Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st September 2016 Written Update

Sep 22, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 21st September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Surili getting angry on the marriage candidate Neta for misbehaving with her brother. Amrish says we were testing you and you have failed. Gyan says we give respect to everyone. Bubbles rejects him for his misbehavior and asks him to leave. Shaan tells Rajni good. Bubbles tells Amartya that she wanted to wreck his neck for pushing him. Amrish thanks Amartya and says my sister got a diamond now. He says well done to him. Rajni asks Shaan to maintain distance with Mamu. He asks her to repair all electronics. Rajni says okay. Amrish tells Surili that he will take one more test to confirm that this is the right guy and says final test will be done. Surili says you would have become a school principal, but for that you have to go to school. Shana comes and shows main

electric board. He says Bua will switch it on and romantic ambience will set up, but I will tell him that Bubbles will get electric shock of 440 volts and will die. If he will rescue her then he will win the test. Amrish likes the idea. Surili asks him to tell Bubbles if she dies. Shaan explains that it is a direct current. Surili doesn’t understands, but says okay.

Amartya makes bubbles and thinks this is the only bubble in my life. Bubbles comes to him and asks did you like Sahil? Amartya is sad and says you are happy naa, it is enough. Bubbles asks him to tell her everything. Amartya says I want to tell you something. He says I love….just then Amrish comes and stops him, asks Bubbles to go and talk to Sahil. He tells her that he has set dinner for them in the garden area, so that they can know each other and get closer. Sahil thanks him. Amrish asks Bubbles to switch on a switch first and says surprise. Bubbles says you are the best brother and thanks him. Amrish tells Amartya not to come down as there is light there. Amartya is sad and thinks he is burden of the world. Rajni comes to Amartya and says I got a command to repair all the electronic things. She asks him to go out and see the dinner date of Bubbles. Amartya says I will not go and asks her to go. Rajni says I can’t go, and I have to follow the commands. Amartya goes.

Everyone welcomes Bubbles and Sahil. Maggie compliments their Jodi. Amrish asks Bubbles to switch on the switch. Bubbles says okay. Maggie tells it is a superb idea. If he don’t get scared of current and saves bua then he will become our phupha. Bubbles is happy seeing romantic set up. Sahil says it is really beautiful, your bhaiyya seems to be romantic. Bubbles says my bhaiyya is romantic fully and says I will surprise you after switching on switch. She plays romantic song and dances. Shaan tells Sahil that there is a current in the switch box and asks him to save her. Rajni tells Amrish that she has repaired all electric things. Amrish says well done. Rajni says I have repaired that switch box too and says I don’t understand why you are doing this with your sister. Amrish and others are shocked, and asks Sahil to save Bubbles, but he couldn’t hear him because of music. Amartya hears too and thinks he can’t lose Bubbles due to electricity. He thinks it is about his love today and jumps from balcony to reach Bubbles. Bubbles is about to switch on the box, but he saves her and the electricity box falls down.

Bubbles asks what did you do? They see the electric sparks. Amartya tells her about current in it. Bubbles says you forgot about phobia to save me. Amartya says what would have happened if anything have happened to my love. Surili and Shaguta come and cough because of smoke. Everyone come and sees Amartya saving her. Bubbles and Amartya look at each other. Amartya tells Bubbles that he loves her very much. Surili asks what you are saying and says you was about to make me meet your girl friend. Amartya says she is the one. Surili asks Amrish to hold her. Amrish asks since when this has started. Amartya tells her that he started loving her since she changed color for him so that nobody can laugh on him. Surili asks them to separate them. Bubbles tells that she is mad to look out elsewhere for the groom. Rajni says wine and medicine have become one now due to prayers. Bubbles says you are saying right and this has happened because of you. Surili asks what did you do? You have fit my bro with her, and fulfilled my dreams. She says Rajni has cut my nose and asks Amrish to hold her as she is about to fall. She falls down injuring her neck. Sahil asks can I continue our date. Amrish asks him to get out. Sahil says but my marriage. Amrish asks him to leave. They get angry on him.

Bubbles says I can’t believe that you didn’t get afraid of electricity now. Amartya shows phone in his mobile and says you made fear gone from me. Surili with her nose red asks Amartya not to cut his nose. Amrish says it is matter of Punjabi’s now. Amartya asks Bubbles to says if she wants to stay with him. Bubbles hugs him and says even I have started liking you and will not separate from you. Amartya asks her to hold him tightly. Amrish asks her to leave medicine shop. Surili asks everyone to separate them. Bubbles and Amartya still hugging each other while others try to separate them. Rajni says it is interesting now to see if Bua and Mamu will separate or will be stick to each other.


Surili tells Amrish that 2 members are still remaining. Shaan and Rajni tell that they are on love side and creator’s side respectively. Surili warns Rajni and tells if she tries to unite them then nobody is bad than her, and says she will dismantle their love. 

Credit : H_Hasan

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