Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st September 2016 Written Update

Sep 22, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Saachi gets lunch for Aryan and fans him with her dupatta while he eats. He says food is very tasty, he loves her papa. She asks and. He takes all family members’ names except her. She gets angry and says ok ok. She says she loves his family as they love each other more than themselves. Aryan says when Priyanka bhabhi got married, they were worried if she could take care of their family, but she mingled with family so well. He says he is seeing bonding between bhabhi sa and her. Saachi smiles. He says he is not afraid of anyone and feeds her a bite. She also feeds him. Ek rishta saajedhari kaa….song..plays in the background.

Sushanth reaches home early. Priyanka asks why did he come early. He says he finished office work early, so came home, asks her not

to inform baba sa/Diwakar. She says she will inform baba sa then and laughs. He gets tensed. She says baba sa was praising him. Sushanth says baba sa loves him a lot maybe more than Aryan, he is happy that he is not disappointing his father. Priyanka says sometimes he talks good. He asks sometimes??

Sharda and Neelima come home from shopping and show their bought saris for Saachi to daadi. Daadi says she will buy more beautiful saris for Neelima’s daughter’s marriage. Neelia says she gets tensed thinking this. Relative ladies come and starts badmouthing about Saachi that they should have reasearched about Saachi before fixing marriage. Sharda says Saachi is a good girl and Viren mittal’s daughter. Women say even after know about their bankruptcy, why is mittal giving his daughter, Saachi must be having some defect. Sharda scolds them that even now there are good families who value culture and not money. Women give example of their relative’s bahu who limps. Neelima says even she saw her. Women leave yelling. Neelima starts thinking.

Tanu sees Saachi coming with tiffinbox and asks if she had gone to give lunch to jijaji. Saachi says yes. Tanu asked if he liked food. Saachi says yes. Tanu asks what else. Saachi says he asked her to feed him. Kusum enters and says he is happy that Saachi is taking care of Aryan even before marriage.

Neelima tells Sharda what if Saachi is really having defect and Virender is trying to hide his daughter’s defect with money. Sharda asks her not to tell this in front of Diwakar, he will not like it, even she has considered Saachi as her bahu and truts her family.

Sethia family then discuss about decorating house and guest list for marriage. Neelima says they should go on a picnic as they have not gone out after coming from Jaisalmer. Prabhath says there is a lot of work pending. Daadi says work will continue always, they should enjoy also. Diwakar says daadi is right, they should go on a picnic tomorrow and finish their pending work today. Neelima says let us take saachi also, they will bond well. Diwakar says yes.. Aryan gets happy.

Saachi and Tanu play badminton at home and seeing Vaibhav wearing new shirt praise his choice. Viren says Vaibhav bought him bad shirt and good one for himself. Saachi says she will get him a new shirt tomorrow. Viren says tomorrow she has to go somewhere else. Saachi asks where….Kusum says she does not know… Tanu says Saachi has to go on a picnic with Aryan’s family. Saachi says what is surprise in it. Viren asks if she really does not care, then they will inform she is not going to picnic. Saachi says she will go.

Precap: During picnic, while playing badminton, Saachi gets shortness of breath. Neelima asks if she got asthma attack. Viren emotionally tells Kusum that all relatives will be together, except daughters go to another house.

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