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Feb 24

Chapter 29 All izz well. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 132 times)

After 5 months -

After that day everything was more than fine btw Arnav and Anjali.His jiju and nephew is such a sweethearts. He developed a nice bond with them. He and Kushi enjoyed their honeymoon to the fullest. After 10 days they return to Delhi. Days started to roll with Arnav bonding with his family. All thanks to kushi she made him realise the value of the family.Every week end they spent time with each other. Arnav and kushi came more close to each other feeling happy in each others presence.Now Arnav, Kushi, Anjali, Aadhvik, shyam ,dadi ,Mami and Samrat made a happy family.

It was one fine day , when kushi was eagerly looking at the door waiting for Arnav. She was so excited today. she has a news to share with Arnav and like testing her patience Arnav had not arrived home till now. And it was already 10. She just want to see him right now and pouting she thought " Why Arnav ji had to be late TODAY...? "

As if ending her wait Arnav came in opening the door all tired. Like always he was welcomed by his beautiful wife with amazing smile and tight hug. All his tiredness flew away feeling her fragrance.

Coming out of the hug she helped him removing his coat and got hold of his laptop bag. Kushi - why are u so late today Arnav ji ?

Arnav - An important work came up last minute Kushi. had to complete that, that's why.

Going near him and wounding her arms around his, Kushi - Arnav ji, I wanna say something important to u....

Arnav smiled - Can it wait for 10 minutes ? I'll go and freshup....

Kushi pouted. pulling her chin Arnav said - Just 10 minutes , I'll freshup quickly. Kushi nodded and he kissed her cheek loudly making her giggle.

She again sat on the bed tapping her feet anxiously. every second seemed to be hours for her. He came out after 10 minutes wiping his face. Seeing him kushi ran to him. Arnav raised his brows seeing her excitement. Wrapping his arms around her, they walked to poolside.

Arnav - tell me...

Kushi - Arnav ji.....woh.....She stammered blushing.

Arnav- Tell me...

Kushi - Close ur eyes

Smiling at her he closed his eyes. He felt his hands being lifted and soon he felt her soft skin. He didn't understand anything and heared "open ur eyes" He saw his hands on her tummy.

Moving close to him she said - Someone is on the way to call u as DADDY....

Arnav - Come again....he said not believing his ears.

Smiling shyly - U r going to be PAPA Arnav ji. Iam pregnant.

Arnav stilled for a moment. Kushi looked at him with her innocent eyes. Arnav's face broke into a wide smile and lifting her he swirled her making her gasp. Kushi - put me down....She said laughing.

Arnav put her down and pulled her in a tight hug. Arnav - Oh my god....Iam going to be PAPA...I can't believe this. Thanku so much Kushi.( coming out of the hug and cupping her cheek ) Aur kithna kushiyaan dhogi mujhe kushi? ( How much happiness will u give me more kushi ?) From the time u came , my life is full of happiness. U have made me a better person. U made me realise family's importance. With u I feel like Iam with my Maa....And now this (he placed his hands on her belly) Thanku...Thanku so much. He placed numerous kisses on her face.

Kushi smiled with tears seeing his happiness. She wanted this only. Her Arnav ji's happiness. She hugged him and sobbed. Arnav made her look at him and wiped her tears and nodded his head as "NO" Arnav - Why r u crying ?

Kushi - I don't know , Iam feeling like crying. He wiped her tears and let her calm down.

Arnav - Now tell me... when u came to know this ? do everyone know this ?

She smiled and said - Two days before I went to hospital and today afternoon only got confirmed. And no one knows this. I want to tell u first.

Arnav - how many days our baby is ?

Kushi - One month and two weeks.

Arnav - are u and baby fine ?

Kushi nodded. Arnav kept his forehead on hers and smiled pulling her to him and kissed her cute nose. After sometime - OK u go and sleep. tmrw we will go and tell to everyone. I will have my dinner and come.

Arnav was about to move but stopped feeling a tug. Kushi - Bachoo...say to papa that Mamma also feeling hungry.

" u didn't eat till now ? " He looked at her with wide eye accusingly.

Kushi nodded her head innocently. Arnav - This is not done kushi. U have to eat properly hereafter. u r carrying baby inside u.....

Kushi - I will. But today mamma and baby want to eat in papa's hands. Not alone.

Arnav shook his head. "what will he do with this girl ? he is scolding her and she is being so cute that he can't even glare at her "

He made her sit on the recliner and went downstairs to fetch food for them. He came back with their food and started feeding her while eating his part also.

Arnav - Today is the last day u r starving like this....from tmrw mamma will follow new rules. Mamma will eat her food on crct time. mamma will rest properly. Mamma will have her medicine on time and she will take care of herself properly and stay healthy. OK mamma.....He said to kushi.

Kushi giggled - OK. mamma will hear Papa's words. But there r rules for papa also.... papa will come home on crct time and will be with mamma. becoz mamma is happy when papa is with her. Papa will not make mamma wait.Papa will give me my medicine and mamma will eat only with Papa. OK papa

Arnav - OK. he said and both burst into laugh. They r liking this mamma and papa wala talks.

Next day they informed the family and they all were so happy for Arshi. They blessed the couple.

The happiness reside in their life forever. And the walls of RM made sure that the happiness that entered stay there safely forever.

THE END......

Feb 26

Chapter 30 Epilogue Part-A (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 152 times)

Arnav was walking to and fro worriedly in the hospital corridor. Just before sometime Kushi had her labor pain. He had rushed with her to hospital carrying her in his arms.He was so scared hearing her cries. Dadi and Mami is out of town for a function. He had called Anjali and informed her. After sometime Anjali and shyam along with Aadhvik came to him running.

Anjali- Chote how is kushi now ?

Arnav - Don't know Dhi. doctors have took her to the operation theatre.

Shyam - Don't worry Arnav. She is gonna be alright. U first sit.

Shyam made him sit. Arnav tried to be normal but failed miserably. He can't be relaxed until he see kushi.

Suddenly a nurse came out from inside. Nurse - Sir patient is calling u inside. Pls come fast.

Oh god...this is gonna be tuff...He cannot withstand her tears. but he can't leave her alone also. what should he do now ? he was in dilemma.

Anjali - Chote go inside and be with kushi.

Arnav - Dhi....how...

Shyam - Arnav...u r her husband. Go and be with her. she needs u right now. u r gonna see Ur baby entering this world. Go man..

As the door was open they heared a scream of kushi. And Arnav couldn't help than to ran inside the room. His lungs shrunk seeing her pain.

As kushi saw him she raised her hands towards him and next second she felt Arnav's tight hold on her hands. He took her in his arms.

Doctor - Mr.Raizada make her calm. Then only the delivery will be quick.

Arnav nodded - Kushi....Shh...Iam here with u. Calm down. (wiping her tears ) Don't cry dear. Make it easy for our baby.

Kushi - Arn..nav...ji... it..s paining.

Arnav hugged her tight whispering sweet nothings to her. He was unspeechable seeing the pain she is undergoing to bring a new life in this world. He was scared that something would happen to her. his concentration was only on kushi. suddenly he heared a loud wail and kushi relaxing. he looked ahead to see a red body whimpering in nurse hand. Oh god...That's HIS BABY....world stilled for him.

Doctor - Congratz...its a BOY.

Kushi also looked at their baby. Arnav - Give my son to me...

Nurse - just few minutes. let me clean him sir.

Arnav - that's really OK. give him.

All looked at him astonished. Arnav got his son in his arms. His eyes brimmed with tears. The awful smell amniotic fluid is creating didn't mattered him.He felt his son would slip from his hands due to the fluid. he held him tight.

Kushi raised to see her son. Arnav - Kushi...OUR SON... he kissed his son's forehead.

Arnav's world completed. his wife in one arm and his son in other. Kushi was smiling through tears.She got her son in her hands. all the pain vanished in thin air. She was lost in her son when she heared " I LOVE YOU...." she smiled thinking that Arnav is saying that to their son.But...but...but....when she looked at him , His eyes was fixed on her.

Everything around her blanked. Only Arnav's eyes was visible to her. This is the best moment of her life. holding her baby in her arms for the first time and Hearing his ' I LOVE YOU.....' for the very first time after their marriage of almost two years.

She was feeling dizzy but she didn't want to loose conscious and miss any moment of his eye balls. Nurse came and got the baby in her hand to clean him.

Arnav pulled kushi in his warmth - I love u so much kushi and thanks for the beautiful gift u have given me.

Don't know why he said ' I love you ' to her. but no word can properly define the feeling bursting in his heart for kushi right now. That's when he remembered he didn't said those words to her. And nothing can be a perfect moment other than this to them.

Nurse - Sir...pls...wait outside. we have to clean mam also.

Arnav nodded his head. kissing Kushi's forehead once - I will wait outside okay.

Kushi just blinked her eyes and closed her eyes feeling drowsy. Arnav went out removing his green apron. He ran to Anjali and hugged her.

Arnav - Dhi.....its a Boy...

Anjali and shyam squealed in happiness. shyam also joined the hug.

Shyam - Congratz Arnav. oh my god , I don't have sweet now to fill ur mouth right now. wait I will go and bye sweet. Shyam ran outside.

Anjali - How is kushi now ?

Arnav coming out of hug - Kushi is week right now. But fine. soon she will be shifted to the room.

Anjali - that's gud. Dadi said she is on the way.

Arnav nodded his head. Arnav -Let me inform Sammy also. He called kushi's home and spoke with samrat and shared the gud news. About others he didnt care. He said samrat to inform Kushi's chachu also. Lifting Aadhvik who is looking everything with his innocent eyes - Hey prankster. we got one more crime in partner in our team.

Aadhvik - Who mamu?

Anjali - Ur little brother.

Aadhvik - Haww....The one inside kushi mami's tummy....he asked with wide eye.

Arnav - Hmm....yes.

After sometime nurse came out with His Son wrapped in a white material. He now had a better view of his little one. The body which was filled with blood is now cleaned and his son indeed looked so cute. family squealed in joy welcoming the new member in their small world.

Mar 5

Chapter 31 Epilogue part B (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 130 times)

It was night and kushi was lying on the bed looking her son with a smile in her face. as she was wide awake all the memories ran across her mind. Right from their marriage, how they shared a bitter relationship , how one day they become friends , how they consummated their marriage , how they lived happily after that. After her pregnancy announcement, Arnav made her feel that she is flying in sky. she was so happy with his every gesture. Not for one day he would have came late to home. He took care of her like a mother. And today after nearly two years of marriage,he confessed his Love to her in proper words.

Arnav stirred in his sleep and woke up to see Kushi was wide awake smiling to herself. Her tired face is looking differently beautiful to him. He smiled and went near her.

Arnav - Didn't sleep ? u r tired, u need rest kushi...he said sitting near her and started caressing her hair.

Kushi - From morning, Iam sleeping only. I didn't know what happened the whole day. Now iam not feeling sleepy.So iam looking our son. he's cute na....

Arnav kissed her forehead - After all whose son he is ? But u should rest kushi.

Kushi - Arnav ji...Sleep here...She patted the place beside her.

Arnav - This is hospital and not our bedroom. Anyone can come inside anytime.

Kushi pouted - Please...Iam not getting sleep without u. Sleep here itself.

Arnav shook his head smiling. He went and locked the door and switched off the bright light leaving a dim one. He went and laid beside kushi pulling her in his arms safely caring not to hurt her. Now both r lying in the bed with Arnav hugging kushi from back keeping his face over hers. Both r admiring their son.

Kushi - Arnav ji....


" Say again "

Arnav looked at her confused - What ?

Kushi - U said something inside the theatre for the very first time. I wanna listen it again. Say...

At first Arnav didn't understand. Then it strike him. Smirking he asked - I didn't remember anything. what I said kushi ?

Kushi pouted smacking his arms and looked ahead. Arnav smiled and moving close to her - I LOVE YOU KUSHI....he slowly whispered.

Kushi smiled hearing him. Arnav - Waise... Atleast I said now....But I didn't hear anything in return.

Turning her face she kissed his cheek- I love you toooooo.....Both giggled.

Arnav - Is that so necessary ? Don't u know how much I love u ? And what u mean to me ?

Kushi - I know... I know... But hearing it iam so happy. that is the best moment of my life. coming to ur question...It was not necessary. I know how much u love me. I can understand ur unsaid words also. I know each and every single thing of u.

Arnav's smile faded. He didn't said a biggest secret (Anusha) to her. He shouldn't hide this anymore. but still....he feared. He feared to loose Kushi's love. He didn't knew what would be the outcome.

Arnav - Kushi...shall I tell u one thing ? (She nodded ) Promise me...U won't get angry... (he asked to her like a baby).Kushi... woh... when I studied college...

'Arnav stop it right here. its not too late' His mind screamed. but he chose to ignore that. he shouldn't keep anything in dark to the woman who gave her everything to him. who struggled for his love.And hiding it is a betray. So Gaining courage. Arnav - When I studied college....I...I...I loved a girl. Her name is Anusha. But due to some problems I broke up with her. Iam sorry that I didn't said it to u. I was scared that u will leave me. I didn't want ur love for me change into hurt. Iam sorry Kushi... He cried and looked at kushi scared. but.....There was nothing in her face other than a smile.

Arnav - kushi why r u smiling ?

Kushi - Then what should I do ? Iam sry that I didn't give the expression u expected, But....let me tell u. I would've shocked if u told all this before 1½ year.

Arnav looked at her with a innocent eyes. Wiping his tears. Kushi - I know all this before itself (Arnav shocked) When we were in MUMBAI...

Arnav - why u didn't ask me ?

Kushi - What is the use of turning a close chapter ? That will only deepen the wounds. I don't want u to feel awkward with me.And most importantly....I know then my husband started to love ME. so there was no need. And more than Love, Respect and trust is also needed for a couple. U gave me the Respect, I trusted u that u will never leave me at any situation and will love me. Aur aap mere barose pe kare uthre (U stood at my trust) U didn't let us go apart. That's why, I never asked anything.

Arnav buried his face in her neck and cried- Iam sorry Kushi. I didn't want u to go through the pain, I underwent.

Kushi - Shh....Shh....Arnav ji. this is not the time to cry. U should be happy. our love is safe within us.

He snuggled more into her. After sometime he stopped his crying hearing his baby's feeble voice. He looked up to see that his son is crying. He went and lifted him and gave him to kushi. She feed him. Kushi put her baby back in the cradle. baby opened it's eyes for the first time. Kushi looked at him in awe. Kushi - Arnav ji...See he has ur eyes.

But Arnav didn't looked at the baby. he looked at kushi only. 'Kushi is a bless to him. Even after knowing everything, there was No question, No hurting words, No tauntrums , Nothing....This woman only showed love to him. He laid at the same position again.

Arnav - Kushi... Mamma said to me once that,Hearing something can make one happy. But today I realised that saying something also brings lot of happiness. So from today there is a new rule adding. daily I will say 'I love u'. I never knew saying this words can give me such a peace. I love u a lot jaanu. Now tell me...what name u thought for our son.

Kushi - I thought a name that sounds like ur name. AARAV...AARAV SINGH RAIZADA. How is it ?

"Very unique name. he(baby) will praise u for his name "

Kushi smiled- Arnav ji..tmrw is baby's vaccine. I think I will sleep. so pls take him early morning.

Arnav twitched his face at the thought of that stupid needle pricking his son's soft skin. Kushi laughed at his face. Kushi - How can I forget that my Macho husband is scared of injection.

Arnav- U know this also ?. Kushi nodded laughing. Arnav also smiled.

They kept on discussing such things for sometime. The new parents with their new born had a.....


Happy women's day girls.....

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