Nagarjun 19th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 20, 2016

Nagarjun 19th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Arjun frees Noorie’s soul, but Divru captures his soul and he falls down. Noorie wakes up and shouts Arjun…and falls unconscious again. Tina sees Vasuki tened and asks what happened. Vasuki says only Arjun can save Noorie’s soul and whoever saves soul will….Tina says this cannot happened. Yashoda falls unconscious hearing htis.

Astika sees Arjun’s body on floor and his soul struggling in air. He says Takshak with his order, he married human lady because of which his relationship got strained, he gave birth to a human child because of which Shankchurn went away from him, he tricked his son and brought him here ad now his son is trapped, he obeyed him whole life and sacrified a lot, this is what he got. Takshak says he is talking like a human and should know it is a path of destroyal, Arjun is not yet dead, he just killed his humanity, now naglok’s most powerful yodha will be born.

Takshak addresses Arjun as Naglok’s protector and heir and orders to get up and establish naglok’s rule in all 3 worlds, get up his fate is calling him. Arjun wakes up and his body starrts changing. He becomes monster and roars. Astika feels sad, Takshak and his puppets happy, Mohini and Shankchurn afraid. Takshak says Arjun is free of emotions and future of naglok, gods and humans will be afraid of him, he is nag rakshak. He is naglok’s biggest weapon who will destroy all their enemies, he is nag rakshas, he will control all 3 worlds now. Astika says it is prected already that Arjun will be naglok’s protector, but Takshak made him monster. Takshak says whoever doubts Arjun’s powers can try their powers him, they are welcome for a batttle. Shankchurn signals he is ready. Nagmaya signals no…

Arjun’s fight starts. Nag sainiks attack him and he kills them with just one blow. Takshak laughs. Mohini and Nagmaa gets afraid. Takshak says let the entertainment continue. Shankchurn enters and attacks Arjun, but Arjun throws him far with a punch. Shankchurn attacks again and Arjun kicks him far away. Takshak laughs. Arjun says he can kill Shankchurn in a second, so he should not fight with him. Mohini stops Shankchurn and says he cannot stop this monster. Shankchurn throws his poison on Arjun and blinds him and then attacks his leg with swords. Arjun kicks him far away again. Mohini signals Shankchurn to wait for the right time. Takshak challenges if anyone is doubting nag rakshas again, Arjun is not half human, he is rakshas. He gifts Arjun a locket and says this will protect Arjun, he shuld show 3 worlds how cruel he is. Arjun walks away. Astika says he did not Arjun will be like this, seeing him today he is sure naglok’s pride will return soon. He warns that they should control nagrakshas’ powers, else he will destroy everything. Takshak says time or he will give him answer and still time has not come. Mohini says he is right.

Urmi sees Arjun as monster and asks if he is feeling pain, she can understand what he must be feeling, he is made monster for destroyal, Arjun was ready happily to sacrifice his life for others, he cannot be monster, he must be hating himself seeing him in this form. She is feeling guilty that she is unable to help him, but she will not call him monster and will not let him feel he is monster. Arjun says Arjun is dead, he is nagrakshas and his motto is to obey maharaj Takshak, now earth will see destroyal.

Precap: Noorie, Tina, Yashoda and Maheshwar travel in a car. Arjun attacks a biker first and then walks towards their car.

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