OS Pagal hai yeh

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Sep 14, 2016

OS Pagal hai yeh (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 60 times)

Pagal hai yeh

Here comes the os . its my first os so definitely it will be a punishment for u. Go read on. And bang ur head in huge wall of ur house for reading this.

The scene is while kushi trying to attend suicide. 

Where kushi is in the edge of the wall under serious thinking when to jump either now or after sunset and arnav is searching for her.

Arnav called kushi's number. (Will any one take their mobile phone when they up to suicide, really she is mad)

Arnav: hello kushi. kushi where are u? he asked her anticipated.

Kushi: above u.

Arnav: what? He asked confused.

Kushi: laad governor see upwards I'm here. She said while waving her hand to him as if calling a long lost friend.

He looked up finding her at the edge had taken his breath away.

Arnav: kushiiiiiii.....

Kushi: why are u shouting I'm not deaf I can hear well. She said irritated.

Arnav: what what are u doing there?

Kushi: haan came for site seeing. Do u like to join me? She asked sarcastically.

Arnav: don't move wait there I'm coming. He cut the call and rushed to the terrace.

Kushi: laad governor not even allowing me die peacefully. Yeh  devi mayya now what he is upto .

By then he reached her.

Arnav: kushiii..

Kushi: what?

Arnav: kushi come down.

Kushi: haawn laad governor now too u are ordering me. U are not letting me to live peacefully at least let me die peacefully.

Arnav: what? Kushi why u want to die now?

Kushi: then what do u want me to do. U trying to kill me. for making ur job easy i m doing it myself. Don't worry I will not fail like u. I will definitely get success.

He is hell confused when did he tried to kill her.

Arnav: kushi what are u talking when did I tried to kill u?

Kushi: u lier  don't lie to one who is going to die. 

Arnav: kushi stop. Stop this nonsense and stop using that word.

 He is very irritated by the word that to from her mouth. why do the people he love have to utter this word first his di  and now kushi.

Kushi: don't shout I'm not afraid of u any more at least not now.

Arnav: kushi get down NOW.

Kushi: no I won't what will u do?

Arnav: kushi don't test my patience.

She is afraid of him but tried to cover it.

Kushi: OK OK I will after all u are my pathi  parmeswar. ( he rolled his eyes) but...

Arnav: but what?

Kushi: u have to request me to get down.

Arnav: what no way.

Kushi: u have too or else I will jump. She stepped her one foot.

Arnav: OK OK I will ask... He stood for sometime without any word.

Kushi: what are u waiting for request me first. She pouted.

Arnav: OK. Kushi please come down. He said calmly controlling his anger.

She smiled broadly and stepped down but slipped before she fall he caught her. She closed her eyes tightly clinging to him for her dear life muttering her DM name.

That's it now he will give her his piece of mind. He pulled her out of his embrace. He let out his full anger.

Arnav: what are u thinking about yourself what are u trying to show by this act. 

Kushi: she had tears hearing his shouting. Why what maters u if I live or die. U go I have no problem. u marry lavanyaji as u wish. And let me die. Don't feel guilty I'm doing  with my whole heart and ur kudali will not affect her.

Arnav: what kundali are u mad. What are u talking about.

Kushi: I know everything u have problem in ur kundali so that ur first wife will die. To marry lavanyaji  without any problem u married me first. 

Arnav: nothing like that. And I never wanted to marry her even not I my dreams.

Kushi: what then why did u said u want to marry her. Tell me.

Arnav: that's because I wanted to show u that I'm not affect by u in any way.

Kushi: why do u wanted to show me that? He kept silent. But she kept on bugging him.

Arnav: because I love u dammit and I don't want anyone to rule my heart which u did of all my persistence. He shouted.

Before he could understand anything she came crashing to his hard chest making him stumble few steps back.

Kushi: I love u arnavji. She sobbed in joy. Please don't leave me I will die without u. Scold me, hurt me and do whatever u want but never leave me. She kept on sobbing in his arms.

His heart always said that she loved him now ,before and will be loving him in future too. But his mind always struck with that terrace scene reminding his painful past blinding his eyes from seeing her true love. And now he will not allow his mind to destroy his life. He let his heart rule over him. How can he ignore this innocent soul who is even ready to give her life for his happiness. He hugged her tightly vowing himself to not let her go whatever the situation is.

Arnav: I'm sorry kushi I hurt u a lot.

Kushi: its OK arnavji u love me that's enough nothing else matters me.

She smiled her heart content through tears placing her head in his cheat  listening to his rhythmic heart beat.

He too smiled engulfing her more to him which she readily accepted and snuggled to him even if possible.

Suddenly she came out of his embrace and jumped like a kid up and down shouting.

Kushi: arnavji loves me....my arnavji loves me...yeeeeeeh I'm going to tell everyone. She said excited and ran before he make any move. 

He stood shocked unable get anything. Before some minutes she has been all emotional and now jumping like a kid and ran away to tell everyone that he loves her. Wait what?she said she is going to...oh no. He rushed to get her but she already stared her mission screaming all her way and finally ended in home. He got wired glances from the people but he ignored and reached home. There also she not let any one in peace she kept on saying that he loves her to her amma, buaji and even babuji shaking them vigorously for which they gave a naughty smile to him making him embarrassed. And again zoomed out the house to tell the people she left unknowingly.

Arnav(thought): pagal hai yeh. She is such a unique piece and this unique piece belongs to him ONLY HIM. He smirked seeing her.

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