life is love and love is life

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Oct 5, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 19 times)

Sorry guys I forgot to say buaji' s Age is 64 Arnav,Payal and priya starts to their house. Arnav drops priya and starts to AR designs and when enters there is a link drop silence every woman are drooling over him but he notices none. Arnav asks his PA to bring the documents for submitting the tender for their bridal dresses and ask him to submit it today itself has the last date is 2 morrrow. Payal comes and says Bhai everything is ready for the shoot you have to verify it that' s all. Arnav asks who is the model for the calendar ad Payal says Bhai you said to call La for the shoot and she is on the way as it's on emergency she will be here on time and what about the contract abt the bridal designs. Arnav says I have already sent the required documents to their company by the what is the company's name? Payal Bhai did you even read the documents you signed. Arnav no I had no time because I have a meeting after the shoot so pls can you verify me abt it. Payal it's " DIVA FASHIONS " . I have heard this somewhere I don't know where.... Yes I got it that is where jeevika worksas MD of the company. Payal Bhai I know that already thought to see whether you remember any it or not in fact jeevika is the one who said me abt the tender. At the same time La enters and says hey gud morng ASR why this sudden shoot. Payal La you know that there is a bridal fashion show is coming we have to realese the calendar of AR designs before that and we have to see go the designer we are going to choose. La where have you approached for the designer we have applied for the tender that " DIVA FASHIONS ". La Payal nice choice( guys Raizadas does not know that Lavanya is sister of khushi and they have not seen her properly in the temple even NK doesn't knows). I have heard they are famous for bridal dresses. ASR ok La lets start with the shoot Payal look after the shoot I have a meeting with the Mehras I m going now . After coming from the temple everyone disperse to their jobs Maan and akash goes to their construction company. Khushi and Geet starts to Diva fashions. They arrive at the correct time there is a pin drop silence everyone are doing their job atease unlike AR designs because their own is never a fire breathing dragon. Khushi and Geet goes to khushi' s cabin and there cones their PA who informs abt the meeting and khushi says to her to call jeevika to her cabin. Jeevika enters the cabin with full blown smile and greets them gud morng mam. Khushi jeevika how many times do I have to tell you do not call me as mam call me as khushi pls.jeevika if it's in my hand I would have called you but it automatically comes as such.At the same time khushi gets a call from receptionist saying they are here to apply for the tender of bridal designs. Khushi ask which company is it she replies it's from AR designs khushi asks to send the person to hercabin. A man at early thirties arrive at hercabin and gives her the required documents and khushi gives a form and asks him to fill the formalities and get the signature of their CEO and bring it tomorrow for the meeting. Khushi,Geet and jeevika moves to the conference room for the scheduled meeting for the upcoming show. Khushi addresses the group of designer " Guys like every time you should consider this is your first project take how much ever time you need because we have two weeks we are going to finalise which is the company we are going to work with so pls be up to the when we finalize the company they may ask for the samples of the design so pls everyone be ready with atleast two of the designs tomorrow. I'll be ready with the show stopper dress sample .All the best guys we are going g to go through even this hurdle and that's it for today everyone disperse go your cabins and work through your designs now". Geet will you pls look after the company I have surgery to attend at 12 clock and now itself it 11 ibave to move now and jeevika pls give all the tender to Geet I'll get it from her okaybye see you guys Guys pls whoever sees my post pls post a comment or post a vote

Oct 13, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 13 times)

Maan was sitting in his cabin and reading a file when akash came and said Bhai we have a meeting in half hour with AR CROP abt the joint venture we have discussed. Maan when are they coming I have already asked to be ready with the presentation. Akash yes Bhai everything is fine they are to arrive at 11 ' O clock it's just 10.45. Maan you cancel all the appointment after the lunch hour because we are going to have lunch at the restaurant today for the success we have got. Akash Bhai i can't even explain how happy I am today when we got the rights which we are deined just because of that good for nothing chachaji and the effort you,Di and buaji put to give us three an healthy food and good atmosphere. Bhai you know I have not felt that Amma have left us because I can see our Amma in Di Bhai the Angel God sent for us. Maan you are right akash when ever I feel I miss Amma I go to khushi bedroom and see her for sometime and feel I have seen our Amma in her. If we are in this position then it's just because of our princess in our life just then PA informs that the people have arrived for the meeting. Maan moves to the conference room and greets " Welcome to MK CONSTRUCTION ". Mr. Ram Singh Raizada and Mr Armaan Singh Raizada Ram Hi Mr KHURANA it's very pleased to see such a talented business man in this age. This generation just knows to be a spoiiplt sport in this society and I'm pleased to work with you. Maan it's my honor Mr Raizada. Akash Bhai let's start with the meeting. Maan yeah just a minute Mr Raizada this is my brother Akash Singh khurana. Akash hi Mr Raizada nice to meet let's start the meeting. The meeting is about a joint venture to build a hotel with a classical touch and mixed with Western feel. The meeting is going on Ram is impressed with their presentation and Maan is impressed with their presentation and the meeting ends after two hours and both have decided to take the joint venture forward and prove themselves in this. Ram takes leave when Armaan invites Maan for lunch as they are going to have lunch. Maan declined saying his sister is waiting for him and his brother as they are giving treat to the family. Ram says if you don't mind may be we can join you for the lunch. Maan of course not a problem at all. Then everyone move to the parking lot after informing their PA to cancel their appointment for the day. Ram has already informed priya that he and armaan will not come for lunch. Meanwhile khushi goes to her hospital and does the surgery which is asusal successful. Then moves to the conference room for the meeting which is kept for all the doctors to attend. Khushi arrives at the conference room and comes to know that Dr Augustine has not come to hospital for past one week and when enquired they came to know that he has started collecting money from the people who comes for treatment. Khushi started this hospital so that there are people who can't afford treatment if they don't have money in fact doctors are well payed in the hospital. Khushi says Dr Aman to take care of Dr Augustine's patient and type and termination letter for him. They inform Dr Augustine to come to the hospital has CEO has come for enquiry. Priya calls Arnav and informs him to go to the hospital where Anjali works and ask her to come to home for dinner with their family as it's been a long time they have joined together and says that she has not receiving the phone. Arnav starts to the hospital and enter where he hears a big sound as such as a slap!!!!!!. Before sometime when they have informed to call Dr Augustine to the hospital. When Dr Augustine entered I side the premises of the hospital khushi was waiting for him when she asked him about the fees which be has been receiving in the hospital he said that was not him who have got the fees again khushi says to accept the crime and she will relieve him from the case but he was adamant when she called Aman and asked him to bring the CCTV footage for the past one week where there is an hidden camera in every doctors cabin. When everyone sees the footage they came to know that it was connected to khushi' s laptop and she access from anywhere.Dr Augustine says what his wrong in getting fees for the treatment given and that's it she can't control herself and gives a huge slap where everyone stands rooted to their place. This is the secene which greated Arnav when he came. Khushi says that I have built this hospital has a charity for the poor people who cannot not afford for their treatment not for you to yearn money you are given a very salary then why this greed for money when you have nothing this money will give you nothing. So you are treminated form my hospital you can go now.

Oct 17, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 9 times)

Aman sends Dr Augustine out of the hospital and everyone goes on about their work never to do the mistake dr Augustine has done. Aman ask khushi are you fine khushi yds Aman I'm fine OK what abt your appointments for the day and where is Anjali Di. The lady says right behind you khushi says Di when did you come. Anjali the minute you slapped the doctor khushi Di you know I tolerate anything except lies and betrayal this is the place where everything started for us you know about this place and how can he do this I don't traet everyone has employees here even they know that then what is the need to get money from the poor. Di I forgot to say the is a dinner party at our house today. Aman what is the occasion today? Anjali Aman how can you forget the day today khushi have they done the pooja. khushi you know right will they ever leave me without doing their ritual I don't know what they get by doing this. Anjali you know khushi that they can lay their life even for you so this is nothing and say when is buaji is coming and have you said her the news about the rights you got that is the reason for her to go for the yathra. Khushi yes Di I have said her she is coming the day after tomorrow. Arnav was listening everything what they are talking and decides to go to them. Arnav comes near them and says Di. Khushi stood mesmerized by seeing set of brown chocolate eyes which has a depth like an ocean with an admiration in it. Arnav is mesmerized by seeing an set of hazel green eyes with an tinge if brown and innocence's in it their trance is broken by Anjali chotte whst is it you are here anything important. Khushi chotte. Anjali chotte sorry Arnav my brother and introduced him to khushi and Arnav this is khushi my hospital' s CEO and my friend. Arnav hi khushi nice meeting you khushi hi pleasure is mine. Okay Di I have to go you know Bhai will be here anytime if sees me roaming then gone OK bye don't forget to come today OK and with everyone it has been a long time since seen uncle and aunty bye. Anjali turns to Arnav and ask what happened chotte you are here any problem.Arnav nothing di ma asked you to come for dinner tomorrow so just came to remind you abt it that all. Aman what' s up buddy o busy these days that you are not seen atall. Arnav nothing much Aman you know there is an fashion show on the way so just busy with the preparing for it that's all and searching for a good bridal desinger for the show. Anjali OK chotte I have to go I have appointments to see bye. Arnav also takes his leave and starts to his meeting which is in Purple orchid. Maan and Akash starts from their office that time Ram gets an call that their London client wants to have an video conference with them about their contract which has to be seen for the renewal of it. Ram goes to Maan and apologize that he can't come to have lunch with them because of the conference and Maan says it's not a problem at all. Maan and Akash starts towards khushi hospital to pick her up and start toward the restaurant.

Oct 19, 2016

Life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 10 times)

Sheetal comes to Payal and says that the designs are ready for the bridal show. Payal says Bhai has selected the designer for the bridal show and ask sheetal to concentrate on the winter collection but for now to look after the calendar photo shoot. Sheetal ask Lavanya is the face of AR designs right what is the theme for the shoot. Payal it is formal and Western collection. After sometime the shoot comes out well and Lavanya ask whether she can take her leave. Sheetal ask go join them for lunch but Lavanya rejects politely saying she will have lunch with her family. Payal says that she can go ahead with her work. Lavanya while going somebody pulls her toan empty cabin whe n she is abt to shout the person places his soft and hard lips on her soft and plump lips for an passionate kiss after sometime they both come apart for breathing and Lavanya scoldsthe person for pulling her like that what if someone has seen us NK. NK I know when do to that how abt an lunch date Lavanya? La sorry baby have to go home today as we are going for lunch outside we can go for dinner date tomorrow.NK hey it's OK no problem anyway your sister knows abt us know so no problem nothing to worry about as long as you re with me. OK NK I have to go they are waiting for me byewith a peck on the cheek she moved to her home. Maan came to the hospital and went to the recipionsit and was asking for khushi when khushi came and said Bhai let's go and they moved to the parking lot and moved to the restaurant. Virat finished his recording and started to DIVA FASHIONS to pick up Geet and then to the restaurant. Maan stoped in front of " Pruple orchid " restaurant which is khushi's favorite. Maan have booked a table for six near the poolside which has a much needed privacy for the family. Arnav came to the same restaurant and asked for the table booked in the name of Metha's. After sometime everyone came to the restaurant and took their seats. Arnav was waiting for the clients to come with the coincidence that he has the table which is parallel to his table of four. Maan asked the waiter first to bring the cake in which is written "for the love of our life khushi". Maan and everybody asked khushi to cut the cake and khushi asked Lavanya to feed her first since Lavanya was facing the back towards Arnav she came near khushi to feed her when she was feeding her Arnav came to know that it was Lavanya who was feeding khushi. After Lavanya it was virat who fed and then one by one everyone fed her and she fed them back. Then everyone ordered their lunch. khushi asked the most awited question Bhai how have we won the case? Maan simple pari the will which is produced in the court is a fake one and Mr Jha sent our men inside the house to get the real will and he produced it in time to the judge and got the properties and our home back to us. Khushi bhai I have asked Anjali Di to bring everyone for dinner today there is nothing important after lunch right. Maan khushi when you have decided something is there anyone to object you for that in our home you are the Queen of our hearts baby pls don't do that again OK. The waiter brings their lunch and everybody have their lunch to their hearts content and everybody moves to their home to prepare for their guest . Arnav gets impressed by the way she is pampered in her house and wants to know her fully and decides something which gets him to spend sometime with her.

Nov 25, 2016

life is love and love is life (By Arshisai) (Thanked: 17 times)

Jha mansion: shyam enters the mansion after the procedures of the case he has attended. he sits in the sofa when mano brings water for him and asks him about his day in the office and enquires him abt the case of khhushi(guys they know khushi is maan's sister but never saw her has she had not attended the marriage of shyam and anjali).shyam replies that it is sucessful with the help of his men who had tried hard to bring the oringial will in time. Manhoar enters at that time and says its good that the kids got their right they were denied for this long. shasi is a very good friend of manhoar and he was the legal advisor of shashi in his company.when they were talking about their day Anjali and aman enters and says hi to everyone and anjali went to fershen up and went to kitchen to prepare the tea for everyone and brings and gives to everyone. aman says that Khushi has invited everyone for dinner tonight and everyone should go definitely has she had requested to come without fail. sheetal comes and anjali passes her tea cp and infforms about the dinner plans and everyone decides to go for dinner and wait for jeevika to come so they can get ready and go to khushi house.

Raizada mansion: after coming from the temple priya thinks about khushi that she has seen her before but does not click where she has seen her and then thinks about her bhabi and bhai who left the house because her bhabi who cannot concieve even after five years of marriage so her mother decides to do scond marriage for her bhai who was angainst the marriage so in the spur of the moment left the house with his wife and after that they lost the contact and do not know where they went. priya and ridhima loves their bhabi because she has given the love which their mother failed to give them she is still searching for their bhai and bhabi. while she is in this thought there comes ridhima who ask what she is thinking when priya says what happened in the temple they think that their bhabi did this to them with their bhai when they got topper of their university. they dicuss their childhood memories when the men of the family comes and they enjoy their day with nok-joks of their family.

Khurana mansion: they all return from their lunch and men goes to the study to the left out work for their day and ladies goes to kitchenn to see what they can do for dinner.geet aks khushi when is buaji returning from the yatra. khushi says she is returning tomorrow at mid day. they decides to do dal makani, butter naan, navaratan kurma, pulao, kheer, and rasamalai.they say what all ingredients needed to the house help and to keep the vegetbles and other needed things ready in the kitche after coming and till then they freshen up and come.

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