Nagarjun 5th September 2016 Written Update

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Sep 6, 2016

Nagarjun 5th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

Tina speaks to her boss and tells about ichadhari nags and their dangerous poison and their threat for humanity. Just then, Shankchurn comes in a snake form and poisions Tina. She falls down blue. He then calls Arjun and says Tina is dying and he has 10 min to save her. Arjun shouts… Nagmaya meets Vasuki and says she got her sister devi Mansa’s message that she is foreseeing some trouble. He asks what trouble. She says Mana did not meet her and informed via a magical bird. Vasuki says he has to leave right now as he will take 3 days to reach he sister, thanks her and leaves. She says Vasuki is god Mahadev’s snake and will know her lie soon and then will punish her. Arjun rushes to Tina’s lab, turns into half snake and sucks her poison. Tina wakes up and gets afraid seeing Arjun’s half snake form. Arjun shouts in anger. Tina hugs and calms him down. He says all his dear ones are attacked, he does not want Tina to stay with him and ask her to go away from him. He says he will go and confront Rajveer now and leaves. Shankchurn leaves with Mohini and asks why did she stop him from killing Tina, Arjun would have become weak and he would have taken his nagmani. Mohini asks him to calm down. Astika comes in Vasuki’s form and Mohini wishes him and says their target will pass from here soon. Arjun passes by and sees Mohini and Sankchurn with Vasuki, thinks what are they doing with guru. He calls Tina and informs her. He then sees Noorie in balcony and stops. Rajveer in his room fumes in front of Nagmaya why did mom meet Vasuki, Vasuki will nnot let them kill nagmani from Arjun and kill him. Noorie hears their voice and walks towards door. She opens door and sees Rajveer reading something on his bed. He asks why did not she sleep yet. She says she heard a woman’s voice here. He asks who will come here. Nagmaya leaves silently in snake form. Noorie turns, but Rajveer turns her back and says he knows it is difficult for her to trust him, but he will prove he is trustworthy. Devi Mansa’s messenger meets Vasuki and says Mansa sent a message that she is safe and her brother got a wrong message. Vasuki thinks why did Nagmaya dare to lie him. Thunderstorms start. Messenger apologizes him kneeling down. Vasuki says truth should not kneel down and beg. Something bad is happening in Amroli and he needs to rush back soon. Precap: Arjun tells Tina he wants to know why Vasuki is meeting Mohini and Rajveer. Astika as Vasuki with Mohini and Nagmaya beats Yashoda and Maheshwar. Yashoda tells Arjun that she and Maheshwar want him to go stay with his biological father.

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