Nagarjun 23rd September 2016 Written Update

Sep 24, 2016

Nagarjun 23rd September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Yashoda and Maheshwar reach home. Tina asks what happened, she saw her with rakshas. Aunt panics and asks why did she go to raskhas, her praays saved her, else rakshas would have killed her. Maheshwar says whole city is panicking and is leaving their homes, she is overacting here. He asks to packs their bags, they will leave from here. Arjun/Rakshas comes there, opens door and blows poison inside home. Whole family starts suffocating. Noorie comes and shouts to stop. She throws stone on him. He turns, but Shankchurn comes and drags her away. He thinks Vasuki will have to kill Arjun seeing all this. Noorie frees herself and hits Arjun again with a rod. Arjun turns and raises hand, but Shankchurn pushes her and bears a hit. He shouts at Noorie to run from there. She runs.

Arjun starts following her and stands in front of her.

Takshak tells Urmi that Vasuki thinks he can save Arjun, but he does not kow it is impossible. He orders Arjun to forget other and kill dear ones. Arjun is about to kill Noorie when he gets this message and changes his way towards his family. Vasuki comes there and thinks he has to save Arjun’s family someone and creates an illusion around them. Arjun does not notice them and leaves.

Shankchurn bandages Noorie’s injury and asks what he would have done if something would hae happened to her. She asks what about uncle and aunty and whole Amroli people, he is an ACP and his duty is to protect people. He says he cannot fight with rakshas and says only Vasuki can help them, but he denied help. Noorie asks why. Shanckhurn souts, then apologizes and sends her home. Vasuki comes there. Shankchurn says even humanity could not stop Arjun, till when he will protect him. Vasuki asks him to help him find Arjun’s soul. Shankchurn says he is not a fool to help his enemy. Vasuki says he knows he is eyeing on rule naglok and until arjun is with Takshak, he will not step down. Shankchurn says he can become ruler of naglok once he gets Arjun away from Takshak.

Shankchurn goes to Mohini and Nagmaya and says he wants to know where Takshak hid Arjun’s soul. Mohini says it is impossible to get information from Takshak. He asks her to get info at any cost. If he controls Arjun’s soul, he will become king and get Takshak out.

Mohini goes to Takshak and asks why did not he involve her in his plan. He says that is because she complains a lot. She says a daughter complains his dad always, she just wants to help him. He says he does not trust even his shadow, he has hidden Arjun’s soul where nobody can reach there and whoever reaches there will die. Mohini says it is a good plan, where is this place. Takshak asks what is the reason she is so eager to help her father, she should know Arjun’s soul is where every excitement dies. He punishes nagmaya and says he trusts his senses than relationships.

Shankchurn asks Nagmaya and Mohini to befriend Vasuki and says if he get Arjun’s soul, even Takshak will be his servant. Mohini says his greed may kill him. He says to get something, one has to lose something, he can do anything to get throne. He will have to find Arjun’s soul before Vasuki searches it.

Precap: Vasuki tells Yashhoda it is important to get Arjun’s soul to protect humanity and he has to find it. Astika tells Vasuki that Arjun’s soul is not in naglok or pataal, it is on earth. Arjun sees his soul in his locket.

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