Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd September 2016 Written Update

Sep 23, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Rajni saying lets see if Mamu and Bua will separate or stick to each other. Shaan asks her to activate spark Rajni. Rajni accets commands and gives electric shock to them to separate everyone. Shaan asks if everyone is fine. Amrish asks why did I feel current? Shaan says it is love shock. Surili asks Amartya to come, while Amrish takes Bubbles. Surili tells Rajni that she will see her later. Rajni says strange humans, why don’t she see me now. Shaan says women. Amartya tells surili that she can’t end his love. Bubbles asks Amrish not to separate them. Amrish tells her that he can’t get her married to him. Even Surili tells the same thing to Amartya. They lock Bubbles and Amartya in their rooms. Amartya thinks about kissing Bubbles, Bubbles changing color

after drinking chemical for him. Bubbles cries and says what I will do without you. Amartya cries, and says someone please open the door and make me meet Bubbles. Bubbles cries and says I left whisky and now Amartya, laughs. Dhyan tells Amrish that Amartya will become his sala now. Gyan says if he marries Bua. Sharmila says I can’t think of it. Amrish says never. Surili says Punjab and Bengal will never fall in love again, and says this house will be divided into two, and asks them to choose their gang leader. Punjabi and Bengali’s make separate team. Dev and Shaguta collide with each other, and argue.

Amrish asks Shaguta to join his team. Shaguta is joining him, but Surili stops her. Shaguta says she will join mom’s team and says sorry. Amrish offers chole bature to Dev for seven days. Dev goes on his side. Surili bribes him more food. Dev changes track and then finally comes to Surili’s side as she offers him lifetime food. Shaguta asks Surili why did you offer him. Surili says she can do anything for her victory. Dev sees Shaguta and says he can’t be in the same team as hers and goes to Amrish’s team. Amrish laughs and says now we are same. Surili says still two members are left. I am sure they will take your side. Rajni says humans are strange, as guy is found in the house itself. Shaan says they are super complicated and says they made them Laila and Majnu. Rajni scans about them and says their love story was sad and asks if Bua and Mamu’s love story will have a sad ending. They hear Amrish and Surili calling them.

Rajni and Shaan come there. Rajni says both team wants the same thing, that Mamu and Bua shouldn’t marry and asks what nonsense. Shaguta asks where is her logic board. Shaan explains that if Mamu and Bua marry then….Surili says why didn’t I die before listening this. Shaan says money will be saved if marriage happens at home. Surili asks what nonsense. Amrish says she is my sister, and I will not get her married to him. Surili asks Shaan to decide on whose side is he? Shaan tells them that he is not on their side, and says he is on Bua and Mamu’s side, and on love side. Rajni says I am also on my creator’s side. Amrish says okay, and asks Dhyan, Maggie and Dev to guard bubbles room. Surili asks her team mates not to let Bubbles meet Bhai 2. Amrish says mad sister of mad brother. Surili tells that she will dismantled this love and warns Rajni that if she tries to unite them then nobody is bad than her. Rajni says according to my data, nobody is……Shaan stops her and says better than you.

Bubbles writes something and shows to Amartya from her room. She breaks glass door, and throws the paper letter, but the two teams standing outside catch it. Even Amartya writes and throws from his room, but the paper is catch by the team. Jab Pyaar Kiya toh song plays………….Everyone get tired guarding their rooms and feel sleepy. They go to their respective rooms. Shaguta says she will order coffee for herself. Dev says we will be friends and asks her to call idli. Shaguta says I will order bittergourd juice. Dev says I want it too, whatever comes free. Amartya tells Bubbles that her idea worked. Bubbles says I get ideas because of you. Amartya says your made them go. Rajni irons Shaan’s shirts. Shaan tells that according to his logic that Mamu and Bubbles should meet to unite. Rajni says even I can say this, what you are searching them in laptop.

Shaan says he is searching blue prints of locks as he has the one designed the locks. Rajni says she can break lock. Shaan says everyone will know then and asks her to scan blue prints and send to them. Bubbles asks Amartya to come to him, and asks Rajni to open the door and says she will be blessed. Rajni says I can’t break the door as I got a command. Bubbles says you can atleast open the lock. Rajni says okay bua and opens her door with her electrical finger. She then tells Bua that she has opened her door lock. She then opens Amartya’s door lock and tells Mamu that she has opened his lock too. Amartya opens lock and comes out. Bubbles comes out of her room and runs to him and hugs him happily. Rajni looks on smiling. Amartya says I felt current hugging you. Bubbles says we shall run away from here before they come. Rajni says bye bye bye..……and smiles.


Rajni informs Surili and Amrish that they ran away as I have opened their door locks. Surili and Amrish are shocked…Just then they see Amartya and Bubbles coming back home in groom and bride’s dress respectively after their marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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