Naagarjun 28th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 29, 2016

Naagarjun 28th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Tina thinks where is Arjun, she feels she was with Arjun during accident and was caged somewhere, maybe he was helping her, thinks why she is diverting attention towards Rakshas. She leaves. Shankchurn comes and knocks door and says he is just worried about her safety, so he scolded her. He opens door and does not find her, sees via his superpowers that she has gone in search of Arjun. He fumes and thinks he should reach her before Arjun reaches her.

Arjun’s family informs Vasuki about a mysterious locket in Arjun/Rakshas’ neck. Vasuki realizes that locket has Arjun’s soul. Arjun creates havoc in city and kills people. Whoever gets killed becomes monster. Noorie comes searching Arjun and gets hypnotized seeing locket in Rakshas’s neck. She walks towards

him. He roars. She gets back into senses and thinks why she is walking towards Rakshas and runs back.

Shanchurn orders his police team to search Noorie. Officers say half of team has gone behind rakhas. Shanchrun warns them to go and search, else he will fire them. They all leave. Mohini comes with nagmaya and says nagmaya will give him magical powers, Takshak will come to Amroli.

Noorie reaches Vasuki’s cave in distress. Vasuki says she should not have come here. Noorie says she just escaped from rakhas, his locket attracted her, there is something in that locket. She goes unconscious. Vasuki asks his magical bowl to show how Arjun became nagrakshas. He and arjun’s family watch whole incident and realize that Arjun’s soul is in locket. He opens cave door. Arjun’s family panics. He gets out of cave and sees Arjun in front of hm. Arjun throws stone boulder on him and he escapes. Aslam asks why is he risking his life. Vasuki says Arjun’s soul is in his locket, Takshak knew it is difficult to get locket. Aslam says they have to get locket. Vasuki says they have to face Arjun to get locket from his neck.

Takshak fumes in anger and asks Urmi to get him more drinks. She asks why he is tesed. Takshak says he cannot see his rakshas destroying earth since 2 days and have to wait for some more time. Urmi praises him and says Vasuki is not powerful like him and does not where Arjun’s soul is, what if he does. Takshak laughs and says even then Vasuki cannot free Arjun as he has built a magical web around soul, if Vasuki touches it, he will die.

Precap: Astika informs Vasuki that Takshak has built a magicla web around Arjun’s soul. Vasuki says soul is in locket and hill get locket at any cost. Astika asks if he will risk his life to save Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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