Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 19th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 20, 2016

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania 19th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Mona asks Abhishek to go and propose Meera and not delay. He sees Meera, stops her, and imagines holding and proposing her. He comes out of imagination. Meera asks what. He says nothing. She leaves to her room.

Once Meera enters room, Rhea starts yelling her that her marriage broke because of her. Dad asks her to calm down and says they will leave this inauspicious place in the morning. Meera asks so early. Dad says yes, he is soffocating here.

Meera thinks he needs to talk to Abhishek once and walks out. Abhishek is waiting for him and calls Meera ji. Meera says dad has decided to go from here in the morning. He is shocked. She says she will miss them all and if she does not go from there, how will she miss them. She continues that she is feeling weird,

should not have agreed for marriage at all as she is not ready for marriage. Abhishek shouts enough now and starts confronting. Meera’s dad Prahlad comes sand shows money bundle to Abhishek and says this is tip for his service, entertaining Meera, etc. Abhishek moves aside. Mona asks Prahlad not to blame Abhishek for anything as he is getting married soon to Radhika. Prahlad asks Meera if she congragulated Abhsihek or not. Meera thinks why did not he tell him about this at all, maybe she was just expecting him to listen to her always.

Abhishek goes to his room. Mona hugs from behind and cries that his dreams shattered. He says he is already marrying Radhika, so she should not be sad. She says marriage has not yet happened and he should rethink.

In the morning, Meera’s family packs their bags and waits for taxi. Youngsters carry their bags out. Madhu sees that and says daadi thank god problem is going away. Daadi says she is waiting for them to go.

Sona asks Yograj if he saw Rohan as he they are getting late for school..Whole family starts searching. Radhika finds Rohan hiding into a cupboard and shows him to Yograj. Yograj drags Rohan out and Radhika tries to catch him. He pushes Radhika and raises hockey bat to hit Yograj. Yograj says they should get Rohan treated via a good doctor. Abhishek says Rohan is fine. Rohan hides behind table and says he will not go anywhere. Yograj holds him again and frightens that he will get him treated now. Abhishek hears Meera’s voice and runs down. Meera says Pant family that she is going, so she came to say them good bye.

Precap: Meera sees Rohan crying loudly and says Abhishek he should listen to Rohan once and asks Yograj why he was beating Rohan.

Update Credit to: MA

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