Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 17, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 16th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Amrish telling Surili that their chocolate Ganpati news is published in the newspaper. Surili looks at the paper and sees Rajni and Amrish’s pic in the photo and says only Rajni’s pic is published. Bubbles comes to kitchen and sees Amartya. She says you have become white. Amartya says you are looking good too. Bubbles says you feel shy too while praising me. She asks what you are drinking? Amartya says chocolate milk shake. He says glass is one…..Bubbles says we will drink one sip each, and our friendship will get stronger. Amartya takes sip after her. Bubbles say it was good that we got normal and says we were looking like jadoo’s parents. Amartya thinks jadoo is a good name for baby. Rajni hears them. Bubbles says kids will be born after marriage and

says she couldn’t get a groom for marriage. Amartya says you will get. Bubbles says my luck is bad, and goes to bring something. Amartya says I shall confess my feelings to her. Just then Bubbles feels current. Amartya asks what happened? Bubbles says I am not afraid of this current. Amartya says I can’t lose you or any of the family member and says I have to do something.

Rajni comes to Amrish and Surili and says good morning. Surili asks why did you play the alarm. Rajni says just to remind that you have just 28 days left to fulfill your promise made to Bubbles Bua. Surili says Rajni is a headache in human form. Rajni says just because I am not a human…Surili asks her to shut up. Amrish says I couldn’t find any guy for Bubbles. Rajni tells them that according to her data, 10 lakhs are bachelor, and tells that some have blocked her, says Bua have flirted by some, and says only 4 persons are remaining. Amrish says well done and asks how can you manage? Rajni says very easily. Amrish asks her to call them for swayamvar. Surili asks Amrish, why you are wasting your time, money and energy, and says Bubbles’s groom is not born yet. Amrish says God has made someone for him and that guy will fall in love like falling from tree. Surili says only mad guy will fall in love. Aishwarya tells Amartya that she has switched off fridge and asks why you made me switched it off. Amartya says I don’t want my bubbles to get current. Rajni hears them.

Amrish comes to Rajni and asks her if he get the copies of that guys. Rajni gives him paper. Amrish says I will call them home. He asks her to give him water and says he is thirsty. Rajni says Amu made switched off all the appliances. Amrish thinks his sala is mad, and thinks to get him married to divert his attention. Rajni asks why didn’t you get him married. Amrish says no girl will agree to marry him and jokes that they have to find a girl from market. Rajni says command accepted.

Amrish shows the guy’s pic to Bubbles and get happy. Bubbles is unable to choose among the four guys. Gyan says Bua ji kept your swayanvar. Bubbles get happy. Amartya hears it and gets shocked hearing it. He gets a panic attack and comes to Amrish. Bubbles shows him pics of the prospective grooms. Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan run away, followed by Bubbles. Amartya thinks he have to take tablet. He comes to Bubbles and says I want to talk to you. Bubbles asks him to stop shaking like dry leaf. Amartya touches her and his panic attack stops. He tells that he is changed now, and says he wants to read a face now. Bubbles asks whom? Amartya explains scientifically. Bubbles couldn’t understand him. Rajni says I have understood and that’s why brought special item for you from market with whom you can collide at any time.

Amartya asks whom? Rajni says she is Shanta…..fisher woman. Shanta gets happy seeing Amartya. Rajni says she is going to marry you. Amartya hides behind Bubbles. Bubbles asks Shanta to control. Shanta hugs Amartya. Amartya asks her to leave him and cries. All the family members come there. Surili is shocked and asks who is this girl who is hugging my brother. Rajni says she is Mamu’s item. Surili says no. Maggie says she is market’s fisherwoman. Rajni says Mamu haven’t done any setting and says I have done his setting on Bua ji’s orders. Rajni tells everything that she brought item for Mamu. Amartya laughs and teases Surili. Surili says you think my brother as toy. Shanta hugs him again. Amartya asks someone please save me. Surili frees Amartya and asks Shanta to go. Shanta looks angrily and goes. She then brings knife and keeps on her neck, threatening her. Surili is shocked. Rajni looks on.


Amartya tells everyone that he likes someone. Surili asks whom? And asks why you are bursting bombs and asks who is that girl. Amartya looks at Bubbles. 

Credit : H_Hasan

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