Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 29, 2016

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 28th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Ravish talking to his sister. She asks did he get gift for Vividha. He says I m coming from military camp and had no time to get gift. She asks him to tell Vividha that his first wife is his army duty. He asks her not to buildup fear in him, he is not scared. She says you are scared, come. A servant asks Vividha will she have anything to eat. She says no and cries. Ravish’s cousin tells Ravish about being romantic, just hold her hand and say she is most beautiful girl. Ravish says no, you are wrong, shooting is easier. He says fine, then shoot. They all laugh.

Servant asks Vividha does she want anything. She refuses and asks him not to trouble her. Servant says sorry and goes. She shuts ears hearing Ravish’s family laughing and teasing him. They tease

Ravish to find his name in Vividha’s hand, its tough than finding terrorists. Vividha cries and recalls Atharv’s words. She sees her hand and R written. She says its just Atharv’s name written on my heart and mind, then how can anyone else’s name be written on my hand. She keeps her hand over the candle flame and cries.

Suman and everyone get Ravish to room. He looks inside the room. Suman says you and Vividha’s love is seen to everyone, as you both are made for each other, your name is written in her fate, not just her hand. She asks them not to tease Ravish, and asks him to go inside the room. Ravish knocks the door and comes inside. Vividha cries and moves her hand off the candle. Ravish smiles seeing her and says excuse me…. She says who are you. He says Mam….She says I don’t want tea or coffee. He says I m sorry but I… She says you just get lost, I don’t want anything. He gets shocked. She does not see him and drags him outside holding his hand.

Suman and everyone hear her and come back. They all get shocked. Suman asks Vividha why are you making Ravish out of the room. She asks Ravish is everything fine. Vividha says he called me Mam so….. They all start laughing. Suman says Ravish, she is your wife, not your commanding officer’s wife, will you call her Mam. His sister jokes that did he salute Vividha too. Bhoomi says Ravish should have been in uniform, not sherwani.

Suman says enough now, you both go inside room now. Ravish and Vividha enter the room. He shuts the door. She worries seeing that. He looks at her, and she sees him looking at her in the mirror. He picks the rose petals from the bed. Vividha removes her chunri and jewelry angrily. He keeps the petals at side table. He says excuse me Mam, I mean Vividha, your safety pin is hurting you…. She does not listen. He sees her shoulder bleeding and walks to her. She turns angrily and pushes him. She says you have…… She turns and sees his shoulder bleeding over the sherwani. She says blood…. He says its small wound, it will get fine.

She says sorry, it happened because of me. He says its not because of me, I got hurt in encounter, nothing to worry, relax. She says but blood…. He says relax, its just a wound, bullet made this wound. She asks bullet. He says you would be knowing I m captain in army, I will just come. He removes the sherwani. She turns away and cries. He gets the first aid box and calls her out. She says I m sorry, I did not wish to hurt you. He says I know this, take this. She turns to him and sees his wound and first aid box. He says I wanted to tell you that safety pin has hurt your shoulder, its bleeding, this box has medicines, apply it. He keeps the box there and takes a bandage for his aid also. He cleans his bleeding wound, while she applies medicine to her wound. She cries. He looks at her.

She sees many cotton patches blooded and recalls Atharv’s wounded state. Ravish asks are you much hurt Vividha, I m so sorry, maybe you could not see so much blood, I did not realize that, my mistake.

Uma goes out and sees Sujata’s house locked. She thinks where is Sujata. She sees the cow restless. She gets water bucket and feeds the cow. She thinks why did no one returned home, Sujata never leaves her cows, something is wrong, where is Atharv.

Ravish says actually I want scissors… its there. She goes to him and sees his wound. She cries and keeps scissors. He says I know last few days were hectic for you, we could not talk to each other, you would be tired and its wedding’s first night, I…. He turns and sees her sleeping. He sees the bandage on her back shoulder. She cries. He takes the pillow and goes to rest on the cough. She gets relieved. He sees her crying and thinks maybe dad’s choice was right. He thinks she is crying seeing his wound.

Its morning, Uma goes to the temple and looks for Atharv. She finds the blood marks and Atharv’s wristband beads. She recalls Vividha and Kailash’s words. Vividha wakes up recalling Atharv and shouts Atharv. Ravish was going for jog and stops hearing it. He looks at her.


Vividha goes downstairs. Kalindi asks her how did she come like this, she is new bride and without sindoor and mangalsutra. Suman says Vividha, its part of body and soul. She asks Ravish to take responsibility of making Vividha apply sindoor and wear mangalsutra. Ravish sees Vividha. 

Credit : Amena

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