Naagarjun 12th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 13, 2016

Naagarjun 12th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Astika saves Arjun from coming under a speeding truck and asks him to watch and walk. He asks what happened to his eyes, though he does not connsider him as his father, as a father he is worried for him. He cures his eyes. Arjun apologizes Astika for listening to Vasuki instead of him. Astika says he believed whatever he saw. Arjun says whoever is closer to him are being troubled, now someone has captured Noorie’s soul. Astika says his nag sainik informed that Vasuki captured Noorie’s soul and has kept it in naglog. Arjun shouts he will kill Vasuki. Astika says he has to go to naglog to save Noori, so he will teach him how to tweak his powers.

Shankchurn sees Tina alone with Noorie, strangulates her neck and asks what did she and Arjun do to Noorie. Tina says he and

Vasuki are same. Shankchurn says he does not need her and is about to kill her when he hears Yashoda’s voice and runs from there. Yashoda comes and asks ina what happened to her. Tina says she got a cough. Yashoda consoles her.

Astika bathes Arjun with holy water and asks him to meditate. He gets his special weapon and asks Arjun to bow in front of it. Arjun jows. Astika says he will tweak his powers now and tweaks via his weapon. Arjun shouts in pain and falls. Astika says now he is ready to go to naglok.

Nagmaya sees Shankchurn dead and thinks she told this fool not to fight with Vasuki, he did not, she has to inform Astika. Shankchurn comes from behind and says it is his black magic. He traps her in his poison and asks her to tell who the other Vasuki was and what is happening. She shouts to free her. He says he will kill her now. Mohini comes and says he should calm down as Nagmaya is just a puppet, real player is Astika who wants to take Arjun to naglok. Shankchurn shouts he will never let that happen and will kill Arjun’s family. She says he shout wait patiently and wait for the other player to slip and fall, then he can attack him once that he should never wake up again. They both leave.

Astika cotinues tweaking Arjun’s powers. Arjun sees a bright light and imagines Noorie, says he is coming. Astika says he should not go to naglok alone as it is danger. He says okay.

Mohini informs Shankchurn what all Astika did. Shanchurn fumes that Astika has gone to the extent to take Arjun to naglok and even troubled Noorie, he forgot an insider always betrays, now he will pick weapon.

Astika opens eyes after meditation and says Arjun it is time now, sees Arjun missing and saays he warned Arjun not to go to naglok alone. Arjun enters naglok and calls Noorie. A nag sainik stops him and says nobody can enter naglok easily. Arjun says he came to ave Noorie and sttarts figthing and overpowers him. Sainik falls own, but Arjun lifts him back. Sainik tries to attack, but Astika stops him and says naglok is waiting for this half human, how dare he is to attack his son. Sainik apologizes and leaves. Astika asks Arjun why did he come here without his permission and says he has to follow naglokrules, else he will forget that he is his son and punish him.

Precap: Takshak says Astika that Arjun at last came to naglok, now they have to lure Arjun with a woman to stop here. A dancer is shown.

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