Naagarjun 21st September 2016 Written Update

Sep 22, 2016

Naagarjun 21st September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Vasuki stops Arjun and says he is not a rakshas and a good human, he should stop this destroyal and think of his mother. Rakshas/Arjun says Arjun is dead and he is Takshak’s servant and will obey only him. Vasuki ties him with his superpowers. Arjun breaks open. Vasuki thinks how can Arjun be so powerful. Arjun blows hhim and he moves aside. Arjun leaves. Vasuki thinks his biggest fear is coming true, who had to become world’s biggest savior hs become destroyer.

Vasuki goes to his cave. Shankchurn comes and asks he wanted to change Arjun’s mind, but Arjun became monster, he will destroy whole world now. Vasuki asks from when he is worried about world. Shankchurn says if 3 worlds are safe, only then he can rule them, so he has to get nagmani out of Arjun’s

body. Vasuki says Arjun’s soul is not in him and nagmani has kept him alive. He will make Arjun a human again. Shankchurn says what about innocent people of Amroli, he should think about it. Vasuki stands thinking. Shankchurn thinks Vasuki is trapped in emotional words, he has no option than killing Arjun. Once Arjun is dead, he will become nagarjun.

Arjun continues destroying things. Once sunrays fall on him, he loses his powers and runs into cave. Amroli’s people are seen injured. Shankchurn/Rajveer meets Noorie and thanks god that she is fine, he wanted to meet her immediately, but he had to fight with rakshas who is destroying Amroli, his mother is worried about her and wants her back home. Tina says they are there to take care of Noorie and were there in hospital with Noorie and not him. Rajveer says now he will take care of Noorie. Yashoda says he has to protect Amroli people first instead of Noorie. Noorie says aunty is right, he should protect Amroli people and she will stay here until Arjun comes back. Rajveer says he will find out Arjun and he wants her to stay with his mom in one place. Yashoda and Tina are shocked. Noorie leaves with Rajveer.

Commissioner scolds his officer to catch rakshas dead or alive. Rajveer enters and says rakhas’ powers increase during night and goes very weak once sunrays fall on him. Commisioner asks how can he so confident. Rajveer says he trusts himself and if comissioner has better plan, he can explain. Commissioner says no.. Rajveer thinks onl a nag can better now another nag.

Tina says Yashoda that Noorie is not safe with Rajveer, especially after tried to kill her. They hear door knock and ask who is it. Maheshwar says it is him. Tina opens door. Maheshwar enters. Yashoda asks if he found Arjun. Maheshwar says he searched whole city and did not find Arjun or babaji. Aunt says it is good Arjun is out of their lives. Tina asks if he searched hositals. Maheshwar says yes..but stops. Tina asks what about burial ground. Maheshwar says Yashoda her son has troubled him a lot, he will scold him once he comes. Yashoda says she has taught her son to fight, he cannot die.

Amroli people discuss that Rakshas was very dangerous. Vasuki comes there. Even Arjun’s family comes. Vasuki says rakshas cannot tolerate sunrays and gets very powerful during night, so they should not get out of house during night, they should trust god and be courageous. He then tells Yasohda and Maheshwar that he knows thhey have many questons for him, he will give answers to some question in their home.

Takshak laughs that his nag rakhas is ruthless and will destroy the world. He orders Astika to start celebrations, he will be most dangerous army’s chief. Astika thinks Takshak is taking personal revenge and he will not let him use Arjun for that.

Precap: Takshak says rakshas that emotions and love are his enemies, he should kill his family who loves him. Rakshas hits Yashoda.

Update Credit to: MA

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