Nagarjun 16th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 17, 2016

Nagarjun 16th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Arjun falls unconscious afer drinking halahal poison. Urmi comes and checks him. He wakes up. Urmi smiles and says he is lucky to clear even this chakra. Astika with Takshak and others watches this via superpowers and tells Takshak if Arjun clears 5th chakra, he will die and all his 20 years hardwork will go in vain.

Urmi tells Arjun he has to travel alone from here and asks him to take spearhead. Arjun picks spearhead and sees his foster parents in front of him asking to kill them and get Noorie’s soul. Urmi says it is a trick and they are not his parents. Yashoda says why will a mother lie his son and asks to kill her and get Noorie’s soul. Urmi repeats again they are not his real parents and it is illusion. Arjun walks towards them. Yashoda says they are ready

to sacrifice themselves for their son’s happiness. Arjun emotionally drops spearhead and says he wants to free Noorie, but cannot kill his parents. It is all because him, so he wants his mother to kill him and extends spearhead. Yashoda saays sh ecannot kill hi. Arjun says it is his last wish. Yashoda takes spearhead. Arjun says he should not have born. Yashoda says if he wants to die, then it is fine.

Astika on the other side tells Takshak that Arjun will die than killing his foster parents. Yashoda attacks him with spearhead. He catches spreahead and stabs her instead and says her mother would never stab. Both illusions vanish. Urmi says he has cleared even this chakra. He gets a diamond which is a key for 5th chakra/door.

Tina takes Vasuki to hospital and tells Yashoda that he is real Vasuki and other one was imposter. Vasuki says Astika is playing this game and Takshak is mastermind. Yashoda says she does not know who they are, she just wants him to save her son.

Urmi tells he has to clear 5th chakra to get Noorie’s soul. He thanks her for her help. She asks him to keep diamond on door. He keeps it and door opens. Astika on the other side tells Takshak that Arjun is walking towards his destroyal, so he should do something. Takshak says whatever is destine should happen and asks him to come along.

Arjun walks towards Taina’s soul and extends hand to pick it. Takshak reaches with Astika and Divru and signals Divru. Divru captures Arjun’s soul and his body falls down.

Precap: Taksak addresses address as Naglok’s protector and king and asks him to get up, his future is calling him. Arjun becomes monster.

Credit : MA


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