life is love and love is life

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Sep 25, 2016

life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 18 times)

Guys iam going to write this story with three stories mixed that is ipkknd, geet and ehmmbh

this is going to be a fun filled, lovely and heart filled story for starter i m going to say who are there in this story so lets start :









NANDHkis**** singh raizada

lavanya singh khurana

akash singh khurana

payal singh raizada

viren singh raizada

jeevika manhor jha

virat singh khurana

maanavi singh raizada

 these are the characters so if u want to start this story you have to commets then ill start the story. pls

Sep 26, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 13 times)

I'll update character sketch of Raizadas today say how nd I'll update the rest tomorrow. Character sketch: RAM Singh Raizada: Age: 58 Founder: AR crop Attitude: lovely, caring, but a little bit strict.Husband of : Priya Father of: Anjali, Arnav, Maanvi. Priya Singh Raizada: Age: 54 a house wife. Loving, caring. Wife of RAM Singh Raizada. Mother of Anjali, Arnav, Maanvi. Arman Singh Raizada: Age : 56 MD of Ar Corp.loving, clam caring.Husband of Ridhima Singh Raizada Father of Viren, Payal, Nanadkhis****. Ridhima Singh Raizada: Age: 52 house wife same as priya loves all the children equally. Mother of Viren, Payal, nandhakhisore. Arnav Singh Raizada: Age: 30 Founder: AR designs same as show but opposite in the family. Waiting for his dream girl. Viren Singh Raizada: Age : 28. Famous lawyer. Same as in show follows his Bhai words . Payal Singh Raizada: Age: 26 Head Designer in AR designs. Loves everyone sleflessy. Nandhakhisore Singh Raizada: Age: 24 works in AR designs as photographer. Same as in show .dates someone and serious about it. Maanvi Singh Raizada: Age : 22 same as in the show but doing MBA from Harvard university. Clarification: 1. NK dates someone but does not say to anyone. 2.there will no betrayal between the brother s they modern ram lakshman. This is a love filled story so no heart break anything.

Sep 26, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 4 times)

Today posting will be jha family: Manhoar Jha: Age 56. Legal advisor of AR Corp.same as in ipkknd show mama. Father of Shyam, Aman, Jeevika. Manoarama Jha: Age 54. House wife opposite of the show very responsible, caring etc.mother of Shyam,Aman, Jeevika. Shyam manhor jha: Age 34 Runs Jha law firm and legal advisor of MK construction. Married to his love of life and treats her has princess of his heart.caring and can do anything for hi family. Anjali shyam jha: Age 34 daughter of RAM and priya. Works as gynaecologist in sanjevani hospital with her brother in law. Very strong lady but loving also.loves everyone selflessly. Aman manhor Jha: Age 32 works as child's specialist in same sanjevani hospital .caring son friendly brother in law and loving husband. Married to the love of his life. Sheetal Aman Jha: Age 32 works has assistant designer in AR designs opposite to the show loves everyone has no inferiority complex and content with the life an orphan so knows the value of one treats her has an orphan. Jeeivka manhor Jha: Age 24works as MD of Diva fashions famous for all types of bridal dresses. Same as in show very clam and collective and brilliant in her work.loves someone but sacred of rejection . Clarification: 1. Jeeivka loves someone but does not says that . 2. Jeevika, Aman, Anjali knows who is the owner of the hospital and fashion house but don't know both are same.

Sep 26, 2016

life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 5 times)

next is Khuranas character sketch:

  • Maan Singh Khurana : AGE: 34, CEO of MK constructions. same as in the show but very caring towards the family . loves his sister chutki to the core. the word said by her is law in the house because she resmbles his mother a lot so everyone in the family treats her as such.married to geet because his sister said and even loves his wife.
  • Geet singh khurana: Age: 32, house wife loves evreyone selflessy and treats everyone as her family because she is an orphan. loves her husband to her hearts core.
  • Khushi singh khurana: Age: 30, A lovely girl, caring mature more than her age hates speed driving, loves small things which gives her happiness. A famous cardiologist in sanjeevani hospital which is built by her father as a small clinic. her passion is for desinging bridal dress for evry woman so opened a fashion house which is specially for bridal dresses and named has "Diva fashions".treats her bhai has father. loves evryone selflessy. opened an orphanage named has "Good life" where there are no one who is treated has an orphan they are given education, work and other facilities. that is where she saw her bhabi cum friend geet and married her to her bhai. she opened the hosiptal in every other countries for poor people for free treatment. 
  • Akash singh khurana: Age : 28, MD of MK with his bhai afraid of his bhai for his temper so approches his di for everything. treats her as his mother.same as in show of ipkknd.
  • Virat singh khurana: Age:26, famous singer same as in show very naughty. calls his di as ma when he very low or when his mother comes to his memories.
  • Lavanya singh khurana: Age: 24, A famous international Model works with AR designs. sometimes feels that her mother died because of her.but her brothers nd sister never make her feel like that rude to outsider and loving and naughty to her family.Dates someone expect her di no one knows that because she can't do anything without letting her di know that . her sister is the who supported her when she said she wanted to become a model.
  • claraifications:
  • shashi and garima singh khurana are the parents of maan, khushi, akash, virat and lavanya.
  • Garima died while giving birth to lavanya , and shashi died due to the hole that was in his heart thats what made khushi to become a cadiologist.
  • khuranas everyone are self made people. 
  • they have ramu kaka who they worsip as elder of the family when he is a servant in their house. 

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Sep 26, 2016

life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 6 times)

A Fine Morning at RM:

 the sun rays are peeping into the house a giel of mid twenties are making arrangements for pooja to done in the house. there are two ladies doing breakfast for all the men in the house. there comes a call "Priya".

Lady 1 (in the kitchen): Ridhs see to the breakfast ill go and see what your jeeju wants.

the lady goes into the room and ask; what is it ram what do you want?

Man: come on Priya you know what i want come and make my tie you know i dont know to make the tie. 

Priya: what is it even chotte knows to make the tie . saying so she makes him wear his tie.

Ram: lets see what he will d when he gets a beautiful wife like you.

Man in thirties comes and says "ill come to you for advice how keep my wife before me all time papa".

priya and ram turns to see who it is and see their son is there. priya gets embrased and ram says" see even he knows husband and wife needs to romance.

Priya glares at ram and says : chotte you to joined your father in teasing me right.

yes guys you gussed it right it is "ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA".

ok jokes apart come it is time for aarti and you guys will get delayed to go to office.

they come down after geting ready. 

MAN: gud morng bade papa and bhai.

RAM and ARNAV: gud morng VIREN.

VIREN: bhai as usual today's teasing got over or is there anything left to be done(ask in a teasing smile).

while this is going in the dining table there are other two love birds romancing in the kitchen.

MAN: gud morng sweetheart.

LADY: hey what is this everyone are there in the dining room while you are busy in the kitchen ARMAAN.

ARMAAN: what to do you never gave me my daily dse of morng kissess?

RIDHIMA: aru leave everyone are here pls.

hearing the murmuring sound ram, priya, arnav, viren comes to the kitchen .and arnav says: pls chotti ma give my paa his share of kiss if not hisday will never go wll pls ma.

Armaan amd ridhimaa gets embrssed in front of the childrens and everyone has a hearty laugh when suddenly a voice says: pls everyone come to the mandhir its rtime for aarthi.

evryone moves to the mandhir.

there stands a girl with aarti thali and gives it to priya and says that : badi maa come and do the aarthi.

PRIYA: its ok beta you itself do the aarthi there is no other girls are there in the house only you are there. do it 

NK: comeon PAYAl do it fast aloo paratha is calling us come on do it fast.

with that payal does the aarthi.and after that evryone moves to have breakfast.and does they respective works .



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Sep 27, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 6 times)

Same day in Jha mansion : A lady is making arrangements for pooja and another two ladies are looking after breakfast arrangements. The lady in Mandir came inside the kitchen an asked is there anything she has to be seen after . Lady 1 : beta take tea to shyam and wake him up he has an appointment in MK Construction. Anjali: yes ma he asked me to remind me. Lady 1: beta sheetal to andgive tea to Aman and ask him to come for breakfast also Sheetal: OK ma I'll go ma but breakfast Lady 1: I'll look after that. Man: mano where is my tea I have to go my appointment. The lady in the kitchen is manorama Jha. Mano: here is your tea and where is princess. Manohar: she is in her room getting ready for her meeting with the CEO of her fashion house. Mano: OK I'll go and give her tea and come. She goes to a girl room and see she is ready and reading a file which is to be submitted. Mano: Jeeivka Jeevika: ma why are you straining yourself I was about to come down . Mano: I thought you will be nervous as I can come and relax you but my princess is all grown up. Jeevika: thanks MA. Mano: OK come for breakfast Shyam and anjali's room: Anjali: gud mrng shyam come on get upyou have an appointment with MK Construction. Shyam: pls anju let me sleep for 5 mins plz Anjali: get up and aet ready fast OK everyone are waiting for you. Shyam: my gud mrng kiss saying that he pulls her and has his share of kiss. Sheetal and Aman's room: Sheetal: gud mrng Aman Aman: gud mrng sheetal Sheetal: do you have appointment Aman: why do you ask so Sheetal: you got ready quickly so just asked like that. Aman: no KSK is coming to hospital today that is why Sheetal: how is she alright? Aman: just a light fever so her brother's took the world in their head. Sheetal: OK come for breakfast everyone are waiting saying so gave a peak in the cheek. Everyone came did the poojaand had their breakfast and left for their work. Let's see what is in stored for this family.

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Sep 27, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 10 times)

Sorry guys I forgot to mention the important person in the khurana family that is Madumthi mishra : Age: 54, a childless married woman who considers her brother children as her children loves everyone but loves khushi more than anyone because she is just like her mother and lives with them but has gone to yathra for a month. Same Day in khurana mansion: A lady is getting Mandir ready for early morning pooja . In the living room there are two man who are ready in their usual three pieces suit and reading the newspaper. The lady in the Mandir comes to a man and asked whether he has woken his pari. She has to take medicine for the fever and drink her tea. Man: I have already gave her the tea and also her medicine at 5 clock in the morning because she has to go to hospital and her company as fashion show is coming soon. She will never hear our pleads today and wake her up Geet she told to wake her at 6 clock. Geet: Maan pari is very lucky to get you has her brother. Man 2: that is because we have a world's best sis bhabi. Geet: Aki you know you are right OK I'll go and wake pari and come. Maan: is the meeting with Mr. Jha is ready akash i want to see the progress of that case . Akash: Bhai everything is ready and the meeting is at 10 clock. Same time Geet enters a girl room and wakes her up. Geet: gud mrng pari come get up you have a meeting know Lady:gud mrng bhabi and I'll be there i n time. Geet: khushi before coming wake up chutki also she will never come down without seeing your face . Geet came down after waking khushi. Khushi goes in side a girls room and she calls Khushi: gud mrng chutki come get up and come for breakfast everyone is waiting saying she sits in the edge of the bed the girl keeps her head in her lap and says. Girl: Di 5 mins pls i'll get up then . Khushi : come on Lavanya I have to go wake up that idiot too you both won't get up u less I come and wake you up Bhai is also waiting for us so get ready fast . La: Di gud mrng saying she peaks her cheek. Khushi in turn gives her a peek back and goes into a man' s room Khushi: gud mrng lazybones get up Bhai is waiting in the dining table. Man: Di are you in front of me . Khushi: yes viru come get up you have your recording today. Virat: Di gud mrng saying he hugs her and goes to freshen up. Everybody assemble in the Mandir and khushi does the aarthi.they move to dining table . Everyone moves out after wishing khushi and Geet because there is time for them to move to the company. Geet works with khushi in the company. When buaji is not there.

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Sep 28, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 10 times)

Arnav was getting ready for going to his office when priya comes there and ask him to drop her in Mandir as there is pooja going and Anjali said she I'll come there for the poojaand has she has an appointment in hospital as the MD of the hospital is coming today. Arnav okay ma come soon I have a lot of work pending in office to see because we have to finalise desinger for the bridal dress because the bridal desinger is not up to the mark. Payal Bhai what about the faishon house which I said is famous only for their bridal dress even ibave submitted the catalogue of theirs.They take contract from other companies also .Arnav I have not yet seen I am going to see it today and I want to samples of their also because th e design should not be repeated. Payal Bhai I can vouch by life for their designs Bhai. Arnav let's see. Priya comes and says let's go. Payal are you coming with us. Payal yes ma let's go . they all get into arnav's car and start their travel. KM mansion: Khushi ask Geet whether they can go to Temple and go to the company and then to the hospital because I can't be late today evening if Bhai will come and drag me to house . Geet OK come let's go we have reach the company early as I have asked everyone to assemble fora meeting in conference hall because this is bridal season we have to select a company for the contract where we have to design them bridal wear. They have fashion show coming up so we have a lot of applicant for this there are too most companies also tomorrow is the last date of submission. Arnav arrive at the temple and says he have to go. Priya ask him to come in and then go. Arnav obligies and goes inside the temple. Priya ask Arnav to get pooja materials. He goes to get it when turns back he sees an Angel in red color saree as if to say she has desencended from heaven just for him. The lady get her pooja materials and starts to climb the stairs of the temple. Arnav follows her as if in a trance. When he reaches the topstaris he sees she is infront of God praying. Payal calls him and he comes out of his trance and hears what she says. Payal Bhai she is the owner of the faishon house which I said. Arnav sees her with astonishment . Arnav asks what is her name Payal says I said just now but it's OK she is" KHUSHI SINGH KHURANA ".

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Oct 4, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 9 times)

When Arnav was admiring khushi. Geet asked what is your decision about selection of company. khushi said I have not yet seen any of their requirements yet and you know Na bhabi if a company is applying for the contract they have submitted is they first require is no repeat of design so we have to select likewise I want to try something new this time bhabi when a bride see this dress they have to feel that the dress is the one for me like that I'll design this time let's see which company is lucky this time. Arnav hears everything that she says and decides to apply for it today itself. When they were praying a man of nearly thirty comes inside the temple with moist eyes by seeing him khushi and Geet gets disturbed and goes near him and that man makes khushi and Geet to stand infront of the idol and kneels before them. By seeing this Arnav is astonished that why is he kneeling in front of them. Payal admires the man. Khushi asks Aki what is the matter why are you like that? Geet asks why are you like that where is your Bhai ? Akash says just one word looking at khushi "MA" khushi and Geet gets what is he trying to say .khushi sits infront of the idol and makes akash to lie in her lap and starts crying. Akash says Di I and Bhai got what you lost for us Di we got our rights di. KHUSHI sees that all are looking at them and ask aki where is Bhai Geet gets worried and sees at the entrance of the temple and everyone follows he vision and sees the Great " MAAN SINGH KHURANA " standing with an expressionless face waiting for both the love and his life. Khushi makes akash stand on his feet and wipes his face and asks him to bow infront of the idol by then Geet goes to Maan and hugs him tightly and waits for his life to come to him. Akash after thanking his God takes blessing from khushi. Khushi moves towards her brother for the world he is a heartless monster but for them he is a godfather. Khushi gives the prasad to him and he takes it. This whole scene is witnessed by Arnav who is astonished to know that khushi is maan' s sister and the respective got from her younger brother. The thing that got his attention is the fact that the one who does not believe i n God is taking prasad from his sister.

Oct 4, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 7 times)

Maan took his wallet and gave it to akash and he took his wallet and collected all the money and at the same time there came two car Audi new version. A man and a girl came out of two car they move towards khushi and hugged her to get the warmth and everybody moved towards the temple. The man and the girl gave their wallets to akash and he collected the money and then khushi started protesting that Bhai pls not again I can't withstand this pls before she can continue the man who came said that Di we consider you as our ma then this is nothing so pls we are content in doing this for what you have done for us. Maan says princess what virat is saying is absolutely right so pls give up. The girl who came with the man said Di for your chutki pls. Khushi says what is my say in this. The pandit comes akash gives the money to the pandit and Geet says the same pooja you do the pandit keeps the money in the feet of DM and gives it to Maan. Maan asks khushi to stand in front of the idol and starts circling the money around khushi and is going to give it to the pandit but khushi stops him. Arnav and everyone stops to see what happens.khushi makes Maan,Geet Akash, virat, Lavanya to stand in a line and starts to circle the money around them and calls the pandit to distribute among the poor. They finish their pooja and starts to their home in their cars. Priya who saw this asks the pandit what is the matter why are they distributing their money like that. The pandit replies that they do that when they get any deals or happy news in their family poor kids don't have their parents with them still they live their life happily because of khushi betiya. She is the pillar for everyone in the family when lost the hope to live she is the one who motivated them to strive hard she is the form of mother to her siblings.

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