Naagarjun 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sep 10, 2016

Naagarjun 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update (By Medsuper)

Naagarjun 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arjun hears Noorie’s voice pleading him to save her, someone has captured her soul. Arjun says he will not let her happen anything. Nagmaya mimicks Noorie’ss voice instead. Astika says she has become expert in tricks. Tina sees Arjun walking away and thinks where is he going leaving Noorie in hospital. Astika hides Norie’s soul in a snake idol and says father’s plea can be unheard, but not love, Arjun will come here for sure.

Arjun comes to cave and hears Noorie’s voice in snake idol and punches it. Shankchurn comes and says nothing will happen to Noorie. Arjun says nothing should happen to Noorie and asks where did he hide her. Shankchurn says he has already snatched Noorie from her by getting engaged to her, why will he hide her. Arjun says he

knows he and Vasuki must have done something and he will kill them both. Shankchurn attacks. Arjun retalates. Shanckhurn falls out of cave in jungle. Shankchurn says he is half human and will die half now. Arjun skin turns snake skin. Shankchurn says now they are equal now and attacks Arrjun repeatedly. Arjun overpowers him and beats him continously. Astika with Mohini watches that and says he wanted Arjun to be powerful. Mohini pleads him to save his another son Shankchurn. Arjun is about to kill Shankchurn when Astika as Vasuki blinds him with his powers and takes Shankchurn from there.

Arjun shouts in pain getting blind. Tina calls him and asks where is he. He says Vasuki blinded him and he is somwhere near his cave, even he heard Noorie’s voice to save her. Tina reaches there and brings him home. He says he has to save Tina at any cost and tries to get up and falls down. Yashoda comes and calms him down. She goes to home temple and prays god to not examine her son so much that he will shatter half way, pleads go to save her son. Tina bandages Arjun’s eyes and says she has to go to hospital and submit documents related to Noorie. He says she ccan go and does not have to be around him. She leaves. He removes his bandage and walks out apologizing Yashoda for not listening to her, thinks he has to go the place where he heard Noorie and if he does not save her, he will be guilty his whole life.

Yashoda continues praying, says her son obeyed his guru who is his biggest disciple, pleads return her son’s eyes and take her eyes instead. Arjun walks on road murmuring he will find out Noorie at any cost. Astika says Noorie is Arjun’s sensitive nerve. Mohini asks what will he do next. He says Arjun’s treatment. A speeding truck ruushes towards Arjun. Yashoda continues praying god. Truck stops just before hitting Arjun.

Precap: Tina removes knife from Vasuki’s body and unfreezes him. Vasuki checks mark on Noorie’s hand and says Arjun has gone to naglog and has reached 5th dooor. Shankchurn strangulates Tina’s neck and says last time Arjun saved her, this time he will not.

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