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Oct 1, 2017

Chapter 11 (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 69 times)

Kushi and Arnav reached the mall and was just roaming around. Arnav don't know what to talk so he kept quite , on the other side Kushi was ranting the whole days incident and was smiling to herself.

" what happened , u r smiling so much ? " asked Arnav watching her smiling so much.

" Nothing " Said Kushi. she don't know how he will react when. she didn't want to take risk.

Shrugging his shoulders Arnav sat on the sofa of a coffee shop. It was a separate cubicle in a open space. Both were waiting for Akash and Lavanya to join them.

Akash and Lavanya reached there and seeing then Arnav's eyes lit up. Akash - " hey what's up buddy...Long time it is "

Arnav -" Iam very happy not u here to irritate me. " Lavanya laughed at Akash's pouting face.

Akash- " LA u should be on my side scolding him , but u........"

Lavanya - he is correct Akash. ( turning to Arnav ) U know what Arnie ? he came up in the mid of night and wake me up.

Akash - leave it , it's waste of time to speak with u both.

Kushi was watching all this admiring her husband. He looked so happy. He is Cool in his friends presence. She never thought that she will see him like this one day.

Akash - ' Arnie won't u introduce us to your wife. ' Arnav was now got silent as if cat got his tongue. Not that he is Ignoring the intro part , but actually ' he was feeling shy' .' but what is there to shy in front of his friends 'he thought.

Arnav -' Guys meet MY WIFE , ( turning to kushi ) Kushi. ' there was a unknown softness in his voice, when he said her name sending shiver in her spine.

Arnav- Kushi Meet my friends Akash and Lavanya.

Kushi - hi . she said smiling at them.

Lavanya came forward and hugged kushi surprising her. Lav - Hi kushi. u r looking so pretty. our Arnie is so lucky to get a girl like u. isn't it Akash ?

Akash- S our Arnie is So lucky. Akash said hugging Arnav sideways. Arnav felt nice hearing his friends words. He glanced sideways to see that his wife become light pink of blush.

Arnav- OK guys sit first. he said and sat near Kushi.

Lavanya - So Kushi , how is life going WITH ARNIE ? I hope he is not pestering u so much.

Arnav- oh hello , I don't pester anyone. for ur kind info iam a gud boy. he said like a baby.

Akash- This girls r like this only buddy. Always finds fault.

Lavanya glared at him and there was a free show of Tom and Jerry running for Arshi. If not Arnav interrupt them , they would have kept on teasing each other.

Akash - OK kushi. don't mind ,we are like this only. always tease each other. now common Order for us.

Kushi- ME.....She said surprised.

Lavanya - S u. because today it is a treat for u. so today sirf thumhari marzi chalegi.

Kushi looked at Arnav, he nodded his head smiling and Kushi started to go through the menu. Lavanya was observing a gud equation btw Arshi and was happy for her friend.

Kushi ordered for everyone and must say Arnav really got impressed with her choices. They all are chatting till the food arrive and they had a hearty lunch of Kushi's choice.

They finished the food and was sitting there. Suddenly someone called Kushi .

" Kushi dhi....."

Kushi turned around and found the boy and said " hi Ansh. how r u ? "

Ansh - Iam gud dhi. but Sam....he stretched seeing some others with her.

Kushi - Samrat , what happened to him ? asked a protective sis.

Ansh - Dhi woh... actually today there is a flashmob in the mall and Sam was gonna perform in that. but....

Kushi - but what ?

Ansh - woh his dress got spoiled when he was practicing sometime before. Accidentally someone poured choco shake in his dress and he refused to perform and upset that he can't perform in flashmob.

Kushi - Where is he now ?

Ansh pointed to a table where her little brother was sitting Sadly. Kushi - call him.

Ansh just ran towards Sam and told him something and he looked at his dhi. He smiled and ran towards his dhi. Kushi stood up seeing him nearing her. Her cute boy just ran towards her and hugged her screaming " dhi... How r u ? "

Kushi - Iam gud Big Boy. How r u ?

Samrat - Iam gud.

Kushi - Oh...Big boy started lying to his dhi. very Impressive.

Samrat glared at Ansh and pouted looking at his dhi. Kushi - Stop giving him these glares.

Sam - Then what to do dhi ? Mom and Dad are not picking my call.I came alone here.

Kushi shook her head. Kushi - and u forgot u have a dhi named Kushi. hein na..Look Sammy whatever happened is happened, leave all that. just because of a dress u can't leave ur hardwork like this. think once , don't know when u will get a chance like this again.

Sam - but dhi.

kushi - no ifs and buts . I will shop for u and u r going to perform that's it.

Their argument went on sometime , while at first Arnav & gang didn't gave attention to them, but later they both caught their attention.

Lav - what happened kushi ?

That's when Sam noticed some people other than his sis and saw his jiju also. Sam- 'hi jiju'he shouted in glee. Arnav was surprised , he never for once spoke with that boy even then that boy is happy with him.

Arnav- Hi samrat. how r u ?

Sam smiled and replied him. Kushi - Arnav ji woh...I have to go with Sam , if u dont mind.

Arnav - Sure Kushi, anyways lunch is over nah.In fact I will also come.

Kushi again got surprised. Kushi - but iam going for shopping. Actually there is a dance program it seems and he ( Sam ) will be performing.

Lav - Superb Kushi. we will shop for him first. come.

Kushi got happy with this people's approach towards her. First Kushi and others went to a dress shop and Kushi seeing the dresses for her Bro. she chose a gud outfit for her bro .

Kushi - Ansh go and get perfume and gel for him go , she said and meanwhile she paid the bill.

Other three was just looking at her adoringly. Sam changed into his new dress and came out. he was looking really Manly. ' again a impressive choices ' thought Arnav.

Ansh bought Perfume and gel and kushi paid bill for that also. she started applying gel to Sam and made his hair. and a bit perfume added his charm.

Kushi let out a relief breath and said - Superb Sammy. u r just looking so cute.

Sam - dhi boys r supposed to be handsome.

Kushi - u r always cute to me.

Lav - s samrat. u r looking so cute. samrat blushed at her comment and hid behind his dhi making everyone laugh.

Arnav just kept on looking Kushi. his heart yearned for his sister's love. He wish he and Anjali also had such a bond.But ALAS suddenly his heart ached ' will Kushi love him like she loves her brother , after whatever happened btw them ? first of all will he love her ? ' Only time can answer.

Akash - How lucky samrat is ? Wish I have a sis like Kushi. she loves her brother so much.

Arnav- 'Her STEP BROTHER 'he said making Lav and Akash's eye wide. Arnav nodded his head looking at their shocking faces. they both were shocked ' People now a days forget their own siblings. but here Kushi is showering so much love over her step sibling ' thought both Akash and Lav.

Sam - thanku My dear Sunshine.

Kushi- welcome charming.

Soon announcement came for a dance and Sam gave his best and won second price and got a gift of rupee ' 10000 ' by the sponsors .Kushi was jumping in glee looking her bro.

Lav - it was so nice meeting u kushi.We really had a wonderful time with u.and samrat it was nice meeting u also. u r a true dancer.

Samrat thanked her. and bidding bye Lav and Akash went away. Arshi dropped Sam and went RM.

Today was indeed a great day for Arshi. Arnav got to know abt his wife , her choices,her preferences, her loving nature,her care and much more. and for kushi she saw Arnav's Cool nature, his childish side, etc., They both started understanding each other. FIRST STEP FOR A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE.

Nov 10, 2017

chapter 12 (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 84 times)

Arnav and Kushi came from their outing. Anjali also went to her home with her husband Shyam. Arnav had his dinner and medicine and was sleeping peacefully under the effect of medicine and kushi was lying beside him watching him closely. All the day's events went across her mind. she was happy thinking the he took a day off hearing her and she remembered how much he was scared to get injected and chuckled. He was looking so cute then. She slowly raised her hands and ruffed his thick hair. she saw his face relaxing in sleep. She touched his forehead and felt that his fever is all gone. he won't listen to anyone and will jump up and down to go to office. it was so nice to spend time with the cool , childish and carefree Arnav she saw today and would love to see him so like that.

she can't forget this day in her whole life. she start to build a hope of their happy married life as he too started to response in their relationship. she just wants his love and nothing else. She slept with a sweet smile in her face observing his features.

Two days passed away and today Akash and Lavanya is flying to US and Arnav went to airport to send off them. and as per Lavanya's wish he took Kushi also with him.

Akash went to check with their luggage and tickets while kushi went aside to answer a phone call. Lavanya observed Arnav who was looking a bit dull. she tapped his shoulder making him look at her.

Lavanya - What happened Arnie ? u r looking a bit dull ? r u alright ? anything serious ? asked the over concern friend.

Arnav smiled at her concern - Nothing lavi. its just , I had only two frnds and now u both r going away from me. I won't have anyone beside me to call as a friend. Iam gonna miss our time and u both....

Lavanya - Paglu.....So this is why my bestie is dull... OK I have a better solution for this. u won't be alone here...

Arnav - what r u saying lavi ? asked the confused Arnav.

Lavanya - I was saying that u can make a nice person as ur frnd. so that u will have someone beside u. u won't miss us and our place will be also filled. I can suggest a nice person to u who can be ur best frnd.

Arnav - No ways yaar...no one can be a best frnd to me like u both and no one can fill ur place.

Lavanya smiled and said - No Arnie. there is a person who can be ur best frnd , who u can share ur everything with. who will fill all the empty place in ur life. look there ( she pointed towards kushi who was speaking with her bro with a smile on her face ) Kushi.....Make her ur frnd Arnie... she won't leave u and go away like me and Akash. instead she will stay with u in her whole life. She will be ur best companion.

Lavanya kept on speaking. Arnav's eyes caught her every word while his eyes was glued to his wife.Seeing him lost in his wife Lavanya went away smiling.

Lavi thought - I wish u could see and feel the love she have for u in her eyes. she is the only person worth of ur love. its high time u should forget everything and move on Arnie. I wish u both would lead a happy life together. I can now go away relax.

Kushi came near him after finishing her call. She asked - Arnav ji where is Lavanya ji ?

Arnav - ahh......

Kushi- woh....Lavanya ji...

Arnav looked around and spotted Lavanya with Akash and went to them.

Akash hugged Arnav and said - Bye buddy.take care. call me daily. and yeah have a happy married life..

Arnav smiled and hugged him. Kushi hugged Lavanya - happy journey Lavanya ji. take care.

Lavi - U too. and take care of our Arnie. I know u love Arnav very much ( kushi looked at her wide eye and turned to Arnav who was standing a bit away from them ). But I would like to say...Arnav is far different from the ASR the world knows. he is still a small kid who don't even know what he wants. be with him and handle him.

Kushi nodded and Lavanya smiled at her. Bidding bye to both The couple boarded a flight.

Arnav was sitting in his office after dropping kushi at home. Lavanya's words was ringing in his mind. he closed his eyes only to remember kushi's smiling face .

Arnav - I know my view towards kushi has changed. but can I share a bond I used to share with Akash and Lavanya ? can I give her that place ? kushi is a nice person but will she be his frnd ? May be a doubt....

But.....For how long I can live like this with kushi ? Its wrong to keep her with me not giving the rights she deserve. I like kushi...May be I should give a chance to this relationship and move on with kushi. But she knows that I didn't want this marriage ( guys remember the phone call Arnav did to kushi before marriage ) then why will she expect me to be a gud husband ? or I am thinking something else which I don't know like all this days ?

I need to find out....

But now I should really make kushi my frnd. atleast she will be happy with this. I would be like a medicine for all the hurt I gave her....YES...it would do better....

Now Arnav decided to make kushi his frnd and slowly move on in his life. FRIENDSHIP, SECOND STAGE OF A SUCCESSFUL FULL MARRIAGE......

Nov 20, 2017

Chapter 13 (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 109 times)

Arnav was still in his deep thought . He doesnt want kushi to get hurt anymore. but he doesn't know one thing, when she knows that he doesn't want this marriage, why does she expect and do everything as a wife.

He was thinking all this when his mobile start to ring flashing a unknown number. He picked the call.

Arnav - Hlo

Other side - Hlo Arnav ji...

He recognised kushi's addressing. Arnav - Haan bolo kushi...

Kushi - Arnav ji..I need something from my home. can I go and get it ?

Arnav was amused. Arnav - there is nothing to ask me kushi. U can go if u want. and he heared a chirpy thanku from other side.

Arnav cut the call with a smile in his face. He smacked his head 'how stupid of u Arnav. u didn't even saved kushi's name' He saved her contact.

It was evening, when his dadi called him and informed him that she is taking the car for herself to mandir and he need to pick kushi up. Arnav agreed.

He went to Kushi's home. he park the car and went inside. An elderly man came running to him seeing him.

Elder man - Arey..dhamaad babu...Come sit.

Arnav - ji....kushi...where is she ?

Elder man - Kushi bitiya is in her room bitua. u go and see her , I will bring something for u to eat.

Arnav - No thanks uncle. just water is enough.

Elder man nodded and went away before he ask where is Kushi's room. confused he went towards staircase. He stood there looking here and there. Just then a lady came and called him.

Lady - Arey...Arnav beta...u here at this time...

Arnav - who r u ?

Lady - Iam Shalini Singh. Kushi's chachi's ( step mother ) sister.

Arnav - Oh...I forget.

Shalini - that's OK.

Arnav - where is Kushi's room ?

Shalini showed and moved with him towards Kushi's room. both stopped at the door seeing the scene with wide eye. Kushi and samrat was running and throwing everything along giggling and messing everything. she was laughing uncontrollable. Arnav was mesmerized seeing that. he never saw her laughing this much. in a trance he started walking. While kushi not noticing him bumped against him and was about to fall but Arnav caught her to himself safely.

Arnav looked the whole room. He couldn't help but Smile and asked - what is all this kushi ?

Shalini - Haan...what is all this ? I thought atleast after marriage u will be matured and become responsible but no....u r still the same. don't know how ur in-laws are tolerating this kind of behavior from u. u will just bother everyone....

Arnav was shocked to hear such words. he was just asking her that's all. Sam got sad. And kushi lowered her head with tears in her eyes.

Arnav- STOP IT THATS ENOUGH.... My wife is more responsible than u know and she never bother any of us. Just leave....

Shalini gave a confused look and went away. Arnav turned to kushi and called her softly. Arnav - Kushi....

Kushi looked down and sobbed . Arnav forcefully made her look him and wiped her tears. Kushi hugged him startling him. Arnav caressed her back and said - Its OK kushi. calm down....

After sometime her sobs reduced and came out from the hug.

Kushi - Iam sorry...

Arnav - what for....(kushi was about to say something ) U were just enjoying... For that there is no need of sorry. Not atleast to me. I will go down u come after cleaning it. OK...

He went out and directly marched towards Shalini's room asking to the maid. He was about to enter but stopped near window hearing her speaking.

Shalini - I don't understand why Jiji Arnav supported her. I thought he will scold her.

Shradhdha - why u thought so ?

Shalini - Arnav don't like her na...

Shradhdha - how u know that ?

Shalini - At the day before of their shagun Arnav called kushi and said that he is not interested in this marriage and her. And said to stop this marriage.

Arnav looked at her wide eye. Shradhdha -wait a minute....How come u know all this? because there is no where Kushi will come and say all this when she loves Arnav and that too U....

Shalini - Woh Jiji.... I only attended the call that day and spoke with him like kushi. I didn't said that to her so that she would marry him and suffer.

Shradhdha - Mind u...Kushi shouldn't come to know all this. If she come to know then she will leave him and come thinking that she fulfilled Arnav's wish even if Arnav change his mind.

Shalini - I also want that only.

Shradhdha - but I don't want that. Who will take her responsibilities if she come and sit here. I don't wanna waste my husband's money on her. I want all this property only for my son Samrat. not for my sautheli daughter.

Shalini - I didn't thought this Jiji.

Arnav's eyes brimmed hearing all this. His Wife was having such a life all along and adding salt to the wound he also hurt her all these days. Before him itself they are scolding her don't know what and all they do if she was here. He thought 'lavi was right. I misjudged kushi. hell....she was not even aware of anything.' anger surged inside him.

He marched inside shocking both the ladies. Shradhdha - Arnav beta...

Arnav gave a lopsided smile to her and looking at Shalini - This is the last time Iam seeing u shouting on my wife. U have no rights to shout at my wife like this. Next time if I see u like today then mark my words, u will see the worst of me.(turning to Shradhdha ) I hope u will keep ur sister in limits Sasuma...

Shradhdha nodded her head scaring. Arnav went out. He saw Kushi and samrat finished cleaning. He went and smiled to samrat who smiled looking at him.

Sam - Jiju...u r here for the first time na...come I will show u my dhi's painting..come come...

Samrat took him to painting room and was really amazed seeing her talent. spending sometime with samrat Arshi went.

In car -

Kushi was so upset. Arnav sighed and stopped the car but kushi didn't even realise it. she was sitting still.

Kushi heared something like " friends " and looked at the direction only to find Arnav's hand in the mid air looking at her. And Arnav saw her Big hazel eyes surprisingly looking at him and her soft hands touched his hard ones in a daze. He held her hand firmly and started his driving towards their destination.

Nov 21, 2017

Chapter 14 (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 87 times)

Days started to roll with Arnav and kushi getting close as a friends. Kushi was so much happy with this change of her husband. He takes her with him to outing on weekends and shares his thoughts for likes and dislikes. both became best friends.

On the other side Arnav came to know about kushi slowly. his day starts and ends with her. he came to know crystal clear that he is kushi's life and she can do anything for him. But his side is a bit weak.

Arnav completed his meeting and sat on the chair relaxing. Aman came inside the room and called him.

Aman - ASR....

Arnav- S Aman.

Aman - ASR , u need to leave Mumbai.

Arnav - Why ? As much I remember award function is next month right.

Aman- Right Sir. but our Mumbai branch needs ur attention. There are some issues and the output from there is very low , so I think it would be gud if u take charge.

Arnav thought for sometime and he said - OK Aman make arrangements for me to leave to Mumbai.

Aman nodded and went away discussing the problems in Mumbai branch. Arnav also went to home. He directly went to his room only to be followed by his wife with her awesome coffee with a bright smile. He smiled seeing her.

After dinner time.

Arnav went to Dadi's room. Arnav - Dadi...

Dadi - Arey aao bitua. sit

Arnav - Dadi there is an important issue occurred in our Mumbai branch and my presence is needed there.

Dadi - So...

Arnav - So , I have to leave for Mumbai.

Dadi - How many days bitua...?

Arnav- May be a month....

Dadi thought and said - OK bitua....Go, don't take hotel room stay in our home itself. And also take Kushi bitiya with u...

Arnav's eyes litted and he said - OK Dadi...he went from there to their room.

Arnav - Kushi....

Kushi - ji...

Arnav - Kushi , Iam going to Mumbai regarding some office work. It will take a month to return.

Kushi's face fell down hearing him which caught Arnav's eyes. Arnav - So pack our luggage....

Kushi looked at him confused when he said that. Kushi - Our luggage.....

Arnav- Obviously... if I am going then u will also accompany me na.....

Kushi got so kushi hearing him and she was jumping inside hearing him.

Kushi - Really ?

Arnav - S.... Woh kya hein na...I will get scared being alone...that too for one month. So will u accompany me....?

Kushi - Stop teasing me Arnav ji.... I will go and pack our bags...

Arnav - wait kushi......just take only important things. Dress and all we will shop there itself. no need to carry heavy luggage. OK......

Kushi nodded and took only necessary things of them. Arnav went to study to make some video calls.

Kushi called Anjali. Kushi - dhi....U know what...?

Anjali - If u say me what , then I will get to know what is ur what....

Kushi - Dhi...me and Arnav ji are going to Mumbai for a month.

Anjali - For HONEYMOON....

Kushi blushed hearing her. Kushi - Dhi aap bhi na....We r going for his office work...

Anjali's face palmed hearing her. Anjali -This Chote bhi na....Useless fellow...

Kushi - Dhi.....

Anjali - OK....OK meri maa....I didn't say anything about ur husband...

Anjali - Anyways....U and him alone.....nice chance for u both to spend sometime with each other. have a lovely trip.....

Kushi - thanks dhi....

Anjali spoke sometime and then they Call it a day off. Kushi packed their necessary things. Arnav said they r leaving the next day.

Kushi was so happy. little did she know that a roller coaster ride is waiting for her in Mumbai with so many up's and down's.

Nov 23, 2017

Chapter 15 Local Shopping.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 96 times)

Arnav and kushi reached Mumbai to their home and Arshi rested for a while and then Arnav took Kushi a tour around the home. Kushi was so excited to see the new home. She was amazed seeing the glass corridor with flower garden on the either side. Her heart fluttered seeing everything. Arnav was so content seeing her so happy. Whenever she smile he feel as if his burden is reducing.

Just then his phone rang. He saw his Dadi phone and spoke with her sometime. At night Kushi prepared a simple breakfast for them.

Arnav - Kushi tmrw we will go to shopping decide what and all u want to buy OK.

Kushi - But your office.....

Arnav - U r such a Dumbo Kushi ( Kushi pouted ) Tmrw is Sunday.

Kushi smiled sheepishly and went from there. Next day they went to shopping. Kushi was so irritated to see all those.

Arnav - What happened Kushi... u r not buying anything....

Kushi - I don't like all this Arnav ji. this mall is so big but there is no many variety here.I will ask u one thing , will u accept ?

Arnav smiled and said - what ?

Kushi - Shall we go to any Local market. it will be fun. We will roam there for sometime. what say ? kushi asked excited and Arnav agreed.

Now here they were in local market roaming in the crowd hand in hand. Kushi bought so many groceries , vessels and needed things for home and filled the car with those Items.

They went to one side where there was so many accessories for ladies. Kushi was examining everything but not getting anything.

Arnav - Kushi. I bought something for u.

Kushi - what ? she asked smiling.

Arnav extended a box to find Many orange colour bangles in that. She remembered how for the first time he bought bangles and painting colours. she smiled and got it. Then he bought jhumkas , Dress and many more things, that too on her choice. she was overwhelmed.

They finished Shopping. Arnav dragged Kushi to one corner where there was so many food stalls. Kushi looked at him wide eye.

Arnav - Did u saw any ghost ? or am I grown horns....?

Kushi - Ehhh....

Arnav - No , u were looking at me as if iam grown horns ? by the way may I know why this look ?

Kushi - Nothing...ASR eating street food. I think the sun rose opposite side today.

Arnav - What r u saying ?

Kushi - nothing....first u agreed to come here to local market then shopped for me now eating street food.... I feel like my head is spinning...

Arnav laughed and said - Oh....Hlo... Mrs.Raizada.....Let me say something. I was not the ASR few years back. I was a simple Arnav. and me Akash and Lavi will always roam around like this. U know we used to roam every weekend like this.

Kushi - Hmm....So u used to enjoy the college days.

Arnav - S. me , Akash , lavi and.... He stopped.

He looked at kushi and said - Will u keep on questioning me like this or will u eat something also.

Kushi - OK come. they both went to a chat stall and Arnav ordered for two plate gol gappas.

Kushi bought that - Thank u so much Arnav ji.

Arnav - Why ?

Kushi - For everything. U came today with me to shopping. Bought bangles and dresses for me. U took me to Eat gol gappas. Iam very happy.

Arnav - Enough enough. by the way don't u know that , NO SORRY and NO THANKU in FRIEND SHIP.

Kushi smiled and said - May be that is what everyone says. But my philosophy says something else.....Saying THANKU is saying to someone that iam so happy with ur action and care for me. and saying SORRY means that I am really hurt that u got hurt because of me and I am really sorry for that. Like this Saying Gud morning, Gud evening and wishing someone....all this says that there is someone in this world who remember u every day.....

Arnav clapped his hands hearing her and Kushi blushed seeing here and there. Arnav - Today I came to know that my wife is a bit Genius.

Kushi opened her mouth in a big "o" and Arnav stuffed a gol gappa in her mouth and both laughed.

Kushi - Do u believe..... Today everything u bought for me is of my favorite. Bangles , colors and dress...everything.

Arnav -I know , u like all those very much and everything will be ur favorite.

Kushi - How...?

Arnav - By seeing ur eyes. Whenever u saw something of ur favorite things , ur face glows and ur eyes twinkles in a different way. Ur eyes r just a open book for me, I can read it if I try.

Kushi melted by his words. she was brimmed with tears. until today no one understood her like he said now. She hugged him and he hugged her back.

After being in his arms for a ample of time she came out of the hug and looked everywhere except him. Both were a bit embarrassed and Arnav bought a plate for them and started eating it.

Kushi - Kaash.....Aap in aakhon mein apke liye mera pyaar bhi dekh pathe....( If only..... u could see the love for u in my eyes )

Sighing she followed him back while he held her hand and went forward and they reached home. The day ended with beautiful memories for both of them.

Nov 30, 2017

Chapter 16 A shock... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 116 times)

Arnav started to form sweat beads on his forehead. He tried to close his eyes as much as he could but nothing helped. His insides started to shiver. He sat straight only to see darkness surrounded him. His heart was going erratic. Slowly his eyes got adjusted to dark and he looked at right to see kushi was sleeping peacefully. His mind relaxed seeing her as the reality struck him that it was all a bad dream. He took a glass of water and gulped it whole. He again slept hugging her.

Morning he woke up first. He was not at all ready to go to office with this fowl mood of his, that too on his first day in Mumbai branch. So he called Aman and fixed appointment with his clients. He got ready in his white shirt and blue denim with black blazer pulled near his elbow. His thick hair in a messy style made him look dashing. He saw sleeping kushi through mirror and smiled. He sat on the couch scrolling his phone and sipping his coffee.

Kushi woke up and gave her husband a sleepy smile and wished him. Kushi - gud morning Arnav ji.

Arnav - Very gud morning kushi.

Kushi looked at the clock only to find it in a right angle. Her sleep went far away. she jumped out of the bed.

Kushi - OMG....how come I slept till 9...? why u didn't wake me up Arnav ji....?

Arnav looked amused at her expression. Arnav - What is a big issue in sleeping till late hour kushi ?

Kushi - It's ur first day to office Arnav ji. I have to prepare breakfast. How can I let u go if with empty stomach ? that too on ur first day...

Arnav came near her and held her arms. Arnav - No worries kushi. our maid came early and prepared our breakfast.

This didn't go well with Kushi. ' Its only her rights to do anything for her husband. Not any maid. first should go and restrict her from doing Arnav ji's duties '

Arnav - U r looking tired. sleep for sometime. and by the way...iam not going to office. Iam just going for meeting so tmrw wake up early and do whatever u want OK.

Kushi nodded and hugging her and bidding bye Arnav went to meeting.

He visited two companies regarding fabrics and some raw materials. when he finished two companies it was 2.30 already. He went to Restaurant to have his lunch. He ordered for food. his thoughts drifted to Kushi. He called her.

Arnav - what r u doing ? he asked as soon as she picked the call.

Kushi - Nothing Arnav ji. just in garden.

Arnav smiled hearing her. Arnav - Had lunch ?

Kushi - No, I don't feel like eating....

Arnav - this is not done kushi. Go and have something right now.

Kushi - but Arnav ji...

Arnav - No more arguments.go and eat right now. he said and cut the call. Kushi on the other side pouted and went to eat as per her husband's order. After having her lunch she texted him.

Arnav completed his next round of Factory visit and it was already evening 6 and it will take another one hour to reach his home.

The day went well with no issues. He called kushi again. he was worried about her. She is alone in the home and it's just one day, already she is not taking care to eat.

Kushi - Hi Arnav ji....meeting finished...?

Arnav - yep....By the way kushi...iam feeling bored...Shall we go out...?

Kushi - where....? Asked kushi excited.

Arnav - May be a walk for a beach....

Kushi - really.....u will take me to beach....

Arnav - S. I'll reach in a hour. so be ready.

Kushi - thanku Arnav ji...u r so gud. u know I always wanted to go to beach from small age....

Arnav - what is the difference....? I still don't find u as a grown up....

Kushi gaped at the phone. Kushi - Arnav ji......u.....

Arnav - Me...what....?

Kushi - nothing. Kushi pouted and cut the call.

Arnav smiled seeing the phone. he turned to the opposite direction only to get rooted to the spot. His heartbeat raised in anger.

There stood a lady seeing him she moved forward towards him while he stood immovable.

Lady - Hi Arnav.....

Arnav - Hlo....Ms.Anusha Khanna....

She smiled to him and said - U r still looking the same.I know u work here right. Let me guess.....For ur knowledge u must be a Manager here. hein naa ? dont worry. this is my fiancé's company only. Now u will work here. Iam so happy u r working here......she kept on blabbering everything thinking Arnav as one of the employee seeing his normal attire with a file in his hand.

Exactly at the same time , Vivek ( CEO of the company ) came to him.

Vivek - I hope u r satisfied seeing our factory ASR....I hope, I would get a chance to work with ur company.

Arnav - Let's see Mr. Chaudhry.

Vivek - By the way meet my fiancé Anusha. And Anu.....Meet the Business tycoon....Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada or better say ASR. MD and CEO of AR Enterprises one of the biggest fashion house in the world.

Anusha's face drained hearing him. 'he and THE ASR....How....?' she thought.

Arnav weared his Goggles. Arnav - I'll take a leave Vivek. will see u soon...... and ignoring Anusha royally, he walked with his ASR attitude making everyone look at him in awe....

He straightly went and sat on his car. All the wounds buried deep inside was kindled and damaged totally. He laid his head on the stearing and tears started flowing in his eyes. He never expected to see Anusha here.

Like a robot he started driving. He went to his room and sat silently on the bed. Many thoughts are running in his mind.

Exactly at the same time kushi came inside her room got ready for outing in her tops and legging. She was shocked seeing Arnav in tears. She went and sat near him immediately.

Kushi -Arnav ji.....she called him keeping her hands on his shoulder pulling him from the old memories.

Arnav looked at her and a fear gripped in his heart. 'what if kushi.....No...'he don't even wanna think about that. he just kept on looking her with his teary eyes making kushi to worry.

Don't know what went into his mind.....He silently laid on Kushi's lap hugging her waist. Kushi closed her mouth astonishing due to this. Her eyes filled with tears seeing him so.

She didn't know what is that hurting him. But that hurted her so much. she didn't ask anything. She made her way of her hands in his thick hair. Slowly Arnav slept but Kushi couldn't... She just kept on looking him as if he will vanish if her look was away from him.

Dec 3, 2017

Chapter 17 Kushi thinking about Arnav. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 84 times)

Morning kushi woke up first. she Looked at Arnav who was still in her lap sleeping like a baby. She start to caress his hair after sometime kissing his forehead , She slowly made him lye on the bed and stood up but couldn't. She saw Arnav was holding her dress . she smiled and released her dress. She went to fresh up.

Arnav woke up after sometime. He sat on the bed and yesterday's events went across his mind. He could not think of anything other than the past. Just then Kushi entered the room with Arnav's black coffee with a bright smile of hers.

Arnav was silently looking her. Kushi - U r up Arnav ji....? OK go...freshup and come. U have to go office right ?

He was looking at her like a alien. she didn't even ask him anything.... she is behaving as if nothing happened and there is nothing for her to ask. Whether he should be happy that she didn't ask him anything like a typical wife. or he should be sad that she never care to share his worries. He mentally smacked himself..' Stupid Arnav...Kushi is the most caring person when it comes to u. She didn't want me to make uncomfortable, that's why she didn't ask him anything '

Kushi - Arnav ji.....She called him pulling out him form his thoughts.

Arnav - haan....

Kushi - Go and get ready....its getting late.

Nodding his head he went to freshup. Kushi selected a suit for him which he wore. she made his Wallet phone and laptop bag ready.Sitting in their indoor garden Arnav had his breakfast which kushi did to make his mind light.

As usual hugging her Arnav bid bye to Kushi. After he went.....Kushi sat on thinking. ' till evening he was OK. what happened suddenly.... that he is all silent from yesterday. Not a single smile he had on his face. What's bothering him ? Is it just related to work....'

Just then Anjali called her - Hi kushi...what r doing ?

Kushi - Just send ur brother to office. had my breakfast.... Now started to arrange home.

Anjali - these much job....Ok...how is life going on in Mumbai ?

Kushi - Gud dhi...We went shopping...U know he bought dresses and accessories for me....then took me to food stall and bought a plate of golgappa's for me....

Anjali - Really..... This is such a nice news to hear. He is becoming a husband material slowly....

Kushi smiled at this. Suddenly she remembered about night incident. Kushi - Dhi....Does Arnav ji know anybody in Mumbai...?

Anjali - As much I know there is no one he know there. he went there only once when he bought Mumbai branch after that he goes to award function every year that too only for hours. So I guess there is no one....why....?

Kushi - Nothing dhi....Just asked....OK dhi...having some work. will call u after sometime.

Anjali cut the call after this. ' So there is no one because of whom Arnav ji may get hurt. Iam over thinking. May be just office issues.' Sighing she went to carry on her work.

On the other hand Arnav went to office and discussed with the senior person in the branch about office issues.

he sat there thinking about Anusha. How his life changed meeting her. How much he tried to forget all those. but in vain.....All the scars are still fresh. His thoughts drifted to kushi.

A fear gripped in his heart. 'what if kushi comes to know about Anusha....? will she leave me and go away ? how will I stay without Kushi ? ' he was not ready to leave her in Delhi and come here. ' which wife will like that her husband loved someone other than her.....She will hate me if she comes to know all this....all the love she has for me will change into hate ' his insecure mind screamed at him.

He went home it was nearly 8.30 PM. Like always kushi welcomed him smiling. He thought ' will she smile the same when she comes to know about my past. Hell NO.....I won't tell her anything '

He decided to not tell anything to her which he didn't knew would change as a biggest mistake of his life.....He never wanna hurt her by saying this but little did he knew that this will not help him in anyways.....and would rip her apart....

MSG - A person should not hide anything to his better half. because the small lie and small mistake can burden the small string that holds the relationship.

Dec 4, 2017

Chapter 17 Arnav's past..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 88 times)

It was mid night. Arnav and kushi was lying on their bed. kushi was sleeping peacefully while Arnav was wide awake. He was just lingering over the past. From yesterday he was disturbed. The past from where everything started and the incident which made him to stay away from Marriage thing....

Flashback -


Arnav and Akash was studying their end of First year PG at Harvard. Lavanya Akash's love interest was in her UG 1st year. Arnav was always a silent boy for others while with Akash and Lavanya he was very joyious and free go guy.

Arnav's parents died 10 yrs ago and after that everyone joined him in a boarding school and after school he chose to study in Abroad. He got far away from Dadi and sister who never had time for him ( According to him ).

He always was with his friends and when the lovebirds roam around he used to go for a Cafe or games or Church.

It was their semester holidays while Akash and Lavanya flew to India. while Arnav stay back doing a part time job there. One day when he went to church , a girl came and sat near him pushing him in hurry.

Arnav - what the.....

Girl - Sorry sir....iam really sorry...I really didn't see u....the girl shouted...

Arnav and others looked at her like a alien. Arnav - Stop it miss....do u realise we r in church.

Girl - Opps...sry....Smiling sheepishly she sat beside Arnav.

Girl - By the way r u Indian ?

Arnav - S...

Girl - That's so cool. u know Iam also an Indian....Its so rare to see Indians here na...

Arnav nodded. Girl - By the way....Iam Anusha....Anusha khanna....Studying in Harvard....

Arnav - Iam Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada.Studying in Harvard.

Anusha - Wow...we both r in the same college. But I never saw u in the college.

Arnav - Iam too surprised....I also never saw u in Our college. Which degree r u pursuing....?

Anusha - Iam Studying BSW....completed first year and u ?

Arnav - Iam Final year MBA....

Anusha's eyes opened wide. Anusha - Sry Sir. oh my god...I never expected u to be my senior. U won't get angry at me and rag me na....

Arnav was shocked seeing her behaviour. He saw everyone are looking at him and her. He glared at Anusha and literally ran away from there.

Anusha also followed him. Anusha - Sir...... pls wait... Iam coming. she also ran behind him.

She was nagging behind him. Arnav - Are u insane dammit.....? For god sake we were in church. don't u know how to behave in church. Irritating Idiot.

He went from there angrily leaving her in confusion. A week passed by where Arnav is concentrating on his job.

Next week at same church. Arnav went to the church and sat to pray in silence. He got remembered about the last week incident.

He saw the same girl in church again. He felt bad to shout at a stranger like that. He never got angry on anyone like this.

Arnav - Excuse me Miss....

Anusha - Sir u.....she exclaimed...

Arnav - Don't u know the meaning of the word Silence Ms....

Anusha - Sry....She looked down and pouted.

Arnav - Actually Iam Sry for that day. I shouldn't have shouted at u.....Iam very Sry for my mistake...

Anusha - So u forgive me ?

Arnav - S...

Anusha - will u come for a icecream treat with me ?

Arnav raised his single brow and asked - So much guts to ask me for a Icecream....That too in our second meeting itself.

Anusha - What is there to hesitate ? U r an Indian and so Iam. u r studying in Harvard and so Iam.

Arnav - U r a Insane , So Iam not....

She pouted and Arnav chuckled at her reaction. Arnav - Just 10 min. After prayer we will go....He said Laughing....

After prayer Arnav and Anusha went for a icecream shop and sat there waiting for their Icecream.

Arnav - By the way......Usually people ask for a coffee....may I know what is the matter with Icecream ?

Anusha - Very simple. I don't like coffee and I love Icecream. and also for lower ur anger. what if u rag me like other seniors.... she said like a small baby making him chuckle again.

Arnav - Iam not at all angry. and A simple Icecream won't melt my anger and Ragging is definitely not my cup of tea. So u can stay at peace.....

Anusha - Thanks.........By the way u know many places here ?

Arnav - Not really.....but few places I use to roam. why....?

Anusha - Nothing , I thought of visiting some places....that's why....will u take me there ?

Arnav - So should I consider this Icecream treat as a bribe from u ?

Anusha - Definitely not.... This is a token of friendship. I just asked u for my project. Sry if I took Over advantage of u....

Arnav - wait near the same Church tmrw. I will take you to St.Santhome Museum. it will help u I think....

Anusha's face lit up hearing him. Anusha - Thanks....she said and gobbled the Icecream which again made Arnav to chuckle.

Anusha and Arnav finished their Icecream and had a small chat after. They stood up to go....

Anusha - So friends.....?

Arnav - Not so soon Jr. I don't accept anyone as my friend so easily.....Don't mistake me....Iam like this.....So see u tmrw....

Anusha Nodded. Arnav and Anusha went to Museum the next day and she started doing her project. while Arnav roamed the place. he missed Akash and Lavanya so much. He txted them and spoke with them but....he miss them both....They both are the only Solace for him in this unknown city. He sighed.....

Arnav and Anusha spent sometime in the museum and went back to their residence.

Dec 11, 2017

Chapter 17 Past and Present... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 78 times)

Arnav and Anusha roamed the whole City. Arnav accepted Anusha as his friend and the vacation got over and Akash,Lavanya came back. Arnav introduced them to Anusha. Anusha was very talkative , she will talk with everyone. She had friends from every course. Arnav sometimes astonished seeing her mingling with everyone easily.

Six months passed by....Arnav and Akash was preparing for their end semester. One day suddenly Anusha called Arnav for a Dinner ,Saying that was really long time they chat with each other. Arnav accepted and went while as usual Akash went with Lavanya.

Anusha - Hi Arnie.....

Arnav - Hi Anu..... Sry as usual Akash is out with Lavanya.....So couldn't bring them....

Anusha - That's really OK Arnie....Anyways I wanted to spent time with u alone...

Arnav - what.....?

Anusha - Nothing...I have ordered for ur favourite Italian burger with ****tail sauce.

Arnav - that's so nice of u.....Actually this restaurant is Lavi's favourite. Let's do one thing we will order something for her also.

Anusha smiled uneasily. Food arrived and they both had food while chatting heartily. After finishing the dinner Anusha asked for a walk which Arnav obliged. They both were walking in a lonely road.

Arnav - Are u OK Anu ?

Anusha - Why are u asking so Arnie.....?

Arnav - Woh....U r very silent unlike all days that's why...Anyways where r we going now ?

Anusha - Iam OK Arnie. ( She held his hands ) I don't know where we are going , but I feel so gud to be with u....

Arnav released his hands uncomfortably. Anusha held his hands again in her firmly. Anusha - Don't leave my hands ever Arnie

Arnav's hearted thudded hearing her. Arnav - Let's go to hostel Anu....

Anusha - No, I want to be with u Arnie...

Arnav - Once exam finishes We , Akash and lavi will go out....

Anusha - Why don't u think something beyond Akash and Lavanya....? Arnie....can't u understand what I want from u....? I LOVE U ARNAV....why don't u understand that...

"Anu..." He whispered shocked.

Anusha - Yes Arnie...I love u so much...

Coming out of shock he slapped her hard . Arnav - What the hell r u speaking...we both r just friends... that's all...

Anusha - Oh really...tell me one thing Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada... why dont u allow any girl near u other than me...

she was cut off by Arnav - that's not true. what abt Lavanya...?

Anusha - she is ur friend because Akash loves her.Why u share everything with me when u don't even speak with ur dhi properly...? will u slap any girl with all rights like this when she propose u , without any hesitation. Why don't u understand that iam special in ur life ? take ur own time...I will wait...

Arnav was totally shocked and confused with this new issue. Exactly at the same time Lavanya went to India for her dadi's funeral and Akash accompanied her not wanting to leave her alone. A week passed by...He felt like he was the only creature in this whole world. he was lonely. his heart which carved for someone beside him all the time to take care of him didn't understood what he wants in his life. his lonely heart and his freaking teen age went out of his control and automatically the ball went into Anusha's court. his confused heart accepted that it was love what he felt for Anusha...

Arnav called Anusha to a place and waited for her to come. Finally ending his wait Anusha came there.

Arnav smiled seeing her. Arnav - Hi Anu... woh...actually...I am sorry for what happened that day....I shouldn't have slapped u....

Anusha - u called me to say this....

Arnav - not this....Actually I called u to say that....I TOO LOVE U.....I understood ur value in my life. I understood that u r special for me....I understood that u r the one for me...I LOVE U ANU.....

Anusha smiled and.......

A sudden hold pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked down only to find Kushi snuggling to him.

He was scared. his only thought was "what if kushi leaves him of she comes to know about his past. He was scared to loose kushi. After so many years....He again gave a chance to his life. He again believed someone with his life. And all of a sudden out of nowhere this Anusha disaster landed in his life '

He knew how much Kushi loved him but he didn't knew how much HE LOVED KUSHI...He loved her so damn much. She has entered in his life like a rays that gives rise to a seed. He was buried deep like a seed and Kushi was that rays , that burst his wall and made him alive all over again. He was just afraid , not to make any wrong decision like he did in the past. He was confused sometimes that whether he love her or not. he didn't want kushi to go through the hurt he underwent once. that's why he was holding him back. But one thing is sure....He can't live without her. He will go to any extent to keep her with him.

MSG - People in their teen age confuse themselves. just wanting someone to flaunt like others they chose a wrong person, in the end hurt themselves. Have we ever found our parents saying I Love u to each other ? still do we find any lack in their love towards each other. Saying ' I Love u ' is not wrong but the person we chose. Be careful when u trust someone with ur life.

Dec 13

Chapter 18......Arnav got hurt.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 107 times)

Arnav was very much excited to have someone for him. He then said to Akash about his relationship with Anusha. And being a true frnd Akash was happy for them. But Lavanya was not which she didn't shared.

The days passed on with the two couple hanging around whenever possible. Arnav found everything as beautiful having someone for him. And within a blink of eyes last semester passed. Arnav and Akash completed their studies while Lavanya and Anusha was in their final yr.

Arnav got job in a reputed company as a Management Executive with nice salary. His family was reputed enough with huge sum of money his father left. but he was never interested in his father's money. so he took a job. he was 22 then. He went to German for his job while other gang stayed in Harvard.

Arnav and Anusha speaks with each other rarely as they both had timing issues being in different country. But Arnav was happy that he has someone waiting for him.

it was Christmas holidays in German. He went to surprise Anu ,Akash and Lavanya.

He went to Akash's flat and Akash was really surprised seeing him.

Akash - hey Arnie...what a surprise man ? how r u ? when did u came ?

Arnav hugged Akash - Hi Aki...Iam fyn. just came to surprise u all.

Akash - surprise us or just Anu....

Arnav - For HER ALSO.....I mean I came here to see all of u not only her.

Akash - I believe....Said Akash with a teasing grin making him roll his eyes.

Arnav bought a pile of gifts for Lavanya and Anusha. He went to Lavanya's place first. Lavanya squealed seeing him. she hugged him

Lavanya - I missed u so much Arnie.

Akash - But he won't miss u. he miss only his Anu....Lavanya looked at Arnav pouting.

Arnav - That's not true. I missed my cutiepie so much. more than Anu...

Lavanya grinned and was really whelmed seeing him bought gifts for her. The three spent sometime and they decided to meet Anu. They went to her flat.

Arnav was about to ring the bell but Lavanya stopped him. Lavanya - Arnie.... don't ring the bell. let's move inside. See the door is opened only. let's go...

Arnav and Akash smiled hearing her.they entered the flat. there was none. they searched her on everywhere. but she was not there. Arnav found Anusha's bedroom open and went to that. He was excited to see her after so many days. He slowly opened the door only to stand rooted to the spot.

Akash and Lavi who came behind him was shocked and disgusted. In front of them Anusha was sitting on some guys lap who they couldn't recognise. She was kissing him. Arnav was angry beyond anything.

Lavanya shouted - ANUSHA.....Anusha was shocked when she turned her heads towards them.

The guy - Oh...seems like u have guests pretty lady. Call me once they left. I don't wanna disturb u all.OK. said the guy and hugging her for once he left.

And she stood immovable seeing Arnav standing there with rage filled eyes. Lavanya went and slapped her hard. Anusha and Lavanya was glaring at each other. Lavanya - What the hell is all this ?

Anusha was still in anger. Lavanya - answer me dammit....who the hell is he ? and what where u doing ?

Anusha - Iam not answerable to you.so shut up.

Lavanya's vein bursted seeing the girl's audacity. Arnav moved forward with a same anger filled eyes. Arnav - u r answerable to me...

Lavanya - Arnie...this girl...But Arnav stooped her showing his hands.

Still she didn't care to explain. he slapped her hard. Anusha's eyes filled with angry tears.

Anusha - ENOUGH...STOP IT...Who the hell gave u the rights to slap me....Look Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada.....Stay away from me. We r no more Lovers. I lost my interest in u...its OVER....

Arnav stood dump. 'is he any toy ? and she a baby to play with him and threw him after she is uninterest. He for god sake was in a relationship with her '

Akash - is that so simple to say ITS OVER....

Anusha - Don't irritate me. I have lost interest in ur frnd. I no more committed with him. I have my new Boy frnd. He has everything that ur frnd doesn't. he is rich , he can afford me anything that ur frnd can't.

Arnav - Only money matters to u.

Anusha - Money also matters. I don't wanna spent my life with a man like u, who can't meet his girlfriend's demand. who will stay away from me to make money hereafter. I don't wanna waste my future. I want a settled life that u don't have and won't have. So spare me. waiting for ur monthly salary is not my cup of tea. I just met u had a crush over u , proposed u and roamed with u that's all . nothing a inch more of it. Get out and leave me in peace.

Arnav was shocked and hurted hearing her. 'wasn't it her who claimed to love him ? does she wish only for money? how come he didn't see this quality of her's ? how come he couldn't recognise this venom ? '

Arnav angrily marched out while Akash and Lavanya giving a disgusting look went outside behind him.

Running to a lonely road Arnav kneeled down crying. He was damn hurt. He was true in this relationship. He didn't knew where he lacked that she ( Anusha ) chose someone over him. Well she said that he lack money. wasn't she who came behind him giving him hopes ? was he that cursed to not get anybody's love.

Akash and Lavanya who ran behind him was devasted seeing their Arnie in such a state. their frnd didn't deserve this hurt.

they went near him and hugged him. Lavanya - Arnie....

Arnie - What just happened Lavanya ? Why did she deceived me ? am I not worth of love ? Why Lavanya ?

Lavanya - stop crying for that cheap Arnie. she is not worth of u....that girl don't deserve ur love. Don't cry for a girl like her. It should be she crying... She has lost the one like u.

But Arnav was hurted deeply. they both took him to their flat. a week passed by.

Arnav just started to hate the word LOVE. He distrusted women. But Lavanya was an exception. every word of Anusha rang in his ears again and again. She said he is not rich enough. that day he for determined to become rich like his father. After his father went the business faced losses and they were left with their house and some money more than enough.

He went back to German and earned for a year. His per month salary was equal to 4 lakh Indian money. He saved money for investment. after a year, he went back to India and started a business ,

Arnav's eyes got teary thinking about the hurdles he faced.today his 'AR FASHION HOUSE ' turned into one of the unignorable company in India. He expanded his business in a small scale in Newyork. and really he worked hard to reach the position today he is. He worked like a machine and in this six yrs he reached to such a position. He has won ' the best fashion house ' award last year that turned him to a fame.

He knew it was wrong to hide all this from kushi. but ' when he hated Anusha for loving someone else, his kushi will also hate him for loving someone. when he lost his trust over love, kushi will also loose trust over love'

he ranted every happening of his life. He was never attached with Anusha like he is attached with kushi now. he was OK when it came to leave Anusha ,but he never wished to leave Kushi in Delhi. He gets hurt when she get hurt. He gets angry over the person who dares to hurt kushi. he always maintained a distance with Anusha when he thought he loved her but he couldn't even hesitate to kiss kushi whn he was not even in talking terms with her.

His thought was disturbed by the sudden call and he looked over it to find.....


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