Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th September 2016 Written Update

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Sep 28, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 27th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

Aryan’s family selects expensive wedding cards. Prabhath gets tense and tells Diwakar these cards are out of their budget. Aryan hears their conversation and selects a simple card. Neelima says this is very simple card. Aryan says who keeps card after marriage, it goes to dustbin. Prabhath says his selection is final and asks Sushanth to return other cards. Aryan says he wants to try different menu this time and wants to hire local caterers. Priyanka says devarsa is right, they should even get clothes via fashion designing students instead of hiring professionals. Aryan says even decoration will be done by his friends. Prabhath says they all all right. Daadi backs them. Mansoor tells Diwakar that Aryan handled situaiton well and ruled out unncessary expenses

and blesses Aryan.

Neelima gets tea for Prabhath. Children come and say they want to celebrate Aryan’s marriage lavishly like Sushanth’s. Prabhath says even he wants to, but budget is very tight. Neelima asks if they can spend some money from Viren’s money. Prabath scolds her that she thinks wrong always and if Viren had not insisted, Diwakar would not have touched that cheque at all. Neelima reminisces leaking about this help to her relatives and asks Prabath what if someone leaks it. Prabhath says nobody will leak from our house and hopes even Viren’s family will not. Daughter asks what if someone leaks it somehow. Prabhath says they have to face Diwakar’s anger. Son says he is feeling bad for Aryan, only wrong is happen to him. Aryan who silently hears their conversation asks what is wrong with him, he is happy that he is marrying Saachi and asks if they are happy with Saachi. They all say yes.

Aryan then calls Saachi. Saachi asks why did not he call whole day. He asks if she is loving him. She says yes, then says she likes him. He says even he likes her. She asks howmuch. He says like crabs like ocean. She says he would have told fish. He asks how much she likes him. She says like honeybees like their web. He says he really likes her. She gets emotional. He says whenever someone takes her name, his heart beat raises. She says me too. He says if they talk more sweater than this, they will get diabetes. She says yes, even heart racing is not good for health. He says yes and disconnects call. They both laugh.

Diwakar sits tensely thinking about budget. Sharda asks him not to get tensed, god will hep them. Priyanka comes with milk and acts as sad. Diwakar asks why she is sad, if sushanth scolded her. Priyanka says yes, he scolded her a lot when he saw a small stain on his shirt. Diwakar gets angry and says he will scold Sushanth. Priyanka says he is not at home. Diwakar starts scolding Sharda that her son does not care such an obedient wife. Priyanka and Sharda start smiling. Priyanka says they were just trying to divert his attention to cheer his mood. He ges emotional and says god gave him daughter in his bahu.

Sethia family then discuss whose names to add on cards. Sushanth says they should add minimum names on card. Diwakar says they should include whole family’s name. Family’s chat continues. Viren comes and shows his card sample and says if they agree, he will send it for printing. Whole family likes it seeing its uniqueness with swiss chocs, etc. Viren says then he will approve it for printing. Diwakar gets tensed seeing so expensive card.

Precap: Diwakar asks Prabath to inform Mansoor to stop card printing and shows an expensive card. Prabath says this is very expensive Diwakar opens suitcase and shows 50 lakhs.

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