Naagarjun 22nd September 2016 Written Update

Sep 23, 2016

Naagarjun 22nd September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Shankchurn with his police team searches nagrakshas/Arjun in jungle. He sees clue and gudies his team, thinks Arjun forgot that even he is a nag and can smell Arjun well. Sunsets and police team panics. Shankchurn orders them them to silently follow rakshas’ footsteps. Rakshas comes out of cave and roars. Shankchurn turns into snake.

Vasuki informs Yashoda, Maheshwar, and Tina that rakshas is none other than Arjun. Yashoda shatters hearing this and says her son cannot be rakshas, how can he kill innocent people. Vasuki says it is not Arjun’s mistake, Takshas has captured his soul and is controlling him. He needs some time to find Arjun’s soul and needs their help.

Arjun walks on road. People hide in their houses and cry. Noorie standing near window reminisces rakshas. Mohini closes windows and says eerything will be alright. Noorie how will they destroy nagraksas’ havoc. A pregnant lady is taken to hospital by her husband. Rakshas comes there husband pleads to spare his wife and kill him. Rakshas throws him away. Yashoda and Maheshwar come and send couple in. Yashoda says Arjun she is his mother. Vasuki hides and watches it. Reporter captures live on camera. Tina watches and thinks Vasuki’s plan is working. Yashoda shows Arjun’s childhood cloth in which she found him. Arjun takes cloth. Yashoda asks him to calm down. Maheshwar asks him not to go anwywhere. Arjun silently hears them. Arjun’s aunt says rakshas is calming down. Tina says he has still humanity left.

Takshak fumes that his rakshas cannot fall down for love. Urmi says Arjun is a human and still has humanity. Takshak says Arjun is his rakshas and cannot have humanity in him. He orders Arjun to kill his family and whoever lovs him. Yashoda asks him to calm down. He starts roaring again and throws cloth and says kill dear ones and attacks Maheshwar and Yashoda. Vasuki comes to rescue and ties Arjun. Arjun walks away. Shankchurn comes and says he should not wait and kill Arjun before he kills everyone.

Vasuki goes to his cave and starts meditating. Takshak watches it via his superpowers and laughs that nobody can stop Arjun, Arjun will destroy everything.

Precap: Shankchurn tells Mohini and Nagmaya and says he wants Arjun’s soul, he will defeat Takshak and then kill Arjun to get nagmani from his and will become nagarjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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