Nagarjun 27th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 28, 2016

Nagarjun 27th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Astika says Vasuki that Arjun’s soul is on earth, but he is helpless. Vasuki has hidden Arjun’s soul in a place where it is impossible to reach. Vasuki says he means to say mahabali Asthika has gone weak and has forgotten father’s duty. He says he will have to go and save Arjun now and leaves.

Shankchurn and his team wait outside cave for Arjun to come out. Arjun’s family watches standing nearby and Yashoda prays god to protect her son. Arjun/Rakshas breaks stone wall and comes out of cave roaring. Stones fall on Shackhrun’s team and all constables die. Yashoda thinks her son cannot be so ruthless. Chikki says this Rakshas cannot be her brother. Aslam says this jeans is Arjun’s. Chikki says this locket is not Arjun’s. Maheshwar says

there is something in this locket that they are getting attracted to it. Arjun walks out. Maheshwar thins what is happening.

Vasuki meditates in his cave and prays god to show him a way to Arjun’s soul. He looks at his magical bowl and water evaporates from bowl. He thinks this signs indicate Takshak is coming to earth and it s sign of destroyal.

Mohini, Nagmaya and Astika meet Takshak. Mohini praises Takshak that he is trouble Amroli people well. Takshak says this is the begging and asks where is his nag rakshas. Arjun comes followed by Shanckhurn’s police team. Takshak says he is proud of him and orders to make a big army and destroy Amroli. Arjun nods okay and leaves. Astika sadly watches this. Takshak asks Astika why is he looking sad, he should be happy that his son is naglok’s biggest power. Astika says he is not sad as emotions weaken a personn. Mohini says she does not have words to praise Arjun.

Yashoda and family searches Arjun and asks Aslam where did Arjun go. Maheshwar says these kind of people are very fast. Tina asks if they notie that Arjun was changing direction repeatedly as if someone is controlling him. Arjun comes suddenly and throws poisonous smoke on time, but a masked man bears smoke. Arjun’s family leaves. Man removes mask and reveals he is Astika. Vasuki comes and he did not think he would save Arjun’s family going agaist Takshak. Astika asks him to do whatever he can and get him back his son.

Arjun’s family reaches Vasuki’s cave. Vasuki comes and says it is good they came here, it is difficult for them to see Arjun’s condition, they are safe here. Yashoda asks how can a mother be safe seeing her son as monster. Vasuki promises that he will get back her son for sure, she will have to keep faith. Chutki says she told Arjun cannot be rakshas, that locket was not Arjun’s.

Noorie asks Shankchurn where is Arjun. Shankchurn says even today rakshas came out. Noorie says she asked where is Arjun. Shankchurn says why don’t she take his name, Rajveer, how he feels when she takes Arjun’s name in front of him, she may not even bother if something happens to him. Noorie says Arjun’s family protected her and even if Rakshas comes, he may not protect her. He shouts he cannot and walks out angrily. Noorie calls Tina and asks where are they, if they got Arjun’s news. Tina informs she is in Vasuki’s cave. Noorie thinks why is Rakshas behind Arjun’s family.

Maheshwar says even if that locket is not Arjun’s, what is proves. Aslam says that locket was different. Vasuki asks to elaborate. Tina says that locket had some power. Aslam says it was glowing more than normal.

Precap: Astika says Vasuki that Takshak has spread so much powers around Arjun that nobody can reach him. Vasuki informs that Arjun’s soul is in his locket.

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