Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 9th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 10, 2016

Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania 9th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Sanjay asks Meera to tell it was Aman or Abhishek’s mistake. Meera says Abhishek should not have hit Aman, but anyone would react if his mom is insulted. Aman’s friends insulted Babli by mimicking her limping and Abhishek confronted, even she would have reacted, Abhsihek insead kept his calm. Sanjay asks Aman to apologize. Abhishek says it is okay and apologizes instead and shakes hands with Aman. Aman also says sorry. Meera’s parents enter. Sanjay touches his would be in-law’s feet. Aman introduces Abhishek as this small home stay’s manager and asks if he has to order tea or will he bring it hiimsef. Abhishek asks Meera’s dad tea with or without sugar. Dad says without. Abhishek leaaves. Daadi calls Rekha to get pooja thali, but

nobody hears.

Meera’s dad asks Aman why was he apologizing manager. Aman telsl about yesterday’s fight and blames Abhishek. He says if they remember, Meera got lost in jungle whole night and Abhishke waas with her. Meera even celebrated Abhishek’s birthday when his parents came to meet her and humiliated them. Daadi hears their conversation and thinks she will not let them ruin Abhishek. Ria says Meera befriends anyone easily and Abhishe is Meera’s just friend. She takes Meera in. Meera says Aman stretched issue unncessarily. Ria says he did right. Meera says when she told parents Abhishek is just a friend, she felt weird. Ria says it is comon and says Aman and she are made for each other. Meera says may be.

Radhika prepares pakoras and takes them for Babli and asks to eat and tell if she prepared them better than Madhu. Babli says she does not need it. Daadi comes and asks Sona to gather whole family.

Aman continues to butter Meera’s dad and dad asks if he needs anything. Aman says he needs a transfer in central govt.

Daadi gathers whole family and says she will not rich bahu enter this house until she is alive, so she has decided to marry Abhishek to Radhika. Babli says amma but.. Daadi says her words are final and nobody will quwstion her.

Meera’s mom asks dad if he heard what Aman told. He says yes, he has not recommded anyone in his career, but will have to for his daughter’s sake.

Precap: Abhshek and Meera dance on Jag ghoomiya, thare jaisa na koi…song….

Credit : MA

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