Nagarjun 6th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 7, 2016

Nagarjun 6th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Yashoda rushes to temple with prasad. Arjun’s uncle Rameshwar helps her and takes prasad items to kitchen. Astika in Vasuki’s form says whatever he thought is happening. Nagmaya asks if they are doing right, if they hurrt Arjun’s family, Arjun may not spare them. Mohini also asks to rethink. Asthika shouts nobody should question his decision and asks to do what he says.

Arjun’s uncle arranges groceries to prepare prasad. He sees 2 snakes entering and then becoming women/naymaya and Mohini. He gets afraid and pleads to spare him. They injure him. Yashoda comes to rescue him. Mohini holds her and says even she will be punished. Astika in Vasuki’s form comes there. Yashoda runs towards him and pleads to save him. He says Moini and Nagmaya just

obeyed him and says Arjun’s father wants to take him to naglog and make him nagg, he wants her to stop Arjun with her and not let Arjun’s father make him nag, else he will destroy whole Amroli. He leaves with Mohini and Nagmaya. Tina passes by and sees them together. Astika says he wants this girl to see how Vasuki destroys things.

Tina goes to kitchen and sees Yashoda and Rameshwar injured and asks what happened to them. Yashoda says rats attacked them. Tina asks to tell truth, goes out and informs Arjun over phone what all happened. He says he is coming there.

Vasuki metitates in a cave and thinks he should find out why he is being stayed away from Amroli. He prays Mahadev to show him what is happening in Nagmaya’s brain. Nagmaya runs to Astika’s den and says Vasuki is trying to find out why she lied. A bright light enters her head and she starts shouting in pain. Mohini pleads Astika to save Nagmaya from Vasuki. Vasuki continues praying Mahadev to let him enter Nagmaya’s brain and read her thoughts. Nagmaya pleads Astika to save her. Mohini says Vasuki is like a lava and if he bursts, he will destroy everyone. Astika asks Nagmaya to call Vasuki here, he will handle Vasuki next. Vasuki sees Nagmaya and Mohini are in Astika’s den.

Arjun tells Tina that he knows Rajveer is attacking his people and is confused why Vasuki is meetng Mohini and Nagmaya. He knows mom is lying. Tina says mom is lying to protect him. He says he will go and confront Vasuki why he is meeting Mohini and Nagmaya. Yashoda comes and stops him. He asks why did she come, she would have called him instead. Yashoda says she and Maheshwar wants him to go and meet his biological father. He says but baba/vasuki. She says even Vasuki may be wrong sometimes, his father may be not wrong, so he should go and meet his father once.

Vasuki in his den says he knows where nagmaya is and trying to stop him, she should be ready to face him now. Arjun enters his den.

Precap: Vasuki catches Nagmaya and asks how dare she is to lie about devi Mansa. Nagmaya apologizes. Vasuki asks to tell who forced her to lie. Astika comes and says it is him. Vasuki is shocked to see Astika disguised as him. Their fight starts.

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