When Heaven Meets Hell

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Oct 5, 2016

Teaser for Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 29 times)

Teaser for Chapter 8

Arnav looked around the garden to find a gate and was about to move to there when he heard a shot sound and felt something piercing into his left leg.

“Aaaah!” he screamed and fell down clutching his leg. He looked at the leg and found his blood flowing out like a river. Before he could register anything, he felt another bullet piercing to his right leg. 

Oct 7, 2016

Chapter 8 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 50 times)

Chapter 8



After hours of trying, Arnav finally untied the rope of his right hand with his teeth. Get rid of the ropes he stepped down from the bed and sighed, “Finally. Now out of this damn place!”

He walked to the door and slowly turned the handle, making no noise. Opening the door slowly, he peeped out to see an isolated living room. He slowly walked out of the room to the living hall and looked around to find a large glass door that connects to the open garden. Doing a mental dance, he rushed the glass door and opened it silently.

He stepped into the garden and moved forward when he heard a clicking sound. He turned and found five men dressed in black with guns in their hands.







“What did they say NK?” Akash asked.

NK sighed and swirled his chair at office, “Bhai, my men said that Khushi went to her office and has not come out.”

“Do you have your men inside the office?”

“Yes. The peon there is our man! We had bribed him.” NK said, “He said that she entered her cabin and is still there! He has gone now to give her a cup of tea!”

“Why the hell isn’t she going to Arnav? Where has she hidden him?” Akash said frustrated.

NK sighed and said, “Bhai, I think we should try another route!”








“Down on your knees!” one of the man said dangerously. Arnav lifted his hands and sat on his knees. The man signed his mates.

Another man came to him with a rope. As he neared and was about to tie his hands, Arnav hit him at stomach with his head.

“Shoot!” one of the men with the gun shouted and Arnav pulled the injured guy in front of him that all the bullets shot the guy.

Arnav shielded himself with the man who was dead by now and then sprang towards the other men.

Is defeating four goons a tough job for a police?

Within minutes everyone lay on the mud screaming. But one of the men who were in conscious noticed the gun which was lying at a hand distance from him. He stretched his hand and took the gun.

Arnav looked around the garden to find a gate and was about to move to there when he heard a shot sound and felt something piercing into his left leg.

“Aaaah!” he screamed and fell down clutching his leg. He looked at the leg and found his blood flowing out like a river. Before he could register anything, he felt another bullet piercing to his right leg.








The employees of Lorraine Cosmetics were having their lunch break when a bunch of police men rushed into the office. Everyone stood up seeing police and NK walked to receptionist. “Call your boss!” he shouted.

Within seconds Khushi came down and asked, “What’s going on?”

“We have got information that you are adding high toxic drugs to your cosmetics products. We need to raid the office and factory adjacent to this!” NK said.

“What the hell! Who gave this false information?” Khushi shouted.

“We’ll decide whether the info is true or false. Search!” he ordered and every police man rushed inside the office.

Khushi looked at him with burning anger. “You’re going to regret this!” she shouted.

“I’m waiting for that!” NK said smirking and walked to her cabin.



After some minutes.

“What the hell is this? This is not mine!” Khushi screamed.

“We got this from the factory. You are adding toxic drugs to your products which make them effective for skin but harmful for body” NK said angrily, “And these drug packets were found from your cabin Ms. Gupta. You’re under arrest!”

“Wait no...” Khushi screamed but NK handcuffed her.






“What now NK?” Akash asked to NK as he sat in NK’s cabin

“The peon, our man, had informed me about the drugs and I arranged the raid. I wanted to see her cabin to find any clues. But...” he shook his head, “I found nothing. Her cabin has drug packets. Other than that, there is nothing suspicious!”

“Arnav?” Akash asked.

“We traced her path. She was going to her office and then back home. Nowhere else. This means Arnav is hidden somewhere in these two places – her home and office!” NK said, “But where? What have we missed? We checked both home and office but....damn where is Arnav?”

“May be you can extract that from her!” Akash said, “She is in your custody right?”

NK sighed and nodded, “Let me try!”





“TELL ME!” NK shouted and slapped her hard.


NK walked to her and caught her hair, “Tell me where Arnav is. And where are the missile plans? Tell me everything about your criminal network!” he said dangerously and she winced in pain. “You know I have many other ways to extract it from you!” he said and she nodded her head in no, “I will never tell you where he is” she said in pain.

“Hawaldar, call Raina!” NK screamed. Raina, the most efficient lady police officer walked in the cell and NK said, “I need answers from her” and walked away leaving Khushi with Raina who nodded at him and saluted him.

Oct 11, 2016

Teaser for Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 38 times)




The men sat down and NK said looking at one man, “I know you don’t I?”

“Yes, Vikrant Choudhary!” the man said with a smirk.

“The leading politician, yes!” NK said, “What are you doing here?”

The lawyer extended a paper to NK and Vikrant said, “I want to bail out Khushi Gupta!”

NK looked at the paper and said, “NO”





Oct 16, 2016

Chapter 9 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 55 times)

Chapter 9



“Don’t worry bhai! We’ll find Arnav” NK assured Akash through phone when a man in lawyer dress and another man came inside his office.

He cut the call and asked, “Yes”

The men sat down and NK said looking at one man, “I know you don’t I?”

“Yes, Vikrant Choudhary!” the man said with a smirk.

“The leading politician, yes!” NK said, “What are you doing here?”

“Add a “Sir” Mr. Police man!” Vikrant said.

“What are you doing here SIR?” NK asked emphasising Sir.

The lawyer extended a paper to NK and Vikrant said, “I want to bail out Khushi Gupta!”

NK looked at the paper and said, “NO”

“It’s an order from Supreme Court” Vikrant said.

“How can you arrest a person without a proper warrant? And you said you arrested her for drug dealing. Where is the evidence? Where are the drug packets you were talking about? Was she a culprit for any cases or wanted at any station before your arrest? No! You arrested her to know something of your personal interest which is not encouraged in Indian law. It won’t do well for you if you didn’t leave her!” the lawyer said.






He opened his eyes and looked around. He was lying on the same bed where he was lying earlier with his hands tied to the pole. He closed his eyes as he can feel pain shooting up his legs. He leaned and looked at his legs where a thick long cloth was tied tightly preventing blood flow. But the bullet was still inside him. He could feel it. This wasn’t the first time he was getting shot. But those shots were not fatal. Arnav closed his eyes in pain. He needs to be medicated. The bullet, if, has pierced in brutally, it may happen that he cannot walk for the lifetime. No, that cannot be!

The pain started getting worse when he wriggled to free the rope tied around his hand. He tried to open it with his teeth and in the process his whole body shifted and so did the cloth tied on the leg.

Blood started to flow out soaking the already blood soaked bed sheet. “Aaaah” he screamed in pain, “Is someone there?” he screamed hoping someone to show up, “Please help me. PLEASE!” he screamed as the pain was getting unbearable. He was losing blood in an alarming rate and if this continues, very soon he’ll be dead!





“Thank you Vikrant” Khushi said as she sat in the car with Vikrant.

“Thanks sab baad main. What about the work? Where are the reports Khushi?” Vikrant asked.

“I need time” she said.

“We have just 5 days now!” Vikrant said angrily.

“Vikrant, you will have the report. I know who the leader of IHT team is!” Khushi said.

“Who?” Vikrant asked.

“Anjali Singh Raizada, Arnav’s sister!” Khushi said.

“The police guy who is in your custody?” Vikrant asked. Khushi nodded. “How did you find out?” he asked.

“I have my own ways” she said laughing.

Vikrant sighed and said, “Okay then I’ll keep tabs with Anjali Singh Raizada!”

“No need! Stealing the report is easy Vikrant. They have kept it in the confidential locker of CBI but unlocking it is easy!” Khushi said.

“How?” Vikrant cried.

“Just drive the car!” Khushi said sternly, “You need the reports right? Don’t interfere in my work!” it was then her cell rang.

“Hello, yeah tell me” she said.


Cutting the call she turned to Vikrant, “Drive to city hospital!”







“He is fine. The bullets have been removed. He won’t be able to walk for some months. But don’t worry, he will be fine soon!” the doctor said and she nodded.

“Since this is a gunshot I have informed the police about this!” doctor said, “They will be here soon”

Khushi looked at him and said, “Thank you doctor”

Doctor walked away and Vikrant said, “Khushi what are you doing? If police comes to know about Arnav then we all are gonna be arrested!”

“Vikrant, leave from here. I will manage. And take your good for nothing men away from here before I kill them!” Khushi said angrily.

Vikrant sighed and left the place.

Oct 21, 2016

Teaser for Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 35 times)

Teaser for Chapter 10

She pushed him and said in tears and hatred, “Don’t think that you’re gonna win! I won’t let you win!”

He smirked and pulled her to him. She crashed on his chest and he whispered seductively, “I have already won you Khushi. I have already fulfilled my wish of having you!”

Oct 23, 2016

Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 43 times)

Chapter 10



Khushi strode on the corridor when she heard footsteps. Looking at the lonely corridor, she saw NK walking to her in police uniform with a deathly glare.

It was then doctor came there and said, “Hello sir”

“Yes doctor, how is Arnav?” NK asked faking a smile.

“He is fine. I have informed this lady here about his condition. She was the one who brought him here” doctor said pointing to Khushi.

Khushi faked a smile and NK said, “Doctor I need his medical reports”

“Yes sir, I’ll get it from my cabin” and doctor walked to his cabin.

NK strode towards Khushi and held her arm.

“NK, leave me” she hissed in anger.

Paying no heed to her words, NK dragged her to a corner and whispered furiously, “Why didn’t you let him die?”

Khushi freed her arm and said angrily, “I can never do that”

“Oh yes,” he said laughing, “You’ve fallen for him huh? Then what about us Ms. Khushi Kumari Gupta?” NK asked dangerously and pulled her to him.

“There was never US NK. We both spent time with each other because we both had benefits from it! You wanted the missile plans and I wanted.....”

Not letting her finish he pushed her to the adjacent wall and whispered furiously, “Don’t use that tone towards me! The consequence won’t be good”

Khushi looked away and he came closer. Rubbing his nose on her cheek he whispered, “I have really missed you on my bed Ms. Gupta”

She pushed him and said in tears and hatred, “Don’t think that you’re gonna win! I won’t let you win!”

He smirked and pulled her to him. She crashed on his chest and he whispered seductively, “I have already won you Khushi. I have already fulfilled my wish of having you!”

She pushed him and cried, “What kind of a man are you? You’re betraying your whole country for money!” she cried in disgust.

He laughed and said, “Money is everything Khushi. Without money, you’re nothing!”

Khushi looked away with disgust and he said dangerously, “Dare you do anything....you know the consequences! Don’t forget that your sister is still with me!”

“Please don’t do anything....” Khushi begged, “I will do whatever you ask for but please....please don’t hurt my sister”

“Arrey, why would I hurt such a beautiful woman?” NK said laughing, “She is safe in my arms as long as.....” he whispered and pulled her in his arms and continued, “her sister is in my arms!”

Khushi bit her lips preventing tears from her already flowing eyes. “Go from here and don’t show your face out for some days!” he said and she nodded.

“And the IHT report, I’ll inform you what to do!” he said and she again nodded.

“Now go” he commanded and she walked away, literally ran away, from him.







He slowly opened his eyes to find his best friend standing before him.

“NK” he mumbled.

“Are you okay?” NK asked panicking. “Hmm” he hummed.

“Where am I?” he asked weakly.

“Hospital. Khushi got you here” NK said.

Looking around he asked, “Where is she?”

“She got away before I reached here” NK answered and Arnav lied down sighing. “My leg NK...” he said weakly, “Will I be able to walk again?”

“Of course you would!” NK said, “A bullet cannot end your dreams Arnav. You won’t be able to walk for the initial months but you’ll recover. The doctor said so!”

Arnav kept mum and NK said, “I have informed Akash bhai!”

“WHAT?” he screamed.

“Your family is here. They had come to surprise you but got surprised themselves. I was shocked to find you missing!” NK said.

“Where are they?” he asked. “On their way”

“NK, what about Khushi?” Arnav asked.

“The **** is now behind IHT report. Don’t know how she got to know about it but she said that she will not allow the CBI team to present it!” NK said.

“Oh my god! Di...”

“Relax, di is safe. No one other than us and CBI knows that she is the head. And don’t worry, I will track that **** down. You just take rest!” NK said.

“I’m so sorry NK. I couldn’t do my job! Now I won’t be able to help you with this leg!” Arnav said apologetically.

“Come on yaar, why are you apologizing?” NK asked but said in mind,“Exactly Arnav. This was what I wanted! I wanted you to take rest. Thanks for those goons of Vikrant who shot you! Now wait and watch me rising up the sky!”

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Nov 12, 2016

Chapter 11 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 59 times)

Chapter 11



“And they both lived together happily ever after.....” Piya squealed and hopped on bed. Arnav rolled his eyes and said, “This is the nth time you are telling me the story of Cinderella Pipu....”

Piya giggled and Anjali who came in with juice said, “She is obsessed with Cinderella Chotte. So never mind!”

Arnav laughed and took the juice.

It’s been a week that he is bedridden. He was back at Lucknow. The damn leg was irritating him to core. He was improving, according to doctor, but will take time to stand up on his feet. Pipu was the one who helped him to fight his boredom. With her sweet antics, she always raised up his spirits.

He looked at his sister who was making Piya drink juice. The smile on his face faded. Anjali was not able to present the IHT report before the authority. Years of her and her team’s work went in vain. The report was stolen the night before the submission and the prime suspect was Khushi Kumari Gupta. Delhi police submitted proofs against Khushi and Supreme Court got convinced that it was Khushi who stole the report. SC has ordered to find Ms. Gupta and present her in the court. But it seemed like she has vanished in thin air.

But if only he knew that the reports presented by Delhi police were just fake proofs created by his best friend.






“JUST LET ME GO!” She screamed at the top of her voice struggling to free her hands from the ropes.

NK leaned beside her and whispered, “How can I darling? The moment you step out, you would be arrested. Who will help me for my next crimes then?”

“I prefer to be in jail than working for you! I’M NOT A CRIMINAL!” Khushi screamed.

“Sorry dear, for the world you are a criminal. I have made sure of that!” NK said laughing.

Khushi broke into tears and cried, “For god sake, please leave my sister. Let her live her life!”

NK laughed and said, “Disha is such a beauty Khushi. I’m so sorry but I can never let go off such a beautiful woman!”

Hey guys, i know that i'm late but i can't help it. the work load on me is increasing as my 12th std is coming to an end and teachers are rushing to finish the portions. So i won't be able to update regularly.


Nov 25, 2016

Chapter 12 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

Chapter 12



“Back to Delhi?” Arnav asked.

Akash nodded and said, “Di has some work there and will have to stay there for a month. Even jeejaaji and I has some business works. So we all will go to Delhi!”

“OK, when are we going?” Arnav asked excited. He just loved the city and was missing it already.


“Delhi, here I come!” Arnav said laughing and Akash laughed.

“By the way, where is NK nowadays? NO contact!” Akash said.

“He must be busy finding that Gupta girl!” Arnav said.

“Hmm....Khushi Gupta, the crooked criminal ever! No one at CBI got how she stole the reports” Akash said.

“Talented!” Arnav said.

“Intelligent!” Akash said, “But she behaves so well that no one can tell that she is a criminal. So polite and nice. Beautiful too! Arnav, if she wasn’t a criminal, I would have asked you to marry her!”

Arnav stared at him and Akash said laughing, “Just kidding brother!” and he walked away.

Arnav sat on the bed with his mind reeling his brother’s words.

If she wasn’t a criminal, I would have asked you to marry her

His mind went back to the day he met Khushi.

Their dinner.....

How she took care of him....

Their cooking classes....

“But I’m disappointed Arnav. I trusted you. I never thought you to be betraying me! You could have told me that you’re a police officer and arrest me. I would’ve come with you! You’ve hurt me Arnav!”

Was she saying it out her heart or just acting? He didn’t know! But he felt hurt! Very hurt! She may be an actress but her acting had touched his heart.






“Dear my, this is awesome!” NK said laughing and Arnav smiled.

“It’s been a long time we have got to talk like this Arnav!” NK said, “Waise how are you? How is your leg?”

“Good. Doc said that I will be able to walk within two months!” he said.

“Hey that’s great!”

“Waise, did you find that Gupta girl?” Arnav asked.

“Nah, she has just disappeared!” NK said.

Arnav sighed and said, “I wonder how she stole those reports! And what about the missile plans NK?”

NK sighed and said, “We have got information that the terrorist groups got the details! The country is preparing for a battle!”

“Oh!” Arnav said, “That’s a bad news!”

“All crucial places are highly held by the military. Protections everywhere and commandos on call....” NK said.

“If she is caught...what would be the next step?” Arnav asked.

“Hanged to death, isn’t it obvious!” NK said.

“Yes” he mumbled.

“By the way, let me go! I have to report to DGP!” NK said getting up. “Bye” Arnav said and NK walked away after waving bye.

“NK, you have left your phone!” Arnav called out the next moment seeing NK’s mobile near his bed but he had left.

It was then NK’s phone rang.

Arnav took the mobile and looked at the caller id. It said Lalan.

“Lalan? Who is this Lalan?” Arnav frowned.

He took the call and before he could answer a voice greeted him

Boss, this girl is getting out of limits. Since you have instructed us not to hurt her physically, we are silent. She wants to speak to you.

And the next moment he heard another voice,

NK, please I beg you...please just leave us. I have done whatever you asked for haven’t I? Now for god sake please leave me and my sister. At least leave my sister. Please NK, don’t be so cruel.....what wrong did I do to get this punishment...

The phone was snatched. “Now that’s enough girl!” he heard the man scolding. “Boss, what should we do? Boss? Boss?”

He sat frozen.

Dec 30, 2016

Epilogue (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 99 times)

Sorry everyone for the late update. I was totally stuck up with this story. i had absolutely no idea how to take this further so i decided to end this up. I know this ending wouldn't be satisfactory but i'm really sorry. i can't do anything more than this.



Morning rays hit her eyes and she lazily opened it murmuring something. The white ceiling of her new room greeted her. She smiled and sat up on the bed. The beginning of a new day....new hope.

She got out of the bed and grabbed her messy hair to a bun. Wearing a maroon robe over her maroon night gown, she walked to the washroom.


Walking down the stairs she entered the kitchen to find Anjali cooking breakfast.

“Di” she said smiling and Anjali turned. “Khushi...” Anjali cried and walked to her. “You’re up” she said smiling and hugged her. “I’ll help you” Khushi said and both of them started preparing breakfast.

Anjali handed her a tray and said, “Khushi take this to Disha!” Khushi smiled and held the tray containing hot tea. She frowned and asked seeing another cup of coffee in it. “Di this?”

“Ha....woh give tea to Disha and then go to Chotte’s room to give him coffee!” Anjali smiled sweetly and Khushi blushed. “Hai hai.....you’re blushing” Anjali teased and Khushi walked out of the kitchen with a red face on the mention of him.





Keeping the tea on her sister’s bed table and shaking her up, Khushi walked to his room and opened it with a slight push. She found him sleeping peacefully on his bed and walked to him. Keeping the coffee on the bed table she sat on the bed near him and shook him softly. “Arnav”

He moaned and turned the other side. She chuckled and held his shoulder shaking him. “Get up, it’s 7!” she said.

“Khushi......two minutes....” he said burying his face in the pillow. Khushi laughed and shook him hard. “Wake up!”

He sat up on the bed rubbing his eyes. “No one lets me sleep” he said with a pout and she laughed. Taking the coffee she handed it to him, “Drink it and go have a bath!”

He kept the coffee on the table and said smirking, “You know I’m feeling lazy. Why don’t you give me a bath instead?”

She looked at him with open mouth and he smirked pulling her to him. “Shameless!” she said and pushed him away. “Says the woman who used to ogle at me right from when she met me!” he said.

She looked down and blushed. He laughed out loud seeing her face.


6 months passed the phone call that changed Arnav’s life. It didn’t take him a second to guess that it was Khushi’s voice and NK, his best friend, was cheating him and the whole country. He was putting all allegations on Khushi while he was the real criminal.

All thanks to Shyam and Akash who worked for him since he was bed ridden with his goddamn leg. Within a week, the real evidences were presented in Supreme Court and the verdict was changed. Akash, Shyam and some other trusted police officers helped Arnav in rescuing Khushi and her sister from NK’s clutches and also arrested him. NK was hanged to death for his terrorist activites within a month of his arrest.

Khushi and Disha stayed with the Raizadas. Knowing them more, Arnav learnt that their parents passed away when Khushi was 3 and Disha was 1 in an accident and they were brought up by their uncle and aunt. When uncle and aunt passed away when Khushi was 16 and Disha was 14, their responsibility went to their uncle’s son NK who was 18. NK was not what he looked from outside. He had a dark face. He used to take drugs and also deal them at such a young age. And getting Khushi and Disha under his wings eased his business. Keeping Disha as hostage, he forced Khushi to do all sorts of jobs he wanted to and presented her as the criminal while he was the master mind!



As if the dark clouds moved away, Khushi and Disha were now leading a peaceful life with the Raizadas. It didn’t take Arnav and Khushi much time to realize their love for each other and now, they are getting married.

The engagement was over and marriage was within a week. So everyone was at Sheesh Mahal Lucknow preparing for the marriage.




To err is human, to forgive is divine!

A beggar who steals food appears to be a thief to the world but when he shares that food to his hungry children, he appears to be a god for them.

It’s our perspective that makes a person criminal. We often forget to see that person’s mental situation or the situation that forced him to do that. His repentance after that goes unnoticed.

The world saw her as a criminal. No one ever tried to know why she was doing that. No one ever tried to know who she was, and what she wants. When we accuse someone we often forget to realize what prompted them to do that mistake. We do not see the underneath platform of darkness or we pretend not to see.

She was not a criminal. World made her one. She didn’t want to do those crimes. Someone made her do that. Someone used her as a pawn, as a mask to hide himself from the world. She was made to do that for long 11 years, right from her 16th age but it required one person to open his eyes and see the naked truth which was right in front of him staring at his face.


This isn’t just a story of a mere 27 year old girl who fell in the trap of a monster. This is the story of every human being that are used as masks by the evil forces around the world, just to hide themselves, just to earn money and power. You cannot stop that. But you surely can rescue those innocent ones. You just need to open your eyes and get a steel spine!



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