Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 21, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 20th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Saachi takes her gift from Aryan and asks him to go now. He leaves. Saachi closes main door and hides dress behind. Chandra and Kusum say they did not find thief anywhere, they will ask watchman. Saachi says she inquired watchman and he did not see anyone. They both leave saying thief must have escaped. Saachi relaxes and gets excited about dress.

Sharda, Neelima, and Priyanka note down engagement items and gift list. Sharda says Neelima they should check howmany silver coins they have and see howmany to buy more. Aryan returns. Priyanka sees him sad, taunts and leaves. He feels sad that he could not see Saachi in his gifted dress. He goes to his room and imagines how she may be looking. Saachi video calls him and he gets happy seeing her in his gift red short

dress and says let us dance. They both dance in their rooms.

Sharda and Neelima to go a boutique to buy saris for Sachi. Their relative ladies also come for shopping. Sharda says Aryan’s marriage is fixed with Virendra Mittal’s daughter Saachi. She gets a call and moves aside. Relative ladies ask Neelima if they enquired about girl’s family as one of their relative’s in-laws showed their lavishness but were actually bankrupt. Neelima says Saachi’s family is very good and in fact they helped financially.

Viren cuts vegetables and chats with family. His friend calls and warns him against Sethia’s that they are bankrupt, so he should break alliance. Viren says he enquired about Sethia’s thoroughly and their business is going well. He tells family that news has spread like a wild fire, hopes nobody should know that he financialy helped Sethia’s.

Priyanka prepares lunch for Sethia. Mansoor comes to pick tiffins and says Aryan has become so much workoholic that he does not eat lunch at all and asks Daadi and Sharda to scold him. Diwakar comes and says he has a good news, they got a big contract and gives credit to his sons and says his sons proved that if 2 brothers work together, they can solve any problem.

Priyanka calls Saachi and gives her duty of feeding Aryan his lunch. During lunch house, Aryan gets into car to meet client. Saachi comes and gets him out and asks him to finish lunchand then go. He asks her to feed him from her hands. She says no. He asks to fan him with her veil at least. She says she is not village woman to fan him, so he should eat silently.

Precap: Sethia’s relatives badmouth why would anyone financially help, there must be something wrong with Saachi. Neelima and Sharda start thinking. Saachi tells Aryan that more she talks to his family, more closer they are getting to her heart. 

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