Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 15, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 14th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Dev telling Shaan that Amu mama came. Shaan moves his body so that Rajni moves her body due to sync. Amartya gets scared and run away. Dev asks him to use his mind and visarjan will be in some time. Shaan says today is our exam, if we pass then only I can feel proud of myself. He sits down. Rajni also sits. Amartya thinks why his chemical is not affected? He reads in the book and says normal human would have turned blue, but she is not normal. He thinks to make Bubble believe that it is not an ordinary chemical and will affect. He gets an idea and drinks chemical. He thinks I will prove now that I am not wrong. Surili tells everyone that they will apply mehendi today, and says we will start with bubbles first as it is said that whoever applies mehendi today will

get married soon. Bubbles get happy and says you are so sweet…bhabhi. Surili says I can do anything to send you off from here. Sharmila and Maggie come there. Sharmila is about to go from there seeing surili. Surili asks where you are going with guilt stuck face, asks her to come. Sharmila says I am going to call Rajni. Surili says your parents would have named you Sharmi naa, as you can lie easily. She asks her to come near her. Sharmila gets scared and tells Maggie that mummy ji will hit her with hunter today.

Shaan and Rajni are still dancing due to do jism ek jaan sync mode. Kuhu comes and says Dadi is calling you for getting mehendi on your hands. Shaan asks her not to do any goof up and asks her to make him proud. Rajni says I will walk as you walk. Shaan says bionic sync and starts walking, Rajni follows him. Maggie says we have to act as innocent infront of her. Sharmila asks what is the matter. Surili asks her to hold one finger between the two. Sharmila chooses a finger. Surili says yes and says you have selected to be beaten by belt, as other finger was that of hunter. Sharmila says you are devi and asks why you are reacting. Surili says it is of Rajni’s handwriting. Maggie says Sharmila doesn’t like her hand writing and that’s why copy Rajni’s hand writing. Surili says it is a bad excuse. She says I will check Rajni’s hand writing too. Rajni comes. Surili asks Rajni to come and says I have some important work with you. Shaan gets a phone call just then. He picks the call. Rajni also acts to pick call. Surili asks why you are acting. Rajni tells her that Shaan and her body is synced. Maggie says it is like two bodies one soul. Surili tells Rajni that she wants her to write something. She asks Sharmila to bring paper and pen. Sharmila says she has no pen or paper. Rajni says I will write with mehendi. Surili says okay and asks her to write.

Shaan moves so that Rajni can move towards her. She holds Bubbles hand and asks what to write. Bubbles asks her to write something good for her good luck. Rajni says I will write whatever Shaan will write. Surili asks where is Shaan? Rajni says he is there? They couldn’t see Shaan. Shaan is pretending to write….Aishwarya comes and says he has gone mad completely. Shaan writes. Rajni says I have written. Surili says I need to check my hand writing. Rajni says I have written whisky is risky….Surili asks Rajni if it is her hand writing. Rajni says no, it is Shaan’s hand writing, I was writing as he was writing. Surili asks why nobody in the house is writing in their own hand writing.

Maggie laughs and tells Amu mamu came. Everyone see them turned blue and is shocked. Surili asks what happened? Amartya says I wanted to prove someone that my medicine works. Surili asks what was that medicine, and why did you eat it, to whom you wants to prove? Amartya says this color will go in one day. Maggie says people will say jadoo if Mamu comes in visarjan. Surili asks him not to come else people will laugh. She asks why did you do this. Sharmila also laugh on him, and says her case is suspended because of Mamu. Bubbles says Amartya drank chemical to prove his point. Rajni says yes, and says according to Indian law, the helper supporting guilty should also be punished. Shaan thinks what she was saying? Bubbles feels bad and says Amartya proved to me that his chemical wasn’t wrong.

Amartya in his room tells that his chemical wasn’t wrong. Bubbles comes to him and says your chemical was right. Amartya says you are looking as blue. Bubbles says I have drank it. She says we did that mistake together and says that’s why I am with you. She says we will go to Bappa’s visarjan together. She thinks I salute your chemical knowledge and asks him to come. Amartya thinks someone saluted my knowledge for the first time, gets emotional and says Bubbles drank it to support me. He says you have touched my heart and gets happy and emotional.

Shaan tells Rajni that their two bodies one soul mode is on, and asks her not to do any mistake. Rajni says I will do mistake if you do. Dev stuck himself in the drum. Shaan and Rajni help him come out of drum. Shaan asks Rajni to activate do jism ek jaan mode, but activation fails and Rajni activates her auto shutdown mode. Shaan is shocked to see her shutdown.


Surili announces that saas and bahu will do visarjan together. Rajni immerses chocolate Ganpati in milk. Surili says you have already done it, and says we had to do together….gets upset with her. 

Credit : H_Hasan

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