When Heaven Meets Hell

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Sep 11, 2016

When Heaven Meets Hell (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 60 times)




“But why me sir?”

“You’re the most efficient man in our force. There is no one other than you whom I can trust. I need you in this case Arnav.”

Arnav sighed and nodded at DGP who handed him a file.

He opened the first page and a photo greeted him. “Who is this?” he asked looking at the photo.

“The most shrewd and cunning woman I have ever come across!” DGP said, “She has been involved in many political scandals and is known for her power of domination. Owns the cosmetic company, Loraine! Everyone knows her activities but there is no single proof against her. A perfect escape artist and an excellent criminal!”

“Why has she grabbed your attention now?” Arnav asked closing the file.

“India is developing a new defence technology and this woman has got some information regarding the missile weapon manufacturing which she is gonna sell to other countries! If they come to know the manufacturing processes, things will go out of hand! We need her in the custody before she uses the info. It’s a direct order from Prime Minister!”

“How did she get them?” Arnav asked.

“She seduced a defence agent and got the information! The man was dismissed but what to do now? The woman has got the details! The government is in a fix.” DGP said.

Arnav sighed and DGP said, “You should look into it Arnav. Only you can do this!” Arnav nodded and DGP said, “The issue is not out to the media. She doesn’t know that the defence man has revealed about her. She doesn’t know that we’re following her and I don’t want her to know!”

“Where does she live?”

“Delhi! Our men traced her path. But I need you to recover the data. I’ll text you the address!” DGP said.

“This sounds easy! You never give me easy tasks!” Arnav said surprised.

“Not so easy my friend. You’ll get to know that later!” DGP said.

Arnav frowned and then walked out of the office after saluting the DGP. Everyone saluted seeing Commissioner Arnav Singh Raizada walking out of the DGP’s office. Arnav, on the way, opened the file and looked at the beautiful woman’s photo and then at the name beneath it.

Khushi Kumari Gupta

Sep 12, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 1



“Anything else madam?”

“Leave!” she commanded as she relaxed over the couch sipping her cappuccino. She heard footsteps and looked to her left to find the maid.

“I asked you to leave is it not so?” she asked sternly.

“But madam, you have a visitor!” the maid said in her meek voice.


“A man, madam. He didn’t say his name!” maid replied.

She kept the coffee cup aside and walked out of her room in her white top and dark blue thigh-length skirt.






“Yes, what can I do for you?” she asked as she entered the living hall.

The man stood up and greeted her. “Hii, I’m Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada” and extended his hand.

But she heard nothing.

She looked at the man before her. Dressed in a black jean, white tee and a black coat over it, he was a Greek god. His perfect blends and curves on his face and his small stubble add his handsome level. She stared long at his chocolate brown eyes.


The maid’s voice jerked her. She looked at the visitor and said, “Err...I’m sorry. I....Could you please repeat?”

“I’m Arnav Singh Raizada” he said with his hand still extended.

She slid her small hand to his large one which he enclosed for handshake. Ignoring many unhidden desires, she said, “Khushi Gupta here. What can I do for you Mr. Raizada?”

“Err....woh I’m your new neighbour. I shifted to the house to yours. So I just thought to knock up my neighbour!” he said smiling.

She smiled and asked him to sit. Asking the maid to bring tea, she asked, “What do you do Mr. Raizada?”

“Call me Arnav. I’m a fashion designer!” he said.

“Designer! Ha...it’s so good to have a designer next door. I hope you won’t have any problem in designing some dresses for me!” Khushi said laughing.

“Not at all. Designing is my passion” he said smiling.

“I have heard that to be a good designer you need to know about clothes, the trends, the type of....” she was saying when he cut in,

“To be a good designer, you need to know how to visualize people wearing your clothes!” Arnav said, “And you need to know what suits your client more!”

“Oh....then tell me dear designer, what suits me most?” she asked in her whispering voice.

He looked at her head to toe and said, “Red! Red highlights your skin!”

“Thank you. Red is my favourite!” she said smiling.

“Mine too!” he said smiling.

“Really? The reason?” she asked.

“Red symbolizes love!” he said smiling.

She chuckled and said, “For me, red symbolises violence!”

The maid came with tea and Arnav thanked her politely. She, who was not used to such a nice treatment from someone, said a small welcome with a surprised face.

“Violence, why?” he asked.

“I don’t know why red symbolizes love. Red is colour of blood, something that keeps us alive and flows out when we’re about to die. Red means death, violence!” she said.

“Blood keeps us alive. Blood is pumped out by heart. And that is where love resides – heart. So red symbolizes love!” Arnav said smiling.

“That is a lame reason!” she said laughing.

“By the way, what do you do Khushi?”

Khushi. The name sounded so nice from his mouth. She thought. “I own a cosmetic company, Loraine!”

“Okay” he said.

“Your family?” she asked.

“Mom and dad passed away early. Elders sister, Nani ji, Mama-Mami, cousin brother and yes, Nani’s pet goat!” he said.

Khushi laughed.


“No one” she said with a forced smile.

“Oh....I’m...I’m sorry”

“It’s ok” she said smiling, “you have a big family. Then why are you staying alone?”

“My family is at Mumbai. My elder brother owns AR Fashion house. I work with him. But there is some problem in the Delhi branch of AR. So he sent me here!” Arnav said.

“AR fashions owned by Akash Singh Raizada! WOW, the best in fashion world! Oh yes, Arnav Singh Raizada! The name should have striked!” Khushi said.

“Madam,” the maid came, “its dinner time. Shall I serve?”

“Oh yes,” Khushi said standing up, “Come on Arnav, have dinner!”

“Err....no it’s okay. I’ll take my leave!”

“Come on, don’t be formal. We’re friends aren’t we?” she asked.

“Khushi, it’s ok. I...”

“No excuses....come. Start yourself cooking from tomorrow morning! Today you’ll have dinner with your neighbour.” Khushi said and dragged him to dining hall.








He lied down on the bed at his new house. The DGP had sent her address to his phone. Thanks to his Akash bhai who contacted his friend here and got this house next to hers for him. The three houses next to theirs are abandoned because people living there are abroad. So that leaves him and her in the whole locality.

Just the way he wants!

His phone started ringing and he took it seeing the caller name NK.

“Hey NK”

“Arnav dude, how are you? Did you meet her?” NK, his best friend and also the assistant commissioner of Delhi, asked him.

“Yep! Met her and also had dinner with her!”

“Oh, the dominatrix started her seducing tricks huh?” NK asked.

“No yaar. She was very polite and formal at first. Then she became very friendly!” Arnav said.

“That’s what you call tricks man! If you never knew about her, would you ever guess that this “polite and friendly” woman is a bloody criminal?” NK asked.

“Never! Hmm.....she is good at disguising!” he said.

“DGP is relieved that you’re on the case. Ah yes, he has some more details about her which he is gonna email to you.” NK said.

“Okay then!”

“Don’t fall for her dude!” NK said.

“WHAT? Are you crazy? I’m here for my duty not to fall for her!” Arnav retorted.

“Love is something complicated dude! You may fall for someone whom you will never ever dream of loving! So Mr. Commissioner, try hard to resist her! Because....” NK said.


“Because she is an expert in testing you!” NK whispered.






Sep 13, 2016

Characters (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 34 times)




Arnav Singh Raizada

28 year old Commissioner of Delhi. Lives away from his family who is at Lucknow for his job.  A dedicated and honest police officer, who hates everyone who violates the law and disrupt the peace of country. Loves his family so much and also has his own concepts about love and relationship. He never met his lady love but is in constant hope that he will, one day!




Khushi Kumari Gupta

27 year old owner of Loraine Cosmetics. Live alone. Love and relationship doesn’t hold an inch in her dictionary. What she loves the most is money and power! Wants more and more money in her hands and power to crush people beneath her feet.




Nandkis**** Khurrana – Arnav’s best friend & colleague

Akash Singh Raizada – Arnav’s elder cousin brother

Payal Khurrana/ Singh Raizada – NK’s elder sister and Akash’s wife

Anjali Manohar Jha – Arnav’s elder sister

Shyam Manohar Jha – Anjali’s husband (positive character and considers Arnav and Akash as his own brothers)

Piya Manohar Jha – Anjali’s and Shyam’s 4 year old daughter.



Sep 16, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 51 times)

Chapter 2



Arnav Singh Raizada

The name itself holds royalty! And so does the man!

She lied on the queen sized bed in her black silk night gown and recalled the day.

What is it that is attracting me to him? I never felt this for any man! Why him? What is so special in him? His face? Voice?




She walked to the balcony and stood holding the railings closing her eyes allowing the gentle night breeze to touch her face. She slowly opened her eyes to see light in the opposite house. She looked at the room which had lights on and the windows open. The open window panes gave her a good view of the interiors.

She saw him leaning on the headboard and talking to someone over phone. He was laughing all while. She looked at him longingly. He was dressed in a maroon polo tee and a black track pants. His hair was messy and he was lying with his one hand on the phone and the other holding a pillow close to his stomach. She smiled seeing him laughing.

But wait.

Who was he talking with at this hour? Does he have a girlfriend?

Her blood boiled on that thought.

No he cannot have a girl friend. He is mine!

Wait, when did that happen? When did he become mine? She asked herself.

The moment you saw him! Her heart whispered.








The next morning

He was working out in his personal gym he had set up in his new house when he heard the bell ringing. Wiping the sweat beads from his forehead, he walked to the door and opened it to find Khushi standing before him.

“Hey! Good morning!” he said cheerfully and opened the door for her, “Come in!”

“Working out huh?” She asked as she came in. “Yeah a bit!” he said wiping his face with a towel. “Did I disturb you?” she asked.

“No, nothing of that sort! Come sit!” he said. She sat down and he said, “I’ll come now. Let me change!” he said and she nodded.

He disappeared from her sight and she sat in the living room looking at the neat and simple house before her. She looked at the photo he had hung on the wall. It was a family photo and Arnav was standing beside a woman who was hugging him tight. The woman was dressed in a beautiful saree and had a strong resemblance to his face. Must be his sister! She thought and looked at his left where there was a tall man with spectacles on. Akash Singh Raizada, she identified the owner of the prestigious AR industries. There was a beautiful young woman with her arms locked up with Akash. Must be Payal Singh Raizada, wife of Akash and also owner of AR caterings which owns the best dabba service in India. Her eyes struck at a beautiful baby girl who was in the arms of a man who was standing beside Arnav’s sister. “Oh! She is so cute!” She said to herself not realizing that it was loud.

“Indeed she is!” she heard him telling and turned to see him standing behind her. He was dressed up now in a white shirt and blue jeans.

“That’s my Jeeju and di and the baby girl is my niece, Piya! I call her Pipu!” Arnav said.

“She is so cute! How old is she?” she asked.

“4 but acts as if she is 40!” he said and she laughed.

“Waise, why are you here? I mean kuch kaam tha?” Arnav asked.

“Nahi, I was just bored. Thought to knock and see how you’re doing! How is the new house?” She asked.

“Good!” he said smiling, “Did you have your breakfast?” she nodded no.

“I’m going to cook. Wanna join?” he asked.

“Sure” she said.








“You’re a great cook!” she said as she watched him making curry, “How did you learn all this?”

“I’m a natural learner!” he said smiling, “Did you finish peeling potatoes?”

“Err...I don’t think I did well!” she said nervously, “I have never stepped into kitchen!”

He smiled and looked at the potatoes. Indeed, she hasn’t done well. “It’s ok! Even I was like this when I did first” he said smiling and took over the peeling task.

She stood away and looked at him doing everything perfectly. He looked at her and she smiled embarrassed.

“Don’t feel bad” he said, “Cooking isn’t really rocket science. You need a lot of practise, that’s all! You’ll be master in it!”

“I don’t think cooking is my cup of tea!” she said smiling.

She saw him taking out flour and adding water to it. For the next one hour, no one spoke. She silently watched him doing everything and he was purely concentrated in the cooking.

It was then the phone rang.

“Should I get it?” She asked. “Hmm” he nodded.

She walked to the living room and took the call. “Hello”

Heellllooooo” a baby voice greeted her.

“Err....who is this?” Khushi asked.

Arnav mamu.....you sound like a girl!” the baby said giggling.

Piya! It dawned her. “Piya baby, this is not Arnav mamu. I’m Arnav mamu’s friend!” Khushi said.

Girl? Friend? You’re his girlfriend?” Piya squealed.

And before Khushi could correct her, Piya screamed, “MAAMMMMMA PAPA........AKI MAMU......BADI NANI....ARNAV MAMU HAS A GIRLFRIEND! COME....”

It was then Arnav walked to the living room. He saw her standing pale and rooted and he patted her shoulder. Khushi jerked and he asked, “What happened?”

She switched the loudspeaker on and he said frowning. “Hello?”

Mamu, what is your girlfriend’s name?” Piya asked.

“Girlfriend?” Arnav asked and looked at Khushi. He said, “Pipu...she is not my girlfriend. She is my friend!”

Nahi....she is your lover. I know!” Piya squealed.

“Stop it Pipu!” Arnav said.

I kn....PAPA...” Piya whined when Shyam snatched the phone from her, “Got a girlfriend saalesaheb?” he asked teasing.

“Jeeju, aap bhi na!” Arnav whined and looked at Khushi who was standing red in embarrassment.

Just kidding! How can you have a girlfriend? You are already married to your work na?” Shyam said.

“Err...ha...” Arnav said nervously fearing whether Shyam would reveal something about his work (police).

Waise who is she? Colleague?” he heard his Jeeju asking.

“Neighbour. She just came here to see how I am doing! I was in kitchen and she took the call for me and Pipu started!” Arnav said and Khushi smiled at him.

Aww that’s a wonderful neighbour you have got” Shyam said, “And my apologies to her on Piya’s behalf! Tell her, okay?

“Yeah, I’ll. Ok then Jeeju, let me have my breakfast! Bye. Tell my regards to di!” Arnav said,

Okay bye!

He cut the call and smiled nervously at her. “I’m sorry. Pipu is crazy!”

“It’s okay. She is very cute!” Khushi said, “If she comes to Delhi someday, please let me meet her once!”

“Sure!” he said.

“And, your Jeeju, what does he do?”

“Ah he is a lawyer. He also helps Akash bhai in AR’s legal problems!” Arnav said. She nodded and he said, “Breakfast is ready! Let’s eat.”

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Chapter 3 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 3



“Do you have a vehicle?” she asked him as they finished their breakfast and walked out of the house.

“Yep! Bike! Why?” he asked.

“I wonder whether you could drop me to work. My driver is on leave!” she said.

“Sure! At Loraine office right? It’s on my way!” Arnav said.

She nodded and then asked suddenly, “But AR is not on the way Arnav. You need to take a turn from junction!”

He bit his tongue. He had said the route with the image of his police station. “Err...yeah but I have to go to Chandni Chowk to get some material.”

“Oh okay” she said.

“Shall we move?” he asked and she nodded.

He got onto the bike and she climbed on the back seat with her legs hanging on either sides. He started the bike and soon rode off to the city of Delhi.







“So she came to your house, ate breakfast and then made you drop her at office!” NK said.

Arnav swirled his chair and nodded his head.

“I’m telling you dude. She is trying to get into your good books” NK said.

Arnav chuckled and said, “No matter how much she tries, it doesn’t matter to me!”

NK smiled and said, “But she will try hard dude. She is a known seductress!”

Arnav chuckled and NK said, “So what next? How are we gonna get proofs against her and how to retrieve the data from her?”

“For that we need to know where and how she has stored the data. It may be in a laptop, pen drive or mobile or maybe she has kept the files in a locker. I don’t know!” Arnav said.

NK nodded and said, “Arnav, first we need her cell number. There is no consistent phone number for her so that we can trace her. She keeps on changing sim card! So can you get her spell out her current phone number?”

“I will” Arnav said, “Did you ask our men to follow her?”

“Yes” NK said.

“Good. Now we need a man of ours inside Loraine Cosmetics” Arnav said.

“How? We could bribe someone of the company or...” NK began when Arnav said,

“One of our men should join there as peon. Peon is the best person who can roam around the whole office holding a file. We can have him spy on her!” Arnav said.

“Done!” NK said.

“Now how will be spy on her inside her house? There is no chance of a camera because the maid cleans the whole house every day. I have noticed that!” Arnav said.

“There is one way!” NK said.


“Be her lover!” NK said,

“WHAT!” Arnav screamed.

“Hey don’t freak out. She seduces men for her betterment. Now you seduce her for the country’s betterment! Simple! Seduce her, get into a fake relationship with her. In that way you could visit her house often and may you could spend a night too!”

“Shut up NK. I’m a police man not a play boy!” Arnav said angrily, “I have my morals in me! I cannot cheat a woman even if that woman is a bloody criminal!”

“Then how? How will you get into that house?” NK asked.

Arnav kept mum.

“This is the only way. I’m not asking you to give her hopes of marriage. A woman like her never expects that too! Just some days and you’ll have the data!” NK said.

Sep 23, 2016

Chapter 4 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter 4




Shantivan, Lucknow

(As I mentioned earlier, Raizadas are not Delhi based but Lucknow based. Arnav got posting as Delhi commissioner, so he stays there! Payal is NOT Khushi’s sister nor she is Gupta. She is Payal Khurrana, family friend of Raizadas. She and Akash were childhood sweethearts and got married.

Akash established the company AR, NOT Arnav. Arnav wanted to be a policeman right from his childhood and the family supported him. Akash, Payal, Nani, Mama and Mami stays at RM. Shyam is a positive person and is like a big brother to Arnav. He is a lawyer and also works for AR as legal advisor. Anjali, like her brother, wanted to be a police and became an inspector of CBI. Shyam, Anjali and their daughter Piya live a couple of blocks away from RM)


“It’s so nice to have you here di!” Payal said hugging Anjali and Akash said lifting Piya in his arms, “True! You were so busy these days!”

“I told you na, I was appointed as the head of IHT. So....was busy in the report making!” Anjali said smiling and then said, “Hope you all have kept it in dark!”

“Ha Anjali,” Shyam said, “Do you think we’ll sing it aloud? No one other than me, Akash, Payal and Arnav know about it!”

Anjali sighed and said, “It’s so painful! The report is horrifying! It has every reputed politicians and businessmen in it!”

Everyone nodded and Shyam said, “And these people are ruling the country!”

“Once this report is presented, everything will be fine!” Akash said.

“By the way, when is Chotte coming? I didn’t talk to him for many days. Did he call you?” Anjali asked.

“I called him!” Piya said in her baby voice, “Mamu was with his girlfriend!”

“Girlfriend?” Everyone screamed.

“Girlfriend nahi neighbour!” Shyam said laughing and narrated the morning incident. Everyone laughed and Anjali said, “Bechara Chotte! Piya, you’re growing naughtier day by day!” she said pulling her daughter’s ears.

“Di, I have an idea. Why don’t we all visit Arnav bhai?” Payal asked. Everyone looked at each other.

“I am free for two weeks,” Shyam said, “Even Anjali is free from the duty. I think we can go! What say Akash?”

“I think it’s a good plan. It’s been a long time that we all spend time together!” Akash said.

“So it’s fixed! We all will go to Delhi!” Anjali said happily.








She sat on her bed leaning to the headboard with her hands and eyes busy on the large LCD tv before her as she watched “The Conjuring 2”. It was then her phone rang.

“Khushi Gupta here” she said as she answered the call.

“Hey Khushi baby, it’s me!” a voice answered.

“Who?” Khushi asked boringly.

“Oh, so you forgot your Viku darling?”

“Vikrant?” Khushi asked sitting up.

“Yes!” Vikrant said, “I need a favour!”

“What?” she asked.

“The IHT team will be presenting a report in front of Supreme Court on next Thursday. I want you to get the details of the report!” Vikrant said.

“What is IHT and what report are you talking about?” she asked.

“IHT – Investigation on Human Trafficking, the special team of CBI officers appointed by PM. Next Thursday they are submitting the final report. I need the details of the report!” he said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Can you do it or not?” he asked.

“If you tell me why you are interested in that!” she said.

“It’s heard that the team is extremely efficient and has a smart captain. Even the details of the team members are confidential. No one knows about it! Our men are trying to get their names for the past one year, but no result! The team must have dug to the extreme ends and the report may have many of today’s political leaders’ name...”

“May be even your name will be there!” Khushi said laughing.

“I want the report!” he said firmly.

“Tell me the captain’s name and you’ll have the report!” she said.

“No one knows Khushi!” he said.

“Fine! I’ll find it out! I have my own ways!”

“Thanks dear”

“Wait.....what about my payment?” she asked.

“How much?”

“Since you have provided me zero information, I need 20 crores!” she said smiling.

He sighed and said, “Fine!”

She laughed and said, “But you needn’t pay me a penny if you agree to do something”


“I need every detail about Arnav Singh Raizada!” she said.

“Who is that?”

“My neighbour.”






“Damn, now where is this?” Arnav muttered as he rummaged through his medicine box. He was having terrible headache and he is out of his migraine tablets. Now what?

His head started to pain like hell and he held his head and closed his eyes in an attempt to reduce it.






Khushi was sleeping peacefully when she heard the doorbell ringing. She woke up rubbing her eyes. Hearing the doorbell again, she walked out of her room to downstairs. Her maid comes only at morning and leaves at evening so she has to open the door for this damn late visitor!

She opened the door and to her surprise found Arnav.

“Arnav?” she asked surprised.

He looked very pale and weak. “Do you have any tablets for headache?” he asked.

“Yeah sure! Come in!” she said and he walked in. “Are you okay Arnav?” she asked softly and held his arm making him sit on the sofa.

“I have terrible migraine troubles” he said weakly, “I’m out of the medicine”

“Relax” Khushi said and gave him a glass of water. She ran to her cupboard and took out the medicine for headache. “Have it” she gave him and he gulped it down.

“Feeling better?” she whispered sitting beside him. He nodded and stood up when she said, “Sit down and relax”

“No, I’ll leave. Sorry for disturbing you at this hour” he said and stood up when she held his arm and said, “Stay here for tonight! You’re really weak!”

“No...it’s....” he began when she held his arm and dragged him to the room downstairs. Making him lie on the bed, she said, “You’re staying here” and covered him with a quilt.

He let out a heavy breath and slowly relaxed feeling the soft bed and pillow. Slowly sleep overtook him. He felt her soft and delicate fingers massaging his scalp and heard her whispering, “Relax....have a good sleep”

Closing his eyes, he drowned in the pool of slumber.


Sep 27, 2016

Teaser for Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 48 times)

Teaser for Chapter 5

“Why are you here?” she asked sternly.

“Huh? You asked me to help in cooking right?” he asked.

“Not that. Why are you here Mr. Commissioner?” Khushi asked in her dangerous tone.

“Oh, so you know!”

“I got to know!” she said and walked around him

Pressing her cheek on his back she whispered, “You’re a great player and I love to play games!”

Sep 28, 2016

Chapter 5 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 57 times)

Chapter 5




She walked into the room where he was sleeping. Keeping the coffee on the bedside table, she sat on the bed near him. He was sleeping peacefully with a small smile on his lips. She smiled at his handsome face and traced her index finger from his forehead to the tip of his nose.

He murmured on his sleep and arched his head backwards and tilting his neck sideways. She smiled and moved her hand over his small stubble. The stubble tickled her and she took back her hand giggling softly. She leaned and gave a small peck on his jaw and then on his neck.

He felt something soft on his cheek and neck and slowly opened his eyes to find her close to him. “Khushi” he said and sat up on the bed in an instant. She moved back in the sudden shock and then looked at him.

His head suddenly started throbbing and he clutched his forehead. He heard her whisper, “You should not get up with a jerk. Are you okay?”

He nodded and she gave him the coffee, “Have this”

“Thanks” he said softly and took the cup. She stood up and turned when he called. “Khushi”

She turned and he said softly with a smile, “Thank you”

“Duty of a neighbour sir!” she said smiling and then asked, “What will you have for breakfast?”

“You will make breakfast?” he asked surprised.

She nodded and said, “The maid is on leave today. So I have to cook myself. But if Mr. Raizada is helping me then I guess the breakfast would be delicious. What say?”

He laughed and said, “Sure Ms. Chef!”

“Then have the coffee, take a wash and come to kitchen Master chef! I’ll bring your clothes from your house!” she said smiling.







He came to the kitchen after having a cold shower. He was dressed in his white shirt and black jeans.

“So what is Mini chef preparing?” he asked as he walked to Khushi who was frowning at the vegetable.

She turned to him and suddenly stood struck. He was looking fresh from his bath and his uncombed hair which rested on his forehead was making her ogle at him. Suddenly she jerked as he snapped his finger before her eyes.

“Kya huva?” he asked smiling, knowing very well that she was ogling at him. “Err...nothing. I am preparing aaloo puri and sabzi but have zero knowledge on how to prepare that!”

He laughed and said, “First prepare the dough for poori! I’ll tell you!” he mixed the ingredients and she watched him with extreme concentration.

“See, you need to press it hard like this and then turn it around, press it again and so on....do it!” he said and she nodded and started to do the dough. He went a bit away and started to cut the vegetables.

After a while. “Finished?” he asked out. “Err....no....doing it!” she said and continued. Arnav came to her and said, “Arrey, Khushi, it’s not like that!”

He stood behind her and circled his arms around her by holding both of her hands. She gasped lightly as he did that but he held her hands strongly and moved it for pressing the dough. “See it’s like this!” he said as he moved her hands as required.

But she heard none. She closed her eyes feeling him right behind her with his fresh aura reaching her nose. A drop of water from his wet hair fell on her shoulder and she bit her lips feeling him holding her hands strongly.

“Ho gaya!” he said and leaned a bit to see her face. She had her eyes closed and her cheeks were red. He smiled at the effect he had on her and slowly whispered leaning to her ear, “Khushi”

She slowly opened her eyes and he held her arm turning her to him. She stood leaning on to the kitchen slab and he slightly moved forward placing his hands on her either side locking her. “Khushi....” he whispered.

She hummed and he leaned more close. “I want to say something...” he whispered. “Bolo na....” she said as she drowned in his eyes. “Mujhe......” he whispered, “Mujhe bahot.....”

“Bahot....?” she whispered.

“Bahot...bhoog lagi hai” he said and moved back. “Huh?” she jerked and he said laughing, “I’m hungry Khushi. Hurry up, let’s prepare something!” and he walked to the vegetables while she stood there embarrassed.  

It was then her phone rang.

“Arnav, it’s an important call. I’ll be back now!” she said and he nodded continuing in his work.

She walked out of the kitchen and took the call making sure that Arnav is not hearing her.

“Yeah Vikrant, tell me!” she said.

And what she heard in the other end shook her to core.







“Hey you’re back! Can you please look after the boiling eggs?” Arnav said as he saw Khushi entering the kitchen.

Khushi walked to him with a grave expression and stood before him with her hands locked behind her. “What’s wrong?” he asked seeing her serious face.

 “Why are you here?” she asked sternly.

“Huh? You asked me to help in cooking right?” he asked.

“Not that. Why are you here Mr. Commissioner?” Khushi asked in her dangerous tone.

Arnav stood shocked.

He recovered from it and said, “Oh, so you know!”

“I got to know!” she said and walked around him, “I felt that you’re really good but looks like you’re a great actor!” she whispered in her seductive voice. Standing behind him she caressed his back and leaned on him. Pressing her cheek on his back she whispered, “You’re a great player and I love to play games!” and the next moment, she pierced the thing in her left hand right on his arm.

Arnav was about to move away when he felt something being pierced on him. He suddenly turned to his left side and held his left arm where she had pierced it. He looked to his right and found her standing with an injection.

He lifted his hand but staggered back. “Sshh....relax...just relax....just have a good sleep” she whispered and he collapsed to the floor.





Sep 30, 2016

Chapter 6 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 6



12.35 pm


The bell rang thrice and Khushi opened it irritated with the ringer. “Who is it?” she asked rudely as she opened it.

“Oh hello, you’re Khushi right?” a man asked. Khushi looked at the man and then at people around him. They seem familiar. And the little girl in one of the ladies arms confirmed it.

“You’re Arnav’s family?” she asked seeing the little girl, “You must be Piya. We talked yesterday baby, do you remember?”

“Ah yes, Arnav mamu’s gf!” Piya squealed. Anjali pinched her ears and Piya giggled. Khushi laughed.

“Khushi ji, do you know when Arnav will return!” Akash said. (Akash is Arnav’s elder brother in this story. First is Anjali, then Akash and then Arnav)

“Arnav?” Khushi frowned, “He is away from Delhi for some work”

“Away?” Anjali asked.

“Yeah, he had told me. I don’t what work it is but he said he won’t be here for a week and had asked me to inform the milkman!” Khushi said.

“Oh, we thought to surprise him!” Payal said, “But why is his phone off?”

“I don’t know” Khushi shrugged.

“So you have no idea where he went? Did he tell something?” Shyam asked.

“No, he didn’t say anything. He said he has some urgent work!” Khushi said.

“Okay Khushi ji, thank you. Sorry for bothering you” Akash said. “Arrey, you’re leaving. Come have something!” Khushi said.

“Arrey nahi, it’s okay!” Anjali said and soon the party left. Khushi closed the door and walked up the stairs.




She walked into the room to the man lying on the bed unaware of the things happening around. She sat beside him and looked at his sleeping form. She had injected him drugs which would make him to sleep for hours.

“Do you know how much I struggled to drag you upstairs to this bedroom?” she murmured as she caressed his hairs, “But I couldn’t let you sleep downstairs too na? You should rest here, in MY room!” she whispered as she leaned to his face. Leaning to his eyes, she slowly kissed it.

“You’re so heavy” she whispered, “You work out so much huh?” she chuckled at her own talks and looked at him who was not even aware of her near him. Her hands slowly went to his shirt buttons and started to unbutton it one by one. She slowly opened his white shirt and gasped seeing his well toned muscles. Moving her fingers over it she slowly leaned and lied on his chest. Her hands moved under the shirt to his shoulder. Moving her lips over his hard chest she came on his top and hungrily kissed his neck while he lay numb, deep in his slumber.






10.30 pm

Hotel Millennium


“What did NK say Akash?” Anjali asked as she came from bedroom after covering a sleeping Piya with a quilt.

“He said that he will come here!” Akash said. Right then NK came inside the suite the Raizadas had booked.

“Hello Akash bhai, Anjali di, Shyam Jeeju and Payal bhabhi. Where is Piya?” NK asked as he sat down.

“ Where is Arnav?” Akash asked coming straight to point, “No one at police station know what work he has and no one, including you know where he went! What is this? Where is my brother?”

“Bhai relax...one second. I didn’t call him today. I was away with my friends. What happened to Arnav?” NK asked.

 “We went to his house this morning. It was locked. His neighbour said that he is out for work. Then we went for sightseeing in Delhi. By evening we went to police station to know where he went and were shocked to know he didn’t have any work and is actually free since many days. He is not picking calls, no messages....” Akash said worriedly.

“Wait a minute....his neighbour?” NK asked. Akash nodded.

 “First of all, Arnav is not free as other police officers think. He is handling an important and confidential case!” NK said.

“What case?” Anjali asked.

“We got information that someone stole some important data regarding our missile technology. Arnav is asked to retrieve it. It’s very confidential and I should not reveal this to you but since you all are worried for him....”

“I assure you NK. The secret is safe with us” Shyam said.

“The criminal is a woman. She is a bloody ****. DGP asked Arnav to follow her and retrieve the information and that’s why he pestered Akash bhai to get him a house in her locality.” NK said.

“That means, that neighbour of his....Khushi...Khushi is...” Akash asked.

“Yes. Khushi is a criminal!” NK said.

Everyone gasped and Anjali said, “So she lied. Arnav is not away for any work. He is there at her house!”

NK gasped and said, “You people went in the morning and now its night. Who knows if Arnav is still there or not?”





Oct 2, 2016

Chapter 7 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 57 times)

Chapter 7



The door bell rang many times and Khushi opened the door to find Akash, Shyam and a man in police uniform with them.

“Yes?” she asked.

They barged into the house and NK looked around. “Where is Arnav?” he came straight to the point.

“Excuse me? Listen Mr. Whoever, you cannot barge into my house like this! And what is this Mr. Raizada?” she asked to Akash.

“Ms. Gupta, we know who you are. The person who stole the missile data, the bloody **** who is involved in many political scams, a **** who sleeps with anyone for her benefits.....” NK went on and Khushi said laughing, “Ok gentleman, thanks for your compliment. Now tell me what this is about.”

“We know that Arnav is here. We need to search!” NK said and Akash, Shyam and NK went inside the house. “Hey, what is this? Arnav is not here. How can he be here? What are you doing?” Khushi shouted.




After 30 minutes.

Khushi sat relaxing on her living room watching TV and found Akash, NK and Shyam coming down the stairs. Smirking, she switched off the TV and stood up.

“Arrey, where is Arnav?” she asked looking behind them, “Tch...tch tch....didn’t get him?”

Akash walked to her and pulled her holding her arm. “Now look” he said furiously, “I know Arnav is somewhere you know. Just tell where he is or else I’ll kill you. TELL ME WHERE MY BROTHER IS!”

Khushi smiled evil and said, “Oh god! I’m pleased seeing this love you have for your brother!” she traced his finger on Akash’s face and said standing close to him, “But you know what” she whispered, “My love for him is more than your love!”

Akash looked at NK. Nk sighed and took out his gun. He pointed the gun to her and shouted, “WHERE IS ARNAV?”

Khushi laughed and said, “Kill me and then you’ll never get to know where Arnav is!”

NK held the gun down and Khushi said walking towards NK, “You’re right. I know where Arnav is. I know that he and you all want the retrieve the missile data, which is never gonna happen! And now, I’ll give your one more information. I’m going to steal the report prepared by IHT team of CBI officers!”

Akash, Shyam and NK gasped and looked at each other.

Khushi stood before NK and moved close to him. “I don’t know who the head of the team is, or who the members but I’ll steal it. They won’t present the report next Thursday!” Khushi said in her firm voice, “Go and inform your head Mr. Police man. Go and inform CBI. Go and do whatever you can to stop me, but you know what, YOU CAN NEVER STOP ME!”

She smiled wicked and then hugged NK. “The clock is ticking sir....get on action...” she whispered on his ears.







“WHAT? The IHT report?” Anjali asked shocked.

“Yes di, she is targeting the report. She said that she will not allow you to present it!” Akash said.

“I have reported it to CBI head and DGP!” NK said, “Di you need to be more careful!”

“Does she know that di is the head?” Payal asked worried.

“No. But if she can steal the missile plans without anyone’s knowledge then stealing a report is not a tough task for her!” NK said, “Where is the report?”

“Locked in our office locker. Highly confidential files are kept there!” Anjali said.

NK’s phone rang and he took it.

After cutting it, he said to Anjali, “DGP wants to know who the head of the team is. CBI has revealed your name to him. He wants to meet you to know more about the report and the security of the locker.”

Anjali nodded.







“The locker is 1500 ft down the head CBI office, Delhi, guarded by specially trained commandos” Anjali said to DGP, “The locker room opens with a password and inside it you have many lockers on the name of every CBI officers. And every locker will open only with the voice of its owner, his/her fingerprints and a password. Like, my locker will open only if it gets the message, “I’m Anjali Jha” in my voice, then my fingerprints and then the password I have set!”

“So the IHT report is in your locker right?” DGP asked. Anjali nodded.

DGP looked at NK and said, “Increase the security around CBI office. Every person who enters the building must be checked and made ensured that everything is ok. And track that Gupta lady. I need to know where Arnav is!”

NK nodded and DGP turned to Anjali, “Mam, ask you team to be more vigilant. Is there any other copy of the report?”

“No” Anjali said.

“So the only copy is in your locker. And it shouldn’t be stolen! Change the password or the voice command of your locker!” DGP said and Anjali nodded.






Next morning


His head was throbbing like hell and he felt really weak. Slowly opening his weak eyes, he looked around at the new room. His eyes were fully opened now and he tried to sit but fell back.

To his utter shock, he found his hands tied up to the poles of the bed. He looked down and found himself lying on the bed.

“Which is this place?” he murmured weakly and looked around. The previous day’s events played in his mind. How he cooked with her and how she injected something to her.

“How long did I sleep?” he murmured and heard a voice, “Good afternoon”

He looked up and saw her standing at the door with a cup of coffee. She came to him and kept the coffee on the bedside table. “How are you feeling?” she asked.

“What is this? Untie this rope!” he said angrily.

“Relax baby,” she said laughing, “The ropes are just an assurance that you’ll not run away!”

“Why are you doing this? What is your intention?” he shouted.

“Shooo......itna gussa!” she said caressing his cheek, “I have no intentions other than being with you!”

“Just untie this rope!” he shouted.

“I’m sorry Arnav. If you are being so rebellious then I’m afraid, I should drug you again!” Khushi said sternly.

“You think you’ll be able to escape? By now my men would have noticed my absence and the whole police force would be searching for you!” he said.

“I know and that’s why we’re here! No one would be able to track us down!” she said laughing.

“Where are we?’ he asked looking around. She laughed and said, “I’m not stupid to say that dear!”

He sighed and looked around the room.

“But I’m disappointed Arnav” she said in a low voice, “I trusted you. I never thought you to be betraying me! You could have told me that you’re a police officer and arrest me. I would’ve come with you! You’ve hurt me Arnav!”

“Me? Betraying you? Then what about you? Aren’t you betraying this whole country?” he asked angrily, “What are you gonna gain by selling the missile plans to terrorists? How low you are stooping for money!” he said disgusted.

“Money is everything Arnav, EVERYTHING. If you have no money and power, you are a loser!” Khushi said angrily, “What am I gaining? Money and Power! I need that. I want everything to be under my control! I want to be the queen of the world! I want everything for me, including YOU!”

“You’re a physco!” he shouted.

“I know that!” she said and walked away.

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