Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Sep 24, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 23rd September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Sushanth and Priyanka walk during picnic. Priyanka asks him to lift her. They say they are not on honeymoon. She says he has put on weight and he has gone old, so he is not lifting her. He lifts her and walk. Aryan comes with Saachi and says they are romancing. Sushanth leaves Priyanka and says what is wrong in romancing his wife. Priyanka asks Aryan to lift Saachi. Aryan says they are going to pick salt though. Sushanth leaves behind Priyanka.

Aryan and Saachi continue walking. Aryan says he will lift her. She says she is heavy, he cannot lift her. He lifts her and walks. Prabhath gets romantic with Neelima. She pushes him and says Saachi is not seen around. He says she must be enjoying picnic. She pushes him and leaves calling Saachi. Aryan

hears her voice and drops Saachi down. Saachi says she told him he cannot hold her long as she is heavy. He says he panicked hearing aunt’s voice. She gets up and walks limping. Neelima notices it and thinks she must be having bone problem. Prabhath comes and says Saachi must be having leg defect. He says where, she is walking normally. Neelima says yes. Saachi then plays badminton with youngsters. Neelima thinks she should check if Saachi has any skin diseases. She pushes saachi into pool with a trick. Saachi goes to a changing room. Neelima knocks door and asks if she got any injury, if she can help.. Saachi says she is fine. Neelima asks if she has any skin marks. Saachi says no. Neelima goes back and thinks what defect she must be having. Prabhath confronts Neelima and asks what is all this drama. Neelima tells her what their relative ladies told and Viren’s monetory help forced to think that Saachi must be having some defect. Prabhath shouts if she is out of her mind. Saachi hears that and crying asks Neelima if she brought her to picnic for this and runs crying.

Saachi reaches home and starts crying on her bed. Prabhath informs Diwakar and Daadi what Neelima did. Daadi and Diwakar scold Neelima that she did very wrong and if Saachi informs this to Viren, how will he react. Whole family reaches Mittal house in the morning. Viren is surprised to see them and says he will prepare snacks for them all. Diwakar asks if Saachi did not tell anything. Viren asks what. Saachi comes down and says she forgot to tell and says she fell in pool yesterday. Sethia family relaxes. Viren goes to kitchen. Neelima apologizes Saachi for her mistake. Saachi says she was never angry on her. Viren comes back with snacks. Their chat continues.

Sethia family goes home and discuss that Saachi handled situation so well. Daadi says that is the quality of good family girl. Mansoor says he had selected Saachi for Aryaan first. Daadi says he was standing far awy and asks him to keep quiet, else she will ask Diwakar to get ihs blood test done. Mansoor says no…

Chandra tells Kusum that something has happened during picnic, else why would Sethia’s come here and ask particularly, she will go and ask Saachi. Saachi gets Aryan’s call who asks if she felt bad with Neelima’s behavior. She says yes. Chandra enters. Saachi changes tone and says she is tired now and will sleep. Chandra comes and Saachi says she will massage her head. Chandra asks what happened during picnic. Saachi says she told she slipped into pool, nothing else.

Neelima tries to calm down Prabhath. Prabahath says her one mistake would have broken relationship between them and Mittals, what Viren would have done if he had done what she thought about his daughter, they would have been in deep trouble.

In the morning, relative ladies come to mittal house and start chatting with Kusum and Chandra. Viren gets ready for office and asks servant to bring brocolli and asparagus. Servant says he does half of the work. Viren asks to give half his salary then. His jokes continue. Relative ladies start badmouthing about other relative’s daughter. Viren fumes hearing this and says if someone badmouths about Saachi, he will pull their tongue and break their hands, his daughter is his proud. He asks ladies to get out and scolds Kusum and Chandra not to entertain these kind of people. Tanu tells Saachi mamaji would have broken alliance with Sethia’s if he would have heard what they did. Saachi calms Viren saying a legend told one should not pay heed to unecessary relatives. Viren says those are his words and she made him legend. She says he is her hero and she admires his qualities always. Father-daughter emotional bonding continues.

Precap: Neelima’s children discuss that they will do a desitination wedding of Saachi and Aryan in Goa. Neelima says they will have a lavish wedding. Prabath tells Diwakar to open their new factory, they need at least 14-15 lakhs.

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