Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 27, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Surili telling Amartya that she thought to see noble prize in his hand one day, but what an irony…you are standing infront of me with Bubble prize. Amrish asks Bubbles to press Amartya’s neck. Bubbles says this can’t happen and says she won’t leave his hand. Amartya says he will not get separated from her. Surili offers prize to the persons separating them. Sharmila and Maggie try to separate them inorder to get keys from Surili. Even Gyan and Dhyan try to separate them. Surili asks them to make them leave their hands. Amartya asks Bubbles not to leave his hand. They separate them. Amartya and Bubbles are shocked to see hand cuffs in their hands. Amrish asks who did this? Rajni says she has handcuffed them so that nobody could separate them. Amrish asks

where did you get it? Rajni says I got it from Sharmila and Dhyan’s room. Sharmila and Dhyan are shocked. Surili laughs and asks Sharmila about hand cuff. Rajni says she got hunter also in their room. They says it is not ours. Rajni shows the pictures. Everyone is embarrassed and close their eyes. Gyan laughs and says I read that husband and wife do this to keep their love alive. Maggie says I don’t believe. Surili says anyways and asks Sharmila and Dhyan to give the keys.

Rajni shows the keys. Bubbles makes the keys go up in air….Amartya swallows it when it comes down, and tells Bubbles that nobody can separate them now. Surili says I will see you later…Rajni says you are saying this for third time in this week…and says I am standing infront of you. Look and see me. Surili says I can’t tolerate this girl and goes. Amrish follows her and searches something in his room. He takes sword from under his bed. Surili says even I want to kill Bubbles but….Amrish says he will cut the hand cuff. Surili says we have to calm down our mind and think of an idea to separate them. Amrish asks her to tell idea. Surili says only baba can save us now. He says this marriage can’t happen if baba rejects her. Amrish says how can baba reject her. Surili says she is rejected by many. Amrish says okay, and asks her to call crow sasur, says I will make it eat fish with my hand. Surili asks baba to get ready to have fish from his jamai’s hand.

Shaan and Rajni make Amartya and Bubbles stay separately while their hands are cuffed. Shaan says ours is a conservative family. Bubbles cough. Amartya says it is not easy to leave wine, and asks Rajni to give her small quantity of wine. Bubbles says even you didn’t have your medicines and feels bad. Rajni says don’t worry, I have solution to both of your problems. She gives wine to Bubbles and medicines to Amartya. Amartya asks Bubbles to start first. Bubbles asks him to take medicine first. They take medicine and wine at the same time. Shaan laughs and says how romantic. He tells that this is true love, taking care of each other and completing each other. Rajni says ok shaan. She says whenever I malfunction, you gives me your service and repairs me…and even maintains me. She says you also loves me. Shaan says exactly Rajni…just as a mechanic loves his machine. He tells Amartya that she is a machine. Amartya asks him not to joke and says she is my angel. Shaan says everyone must be sleeping. Rajni says even I am feeling same. Shaan says something is going to happen definitely.

In the morning, Amrish asks Amartya to leave his sister’s hand. Amartya says he will not leave her hand. Amrish asks him to shut up. Surili asks him to accept that they are going to be husband and wife. Bubbles asks did you accept me. Surili says what can I do if my brother likes a donkey. She says you can marry, but you have to take baba’s blessings. Amartya asks what do you mean? Surili says baba will decide if you will marry or not. Amartya says okay. Surili says if baba blesses you, then you can marry else you won’t. She asks Amartya to promise. Amartya promises. Surili gets happy. She says you forgot how we promise each other, and asks him to leave Bubbles hand as there is no option for her. Amartya leaves her hand and promises Surili holding her hand. She asks Bubbles to wear proper clothes and asks Amrish to come. Maggie tells Nana ji will never bless Bua and Mamu’s Jodi. Surili takes Amrish. Bubbles is sad. Amartya asks what happened? Bubbles says your baba will never bless me. Amartya says baba is nice, and he will bless us being big hearted. Bubbles says I had added wine in his water pot, and also make him fly. She says I don’t look like Bengali from any angle, and asks Rajni to do something. Rajni scans and says she has a solution in her data base. She signs thumps up. Bubbles smiles.

Amrish tells Gyan and Maggie that Surili’s idea shouldn’t ruined. He says if baba rejects Bubbles then this marriage will not happen. Gyan says if baba blesses bua then. Shaan hears them. Amrish and Maggie share their plan to make baba go. Surili says she has a photo seeing which baba will get scared and flies away. Sharmila and Gyan get shocked seeing Amrish’s pic. Surili says baba got first heart attack seeing Amrish’s pic. Surili says she has an idea, and shows mirror. Gyan says he will show stone to make nana go. Shaan hears them and thinks they are ready for terror attack. Rajni comes and tells Surili that Mamu and Bua are ready. Surili asks her to call them. Everyone is ready with their plans…..Rajni brings them and says they are ready. Surili and others are shocked to see Bubbles in Bengali attire. Bubbles and Amartya smiles.


Shaan tells Rajni…We always support love na Rajni…Rajni says correct Shaan. Shaan says so we have to do something in Rajni’s style. Surili asks baba to go from Bubbles’s head if he wants this marriage to happen. Everyone is ready with their plan. Rajni shows fish to crow to make him go passing Bubbles’s head.

Credit : H_Hasan

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