Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 28, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with everyone is surprised seeing Bubbles in Bengali dress. Maggie says she is looking like dola re dola girl. Bubbles says I can talk in Bengali too. Surili asks her not to talk else she will kill her. She taunts her and asks to come closer. Shaan asks Rajni to come, and tells her that everyone is ready with their weapon and will not let Baba bless Bua. He says but we always support love na Rajni….so we have to do something in Rajni style…something fishy. Rajni says correct Shaan, and says something fishy…okay Shaan. She says you are becoming intelligent like me, keep it up. Shaan gets irked. Baba (Crow comes). Surili greets it, and says I want your suggestion. She says Amartya is stubborn since childhood and have fallen in love with golgappa, this girl. She

says if you likes Bubbles then go from her head, and if you don’t then go to opposite direction. She says everything is in your wings now….Bubbles is standing holding kheer bowl with Amartya. Everyone is ready with their weapon. Surili shows Amrish’s pic. Sharmila shows glass reflection, Maggie try to gives current…while Amrish is also ready with his plan….Crow makes noises, fly and sits on tree. Surili says baba is confused. Amartya says baba is tired. Rajni shows fish. Shaan asks Crow to look at the kheer and points towards Rajni. Crow flies from Bubbles head, blessing her. Everyone is shocked, and says Baba blessed Bubbles.

Amartya tells Bubbles that baba blessed her. Bubbles is happy. Crow takes fish and flies away. Surili asks baba, why did you do this? Baba/Crow puts fish thorn down…Rajni tells them that she gave him greed and made him bless Bubbles. Surili tells Amrish that she will kill Rajni. Rajni says she don’t have blood. Surili says you can’t be saved and challenges her that she won’t let this marriage happen. Amrish says yes. Rajni says challenge accepted. Surili says how rude? What you are going to do? Amartya and Bubbles come there. Amartya dances and sings Balle balle. Surili asks why they are insulting Punjabi song. Rajni says they are celebrating their to be marriage. Amrish shows them Bhangra. Amartya says even I can dance like this. Amrish makes fun of him. Surili asks him not to insult her brother. Rajni says when mamu can try to become Punjabi, then Bua can try and become like Bengali.

Amartya tells Bubbles that he got energy current inside him and asks her to have a sip of wine from his hand. Bubbles drinks it. Amartya tells her that they have to pass in Punjabi and Bengali test. Bubbles says theek aa chi…Surili and Sharmila show her fish. Bubbles couldn’t eat it and run. Even Amrish, Maggie and Dhyan try to make Amartya drink wine. He runs. Later Bubbles come and eats fish. Amartya also comes and have drink. Golmaal song plays……….Surili and Sharmila make Bubbles read Bengali books. Amrish makes Amartya do exercise like Punjabi do. Amrish tells Surili that their love is strong. Surili says I agree. She says your bubbles don’t deserve my brother, and we have to think some idea. She gets an idea. Amrish says one more idea…and asks her to tell. Surili says we have to trap these lovers in blind faith that they will get scared and separate.

Surili tells Amartya and Bubbles to meet Pandit ji, and says she called him to check their kundlis. Rajni says according to database, kundli are seen when marriage is on cards. Surili says yes, and asks Amrish if he has any problem. Amrish says no, and asks Pandit ji to see kundlis fast and reject it. Pandit ji checks kundlis. Surili asks Amrish, if he made Pandit ji understand. Amrish says yes. Pandit ji says there is a kaal sarp yog in bride’s yog. Surili asks what is it? Shaan asks what is the issue? Pandit ji says bride can be bitten by snake, and if the marriage happens then her family will be at risk. Surili asks him to tell any solution. Pandit ji counts his fingers and says there is one solution only. He asks them to cancel this marriage. Amartya and Bubbles get sad and say no. Rajni says my logic board is showing error on your words. She asks how did you come to conclusion. Pandit ji tells that it is nine planets yog. Rajni says wrong answer and says 8 planets are left, we did bye to Pluto. Amrish says kaal sarp yog is dangerous. Rajni checks her data base and says it is just for trapping in blind faith. She says he is fake like dhongi baba and we have to made him go. Amartya and Bubbles are happy. Rajni says kaal sarp yog have gone. Surili says it has gone, but don’t forget that Surili yog is there on your head. You will be bitten by snake for sure. Bubbles hugs Amartya.


Rajni holds the snake as it bites her. Surili gets shocked and tells Rajni that snake is dangerous. She gets shocked. Rajni says nothing will happen to me. Surili gets worried. Later she sees Rajni spitting green liquid and thinks she is spitting snake venom/poison from her mouth.

Credit : H_Hasan

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