Nagarjun 26th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 27, 2016

Nagarjun 26th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Nag rakshak/Arjun continues to attack his family with poisonous smoke from his body. Withh sun rays, his body starts getting weak and he runs from there. Yashoda tries to run behind him, but Maheshwar stops her and says he is not their Arjun. Yashoda continues crying.

FAmily then reaches cave. Tina says this is the cave where Rakshas has hidden. Yashoda says her son’s body is burning with sunrays, she needs to see him. Arjun extends his hand and it starts burning again, so he pulls it back. Family hears someone coming and hide. People come shouting rakshas stays in this cave, so they should close it. Yashoda pleads Maheshwar to stop them as Arjun won’t be able to breathe. Maheshwar asks if she wants him to tell people to stop protecting their children just because

rakshas was their son once. People start throwing building stone wall against door. Yashoda cries. People discuss that rakshas will die by morning in this cave itself.

Takshak yells that Vasuki made a mistake by mixing posion in his magical mirror and hecannot see his rakhas, not to worry, poison’s effect will vanish soon and then he will be able to see his rakshas. He has hidden Arjun’s soul in place where going there means dead.

Aslam brings Chutki. Chutki says she wants to see Arjun. Maheshwar asks how to stop people. Tina says Vasuki must be having answers to their questions and takes Maheshwar and Yashoda along.

Nagmaya asks Mohini to explain her son that wars are not won by words, it is foolishness to go against maharaj Takshak. Mohini says Shankchurn is future maharaj. Nagmaya says Takshak will not spare him. Mohini says she is forgetting she is on whose side. Nagmaya says she is not taking anyone’s side, her duty is to serve naglok’s maharaj, she will not go against maharaj Takshak. Mohini asks Takshak’s end is soon, so she has to understand her words and help Shankchurn reach naglok’s throne.

Shanchrun reaches near cave and asks his team to send people away. People shout they will not go. Shankchurn says they are fool thinking of controling rakshas, he is there to fight with rakshas, so they should go.

Mohini asks Nagmaya to give magical powers to Shankchurn as he is future of naglok. Nagmaya says her faithfullness is with throne and she is loyal to Takshak. Mohini says she has proof of all her misdeeds and will inform Takshak. Nagmaya gets worried. Mohini says she will not inform Takshak if she gives magical powers to Shankchurn. Nagmaya asks waht about Takshak. She says he will not know.

Tina takes Yashoda and Maheshwar to a temple where Arjun used to chant bol bam and call Vasuki. They chant bol bam. Vasuki comes. Yashoda pleads to save her son. Vasuki says nothihng will happen to her son, it is not easy to kill a rakshas. Yashoda says her son is not rakshas. Vasuki stands silently. Maheshwar says why is he silent, rakshas is their Arjun. Vasuki says yes and no as Arjun does not have soul in his body and Takshak has hidden is body somewhere else and they have to find his soul. Yashoda pleads to save her son somehow. Vasuki says it is important for both humanity and naglok for Arjun to become normal, he will find Arjun’s soul somehow. Tina thins where Arjun’s soul must be.

Takshak goes to a place were Astika is meditating. Astika greets him. Vasuki says already destroyal has started and he should pray god that god should not give a father in front of whom his son is made rakshas. Astika says it is not true, maharaj takshak… Vasuki says he is Takshak’s blind follower who cannot see anything beyond Takshak’s order. Because of him, there is a blood bath in this world. Astika says he has come here because Arjun’s soul is not in naglok or pataal lok, it is in world.

Precap: Vasuki thinks there is some connection between rakshas’ locket and Arjun’s soul, prays god to get him to Arjun’s soul. Rakshas creates havoc. Vasuki stands in front of him.

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