Lover's Revenge

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Sep 20, 2016

Lover's Revenge (By Signature) (Thanked: 29 times)

Hi everyone this is my second ff   hope u all  will  like it this is  one  of   my  new  imagination  which I  thought to  share  with  u  all   have  look  on  this  and  let  knew your views  and  sorry  for  any spelling and  grammatical mistakes. “This story  is  about  two  people  who  love  each other  truly  they  can’t  live  without  each other  even  for  a  second  their  love  was  so  strong  then  what  happen  between  them  all  of  a  sudden  that  change their life they lost love  so , guys if  want  to  know  then  have look  on  this story         










It   was   5:00  pm  in   the  evening   a  white  car   halted   in  a  deserted   place   there  was  no   signs   of   people  anywhere   just    trees   all  around  .A   girl   around  19  yrs  old  get   down   from   the   driver   seat   dressed   in  a  bloody   red    color  anarkali   suit   she   look  so  beautiful  yet   so  simple  in   her  elegant   dress  she  slam   the  door  shut  of   her  car  and   she  walk   in front   of   it  she  lean  her  back   over  her  car  bonnet   resting   herself  on  it  as  she  fold   her  hands  over  chest  and  she  silently  look   at  the  edges  of   cliff   in  front   of   her  beautiful   eyes   her   face  and  her  eyes  both  look   so  clam  that  it  was  difficult   for  any person   to   guess   what   is  exactly  going  on  in  her  mind   right  now   







After    ten   minutes   a   man   around   21 yrs  old   stop  his   black   sport   bike  just   beside   her   car   but  the girl  didn’t  notice  it  because  she  was  lost  in  her  own  world   the   boy   took   off   his  hamlet  revealing   his  handsome   face  as   he   got  down  from  his  bike  dressed  in  casual  blue  jeans  and  a  white  shirt  anyone   can  easily   say  it  by  looking  at  his  face  that   he   is  carefree   and   fun  loving   in   nature   he  run  a  hand  through   his   messy   hair   looking   in   his   bike   rare  view   mirror  (one  of  his  old  habit ) as  he  comb  it  by  his  fingers   a  smile  appeared  on  his  lips  when  his  eyes  fell  on  the  reflection   of   girl  behind   him  in  his  bike  mirror   he  turn  around  and  slowly  walked   toward   her   taking   soundless  steps





“  Hi  love  ” he  cheerfully  greet  her  by  kissing  her  right  cheek  and   pull  her  in  warm  hug   he   hide  his  face  in  the  crook  of   her  neck  as   he  smelling  her  sweet   lavender  smell    now   his  back  is  leaning  over    her  car   bonnet   while  he  trap  her  in  between  his  legs   his  both  hands  rest   on  her  waist   but   the  girl  didn’t  hug   him   back   nor   she  reply  to  his  greet





“What  happened   love  is   something   wrong… r  u  okay  baby?” asked   the   boy  worriedly  by  cupping  her  both  cheeks  in  his   hands   as  he  notice   her   strange   behavior   because   as   usual   whenever   they   meet  she  was   always    the   first   one  who  will  rush  to  him  and  hug  him  tightly  saying   how   much  she  miss   him  





  “  tum  mujh  se  bhaut  pyar  karte  ho  hai  na? ”she  asked   smiling   at   him  looking   straight   in  his  dark  chocolaty  brown     concern   filed  eyes  completely  ignoring   his   questions  



“ Off  course  sweetheart  " he       reply    kissing  her  forehead




“ Then  tell  me  how  much” she   softly   asked   him   placing   her   left   hand   in   his  chest   still  maintaining  the  eye contact




“ you  want   to  know ” he  asked  smiling  at  her  as  he caressing   her  cheek   lovingly  looking   deep  in  her  hazel  green  eyes   totally   unaware  of  storm  which  is   going   to   change   their   life




“   yes  ”she  reply   with  a  nod   as   she  slightly  smile   at   him   but   that   smile  didn’t  reach  through   her  eyes   which   he   fail   to  noticed  it




“what   will  I  get  in  return   If  I  will  tell  you ”he   asked   naughtily  as he  pull   her   closer   to  him  by   her   waist   making   her   grip   his  shoulder  by  her  both   hands   for   support   at   his   sudden  action





“  Anything ” she  said   to   him   looking   deep  in  his  eyes   making   him  to  raise  his  one   eyebrow   teasingly  toward   her  




“ You   sure  love  soch  loo  kuch   bhi   maang   sakta  hoon   phir   maat  naa  karna ”he  whisper  husky  in  her ear  




“ I  m  sure  you  will  get   anything   u  want  in  return  if u  tell  me  the  truth ”she   said   looking  straight  in  his  eyes  her   voice   sound   more  confident   than  beforethan




“  Fine  than ” he  said  smiling  at  her  after  getting  her positive  reply  





He   release  her  from  his  arms  and  walk  toward  the   cliff  he  stood  two  step  back  from  the  edges  of  cliff   and  he   opened  his  arms  wide  as  he  breath   in  the   fresh  air    now  his   back  is   facing  toward   the  girl  who  fold  her  hands  over  her  chest  and   she  continue   to  watch   him  in   silence    




“ I  LOVE  YOU…I  LOVE  YOU  SO   DAMN   MUCH  KHUSHI!!!... DO   U   HEAR   THAT  I  LOVE  U… MORE  THAN  ANYTHING   AND   ANYONE   IN   THIS  WORLD….YOU   R  MY  LIFE   HAVING  YOU  BY  MY  SIDE   IS    WHAT   COMPLETE   ME   YOU  COMPELET   ME …MERI   ZINDAGI   KI  HAR  EK  SAANS   MEI  TUM   HO  HAR   EK   DIN   HAR   EK   RAAT   MERI  HAR   EK  YAAD   MEIN   TUM   HO…TUM   HO  THO   MEIN   HOON   TUM   NAHI   THO   MEIN   KUCH   BHI  NAHI    I  WANT  TO  BE   WITH  YOU  FOREVER   AND  EVER  U  R  MY  HAPPINESS …U  MEANT   THE   WORLD   TO  ME   JAAN” his   voice   echoed   on   the  cliff  as  his  declare  his  true   love   for   her   in  his  top  voice





He  slowly  drop  his  arms  down  on  his  either  side   and   he  turned   to  face  khushi  he  widely  smile  at  her  his  eyes  full  of   love  as  he  open  his  arms  once   again  for   his  lover  and  signal  her   with  his   fingers   come   into   his  embraces




 Khushi  lightly   smile   at   him  as  she  started   moving  toward   him  taking  slow  steps   her  eyes  turn   moist  due  to   tears   once  she  reach   she  stood   before   him but   didn’t   accept   his  opened  arms   there   is  still  one   hand   gap   between  them  




“ sorry  Arnav ” she   said  with  no  emotion  now  her smile  is  replaced  by  a  painful  light  smirk  on her pink lips





“ huh…why   r  u  saying  like  that ?” he  asked   his eyebrow   pull  together   in  confusion  now   his  smile  slowly  started   fading    looking   at  her  serious  face





Khushi   expression   change   all  of   a  sudden  now  her eyes   filled   with  of   pain   and  hatred  she   closed  the gap  between  them   in  one  swift   motion





“ Good  bye  Arnav ” she  said  gritting  her  teeth  and push   him  off  the  cliff  with  her  full  force





“ Khushiiiiii!!!!....”


screamed   Arnav   as   fell   down   from   the   cliff   his  eyes   wide  opened  as  he  look  up   toward   the  edges  of  cliff  in  shock  and  disbelief   where   his  love  of  the life  stood  looking   at  him  with  expressionless  face  





As   soon  as  Arnav  body   become   invisible  in  her sight   She   fell  down   on   her   keens  with  a  thud  her  body   felt   lifeless   tears   started   following   from  her hazel   green   eyes   she  in  vulnerable   state   she  look  up  at  the   sky  and  grip  her  hair  by   her   both   hands  as   she   screamed   louder   




“ Arnavvvvvvvv!!!!!....”  

Jan 26, 2017

chapter - 2 (By Signature) (Thanked: 20 times)

Hi   frnds  !  how  r  u  all  doing..?  I   sincerely   apologized   to  u all  for  the  delay.

Through  I  have  got  very  low  response  for  this  ff  and  I  was really  not  happy  with  that  but  still  I  thanx  all  of  them who read and comment for this story…before I start this ff I want to clear few thing…



WARNING: - This  story  contain  some  violence  and  mature content  and  in  SOME  part  u  will  find  the  main  character  of   this  story  playing  dark  role .This  story  is  completely  my  own  imagination  and  please  don’t  taking  any  dark  part seriously  because  they  were  unrealistic  so, I  kindly  request sensitive  hearted  readers  to  avoid  reading  this  ff ,if  u  r  not comfortable  with  this  type  of  stuffs


1.   I  have  also  decided  to  add  Ashlok (Astha and shlok)  from ipkknd  2  in  this  ff  they  will  be  also   playing  main  role  in this  story  like  Arshi.


2.   The  first  chapter  of  this  ff  will  also  come  in  upcoming part  too


3.   As  per  Lazydoll  request I  have  decided   to  write  this  story  in  English  because  I  guess  many  ppl  here  find difficult  to  understand the  story in Hindi   



4.   And  one  more  important  thing ?


“Agar  hero  maar  jayega  tho  story  kaise  chalegyi ..?” so, don’t   worry  guys  Arnav  is  not  dead. I  m  not  that  cruel hearted  person  to  separate  Arshi  ,he  will  surly  come  but how  and  when  for  that  u  have  to  read  this  ff  and I  know u all   have   lots   of   question   why  khushi  push Arnav off   the cliff ? right  well   it   will   also   clear   in   upcoming   update   so  have   patience   guys  



Now   back   to   story ...








Khushi     jerk   sat   up   straight   on   her   bed ,  breathing   heavily .sweat  beads   formed   on   her   forehead   with   erratic   breath   coming   out   of   her   nostril .she   look around   and   realized   she   was   in   her   room   on   her   bed .She   run   her   finger   through   her   hairs   in   frustration

That’s   probably   her   night mare !

The   same   night mare   which   she   was   getting   from   the last   five  years    after    that    dreadful    incident . The   same incident   which   had   force   her   to   change   herself completely ,the   same    incident    which   had   snatched   her everything ,   the   same   incident   where   she  KILLED   her LOVER   with   her   own   bare   hand   by   pushing   him   off the   cliff


Yes!   He   was   dead… ARNAV  MALIK  was  dead

So   was  she !...


She   was   no   more  the  old  khushi   who   used   to   smile every   now   and   then ,who   used   to   wear   colorful expensive   cloths   everyday ,who   used   to   party   every weekend   with   her   frnds   in  clubs ,she   was   no   more   the immature    carefree   girl   who   always   took   decision   from her   heart .She  is  changed…


She   now   spending   her   life   like   a   robotic   person .A person   for   whom   nothing   matter   expect   work, now   she is   a   heartless   shrewd   business women  ,a   women   for whom   only   one   thing   matter   work !   work!!   And   work nothing   else. There   was   no   happiness   in   her   life anymore.






 Khushi   Agnihotri   was   working   on   her   laptop   in   her   cabin    when   she   heard   a   knock   on   her   cabin’s door


“COME   IN !” khushi   reply   in   her   stern   voice    without lifting   eyes   from  her  laptop


Diana   Rose (khushi’s  secretary) come   inside   after   getting permission   from   her   boss   khushi   agnihotri  


Diana   Rose   a   very   sweet,   chirpy,   talented   employ   of diva   fashion   house. But   like    every   employ   of   Diva fashion   house    she   also   fear   from   her   strict   boss   because “THE   KHUSHI  AGNIHOTRI” is   a    very   strict ,arrogant    and   rude   boss   



One   mistake   in   your   work   and   she   will   kick   u   out   of her   company   and   after  knowing   this   no   other   company will   hire   that   person   because   Diva   company   is   the second   largest   and   most  popular   fashion   company   in  the   whole   world .



“Good   morning   Miss  Agnihotri” Diana   greet   her   boss politely   to   which   khushi   greet   her   back   in   authoritative tone   still   without   stopping   her  work  



“Why   can’t   Miss   Agnihotri   greet   anyone   with   smile?...she    should   try   to   smile   at    least    fake   smile will   be   also   fine . God   has   given   her   such   a   pretty   face !   but   without    smile  it   look   so  dangerous. I sometime   wonder   did   she   even   know   how   to   smile ,I have   never   seen   her   smiling  ” Diana    thought    sulking like   a   5  yrs   old   child ,taking    a   sigh   Diana   decided   to speak   further   for   which   she   had   come   here   but   it   was   definitely   not   easy   because   the   news   which   she was   going   to   give   her   boss   was   something   which   will definitely   ruin   her    boss   mood   and   she  have   to   face the   scolding   of   her  Hitler   boss   early  in  morning    itself.      


“ma’am… uhh..i..i” Diana    started   to   speak   but   she   was  nervous   she   silently   send   a   pray   to   her   god   to   save her   from  her   boss’s  wrath 



 Khushi   look   up   and   find   Diana   lost   in   some   thought ,khushi    call   her   twice   but   Diana   didn’t   reply   anything she   was   lost   in   her   own   world …khushi   gritted  her   teeth    seeing   the    unprofessional   behavior   of   her  employ. She   never   like   her   employees   to  behave   unprofessional   in their  working   hours


“God   dammit   !  speak   further   Diana   and   if   u   don’t   have   any   work   here   then   get   out   of   my   cabin   ri8 now” khushi   angrily   snap   Diana   for   wasting   her   time unnecessary


Diana   jerks   her   boss   voice   and   immediately   started speaking


“Ma’am   the   client   with   whom   we   agree   for   partnership   they   want   us   to   conduct   that    fashion   show   in   India” Diana   said   in   ago  waiting    for   her   boss   outburst





This    itself   cause    a    shiver    run    up    and   down her  (khushi) spine    after    what    had    happen    with   her   5 years    ago   .She   cut   her   all    ties    with   that   place , she never   in   her   life   again    wanted    to   visit   India    where all    her    past    memory    hunt    her    after   the    death   of Arnav   malik  ,her   so   called    lover .Her    family    send   her  Paris    to    keep    her    away    from    all    the    memory    of  that     place     but     was    it    possible?   NO    a    big    no   the memory   of   her   past     still    hunt    her    everyday   like   a unpleasant   experience    and     in    last     5    years    she   never    visit    India    again    even   her   family    shift   to   Paris after   few   years   here…and    now   hearing    the   name   of India    itself    brought    all    the    memory    back    in   her   mind    ,she    hate    everything   related    to   her   past          



“what    the    hell   r   u   speaking  Diana   didn’t   I   tell   u   to inform   them    that   we   r   not    going   to   conduct    the fashion    show   there..?” khushi  angrily   asked    to   which   Diana   gulp   and   reply    

“Miss   Agnihotri i ..i   had   already    inform   them    but    today   morning   I   got   a   call    from   their    office,   they   said    they    want    this    fashion   show    to    be    held    in India   only    and    when    I    said    that    u   refuse    to    agree this   then     they    said    if    we    want    to    work    with   them    then   we   must    agree    with    their    this   condition    otherwise   they   will   with    stop   the   deal” Diana   explain  


“Dammit !!!”  saying    this   khushi    frustratingly   bang   her fist   hard   on   the   table   that   her   hand  instantly   started   bleeding   


“Ma’am    your…your   hand   is   bleeding !”  Diana   worriedly said



“You   can   leave   Diana” khushi   said   controlling   her   anger


“But   ma’am   your …”Diana   said   but   was   cut   off   by khushi’s   piss   off   voice


“I   said    LEAVE !!!.” khushi   angrily  shout    to    which    Diana gulp   and    hurriedly   left    the   cabin.


Khushi      frustratingly    run    her    finger    through    her    hair  looking    at   her   bleeding   hand , she   need   some   time alone    to   think    how    to    come    out   of   this    problem ,this    deal   was   really   important    for   her   company    and she   can’t   loss   it   at   any   cost   otherwise   her   company have   to   face   a   big   loss



Outside the cabin


As    Diana    step    out    of    cabin    she   bump   into   Shlok Agnihotri   elder    brother   of   her   boss   khushi   Agnihotri


“What    the   hell    Miss    Rose    can’t     u    see   and    walk properly” shlok   irritatingly    snap    at    her


“Like   brother    like    sister ” Diana   lowly   mutter   under   her breath   which   was   hardly    audible   for   anyone


“I   m   really    sorry   sir” Diana    apologized    to   him    for   her    clumsy    behavior     to    which    shlok    give    her    a cold    look    and    step    inside   his    sister   cabin


“Pari!!!...” khushi   look   up    hearing   her    brother   panic  voice    who    had    just   step   inside    her    cabin     and    was looking    at    her    bleeding    hand “how   did   this   happen ..? how    did   u   got   hurt ” shlok    worriedly    asked   taking   her hand    in    his   as   he   examine    the    cut   “it’s   nothing  bhaiya(big brother)   just    a    small    cut”   khushi    slowly   said  “Small    cut    u    call   this    small   CUT   pari ..?shlok asked   with    little    anger(he    always    call  her   pari)   “ I   m   fine   bhaiya    it’s   not   hurting   me   much” khushi   try   to   calm   down   her   protective   brother “shut    up   I   can    see   how   much    fine    u    r  …come    with    me !”saying    this    shlok    took    her    to    a   couch    which    was    placed   in   khushi    cabin    and    made    her    sit   on    it    to    which    khushi   sigh    and    silently    obey    her    brother     command   “Don’t move   I    just    come   okay !” shlok    said   as   he    move   from     there     and    quickly    return    in    few   sec    after    taking    the    first    aid    box    in   his   hand   and    sit    beside   khushi   to   apply    the    ointment    on    her    wound …


“How    did    u    got   hurt ?” shlok    asked    as    he    clean   her   cut   with   antiseptic    liquid



“It’s    nothing    bhaiya ”  khushi    said   without   meeting   her brother   eyes


Shlok   deeply    sigh    hearing    her    reply .He    know   she wouldn’t    tell    him    so    easily,  She    is   no    more    like    old   bubbly    khushi    who    used    come    to    him    for   every    small    matter ,She    is    changed    now    into   a   cold hearted    person    just    like    him    and    that    what   he never    want    her    to    become    but    fate    had    different plans .He    really    miss    his    old    baby    sister    who    was lost    now     because    of     that     one    incident..Yes    he    too   is   aware   about    that    incident   which    had    change   his    life    too   but   no    one    was    aware   of   this   fact   not even   his    baby   sister   khushi  .He  never   tell   it   to   anyone 





“hisssss….” Khushi     hiss   in   pain    as    the    antiseptic chemical   leave   a   burning   session   on   her   cut   mark   to   which   shlok    gently    blow    air    from    his    mouth   on    her   cut   to    shoot   her   pain   and    safely   bandage   her   hand  



“sometime   if    u    share    your    pain   and    worry    with   your   love   one    then   u   will   feel   better ,  it’s    not    always    good   to    always     hide   your    pain    from    others .I     know     something    is    bothering    u    please    tell   me pari .I    m   your    brother ,I    will    surely   help   u” shlok   softly   said   cupping   her   face   in   his   both   palm  


Khushi    look    in    her    brother    eyes   which    was    full   of concern, care   and   love    for   her .She    know    her   bhaiya had    always    helped    her   and    stood     beside    her    like pillar     in    her     bad    time    and    always    will    be …Her brother    love    her    more    than   anything    in    his   life   and so    do    she .


 Overwhelm    but    by    the   emotion    khushi    hug   her brother    who   hug    her    back  , she    place    her   head   in his   chest


“I..I..tensed   bhaiya …   something  is  worng ! ” khushi    slowly whisper    with    close   eyes   as    she   relax   in   her    warm filled    brother    embrace


 “what   is   troubling    u   pair..?” shlok    gently    asked   stroking   her   hair


 “I..I..m   afraid” khushi    said    to    which    shlok    frown   at her    reply


“Afraid ?..of   what   pari” shlok   again    asked .Confusion   was clearly    evident   in   his  voice


“Of   past ” khushi    said    making   him   went    numb    for    a sec.. it    surely    brought    some   unpleasant   memory   back   in    his    mind   too    which   he    never    wanted    to remember    but    he    quickly   composed   himself   for   his baby     sister   who   need   his   comfort      now     and     slowly    pull    back    from    the    hug



“U    don’t     have    to    be    afraid    of    anything    pari , remember    that    no   matter    what   your    brother   is always    with    u    and    will    protect   u    from   all   the   evil ..u    don’t    have    to    be   worried    for   anything” shlok  sincerely    said    holding    khushi   by    her    shoulder


“I know ” khushi     said    looking    in    her    brother   eyes   as  she    blink    her   eyelashes    to   assure   her   brother   that she    have    full    faith    in    him   to    which    he   kiss   her forehead   in    acknowledgement


“Now    tell   me   I   know   something    else   is    also   bothering    u   what   is   it..?”shlok   asked   to   which   khushi told    him   the   whole    reason   how   the    new   client    had kept    the    condition    that    they   will   only    work   with them   when   Diva    fashion   house   will   agree   to   conduct that   fashion    show   in  India .


Shlok    deeply    sigh   he    know   about    this    that   is   why he   come   here   to   discuss    about    this    matter   with   her. Now   all   thing    made   sense   to   him .How   khushi   got   hurt    and   what    made   her   afraid   of   her   past


“So   u    got    angry    by    hearing    this    condition  ,that’s   why   u   bang    ur   fist   in   something   to   take   out    your    frustration   right..?!” shlok    asked   knowing    his  sister’s  habit    very  well


Khushi    didn’t    meet   his    eyes    and    look    down    feeling guilty    to   make    her   brother   worried    unnecessarily


“Thinking    twice    before   doing     anything    pari!   Becoz many    people    are    related   to   u, who   truly    care    for    u …it’s      hurt     them    to     see     u     getting     hurt” sholk warmly    said    as    he    pull    her    chin   up   making    her look   into    his   eyes


Khushi     didn’t    said    anything     but     just    nodded    her head    letting    her    brother    know    that    she    understand his    concern   toward   her   and   she   will   not   do   anything stupid   like    this    again    but    however    much    she   try   to control    her    anger    but    she   can’t ! whenever   she   heard something    related   to   her    past. It’s    just    blew   off   her mind   


There    discussion    were    got    interrupted    by    a    knock on    her    cabin    and    after    getting     permission     from khushi ..Diana    came   inside    to    inform    them   that    their Dad    is    calling   both    them    in    his    cabin     to    which both    shlok   and    khushi    nodded    their    head    and    got up   to   leave   to   meet   their   Dad. Now   only   he    can suggest    some    solution    to   come   out    of    this    problem


But    what    they   don’t    know   is   that   nobody   can   help them   in   this   matter. They   both   will   have   to   pay   for the    sin   which    they     have     committed    few    years back…now   it’s    someone    else   time   to   play   with   them.   














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Mar 3, 2017

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Hellooo   frnds   finally  my  exams  got  over  BTW  how  r  u  all ..?? and  thank u  so  much  for  ur  wonderful   comment   I  just  loved   it  and   thanx  to  those  also  who  press  thank u  button…  .. This   story   is   full   of   twists, turns   &   mystery   and  everything   will   disclose   in   upcoming   parts  so,   have   patience   guys


“Dad   u   called   us??” shlok  asked  as  soon  as  he  step  inside   his  Dad’s  cabin  followed  by  khushi


Dev   Agnihotri   who’s   sitting   in   his   cabin  chair  with  few person   look   up

He   is   father   of   both   shlok   and   khushi .A   very calculative   and   powerful  55 yrs   old   business   man , for him    status ,class   and   money   matter   d   most    but   a caring   Dad   for   his   children. He   is   the   owner   of   Diva fashion   house    



 “yes   beta   come    inside!”Dev   said   then   he   turn   toward the   person   with   whom   he   was   sitting   and   said   to them  “gentlemen   meeting   is   over” to   which   all   person nodded   their   head   to   him   and   all   got   up   for  their   seat ,they   shook   their   hand   with   Dev   Agnihotri   before leaving   from   there.



“Pari   oh   god!   what   happen    to   ur   hand ?? ”Dev   suddenly   asked while   coming   toward   khushi   as   he   notice   her   bandage hand


“’s   nothing   Dad   I   just   got   accidently   hurt” khushi said


“  what..?   Are   u   fine   dear? Or   should   I   called   a doctor..??” Dev   asked   gently   holding   her   shoulder .His   voice   was   field   with   concern   and   care   



“No   Dad   I’m   absolutely   fine!” khushi   said   taking   Dev both   hand   in   her  ,assuring   him    that   she   was   okay



“Are   u   sure!” Dev   asked   a   bit   doubtfully




“Yes   Dad   see   even   bhaiya   bandage   my   hand ” khushi said   showing   her   hand   to   Dev   to   which   he   look   at shlok   who   blink   his   eyes   assuring   him   that   khushi   is actually   fine



Dev   sigh   in   relief    and    pat   khushi   head   lovingly   and then   move   toward   his   desk   and   sit   in   his   chair



“Ok   then   take   a   seat   both   of   u” Dev   said   to   both khushi   and   shlok   to   which   they   nodded  and   took   thier seat   in front  of  Dev  



“I    hope   u    both   know   why   did   I   called   u   both here!”Dev   asked   to   them  ,his   tone   reflect   seriousness




“Yes   Dad   we   know   about   that” shlok   answer   him




“So…what   do   u   think   of   about    this   matter   Dad?  ” khushi   asked



Dev   took   deep   breath   as   he   slowly   lean   backward   on his    chair .He   cross    legs    and    intertwine    his    fingers   were   together   before    he     speak




“To   continue   the   deal” Dev   casually   said   making   both   of   them   shock   with    his   reply



“But… Dad   how   can   we..i..i..mean..??”shlok   started   but was   cut   off   by   Dev   who   gesture   him   to   stop   by   rising   his   palm   in   air  



“look     beta   I   know   whatever   happened    five    year    ago was   dreadful   and   that   y   pari  don’t   want    to   go   to India    again (Dev   said   looking    at    khushi   and   then   he turn   toward   shlok) and   Shlok   beta  I    know   u   too   think it’s   not   right   to  send   her   there   but   this   is   business   my child   and   in   business   we   have   to   behave   professionally …as   u   both   already   know   if   we   let   go   off    this   deal  from   our   hand   then   we   might   have   to   face   big   loss  which   we   can’t   afford  ” Dev   calmly   said



“ But   Dad   how   can   Pari   go   there …u   know   it’s   not easy   for   her   and   that  place  u  very   well   know   about  everything   and   If   u  want   I  can   go   there   alone   and   handle    everything” shlok    suggested


“I    will   go   there   Bhaiya” khushi   who   was   silent   till   now whisper    interrupting   b/w   them    



“Pair   what   are   u   saying  ?how   can   u   go   there?”shlok worriedly   asked   her .He   was   not    ready   to   send   his baby   sister   to   India   at   any   cost


“Bhaiya   relax!   Dad   is   ri8   ,we   have   to    behave professionally …our   company   is    already    facing   enough loss   and   if   we   lose   this   project    from   our   hand   than we    have   to   shut   down    our   company   and   I   will   never let   that   happen(she   said   pressing  shlok’s   hand   to   calm down   him)and   as   the    project   head   my    presence   was    needed   there   so   I    have   to   go      and  u  don’t    worry   I   m   not   that   an   immature   khushi   anymore   whom   anyone   can   fool   easily. I   will   be   fine there” she   added



“That’s   like   my   good   girl   and   shlok   don’t   worry   about pari   she   is   strong   girl   now .My   girl   know   how   to handle   every    situation   bravely” Dev said


“okay!   Dad   if   u   both   say   so   than   I   m   ok   with   this idea    but   in   one   condition     pari   will    not    go   there   alone” shlok   said   as   he   was   still   not   ready   to   send   her   there   alone



“But   bhaiya   I..” khushi   try   to   argue   but   Dev   cut   off  her


“No   Pari!   Shlok   is   ri8   I  m   too   worried   for   u ,u   can’t go   there   alone” Dev   said   in   stern   voice   making   her mouth   shut   up           


Khushi   sigh   in   deaf   looking   at   her   over   protective family. When   she   was   only   4 yrs   she   lost   her   mother  in accident   so,   from   that   time    both   her   father   and   brother   pamper   her  a  lot, she   is   princess  of   Agnihotri family    



“Okay!   Then   So   who   will   accompany  me ?”khushi   asked as   she   give   up   the   idea   of   argue   with   her   dad   and   brother


“Of   course   me” shlok    said   looking   at   khushi   as   this   is the   most   obvious   thing   in   the   world   which   can   be guess   anyone   easily


“Yes   shlok  will  go  with  u   and   he  will   too  work  in  this   project  with  u  as   your  project   partner” Dev  said  as  he agree   with   shlok  decision 



“ Okay!   Dad    then   I   will   asked   Diana   to    book   our   tickets    for    2morro    flight” khushi    said     earning   a   hmm.. in  reply   from   Dev .




 Few hours later..


After   finishing   his   work   shlok   come   to   his   sister   cabin only   to   find   her   still   working. It’s    7:00   pm   in   evening and   every   employee    of   diva   fashion   house   have   left   for   home   in   fact   his   Dad   too   only    he   and    his   baby sister   were   left


“Pari   r   u   done..??” shlok   asked   while   knock   on   her cabin   door



“   bhaiya  I   have   some   important   work. It   will   take   some   time ,u   go  I  will   come   in  a  hour” khushi  said looking  at   him



“No   it’s   ok   I   will   wait  ,u   complete   your   work after   that   we  will   go   together” shlok   said



“No   bahiya   it’s   completely   fine!   U   should   go   home .I   will   come  after   finishing   my   work” khushi  said


“ Are   u   sure ..?” shlok   again  asked


“yep!” she   reply   nodding  her   head


“okay   come   soon   and   drive   safely!” shlok   said   to   her and   left   from   there   to   go  home  





“oh   god!  I’m   dead   tired  now” khushi  exclaim   in   exhaustion  as she   finally   finish   her   work



She   look   in   her   watch   to   see   the   time   it’s   show   9 o’clock   in   night   damn  it’s  too  late  she   thought  and quickly   packed   her   thing   in   her   bag   and   come   out   of   her   cabin.



The   whole   office   was   dead   silent   as   everyone   has already   left   but   all   lights   were   still   on   because   she  had   asked   not   to   turn   it   off   whenever   she  works  till late    night    as   she   has     phobia   from   darkness 


She    inter    in   lift   and    press   ground   floor   button   and waiting   for   lift    to    move …the   lift    was    about    to   closed    fully   but    at   d    right    moment    someone   place    his   shoes   on  d   door   making   it    wide   open   again   and   the   person   quickly    inter   inside   and   press    lift   button once   again   then    turn    toward    khushi   who   was   quite shock   to   see   this   person   at   this   time   in   her   office. 


“Hi   honey! ” the   person  said   in   his   husky   voice




“vivaan ..???” khushi     Shockley  whisper




   Wanna   know   who’s   this   vivaan   is? And   how   is   he related   to   khushi   then   stay   tune…



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Apr 2, 2017

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She entered inside d lift and press d ground floor button and was waiting for d lift to move …The lift door was about to closed fully when at d right moment someone place his shoes on d door making it wide open again and the person quickly entered inside and press lift button once again then turned toward khushi who was quite shock to see this person at this time in her office. 





“Hi   honey!” the person said in his husky voice




“Vivaan ...?” khushi Shockley whisper looking at d handsome young man in his late thirty in front of her hazel green eyes. He was well dressed up in a classy black suit with a plain white shirt underneath it. He was vivaan…Vivaan Ahluwalia, her dad’s best friend’s son. . A well manner and totally gentlemen type guy clam & composed in nature. She was related to him in many ways like





He is her business partner. 






He is her friend






 He is her well wisher   






And currently from last 3 months







He is her FIANCEE







  “I miss u” vivaan whisper while engulfing her in his embrace which bring Khushi back to her sense and she too lightly reciprocated d hug 





“Me too but you here? When did u return from London?” khushi asked while pulling back from d hug.






“Today morning, my work got over in London so, I thought to come here early and give u a surprise but to my bad luck when i went to your house in evening, shlok informed me that u r still in ur office and will return in 1 hours after finishing your work but  after 1 hour when u still didn’t return I couldn’t hold back myself to come here and meet u directly” Vivaan said smiling at her





“ Actually 2morro me and bhaiya are going to India for finalizing one deal so, I was just completing some pending work before leaving for India” khushi said







“Yep! I know that. Your dad told me about that” vivaan said gently taking her hand in his. His tone was low as he didn’t like d idea of her going to India but choose not to say anything to her. Suddenly his eyes caught d sight of her wounded hand. He frowned looking at it





“How did this happen? How u did got hurt?” he asked with concern while examining her wounded hand





“uhh... It’s nothing vivaan, just a small cut, I’m fine” khushi said assuring him while slowly taking her hand back







“You should take care of yourself” vivaan softly said cupping her one cheek with his right hand.






“I will” khushi said keeping her hand above his. She feel sorry for him, she know he loves her but she can’t love him or anyone else again and he too knew that but still agree to tie this knot with her, for her he was just her friend. She only got engaged with him for her Dad’s happiness      








They both heard d beep sound of lift which indicate them that they reach ground floor after a minute they both look as d door of lift got fully open








“ chale” Vivaan asked forwarding his one hand at khushi who silently nodded her head at him while sliding her hand in his and then they both together step outside while holding each other hands once reaching  d parking lot vivaan left her hand and like a perfect gentlemen opened d passenger side door 4 khushi who silently  got inside after closing d door and he too got inside d car in driving seat then starting d engine he drove off from there   






“Vivaan this is wrong turn my house is not this way!” khushi said after 15 min noticing him taking a right turn instead of taking left









“This is d right turn beautiful! I’m not taking u home right now” vivaan said while concentrating on driving





“Then where r we going?” khushi asked a bit confusedly








“It’s a surprise” vivaan said giving her his best smile



Agnihotri mansion




Shlok’s room




Shlok was on his phone talking with Diana about tickets booking




“Yes Diana did u booked our tickets?(pause)…what do u mean early flight tickets r not available(pause)….I don’t care what will u do but I want it to be done by 2 morro morning(pause)….ok if they r available then book them” shlok ordered and then disconnect d the call   







He then went toward his closet to take out his clothes from it to packing them in his travelling bag. In the process of taking out his clothes, something fell from his closet landing just down below his feet. He put his clothes on closet and bent down to pick it up.







 He eyes graze at d shiny object in his hand. It was a single sliver anklet. He know whom it belong to, it’s “HER”…this mere object remind him d the owner of this jewelry which bring back all d faded memory of his dark past which he still was not able to forget and never will be. He moved toward d sofa which was placed in his room and sat down on it without breaking his graze from d anklet in his hand.









A sad look appear on his face while a lone tear escape from d corner of his eyes as he tenderly caressed d anklet with utter most care as if he was caressing her face









“Why it’s so hard to hate u? When u have given me nothing except pain. I wish main tumse kabhi na mila hota, na tum meri zindagi mei aati na yeh sab hota. I hate u Aastha. I HATE U(I wish I never meet u if u hadn’t come in my life all this have wouldn’t happened)”he painfully said grazing at d anklet as if it will magically turned into its owner and answered him, but he knew even if she herself appeared in front of him, she would only lie like every time she did it but somewhere still he wanted to see her just once but will never admit it to himself      






“Here we come” vivaan said stopping his car in front of postured restaurant and then got down from his seat while quickly come to khushi’s side and opened d door for her







“Why r we here?” khushi asked while getting down from d car




“I want to spend some time with u before u leave for India so thought to take u for a dinner in your favourite restaurant” vivaan said with smile to which she look at him but didn’t said anything. Vivaan gesture her to move inside. She nodded at him and then walked inside with him




In car





It was almost 10:45 pm by now. Vivaan, who’s silently driving his car toward Agnihotri mansion to drop khushi back to her home, feels a light weight on his shoulder. He looks side way only to find his beautiful fiancée khushi, whose head had flopped on his shoulder in her sleep. She must have dozed off in sleep due to her tiredness. He sighed and slow down his car speed after parking his car at road side, he turned toward khushi









He with utter most care placed her head on her seat making sure not to break her peaceful sleep in this process. He look her as some front lock of her hair fall on her forehead making her look angelic, her lips were pout like a baby.









He lift his one hand and tug her hair behind her ear, Oh! How much he has missed her in his one month of business trip only he knows. He thought silently admiring her beauty                           









“I know khushi u don’t love me. Your every gesture spoke that, whenever I try to hold ur hand u feel uncomfortable at my touch. I know u only take me as your friend and nothing else even you got engaged with me just for Dad’s happiness, but I don’t khushi. I LOVE U I always have but look na that **** Arnav always win from me. You admit it or not but u still love him” he slowly whisper while softly stroking her cheeks. His eyes look sad but his grazed was intense on her while khushi was totally unaware of this fact and was in deep slumber









“But I don’t care beautiful if u love me or not. I will make u mine because my love for u has now turned into obsession. I’M OBSESSED WITH U KHUSHI since d day one, when u accidently fell in my arms. I will never ever let u go away from my life no matter what.” He said with determination then after kissing her forehead, he turned back to his seat and stared driving once again  





Next day

3:00 pm


At   Airport




Dev and Vivaan too come with shlok and khushi to d airport to see off them. The flight to Delhi was delayed by 2 hours so they all were now sitting in the nearest café day enjoying their coffee, after 1 and 20 minutes, the announcement was broadcasted at the surrounding speakers 







“This is the last and final call for d air passenger for Mr. Shlok Agnihotri and Miss Khushi Agnihotri, travelling to New Delhi. Kindly report to the gate 20 for boarding your flight. Thank you”






After bidding bye to Dev and Vivaan both siblings walked inside d airport









 “Did u really think this decision of yours was right Dev uncle?” vivaan asked looking at the retreating back figure of khushi








“100 and 10% sure   Vivaan. You already know that Malik was dead and according to police and world that was an accident, khushi has nothing to do with that… I send her here to keep her away from that **** memory and successfully that work .I have poison her mind so brilliantly that now  she hate him from the bottom of her heart ” Said  Dev Agnihotri        






“Hmmm… you’re right Dev uncle but still. I don’t know why but my six senses says that it’s not safe to send her there” said Vivaan looking at him 






“Oh! Come-on vivaan think logically. Do you even know if I let go off this deal from our hand then our company will face a huge loss which will affect your company too as we r now business partners  and there was no problem if khushi go to india as that Arnav was dead now and she is even engaged with You. She is only yours boy. Don’t worry” Dev said while keeping his hand on Vivaan shoulder    









 “Hmm… you are right uncle but one thing I don’t understand! this company was one of d top most company in whole world, just in last three years it reach to height of success and overtake many company and after knowing that our company is facing huge loss in business world they r still interested in doing business with us” Vivaan asked a bit doubtfully







“I know what u r thinking but I have checked it through my sources and there was no harm if we work with them. They want to expand their business more and our company is best in making Indian outfit. They liked our work and design so much that why they offer us this deal and want to do this fashion show in India” Dev said clearing his doubt       








Through vivaan was still not fully convinced but agree with him then they both walked toward their car and drove off toward their destination




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