Nagarjun 7th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 8, 2016

Nagarjun 7th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Arjun reaches Vasuki’s cave. Vasuki leaves just seconds before he comes. Arjun searches Vasuki and shouts where is he, till when he will push him in darkness, he has to meet him. He sees broken things around and thinks if Rajveer did this.

Vasuki reaches Asthika’s den and asks Nagmaya why did she dare to lie against devi Mansa. Nagmaya apologizes him. He asks who forced her to tell lie. Asthika comes and says it is him. Vasuki says it is naglog’s bad luck that they got him as their mahabali, he was proud of him, but now ashamed. Astika says let us fight. They enter a virtual world and start fighting. Astika tricks him by mimicking Arjun’s voice. Vasuki turns and Astika freezes him from behind by stabbing him with a magical knife. He says if someone does

not remove knife from his back, he will be frozen forever. He comes out of virtual world and yells at Vasuki that he is wrong and trying to separate a son from a father.

Arjun hits temple bell repeatedly and calls Vasuki. Astika says Vasuki Arjun is calling him, but he will go instead to meet his son. Arjun sees a telepathy book, reads instructions and tries to contact Vasuki. Vasuki starts unfreezing. Mohini asks Astika how can Arjun be so powerful, this way Vasuki will unfreeze totally. Astika says this cannot happen and breaks Arjun and Vasuki’s telepathy. He contacts Arjun as Vasuki. Arjun thinks he found Vasuki.

Astika as Vasuki stands on road where Shankchurn passes in his car. Rajveer stops car and says Astika/Vasuki that he will not die even if he comes under car, then why is he trying unnecessarily. Vasuki says they both are Arjun’s enemies and can kill Arjun. Arjun hears their conversation. Vasuki says Arjun is just a link of his plan, once he achieves his plan, he will break all his links. Shankchurn says he does not trust him and does not need his help to kill Arjun. He leaves. Nagmaya comes and says she told Shankchurn is very stubborn. Astika as Vasuki says he wanted to use Shankchurn to kill Arjun, once he kills Arjun, he will kill even Shankchurn. He says he poisoned Arjun’s mind easily against Astika.

Yashoda falls while walking on road. People gather. Noorie sees Yashoda and asks why did she come out when she is unwell, what happened to her hand.

Arjun waits for Vasuki at his cave. Astika as Vasuki comes. Arjun confronts him and says because of him, he doubted his father and kicked him out of his house, he made him bad in front of his father. Arjun leaves. Astika smirks.

Precap: Arjun tells Shankchurn he needs to talk to Noorie once. Noorie says she does not want to. Shankchurn beats Arjun. Arjun shouts he will follow his father Astika’s path and will not dissapoint his dear ones.

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