback ends -

After whatever happened was a beautiful history. She kept on caressing his picture. Tears flow from her eyes. She bend towards the painting and kissed it.

At the same time she felt two warm arms wrapping her waist. She smiled and turned to him , Her Arnav ji.

Arnav - Ajeeb biwi ho thum. Pathi samne kada hei aur thum painting ko kiss kar rahi ho ( U r a weird wife. ur husband is standing in front of u and u r kissing a painting ) wait a minute....did u cry ? he asked seeing her tears.

Nodding her head she hugged him pouting - I missed u....

Arnav smiled hearing her and lifted her in his arms and swirled her in air making her giggle. She kissed his cheek and said- Go and freshup. I will bring hot coffee for u.

Arnav - U r such a unromantic wife. ur husband is coming from office after hours, u r here kissing his photo and instead of offering a Hot Kiss....u r offering him a coffee. How irony ?

Kushi giggled. Arnav smirked seeing her and moved forward. looking at her eyes he placed his lips on hers making her go week. He smooched her lips and held her close to himself. After few seconds he left her and placed his forehead over hers.

Arnav - I missed u too....

Arnav - by the way.....I never knew I am this much handsome.U have magic in ur hands Sweetheart. he said looking at her painting.

Kushi smiled and hugged him while both looking at the picture. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY.....

Feb 4

Chapter 26 A letter. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 140 times)

Arnav and kushi was leading their life as a happily married couple with a lovely wife and pampering husband. Arnav never leave a chance to pamper her. They both were happy in their own world.

It was one fine day when Arnav was working in his cabin. He heared a knock in his cabin. Receptionist came in and greeted him. Receptionist - Sir a lady came and gave me this letter. She said its emergency and handover it to u.

Arnav was confused hearing it. He got the letter and opened it only to get fumed. it was from her.

The letter

From- Ms.khanna

First of all CONGRATZ TO THE BEST BUSINESS MAN OF THE YEAR. Ahhnn....Don't tear it. just once read this. Iam sorry for whatever happened in the past. I know a mere sorry is not enough for whatever I did. But that is all what I can do. And this sry is not for getting back in ur life again. I just wanted to ask forgiveness. iam really ashamed and guilt for the past. those days I was in a fantasy that every lover should fulfil their partner need and if they can't they r not worth of love. Funny right ? but this is what my theorem was. Iam really sorry Arnie...oops...Mr.ASR. I was under that fantasy till I met my fiancé vivek. Now I love him truely. Then only I thought to ask forgiveness from u but I didn't knew anything apart from u being in Delhi. So I couldn't reach u. when I saw in vivek's company I called u as manager , not to insult u. I really thought so. I never knew u r THE ASR. I tried speaking with u in ur office and award function but u didn't let me. But iam so happy when u said that u have moved on. And after seeing ur wife in function the burden in my heart wiped away. U love ur wife so much , don't u ? don't be surprised. I saw how ur eyes twinkled seeing her. She is perfect for u.

From this letter all I wanna say is , IAM SORRY. I will not try to harm ur relationship with ur wife. there won't be any trace of Anusha in ur life hereafter. not even this letter as I have written it with magic ink. it will vanish soon. Have a happy life ASR. best of luck.

The letter ended. ' is it all true ? ' thought Arnav. if it is true then he is happy. if not then Ms.Khanna will face the hell.

After sometime he completed his work. he saw the time it was already 8. so he wrapped his work and went to his home.

Like everyday he was welcomed by a tight hug from his wife which makes him smile. Kushi came out of the hug and got his laptop bag and helped him remove his coat. He sat on the couch closing his eyes and smiled again feeling Kushi's soft hands combing his thick hair.

Kushi - how was ur day ?

Arnav - very hectic.

Kushi sat beside him and instantly Arnav laid on her lap. His one hand wounded around her waist and other hand holding Kushi's one hand while other was ruffling his hair.

Arnav - Shall we go out ?

Kushi - Some other day. u r very tired and take rest. now go and freshup I will bring coffee for u.

He looked at her. Arnav - Iam fyn and I will feel better. come we'll go.

Kushi nodded her head and Arnav changing into his night suit , went with kushi for a walk. Both hand in hand went on the lone street of Mumbai speaking random things.

Kushi didn't realise when they reached BEACH. she jumped in glee seeing it making Arnav amused. She ran towards the water excitedly. Arnav also ran behind her. She started playing with water.

Kushi was about to fell when Arnav held her safely to himself. Kushi looked around to see there was few people far away from them. She tried to move only to be pulled back by Arnav.

Kushi - Leave me Arnav ji.

Arnav - OK. I will leave u but u have to kiss me.

Kushi's eyes opened in a big 'o'. Even in that moon light Arnav could see her red cheeks. He laughed and let go of her waist and held her arms.

Both went and sat on the sand in silence hearing the wave sound. it was a such a peaceful moment one could cherish. After sometime they walked slowly to their home after having pani poori , ice cream , pav bhaji.

Once in their room , Kushi went and freshup after her Arnav went and freshup. When he came back he saw kushi smiling. He went and hugged her.

Arnav - u seem to be so happy. what is the reason ?

Kushi - Because I have u as a husband na. Mrs.Arnav hone Ka asar hei.

Arnav raised his brows. He just kept on looking her making her lashes down. He raised her face and kept his forehead against her's. He couldn't get enough of this kushi girl.

Arnav - Thanku ( Kushi looked at him confused ) For coming in my life.

He kissed her forehead , her eyes one by one , her cute nose, her cheeks , chin and finally her Lips. His hold on her got tighter. Then a beautiful night followed that will be cherished in their good memories.

Feb 14

Chapter 27 happy bday baby.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 133 times)

Arnav and kushi was lying on the bed, kushi was sleeping peacefully while Arnav was wide awake. He was so excited.Today is Kushi's bday and he is planning for something for her. He was like this when studying college. he used to surprise Akash and Lavanya.

He slowly untangled himself from Kushi's hold and replaced a pillow instead of him. he slowly sneaked out of the room and came back with a parcel in his hands. he started his work without disturbing her. When he finished his work he turned to the clock and his eyes opened wide as it was 11.55 PM. he ran towards the kitchen and took out the small piece of fruit cake he bought for her.

He went to room and pulled a small table near kushi's side and made everything ready and four minutes already ran. he called her name softly " Kushi "

She snuggled to the pillow more making him adore her. He smiled and woke her up and kushi opened her sleepy eyes.

" what happened Arnav ji ? do u need something ? "

The clock strike 12 and he hugged her and whispered " Happy bday Baby "

Kushi stilled for a moment and came out of the hug and saw him smiling broadly to her. He indicated towards the table and kushi turned to see a cute cake with candle on it. Arnav - Blew it kushi.

But kushi kept on looking him with tears forming in her eyes. Arnav - Kushi , common blew the candle.

But kushi hugged him tight weeping. Arnav switched on the light and again kushi looked at the room that is fully decorated.

Arnav cupped her cheek and asked - What happened ?

Kushi - nothing. She smiled and turning to the cake. She blew off the candle while Arnav whistled for her. She cut the cake and fed him. He ate the piece and hugged her again wishing her. He also cut the cake and fed her.

" OK OK sleep now kushi " said Arnav and made her lye on the bed and switching the light off he also hugged her and slept again.

Morning He gave her a red suit and asked her to wear it. Kushi got ready in her red dress and came out. she was combing her hair looking at mirror when she felt Arnav's hand stopping her. Kushi looked at him through mirror with questioning gaze. He smiled and tied a gold chain around her neck. Lifting her hands he made her wear a simple and elegant bracelet. Taking a gold stud he made her wear that also. Hugging her from behind he kissed her cheek - Happy bday Baby. Do u know what is the best gift anyone can give to other ( She said 'no' ) Time. Ur real gift today is All my time. Today only U and ME. No one btw us.

Kushi smiled at him. Arnav took her to the beach which she loves.

Arnav - May ur life fill with happiness like the rays of the sun. he said making her feel the first golden rays of Sun.

They both sat in silence for sometime. Arnav - Come kushi. He asked her to get up and walked holding her hand.

Kushi - Let's go home Arnav ji. He smiled at her. it was 7 AM.

Arnav- We'll go. He said and both walked her again.

Kushi was surprised when he took her to the bus stand. kushi - what are we doing here ?

Arnav - Let's have a long drive. What say ?

Kushi couldn't believe this. ASR in BUS. When they were speaking a bus came on the way. Arnav urged the shocked kushi and got in the bus. As it was early morning there was no much people. Only 4 or 5 people. Kushi wounded her arms around his neck.

Arnav - we r in bus Mrs.Arnav.

Kushi - Wow Arnav ji. I never knew this vehicle is called as a bus till today.Thanks for enlightening me. she said faking a surprise making him amused. He smiled and kept his head over hers enjoying the ride. After one hr they both got down from the bus. Roaming sometime they again hopped the bus and went home again.

Kushi was about to enter the kitchen but Arnav pulled her to himself. Arnav - today u are taking off from kitchen.

Kushi - Then who will cook ? I don't want u to eat that maid's hand made food. I only should cook for u no others.

Arnav - I never knew my wife is so possessive of me. Arnav said surprised. kushi blushed hearing him.

Smiling Arnav said - Not maid but UR HUSBAND will cook for u today. Kushi opened her eyes wide and tried to deny but Arnav shut her and made her sit.

Arnav went to kitchen and prepared coffee first and gave it to her. Then he prepared Kushi's favourite Italian cuisine with Kheer. Kushi ate that happily.

Kushi - what next ?

Arnav - Let's play carom on the poolside. He took kushi and played. Arnav was pocketing every coin that Kushi got irritated and collapsed the coin.

Arnav - what the....kushi u...Kushi started running giggling while Arnav chased her.

Arnav - Stop right there kushi.

But kushi kept on running. Arnav try to hold her both slipped and fell on the pool. Kushi and Arnav was panting due to the chase and run. kushi saw Arnav and laughed at his face and hoped from the pool. Arnav also got out. Kushi was giggling continuously. Arnav smirked and pulled her towards him.

Kushi stopped her giggling. Arnav - Someone was laughing sometime before. now what happened ? he asked biting her ear lobes making her shiver.

"tell me " he said while his mouth travelled down her side neck making her clutch his arms. He kissed her chin and neck. Kushi gulped.

Arnav trailed his finger from her face to her lips and caressed her lips. Her lips was wet with water drops on it making him to gulp his dry throat. He felt a urge to taste the drops. He slowly moved forward letting his breath touch her face. Her eyes were closed while her breath went uneven. He slowly placed his lips on her making her gasp. His hand cupped her cheek and caressed it. He pulled her closer and kissed her sensually. He left her lips for her to catch some breath. his hands travelled down all over her making her moan. while his lips was still doing its job in her face. Her whole skin started to change red. He stopped his action and looked at her to see that her whole being is wet. He again placed his lips on her. his hands went to her back and pulled her Dori. he looked at her eyes to proceed further and got green signal.

They reached to their bed and a passionate moment began. After their hours of love making kushi was lying in Arnav's chest while he caressing her hair.

Arnav - Kushi shall I ask u one thing ? ( kushi nodded ) Are u happy ?

Kushi looked at him - How do I look like ?

Arnav - Iam trying to make u happy. But the question is , Am I successful in that ?

Kushi moved up and kissed his cheek - Iam so so happy with u. U r the best husband anyone can get. U know u r the first person to celebrate my bday. ( Arnav frowned , nodding her head ) I never celebrated my bday before. No one cared to celebrate it. I was really surprised that u know my bday.

Arnav - why ?

Kushi - Bcoz , everyone thinks that Iam the reason my mumma died.

Arnav - what rubbish ?

Kushi - that's truth. my Mumma got into a accident and died next day of my birth. that's why papa also never cares for me.

Kushi's eyes become moist. Arnav slapped himself for taking the topic. He wiped her tears. Kushi hugged him - Iam so happy with u Arnav ji. Only with u. we will be like this always na ? u wont get bored of me right ? nothing will change btw us na Arnav ji ? promise me that u will be like this always.

Arnav's eyes got moist hearing her. Arnav wrapped his hands around her and pulled her into a hug - Pagal , remember this always...ARNAV CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT HIS KUSHI. understand.

She snuggled to him more. Kushi - promise me Even if we have dozen of babies ur first priority will be me.

Arnav - Promise baby.

Arnav thought to lighten her mood - By the way kushi, r u sure ,u want Dozen babies ? sambhal paogi ? ( Moving near her ears he whispered something making her go like a tomato )

He laughed at her red face and was content that he was able to change her mood. He pulled her nose - My cutiepie...

Kushi smiled to him. This is the best bday she had ever celebrated.

Feb 19

Chapter 28 Don't hold urself (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 121 times)

Arnav was working in the room after his awesome dinner. Kushi with the help of maid is cleaning the kitchen. After sometime she came into the room with Arnav's milk.

She handled him the milk and sat near him with hers. After finishing, Arnav again started his work. Kushi leaned on his shoulder and wounded her arms around his chest making him stop his work.

Kushi - Arnav ji , U said ur work is just one month but its almost one and a half month we reached here. when ur work is gonna complete ? when are we going to Delhi ?

Arnav - why ?

Kushi - I feel like going back to our home. I miss Delhi very much.

Arnav smiled - My work is finished.( Kushi looked at him with glee ) but we will go Delhi after 10 days.

Kushi - why ?

Arnav closed his laptop and kept it aside. He lied on the bed and pulled her to him and she fell over him gasping.

Arnav - Work has finished today only. But socha ki , thumhare saath thoda vakth bhithaon. ( But I thought to spend sometime with u )

Kushi looked at him confused. Arnav - from tmrw we will be on Our Official HONEYMOON honey. Kushi's eyes opened like a saucer and he giggled seeing her.

Arnav - by the way what is the hurry to reach Delhi ?

Kushi lied comfortably on his chest and said - we are alone here but In Delhi There is Dadi , Samrat , Chachu , (After a pause) Anjali dhi , Shyam jiju and Adhu baby ( Anjali shyam son )

Arnav - Excuse me ? he whispered shocked as much as his knowledge his wife and Dhi doesn't share a nice bond.

Kushi looked up at him and nodded her head. Kushi - Everyone is there to take care of us. (Pausing a sec )Why don't u speak with dhi ?

Arnav made her lye on her side and turned away from her - Sleep kushi. He said sternly. Kushi flinched at his tone hearing such tone from him after many days.

Kushi moved near him and hugging him from behind she placed her head over his face. Kushi - Are u angry at me Arnav ji ? but all she got as her answer is only silence.

Tears escaped from her eyes and it traced Arnav's face making him look at her. He cursed himself and turning to her he wiped her tears away. Kushi - Arnav ji....

Arnav - Shh...don't take this topic again kushi.

Kushi - No ( Arnav looked at her hearing a stubborn tone ) Akhir kya problem hei aapko dhi ke saath ( What is ur problem with dhi )

Arnav got up from the bed angrily. Arnav- Stop it Kushi. Don't talk about Dhi.

Kushi also got up from the bed and faced him. Kushi - Why shouldn't I talk about her? do u know how much she is upset due to ur ignorance ? Why r u like this ? why are u pushing the people away from u always ?she questioned him. Arnav was dump. Kushi never speak with him like this.

Arnav - Kushi u should not speak about something when u know nothing. Let's leave the topic here.

Kushi - Its not Me its U who know nothing. Why don't u understand that dhi cares for u.

Arnav - Care and Her, that too on me. She left me all alone when Mumma and papa left me. Dadi got me admitted in a boarding school. she never for once tried to atleast call me. To ask me whether I am fine or not ? She never cared whether Iam comfortable in hostel or not ? And when I called not for once she answered my call and cared to speak with me. I never saw her trying to be like the way u r with Samrat. Now tell me is this is what u call as care ?

Kushi looked at him intensely. She went near him and hugged him. There was a silence btw them. She took him to the bed and made him lye on her lap. Arnav was silently letting her do what she is doing.

Kushi - Arnav ji.... Just listen to me once. Dhi is not what u think of her. ( She started stroking his hair ) Do u know why dadi got u admitted in boarding school ? ( Arnav just looked at her with thin layer of tears ) After Mumma papa passed away , Dhi got mentally unstable ( Arnav's eyes opened wide in shock ) She witnessed their accident. that's why. Dadi thought if u stay in home u will also become lonely. She thought if u stay in hostel u will have many friends of ur age and being with people surrounding u , u will be happy. Dhi never called u and and answered ur call because she was mentally unstable. she was not in a position to understand the things going around her. All the while u thought bad about her for being uncaring is the time when she was not even in the state of caring herself. She is not bad. u think that she is uncaring but Do u know she calls me daily and speaks about u only.And Aadhvik...All he wants is to play with his mamu. He buys chocolates for u whenever he goes out. He miss u very much Arnav ji.

Arnav - why they hid this from me ? he asked her like a baby.

Kushi - They thought that u r already upset about mumma and papa. they don't want u to be upset about dhi also.

Arnav - she didn't behave well with u after our marriage....

Kushi - She behaved like that to provoke u. To make u understand a duties of a husband. That's all she wanted.

Arnav - When she got well ?

Kushi - when u completed school.

Arnav- How do u know all this ?

Kushi - Dadi said to be before we come here.

Arnav just looked at her and tears flew from his eyes. Kushi - I don't like when u keep urself aloof from everyone. What is the use of doing work and earning this much ? whom will u spent all this money on. money is not everything Arnav ji. Having a family is a beautiful feeling. Mujhe acha nahi lagti aapko maayos dekhkar. ( I don't like when u be sad ). Don't loose ur happiness Arnav ji. We want a family. Don't hold urself back when u can move on and grab happiness. U will feel Happy having a affectionate bond with them.

Exactly at the same time Kushi's phone rang. Kushi saw the caller to be Anjali. She switched on the phone and handover it to Arnav .

" Hello....kushi mami....." he heared Aadhvik voice. kushi insisted him to speak.

" Kushi mere pyari bhabhi are u at the other end. Chote kaisa hei ? " . Arnav cried hearing her voice calling him " Chote " exactly like his mother.

" Dhi...." That's all what he could say. Kushi also cried hugging him.

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