laad governor's birthday (completed)

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Aug 30, 2016

laad governor's birthday (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 14 times)

This is my first story I'm not that good in writing so kindly bear with me.

 Its time when there are months to arshi's second marriage much to arnav's irritation. Shyam will never return in my story. Dadi changed to good but same ordering around everyone and wants arshi marriage with full ritual. Whatever happens ASR is ASR he keep on visiting kushi in GH or at RM stating that its by ritual that groom and bride should not meet after haldi so now no one can stop him from meeting his lady love.

 Kushi is at RM . Arnav and akash are at office making their revials to go mad for keeping their position. Dadi gone to temple for some pooja and will not return for at least one week(becz I don't want dadi to be here).

Everyone is present in hall chatting with each other happily.But anjali seemed to be lost somewhere kushi who was sitting next to anjali noted this and called her.

Kushi: di (anjali is still lost)diiiiiiiiiiiiii....she screamed like anything.


Anjali jerked from her place while everyone snapped their head towards kushi and even hp who was in kitchen dropped the vessel in his hand by her scream.

Mami:hello hai bye bye patti saree are u planning to give us heart attack.

Nani: what happened kushi betiya why are u screaming.

Payal: kushi pagal ho gayi kya(kushi are u gone mad)

Kushi:then what. I'm calling di for at least half an hour but she is lost somewhere.

Nani:haan anjali betiya u seemed to be lost what happened.

Anjali:woh Nani I'm thinking about chotae. Mami:what about him.

 Anjali: mami u forgot chotae's birthday is after two days. Kushi stood up atonce .

Kushi: kya laad governor ka janam dhin(what laad governor's birthday) she screamed once again. Mami:aree someone help me this patti saree will definitely going to kill me.

 Everyone laughed at mami's comment. But our kushi is not in state of hearing it.

Kushi:aree it will be more fun I'm going to do many things for his birthday devi miyya there is more to do but there is no time from where to start it ordering cake or decoration she kept on blabbering.

 Anjali: kushiji first listen to me.

Kushi: haan di say it. Is it how to do celeb....

Anjali: hold on kushji your laad governor will not celebrate his birthday.

Mami: he just not only don't like to celebrate but also don't like anyone even wishing him.

 Kushi: what!!!! What kind of person is he. Laad governor always stay in his attitude not even celebrating his own birthday. But I'm not going to leave him.

Anjali: but kushiji he will shout at u. Kushi: haan haan he will always shout at me but di I want to celebrate his birthday.

Anjali: what to do kushiji he is like that only.kushi became sad. Kushiji leave it na.

Kushi: OK di she sighed and went out of RM .

Anjali: I feel pity for kushiji.

 Nani: what to do betiya our chotae will not change.

 Anjali: I wish at least this time he change for kushiji.

Everyone sighed and discharged to their respective work.

 In GH

 Kushi is sitting in her room lost deeply in her thoughts. Preetho and some kids entered into her room suddenly shouting surprise. (Preetho is younger than kushi who is an orphan but an independent strong girl who lives in next street of kushi's. And is studying in Mumbai and visit Delhi occasionally during her holidays and is crime partner of kushi and kids in all pranks)

 Kushi: preetho u when did u come kushi exclaimed in joy after meeting her friend after many days.

Both the friends shared a warm hug and all settled in bed. Again kushi got back to her thoughtful mode. Preetho who is chatting with kids thought what happened to her best friend who is always talk something is all silent now.

Preetho: what happened kushi are u floating in ur lala land with jijaji. She teased her and chuckled lightly.

Kushi: haan haan I'm thinking about that laad governor only.

Preetho: what laad governor this is how u call him bechara jijaji.

 Kushi: what woh bechara I'm the one not him.

Preetho: what did he did

Kushi: do u believe anyone in world don't like to celebrate his own birthday but he do laad governor.

 The kids who where playing in their own world till now after hearing birthday started screaming.

Chotti: birthday cake yeehhh a small girl jumped up and down.

Bubloo: haan didi cake party whose birthday didi. Now its not yours or preetho Didi's then whose birthday didi .

Kushi: aap ka jijaji's birthday.(urs jijaji's birthday) Bubloo: OK we will make it super hit

Kushi: oie bubloo ur jijaji don't like to celebrate his birthday.

Sweety: but didi one have to celebrate their birthday na

Bubloo: haan haan Chotti: what if he don't want didi we will make him want it didi .

Kushi: what can I do

 Preetho: we are here na kushi we will help u first we have to plan everthing .OK kids are u ready.

Yeeehhhhhh.... All kids shouted. And all the pranksters started to discuss how to make their jijaji's birthday a memorable one.

Everyone disposed to their own houses thinking the ways to execute their plan. Kushi slept with a contented smile in her face looking forward for her laad governor's birthday.

 I know I know there is no arshi scene in this update but I assure u I will give u in next one.

 I reposted it because I typed the title itself wrongly. And corrected some spelling mistakes up to my knowledge. And frdz waiting for ur comments eagerly either good or bad all are welcomed with open heart.

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Aug 31, 2016

chapter 2 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 29 times)

Two days went in haste. For kushi by arranging everything and for arnav by nonstop meetings thanks to his busy schedule. They speak through phone and meet each other like always but kushi never left a chance to arnav to smell something fishy and due to his busy schedule he did not  get proper time to note her . Not only arnav non has the idea about it except the pranksters.

 It was the day before his birthday . arnav entered RM hell tired after  continues meetings.and joined  everyone in dinner after refreshing.

Anjali : chotae do have any plan tomorrow.

Arnav : haan di I have to visit the new site and continuous meetings. He sighed thinking another hectic day.

Anjali: OK chotae ( she thought not to add any additional stress to him by remembering him about his birthday(anyone will be happy about their birthday but for our ASR it will be a normal day and celebration is a unnecessary stress))

Arnav: and di I will be leaving early so don't worry about me.

Anjali: OK chotae take care of yourself.

Arnav: I will di. And he left to his room.

Mami: hello hai bye bye what is this our arnav betuwa not celebrate his own birthday is already a  big thing now he is working like a machine in that same day without even knowledge of his birthday.

Anjali: haan mami I don't know what to do with this chotae .

Nani: what can we do anjali betiya no one can change him.

Payal: di nani I wonder how hamara pagali and arnavji fall in love with each other they are poles apart. Here arnavji not even acknowledgeing his birthday but kushi she will take the whole city in her head even before one month of her birthday.

Nani: haan payal betiya No one can predict how ,when and who will fall in love.

Anjali: yes nani u r right . and I don't think kushiji will keep quiet after knowing her pyaara laad governor birthday is tomorrow. But she seems to be very normal.

Payal: who knows di woh pagal may have already done some Of her stupid plan. Only god can save arnavji from that pagali.

Everyone laughed at her statement and back to their room to have their peaceful slumber.

Mean while in arnav's room 

Arnav is setting his bed to take his nap when his mobile buzzed. After seeing the caller id a bright smile appeared in his lips.

Arnav: hello kushi missing me.

Kushi: no no just called to know are u sleeping are not.

Arnav: oh will anyone call someone and disturb their sleep to know whether they are sleeping are not.

Kushi: woh  woh  OK nothing I'm cutting the call u sleep.

Arnav: kushi kushi wait I'm not sleeping just going to sleep u say what u wanted to.

Kushi: nothing arnavji u sleep.

Arnav: nothing OK . kushi u seem to be happy what's the matter anything special.

Kushi: arnavji I'm always like that what do find so special today.

Arnav: yes u r always like that pagal he muttered with a cute smile.

Kushi: arnavji......

Arnav: OK OK bye good night.

Kushi: good night arnavji (sleep arnavji until I disturb u)she jumped in joy finally her waiting is going to end soon.

Arnav slept in min after his convo with kushi due to his tiredness.

Here kushi is glancing the clock time to time for excuting her plan.

it was around 11. Arnav was in deep sleep when he felt someone is hissing near his ear. First he neglected it but he heard that sound continuously and tapping in his shoulders. Then something knocked his  brains indicating whose sound and touch is that. How can he forget. This  the person who dared to conquer his heart and soul and won the game even after his constant struggle not to let her win.

He opened his eyes slowly like a cute kid adjusting his lens to get the clear vision. There stood his little kitten in his fav red anarkali he smiled lightly thought it as a sweet dream. And closed his eye to continue his beautiful dream. 

But he doesn't know its not dream but real. Kushi who is trying to wake him up. seeing him closing his eyes to get back his sleep. Which annoyed kushi badly so she shook him vigorously. 

Kushi: arnavji.......

Arnav jerked from sleep and found that its not his dream but real. She placed her hand in his mouth before he shouts.

Kushi: shhhh arnavji don't shout its me. She removed her hand from his mouth. And is speaking in her lowest possible voice.

Arnav: kushi what are u doing here and to at this time. And how did u come her....(interfered by kushi)

Kushi: Enough arnavji I need a promise from u.

Arnav: promise !!!! What promise ????

Kushi: haan promise . promise me that u will do what I ask u to do without any question for next 24 hours.

Arnav: what no way kushi I'm not going to do anything.

Kushi: arnavji better u promise Otherwise...

Arnav: otherwise what kushi,what will u do?? He raised his left eyebrow.

Kushi: otherwise ........ Haaan otherwise I will not marry u.

Arnav: what the kushi what are u talking.

Kushi: yes I will not marry u if don't promise me to do what I say for next 24 hours.

Arnav: OK I will try

Kushi: try she frowned arnavji no try wry and all u have to.

Arnav: sighed defeated at accepted her promise OK OK I will. Not wanting to go through the wooing game once again to get her back. And not to get more seperation from her which he is already passing with much difficulty.

After hearing a yes from arnav she had big smile in her face.

Arnav: what do u want me to do kushi. 

Kushi holded his hand and dragged him along with her. Arnav managed to take his phone and slid it in pocket following her. She lead him through French door to garden at backside of RM . confused arnav followed her without asking anything clear knowing that he will not get any answer rather to her do what she wants.

She claimbed a stone in garden near the wall and jumped otherside of the wall. Arnav stood shocked by her action. He come to reality after hearing her calling him to do the same.

Arnav thought she will surely make him mad one day He smiled and jumped the wall.

There kushi was ready with her Schooty. Arnav stared at her with open mouth.

Kushi: arnavji what are u doing there come and sit. 

Arnav: what in this no way kushi.

Kushi: arnavji keep quiet and do what I say and ...and... remember the promise.

Arnav took his seat behind her without any option. They both are now in roads outskirts of Delhi after some minutes of their start from RM . Arnav enjoyed the ride that too with his kushi but he did not voiced it out.

He slowly slid his hand in her waist and laid his head in her shoulder hugging her tight from behind.Kushi jerked by his action 

Kushi: arnavji what are u doing

Arnav: what am I doing. just hugging my wife and u said I want to do what u say but didn't say anything about what to do when u don't say anything .

She smiled and both are relishing their ride with cool breeze caressing their skin feeling the heaven in eachothers presence.

arnav: kushi how did u get out of ur house I mean buaji didn't say anything

Kushi: who said arnavji she didn't say anything we have to do many things to make her accept.

Arnav: we ????

Kushi: haan me , preetho, bubloo,chotti,sweety and she said on and on the kids names.

Arnav chuckled at her childishness.

Arnav: did u said that u are coming with me?

Kushi: What I'm coming with u for ur kind information you are coming with me . and I didn't say I'm meeting with u I asked her permission to stay with fact this Schooty is preetho's.

Arnav: hmm so my sanki did these much drama to spend time with me.

Kushi : what to do having a laad governor like u I have to do something like this.

Arnav: what the.. OK leave it but I love this ride I never thought a Schooty ride will be this much pleasure.

She giggled and they back to their silent mode feeling their heaven.

I think I didn't disappoint u if so forgive me

Thank u for ur support

Bye meet u in next update.

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Aug 31, 2016

note for the readers (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 9 times)

Im writing something on my own for the first time in my whole life. So plz comment me either good or bad both are welcomed whole heartedly. It means a lot to me. I try my level best to satisfy u with my content if u want any change or addition let me know through ur comments. Ur comments are my judging elements about my own self so plz plz plzzzzzz comment. Thank u to all my readers.

Aug 31, 2016

chapter 3 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 26 times)

Here’s the next update 

Finally their cute little journey came to an end. Kushi stopped her Schooty then only our ASR care to note the surroundings. Its a deserted road with tall trees and bushes on both sides. Kushi held his hand and lead him towards the bush.

Arnav: kushi where are u taking me and what place is this?

Kushi: shhh arnavji just come with me u will know soon.

They reached the cliff where a big rock is present she made him sit on the rock and taking her place near him. The place was such a beauty from which no one take their eyes. The moon is glowing with its full glory highlighting the wheat field below the cliff with its silver rays. 

Kushi: arnavji me and babuji come to this place when we visit buaji house in my school holidays even amma and jiji don’t know about this. Babuji take me with him when he wanted to meet his friend here he is in nearby village but his friend passed away one day from that day we stopped coming here.

We sit here for hours talking and when we reach home babuji say some lies to amma when she question us.

Arnav looked kushi who is lost in her childhood memories with eyes fixed on moon. She turned to look at him.

Kushi: u know arnavji babuji said many prince charming and beautiful princess stories when we we spend our time here. She giggled lightly. That time I dreamed to come here with my prince charming one day.

Arnav: hmm but u end up with a beast instead of prince charming.

She looked at him startled. She never thought even in her dreams that he would think himself as a beast. She cupped his face in her soft hands looking directly into his eyes which had guilt of hurting the innocent soul before him.

Kushi: u are more than a prince charming arnavji u may look like a beast from outside but u have the most beautiful heart in the whole universe. I’m happy that this beautiful heart belongs to me. She smiled with all love she had for him glistening in her eyes. 

He smiled at her thanking everyone in heart who are reason for getting this pure soul only for himself whether its god or her parents he is grateful to them.

Kushi: what arnavji why are u looking at me like this. He shaked his head sideways implying nothing and held her hand which is in his cheek and kissed them. he laid his head in her lap.

Kushi: what are u doing arnavji... She said shocked by his sudden action.

Arnav: let me kushi I feel peace. She didn’t said anything and started stroking his hair.

Arnav: (he continued after some minutes) mumma also used to stroke my hair when I lay in her lap. I like that feel very much. It will more pleasant and peaceful. It will remove all my worries and pain. I feel the same in u kushi. Thanks for coming into my life.

She was overwhelmed by his statement. She knows that the rude, arrogant ASR is just a mask which hides the pure soul inside it but never imagined this man is this much  beautiful at heart. She had tears of joy but prevented it before slid her cheeks. They stayed like this for a while until kushi’s phone beeped with a message.

Arnav: what’s it kushi. He asked still lying on her lap.

Kushi: nothing arnavji its time to go.

Arnav: where?

Kushi: to mumma

Arnav: mumma?

Kushi: haan to ur secret garden 

Arnav: r u sure

Kushi: haan haan jalthi aajayiye(yes yes come soon)

Arnav: OK they both moved towards the Schooty.

Arnav: kushi give me the keys. She looked at him confused.

Arnav: what ....I know how to drive Schooty. She smiled at him and handed over the keys to him.

Both sat on the Schooty and headed to the road. Kushi hugged him and pleased her head on his shoulder like him when she was driving.

Arnav: yeh copy cat he smiled saying this.

Kushi: I don’t care I like it. He smiled once again and they traveled to their destination.

They reached their mumma's garden. Both headed to the small house there. Suddenly kushi closed his eyes with palm hands.

Arnav: kushi what are u doing?

Kushi: shhh arnavji keep quiet and come.

Arnav: kushi this is my house and I only know where its keys are.

Kushi: laad governor do u forget I too know it.

Arnav: OK OK but why are to closing my eyes?

Kushi: I said keep quiet arnavji u will come to know soon what I’m upto .

He sighed and did what she said. He heard the door opening sound and they are now at the centre of the hall.(the house contains a hall ,kitchen, two rooms, garden at front and pool at backyard)

Arnav: kushi can I open my eyes now it hurts.

Kushi: wait arnavji only some minutes.

After some minutes she took her hands off from his eyes.and he was blown with loud screams of kids. 

Kids And preetho: happy birthday jijaji........ With party caps, snow spray,party papers and all celebration things for a perfect birthday party. He also heard kushi wishing him happy birthday by hugging him at the same time with the kids. Then only reality struck him its his birthday he himself forgot it. The whole house is decorated with flowers and balloons.

Arnav: oh this is why u take me out at that time . kushi u could wished me at 12 but u didn’t why?

Kushi: becz u where born now 28 years ago.

Arnav: what he asked her confused 

Preetho: jijaji kushi says that this is the correct time u have born. Then only he noticed the girl who stood along with the kids. And regagonized her as preetho.

Arnav: preetho

Preetho: haan haan jijaji hum preetho hai aapki pyaari pathni ka fevicol wala dosth(yes yes jijaji I’m preetho ur lovely wife’s fevicol type inseparable friend)

Arnav: but kushi how did u know this? 

Kushi: once di told me that when mumma is in hospital for delivery. It early morning around 7:15 when everyone is getting ready for their day the whole hospital is blown with a loud scream. Indicating this laad governor came to this world. Laad governor from that time itself started shouting scaring others. Poor people would have gone deaf with ur  scream.she said dramatically and folded her arms and pouting her lips.

Arnav: what the... See who says that u are the one always screaming and to the fact every child will cry when they born. But u still now not changed and screaming around making all go mad.

Kushi: what .... U u u laad governor

Sweety:enough....... Enough of ur fighting. We came here to celebrate birthday not to see WWF let the birthday boy cut his cake.I'm hungry.

Kids: haan haan 

Arnav raised his eyebrows by seeing the kids antics.

Kushi stamped her foot and took a gift box from the table and asked him to wear the dress without any fuss.

Arnav took it from her and headed towards the room to change knowing well she will not leave him today.

After sometime he came out wearing a blue shervani looking stunning with his killer looks.

Kushi saw him with open mouth and big eyes without even blinking it for once when preetho's voice brought her back.

Preetho: wow jiju u are looking out of the world. I feel pity on myself. It would have been better if I had fallen in ur arms.

Kushi’s  opened her eyes like saucer. she hit preetho’s shoulder. While arnav smiled seeing his pocessive kitten who looked too cute ln her jealousy.

I thought of completing story in three to four updates but it seems to be extend to one more.

I'm not good at Hindi so forgive me if there is any mistake in it and even also in English.

Blessed09luv,Shah10 thank u very much for ur comments.

Maan  I will definitely reply to all ur comments becz they are more valuable to me and thanks for ur suggestion I'm not that good at putting my thoughts I hope u like the way I made arnav ride Schooty.

Kshamadeeksha it my personal experience but I went with my younger brother in bike. Me and my brother in one and my dad and mom in other we went to a temple visit by the time we return its became dark and the ride was just amazing. Riding with someone u love and believe in is such a wonderful thing. Yaah i love my brother very much.Just thought to put it in this story.I'm happy u liked it.

sujesan61 yaah he made promise easily and we also know he can do anything for his kushi and she also pulled the right nerve to make him agree.

I think I mentioned everyone and kindly forgive me if I had missed anyone I could see only this in my page.and once again sorry if I left anyone.

Thank u everyone who pressed the thank u button

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Sep 2, 2016

chapter 4 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 28 times)

U may think that im dragging it unnecessarily  and im going to extend it with one more update but what to do i wanted to.My point is that live every minute of ur life and try to get happiness in evey small things u have. So I tried that in this story. If u like read further or else ignore it. And I know that every one has their own taste. If u have any suggestions kindly inform me I try to make it out. 

Here u go

They moved towards the cake Arnav cut the cake while everyone singing the happy birthday song. He fed kushi first and she fed him back. They had a cute little eyelock which was disturbed by preetho.

Preetho: ahem.. ahem...jiju hum log bi yehan hai haree humme bi ****iye baache bi  yehan hai ( cough... cough....jiju we people are here. leave me kids are also here)

They averted their eyes and stood embarrassed. Then everyone had their piece of cake. And kids gave their preset to arnav like chats wishing him birthday, small bouquet with flowers available for them and small small things they could afford. Arnav accepted them whole heartedly whispering thank u to everyone. Preetho gifted him watch and its time for kushi's present. She took out silver chain from small velvet box having a heart pendent which had the AK where A occupied half of heart and K the other half.(guys imagine the AR symbol but it K instead of R and heart instead of circle) they made kushi to wear the chain to arnav by herself. Arnav accepted it smiling(why will not he) and everyone clapped. Then preetho and kushi left to kitchen to prepare breakfast with the thing which preetho already bought on kushi’s insistence. They prepared poori and aloo ki sabji which is arnav’s favorite.

Preetho: kushi why did u prepared this..

Kushi: why? Is it not good.

Preetho:no no I didn’t mean that I just wanted to say u could have prepared something of jiju's favorite.

Kushi: this is his favourite.

Preetho: hoi hoi u love jiju very much haan.

Kushi blushed hard.

Preetho: see see I don’t know my best friend knows to blush that to this much red putting even the tomatoes to shame.

Kushi: preetho enough of teasing they will be hungry come.

Preetho: are u taking about all of us or someone special.

Kushi took poori plate and ran outside the kitchen to escape from preetho teasing. They both placed the dishes in table. And went to call Arnav and kids for breakfast. 

During this whole time our great ASR is giving answer to the silly question thrown on him by the kids. Which has to be recorded in world records. Kushi is shocked by the site before her. Her arnavji who hate kids is sitting between kids in sofa with sweety in his lap and to top of it he is smiling and talking to them. She thought he is definitely not that arrogant ASR who left her hand to fall from first floor. All headed to take their breakfast. A look at the dish made him realize that his kushi is not ready to leave a single chance to make him happy that too adding extra reason for this day. He don’t want to make her more embarrassed. And smiled thinking how will her cheeks take the red hue more if that even possible. Everyone finished their breakfast. The kids wanted to play so asked arnav to join with them as they knew kushi and preetho are already in.

Sweety: jiju let’s play something.

Arnav: what no no no u people carry-on I fine like this.

Bubloo: jiju plz for us. all kept their puppy face pleading him. He melted by their pleading.

Arnav: OK I’m in.

Yeehhh they all shouted in joy. 

Haree bayyare bavan bavan bavan haree bayyare bavan bavan kushi attended the call it was from buaji.

Buaji: haree sankadevi where are u and preetho u took kids with and their parents are worried here.

Kushi: buaji kids wanted to go out so me and preetho take them out. Don’t worry buaji we are fine. And will be back safe and say to everyone that their kids are safe with me.

Buaji: so only I’m worried they are with u.

Kushi: buaji....

Buaji: OK OK don’t shout come back soon and I’m cutting the call.

And the line went dead. All the kids smiled covering their mouth with their palms.

Kushi: what.. Why are u smiling?

Arnav: how much lies u say kushi. U are spoiling them too.

Kushi: are saying as if u never say a lie.

Arnav: of course I never lie.

Kushi: let’s see laad governor.

 Arnav phone rang interfering their conversation. He took his phone and saw the caller Id. It was from his di.

Arnav: hello di   after hearing him taking his di's name kushi looked at him.

Anjali: chotae did u finished your site seeing and had your breakfast.

Arnav: site seeing........ Then only he remembered that he had to visit a site and had a tight schedule today.

Anjali: chotae... Chotae... Are u there?

Arnav: haan di finished and I had my breakfast too. He saw kushi who gave him a winning smile with raised eyebrows.

Anjali: OK chotae take care bye.

Arnav: bye di. He ended the call. Dammit I forgot everything. I have to call aman and ask him to postponed the meetings. He said calling aman. Before the call get connected kushi snatched the phone and cutted the call.

Kushi: laad governor never leave that poor soul to even breath freely.

Arnav: what the... Kushi give it to me. I have to resechdule the meetings.

Kushi: there is no need for that today there meeting for u.

Arnav: mean?

Chotti: means didi asked aman uncle to cancel ur all meeting today before two days itself.

Arnav: what and that aman didn’t tell me anything and the schedule he gave me for today all are plan. And he acted as nothing happened. I’m not going to leave him.

Kushi: don’t u dare to do that. He did it becz I asked him to.

Arnav: but he had to informed me.

Sweety: oh jiju then how it will be a surprise.

Bubloo: stop stop stop let go back to our discussion.

Chotti: what discussion.

Bubloo: oie buddhu u forget we were discussing about playing something.

Chotti : ohhh .

Bubloo: OK what we play now.

Sweety: hide and seek.

Okkkkkkkk all screamed together.

Chotti: I will count first and u all hide.

And everyone started to hide themselves. Arnav sighed and walked to find his hide place. When he entered the room and thinking where to hide he saw kushi coming that way. He pulled her inside closing the door behind. Before kushi start to scream by his sudden action he placed his palm on her mouth sitting her up. After registering the sudden happening she calmed down. He took his palm from her mouth and pinned her between his arms and the wall. Kushi stared at him in shock.

Kushi: arnavji what are doing someone will come.

Arnav: no one will come they are busy in playing and the door is also closed. So close ur mouth for  sometime. She pouted.

Arnav: ur looking so cute when u pout kushi. He said pinching her nose. She lowered her eyelids blushing. And I never knew that my pagal can do this much for my birthday.

Kushi: I just wanted to make u happy arnavji.

Arnav: and u made it. He kissed her knuckles.

When our love birds having their moment our pranksters are trying find their hide out. Chotti who had finished her counting started to search everyone. Sweety reached the door that led to backyard where the pool is present. She opened the door and stood rooted in her place. It was a site to see the pool is not like a constructed one its like one that is made by nature the pool is surrounded by small flower plants and a small stone path led the way to pool from the door and adding to its beauty the weather is so pleasant.

Chotti who is in search spotted sweety standing still at the door and went near her and mirrored the reaction of sweety. In minutes everyone where there except the love birds who lost in their own world. Bubloo was the first one to break the silence.

Bubloo: what are u waiting for let’s goooo..... He shouted and in blink everyone was in the pool. Shouting and splashing water on one another.

This sound brought the love birds from their lala land.

Arnav: what sound is that?

Kushi: its water splash.

Arnav: pool and he rushed towards the pool with kushi running behind him. When he reached the door stood still. Kushi saw him and come front to see what made him to stand like this. Her jaw dropped down after seeing the  happenings. Before she react arnav walked back to his room in such a speed. Kushi followed him and before she enter the room the door was closed on her face. She thought that he got angry by their act and turned back to go to the kids to get them out of pool before he does anything in anger. She reached the door and hesitated how to tell them. But something happened that she never imagined.

I wrote more today so I separated into two but I updated one by now and the second part is yet to be edited it will posted tomorrow morning.

Thank u to all the readers.

And let me know your views

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Sep 2, 2016

chapter 5 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 28 times)

Sorry for the late update I said I will be posting this update this morning but something happened to the document where I had wrote this update. It took me this much time to get it back. 

Here is the update

While she was standing with hesitation thinking how to get the kids out of the pool she felt someone lifting her from the ground she realized that touch which belongs to her arnavji who is carrying her in his arms.

Kushi: arnavji u

Arnav: why did u expect someone else and don’t u dare even to think of it.

Kushi: no no I didn’t mean that u are angry na.

Arnav: did I said that?

Kushi: but u speeded to room and closed it on my nose she said pointing her nose. He smiled at her.

Arnav: I went to change and I don’t want to spoil the dress which my wife presented with so much love  and was ogling at me. Then only she noted him in his casual that he kept here to use it during his visit. 

And there is a big SPLASH 

Its nothing just arnav dropped her in the pool from his arms and he too dived in. Then their water game continued for hours. And when satisfied with the play they came back to have their lunch. Wait wait wait they are drenched right first they have to get dry cloths.

Bubloo: oh we don’t have cloths to change.

Preetho: haan bubloo I too don’t have anything to change.

Arnav: don’t worry wait here I will be back.

He came with some cloths in his hands and gave it too the kids. They thanked him and started their selection to get their fitted one.

Kushi: arnavji where do u get this?

Arnav: kushi I started to design cloths in my younger age and that time I created these. Maa helped me and stitched some. And these are some of that.I hope it will fit them.

She got another shock of the day first he played with kids in pool and now sharing the things he created with his mother. She calmed herself and started setting her mind to take this new side of arnav before these continuous shocks turns to a heart attack.

Preetho: wow jiju u are a designer by birth but what is for me now.

Arnav: don’t worry preetho here u have he handed her one. This is di's.

Preetho: thank u jiju. And jiju what u have for kushi she gave a teasing smile nudging kushi.

Arnav: kushi u come to my room and take urs. And he headed towards his room.

Preetho: go kushi go jijaji is calling u.

Kushi: shut up preetho. She went to his room.

When she reached the room she was lost by the site before her. There arnav was standing in his vest and track pants checking the cloths in his hand looking adorable and adding to it the wet her sticking in his forehead is not helping her to take her eyes off from him. Feeling someone gaze on him he looked up to find kushi who is checking out him. He smirked.

Arnav: kushi he called her in his husky voice.

Kushi: hmm still in trance.

Arnav: if u finished your checking out session take the saree and change before u catch cold. this made her realize her action. She took the saree and zoomed out of the room. He smiled shaking his head muttering pagal.

The kids changed to the cloths given by arnav and are chatting among themselves. Preetho is in anjali's yellow chuddi and kushi is in arnav’s mom’s red saree( god he never get out this color). And they are preparing lunch apparently now also arnav’s favorite (what to do he is the birthday boy so whatever goes on should go on his favorite). They finished cooking and placed them in dinning table. Now they are waiting for arnav to show up. God knows what makes him to take this much time. Then there comes our handsome hunk in his white shirt and blue jean. Well taking the breath out of his soulmate she too not less looking angelic in red. Making him show a victory smile on his choice.

Kushi thought to herself how on earth a man can manage to look this handsome in whatever he wears. She had doubt on herself is she got some disease like that acidity which she feels whenever he is near. (Poor kushi love makes already mad girl to go more mad.hmm all in hands of fate.what can we do)

Kushi: laad governor always disturbing me one or another way hmm..

She muttered under her breath looking him who is at the same state of her's . Preetho heard her murmuring and raised her head to  find what her friend is murmuring about and saw kushi whose  eyes are fixed on particular direction and followed her gaze which end at her handsome jijaji. By the time arnav reached them.

Preetho: jiju I will be happy if u change ur choice. She said looking at kushi.

Arnav: he got what preetho is up to and thought to play along with her. Yaah I too think the same. Do u have any suggestion for me?

This made kushi angry adding to it preetho said

Preetho: I won’t mind u giving me an chance.

Arnav: hmm let me think of it .

Kushi expanded her eye balls even it is possible which is already like saucer . Stood up stamping her feet and moved to dinning table not before calling them for lunch in not so polite voice. 

Kushi: laad governor what he thinks of himself. I'm not going to leave. He is enjoying my annoyance right. I too get a chance one day that time I will see him. She muttered all her way.

Preetho and arnav shared a smile seeing annoyed kushi.

Preetho: oh jiju I think we went a little more.

Arnav: don’t worry she will not take it to heart.

Preetho: and how u know that ?

Arnav: becz she knows me more than myself.

They both smiled and headed to have their lunch while the kids already at their chairs who ran behind kushi at the very moment she called for them. Kids and preetho had a good chat during their lunch. And arnav got some murderous glare from  kushi. It would have been better if he thought twice before playing with her.

Everyone finished their lunch and settled in hall. Arnav went to his room and came back with an album. It had his beautiful chidhood memories. Everyone involved in seeing his childhood photos giving him complements in between. But kushi sat with a I don't care look while controlling her not to give up in his trap. She knew that he is showing the album to get back her to normal self knowing well that she will never miss anything about him. This game continued for some minutes. But how can our sanki stay like this.

Preetho: kushi see here jiju is so cute in this photo eating butter which is sticking to his chubby cheeks and he is only in his panties. Ohh so cute.

Arnav felt embarrassed while kushi looked preetho with her big eyes and snatched the album from them.

Kushi: enough its late now u all return back to home.

Kids and preetho shouted together a big NO.

Kushi: yes u are going now. Preetho take them home safely.

Preetho: what me?

Kushi: yes u only.

Preetho: this not fair.

Kushi: go before buaji call and shout at me.

Preetho: and u come let's go what are u going to do here.

Kushi: no u are going not me I have some work here.

Preetho: ohhhh OK OK we are going. Come kids let's move.

Kids hung their heads thinking when they will get another chance to visit this beautiful place. Arnav got their thoughts.

Arnav: don't worry u can come here again I will come and take u here by myself when time available.

Kids shouted in joy sweety kissed his cheek and ran away. everyone left to their house after bidding bye bye to them.

Arnav is standing without knowing what to do. 

Arnav: kushi I'm he stammered keeping a puppy face. This melted her. How can she stay like that to her arnavji and that too on his birthday.

Kushi smiled at him. He sighed in relief. He hugged her she too hugged him back placing her head in his cheat listening to his heart beat.

Kushi: don't play with me like that arnavji.

Arnav: OK I'm sorry.

She came out of the hug .

Kushi: OK arnavji its time let's move.

Arnav: but where?

Kushi: to shanthivan where else.

Arnav: kushi is it necessary to go let's stay here for some more time.

Kushi: we have to go arnavji. They are waiting for us.

Arnav: that means everyone knows that we are here .

Kushi: no they don't know anything about this. I just told them that I will bring u back home soon and make u accept a small celebration.

Arnav: but why?

Kushi: they too deserve some happiness arnavji.and i  didn't tell them becz I know u don't like someone interfereing in ur life.

Arnav: but u bring the kids here.

Kushi: I also know the kid in u arnavji but I never know u can move this much freely with them. I thought u will take some more time to come out of ur that ASR mask.

Saying this she gave small smile to him and moved towards the door. He felt blessed to have this angel in his life. Both headed to shanthivan.

OK that's all for today hope u like this update. Kindly forgive me for any mistakes in the update.

Maan thank u for ur comments. And yes of course I planned to write another story on kushi's birthday.

I'm Tamil can I know why u wanted to know where I am from.

Sujesan61 thank u for commenting yes u are right he too joined them in pool.

This is too all the readers plz comment or press thank u or vote it. I really don't know whether u like my story or not. And a big thank u to all my readers.

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Sep 4, 2016

chapter 6 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 19 times)

Final update

Arnav and kushi headed to shanthivan in arnav's car.( guys he is ASR can't travel in Schooty again. Before its OK because that mid night and early morning so no problem but now its bright day light .han...haan no way. then it will be the talk of town for at least one week) he called mohan to get his car.

Oh sorry I forgot to tell u akash and mamaji had been in business trip and back now. So they don't know anything. When they heard that their bhai/arnav betwa accepted to celebrate his birthday and in on the way for that. They just thought they are in some dream and will believe when it come to reality. While the family members are arranging everything happily. Of course only family members are in( including guptas).

By the time our love birds reached shanthivan to join their family.

When they just stepped in they received a blast of balloons followed by a flower shower and a ear hurting shout of happy birthday from their lovely family.

Arnav moved to get elders blessings and the youngsters hugged wishing him. The birthday boy got one more cake and heard birthday song again but now from adults. The smile refused to leave his lips. He cut the cake and first fed to one of most important womens of his life hi di.(it may be late but there is no difference in his heart they both are same to him whether he express it or not). Anjali fed him back and kissed his forehead lovingly and wished him again.

Anjali: happy birthday chotae always keep smiling like this.

Arnav: thanks di and u too di.

 Both siblings shared a warm hug leaving the other members in moist eyes by their love.

Anjali: chotae today I made all ur favorites she exclaimed in joy.

Mami: haan haan arnav betwa I to prepared some of ur favorites.

Mama: what manoramma u cooked. He looked arnav and said. arnav betwa it would have been better if u not accepted to celebrate ur birthday see now u have to eat the most horrible food in the world.

Mami: what...... What did u said. I'm not going to talk to u hello hai....

Mama: bye bye manoramma.

Mami: u u u...

Mama: me what manoramma?

Mami: u shut up. U come arnav betwa. She said and walked to the dinning table in her famous duck style. All the while everyone had a hearty laughter hurting their stomach.

Everyone moved to dinning table. Anjali, nani,mami and even buaji stared to stuff the food made by them to their dearest chotae/arnav betwa making the birthday boy a baffoon boy. Kushi started laughing seeing his funny face while our arnav is giving her a I will see u later look. After all smiling and chatting guptas started to leave.

Garima:  after bidding bye to arnav's family. come kushi let's go. 

Arnav: aunty woh.... U go first I will get her home after sometimes.

Garima: arnav betwa before she tell anything anjali interfered.

Anjali: haan aunty chotae will bring her. Let kushiji spend some time with us aunty.

Garima: OK anjali betiya. Kushi come soon don't be late.

Kushi: ji amma.

They left and mami went to her touch up with mamaji on heels to take her forgiveness. Akash left to his room as he is tired of his travel followed by payal. Others settled in hall.

Anjali: chotae what did kushiji present u.

Arnav smiled and showed his locket to her.

Anjali: wow chotae it is very beautiful. Good selection kushiji.

Kushi: thank u di.

Anjali: hmm chotae I wanted to ask u one thing.

Arnav: tell me di.

Anjali: how did u go for ur visit. I mean when I went to temple I saw ur car here but ur not in home.

Arnav: woh.... di... I ....he stammered not knowing what to say if he reveal the truth then his di's  teasing will never end at least for this life time. When kushi come to save him.

Kushi: woh di he went with amanji. Right arnavji.

Arnav: haan haan I went with aman.

Anjali: hmm but kushiji how did u know when he itself forgot that.

Rat caught in the trap. 

Kushi: woh woh di I i .... Anjali laughed at her.

Anjali: leave it kushiji I'm just kidding. I know u both where together.

Nani: haan betiya don't be nervous we know that  and we don't have any problem with it.

Arnav and kushi: sorry nani/di.

Anjali: don't be. its OK but next time include us also kushiji.

Kushi: sure di and di don't tell this to anyone.

Arnav stared at her now what is the problem she have.

Kushi: what y are u looking at me like this do u want me to be killed by dadi?

Anjali/nani: we won't.

Kushi: but di how did u people know that.

Nani: then what betiya don't forget that we are di and nani of ASR.

All shared a smile and its time to get to home for kushi saying bye bye to them arnav and kushi started to GH. The journey was silent with content smile in their face and stealing glance from corner of their eyes. The car halted.

Arnav: so

Kushi: so?

Arnav: u are enjoying  my difficulty. 

Kushi: still couldn't hold of her laugh remembering his funny face but controlled herself and said. Arnavji but everyone was happy. 

Arnav: yes kushi. thank u thank u for everything I enjoyed every moment of the day. I never thought that my birthday will be this much beautiful. I don't know my this small doing can make my family this much happy. He said with love and gratitude emmiting from his chocolate eyes.

Kushi cupped his face.

Kushi: I will try to make every moment of ur life beautiful arnavji. She kissed him on his cheek and once again wished him. Happy birthday arnavji.

He smiled and hugged her.

Arnav: I love u kushi.

Kushi: I love u too arnavji.

They parted away after some satisfied minutes and got back to their respective places. Arnav is relishing his every moment of the day and taking a vow to keep his angel happy who bring light on his dark life. Here kushi is also thinking about the day events and she sure of one thing.

The man she loves is not the one what he looks from outside but the one with most beautiful heart in the whole world at the same is the scared kid wounded badly by the past and left without healing which created the beast ASR to hide his pain. No one can be blamed for his this change but if something or someone have to be blamed then its the time/fate/situation. But he is now trying to heal that wound with her on his side. And she will be there for him for eternity and even beyond that.


Finally I ended my long 24 hours.

Please leave ur comments.

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Sep 4, 2016

to all my readers (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 15 times)

Very very very sorry for the people who disliked my story. Sorry for disappointing u guys. What to do I'm only capable of this. Sorry once again.

Very hearty thank u for those who commented, thanked, and liked my story. I planned to write on kushi's birthday too. So plz tell me if u want it or not. But it will be after two to three days as I have to attend my friends marriage and I going to meet my besties after long time. Oh i m so excite. See u then guys bye.

Thank u thank u thank u so much to all the readers

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