Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th September 2016 Written Update

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Sep 29, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 28th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

Saachi reads emotional letter by Viren that she will be going from his house, but will be his daughter always, etc.. and starts crying. Kusum comes and their emotional bonding starts.

At Aryan’s house, ladies note down names to give gift. Sharda says they will give gift to even Chandra, Tanu, and Pooja. Diwakar comes and asks Prabhath to inform Mansoor not to give simple card for printing and shows a very beautiful treasure box type card. Prabhath says this is very expensive. Diwakar says now they don’t have to worry about budget, he will manage everything.

At Saachi’s house, Viren, Chandra, and Kusum ask Vaibhav to note down their guest list and take each relative’s names and number of family members. Chandrika says they should call

some Phupa. Viren says no and tells some other phupa’s name. Chandra says if he calls him, she will leave this house. Viren asks to tell family the reason. Chandra says last time, he farted so much that it was unbearable. Family laughs. Chandra says whatever it is, they have to call relatives, it will be good if many relatives bless their daughter.

Prabhath’s children plan wedding venue and catereres, etc. Prabhath scolds them. They say even tauji/Diwakar agreed to spend, then why he is getting cunning. Neelima says children are ight. Prabhath thinks how will Diwakar arrange money, they are in deep debts. On the other side, Aryan, Sushanth and Priyanka discuss same and think they should stop Diwakar and decide that they will inform the situation to Daadi and ask her to stop Diwakar.

At Saachi’s house, family continues noting relative’s names. Chandra goes to her room. Tanu asks Viren if they will invite her papa. Viren says he will not as he cannot do injustice to his didi. Chandra hears that. Tanu goes sadly to her room and Saachi tries to console her. Chandra comes and says Tanu is worried about a man who snatched her son and even daughter now. She says she remembers her son every moment, but her ex-husband brainwashed him so much that he did not even call or meet her once, now even Tanu is worried about her dad and not her, she has failed in life. Saachi consoles her.

Aryan and team informs Daadi that they should not get into deep debt for 1 day wedding. Diwakar comes and says they have to trust him and gives 50 lakhs rs bag. Prabhath asks how did he get so much money. Diwakar asks if he has to give him details. Prabahth says he did not mean that. Prabhath asks to trust him and leaves. They all think how did he get so much money.

Precap: Aryan hears Diwakar telling Sharda how he got so much money.

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