Dhamakedar twist in Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Aug 31, 2016

Dhamakedar twist in Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki (By Telly_News)

The game of the ‘fake dadi’ will be finally over in Star Plus’  Entertainment). 

Yes, as we know, viewers have been glued to the drama revolving around the double role of actress Shashi Sharma in the show. 

As per the ongoing track, everyone in the family has been concerned over the identity of the two dadis. There has been a huge struggle going on to identify the real dadi. 

Finally, it will be Suhani’s (Rajshri Rani) game plan that will succeed. 

So what will Suhani do?                          

Aww, in a very filmy sequence, Suhani will tie a strong rope around her body and will give one end of the rope to one Dadi and the other end to the other. As per Suhani, the dadi who will pull Suhani to her side is actually the real dadi.

There will be a tug of war between the two dadis, in which Suhani will get hurt constantly. With the rope tied around her, she will be in terrible pain. 

As per sources, “Seeing Suhani to be in pain, and also upon seeing the entire family feeling bad for Suhani, the real Dadi will let loose the rope so that the suffering for Suhani will end. And when this will happen, Suhani will immediately identify the real dadi to be the one who sacrificed in order to stop her from being dragged.”

We hear that there will be an emotional moment for the Dadi as she will reunite with her family after a long time. 

This development will also bring to an end the double role of Dadi, as the fake Dadi will be arrested by the police. 

We tried calling Rajshri and Shashi Sharma, but could not get through to them. 

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News by : TellyChakkar

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