Nagarjun 20th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 21, 2016

Nagarjun 20th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Astika practices martial arts reminiscing Takshak’s that now Nag rakshas is born in Arjun who will get naglok’s pride back and will destroy all 3 worlds. He thinks he is the reason for whatever happened to Arjun and should do something and thinks of taking Vasuki’s help.

Maheshwar, Yashoda, Tina and Aslam take Noorie in a car to drop her home. Noorie says she is getting same dream repeatedly that she was in trouble and sought Arjun’s help and now Arjun is in trouble. Maheshwar says she must be getting these dreams due to her weakness. Aslam sees huge monster/Arjun walking towards them and asks driver to stop car. Rakshas/Arjun kicks a biker and then walks towards their car. Aslam asks driver to reverse car. Rakshas walks towards them. Police comes and tires

to stop Rakshas with bullets. Rakshaks kicks them and they get hypnotized. Yashoda asks driver to rush car soon. Rakshas walks towards their car.

Vasuki hears monster’s voice and thinks what kind of voice is this. Astika comes and says Arjun’s and enters. Vasuki stops him and says this is his meditation place. Astika says he came to talk to him important about Arjun. Vasuki nods to go ahead. Astika says he knows that as per Takshak’s order, he took Arjun to make nagarjun, but Takshak betrayed him and made Arjun as nag rakshas instead. Takshak wants to destroy earth and rule over 3 worlds. Vasuki says if Takshak has made Arjun as nagrakshak, then he has captured Arjun’s soul and they have to free his soul. Astika says it is not that easy, he does not know where Takshak has kept Arjun’s soul. Vasuki says he was eager to take Arjun to naglok. Astika says he wanted Arjun to become Nagarjun and not a rakshas to fulfill Takshak’s illegal goals.

Rakshas eters city and creates havoc. Reporters capture his video on camera. Whoever rakshas hits becomes mini monster. Rakshas sees Arjun’s soul in a locket which Takshak gifted him. Noorie gets Arjun’s bad dream and shouts Arjun…Yashoda calms her down and makes her sleep and tells Maheshwar where did Arjun go. Aslam says how can Arjun vanish leaving Arjun in this condition.

Vasuki reaches Divru’s den and warns him to return Arjun’s soul and repent for his misdeeds. Divru comes and says it is a big sin for a servant to go against his boss, so he should go from here. Vasuki says many people are being killed, if he does not consider responsible for that. Divru asks him to get out now. Vasuki says if he does not open door, he will use world’s powers to save world. Divru leaves. Vasuki opens door with his powers and says Arjun..Takshak.

Divru informs Takshak that Vasuki came to get Arjun’s soul. Takshak says let Vasuki come here. Vasuki says if he does not tell where he hid Arjun’s soul, a small problem will become very big. Takshak taunts him that if he had so much powers, he would not have let Arjun come to naglok. He says he will get Arjun’s soul in naglok’s most haunted place and says whoever will go to save Arjun’s soul will have to lose his life and if Vasuki loses his life, earth will be at loss more than naglok, so he should return back to earth.

Police commisioner watches news about rakshas and orders constable to call Rajveer. Rajveer comes. Commissioner scolds him that his jurisdiction is being destroyed and he is sitting silent, so he should be suspended. Rajveer says then he should suspend whole staff as rakshas is uncontrollable. Commissioner says then why is he sitting at office instead of trying to control rakshas, he does not need officers like him in his team. Rajveer leaves to control rakshas.

Arjun’s family watches rakhas’ news on TV and get tensed. Rakshas continues destroying things and walks towards a small child. Vasuki comes and stops him.

Precap: Rajveer tells commissioner that some people says rakshas is a superhuman and some says a monster, but as per his evaluation rakhas gets weak during night and powerful during day. 

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