Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 30, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Surili asking Sharmila if she got anything. Sharmila signs her at laptop. Surili reads an article about venom woman and can control anybody. Sharmila asks why do you want to know this and for whom? Surili asks her to close her eyes and says I have never seen such duffer in my life. She thinks how can Rajni…she thinks snake had bitten Rajni and she was not affected at all. She thinks Rajni is controlling everyone and now Bhai 2 also. Sharmila asks do you want to know something else. Surili says check where to get brain treated. Sharmila asks why do you want? Surili says I can’t leave you alone. Sharmila gets happy and searches for mental hospital. Surili comes to Rajni and says you have no effect of Snake venom, and says I came to know who you are? Rajni

says interesting mummy ji and asks her to tell who is she? Surili says you are the one who mixes poison in everyone’s life. She says you have married Shaan, got Shaguta married to hungry Dev and now wants Amartya to marry wine shop. Rajni says you gave wrong answer and says I have to make arrangements for marriage and win the challenge. Surili says you need Pandit ji to get the marriage done, and asks her not to come home until she finds Pandit ji. Rajni says okay.

Surili calls Pandit ji’s association head. Rajni comes to Pandit’s house and asks him to come to her house. Pandit thinks she is the one which Surili told me. Pandit ji says I can’t come with you and tells that he has so much work to do. Rajni offers to do all his work. Pandit ji thinks she will work for free, and take a quick nap. Rajni does all the work. Pandit ji wakes up. Rajni tells him that she has done all the work. Pandit ji asks how you have managed to do all work. Rajni says with ease. She asks him to come. Pandit ji says I can’t come with you and asks her to take other pandit. Rajni says okay. She comes on road and sees goons following Pandit and telling that they will catch him. Goons catch Doctor Pandit, and says your lifeline will end now. Doctor Pandit asks them to leave him and says I have helped you all. Goon says you have done good, we will do bad with you.

Rajni comes and says excuse me…I heard there is a pandit ji here and asks who is Pandit here. She asks Pandit to come with her to do marriage at her house. Doctor Pandit says I am Pandit and asks her to take him with her. Goon asks Rajni to leave else she will be killed. Rajni says I can’t die as I don’t have this feature. She says you are harming a human and I can’t let you do this, as my ultimate command is to save humans. Goon says okay, you will die first. He shoots at Rajni, but she turns and make the bullet pass without touching her. All the goons shoot at her. Rajni bends down so that no bullet touch her. All the goons are shocked. They surround Rajni. Rajni scans and says action time. She holds the goons hand and hits them with her hands and feet. Doctor Pandit is stunned and surprised. Goons surround her. Rajni scans target and beats them revolving herself. All the goons fall down. Rajni asks Doctor Pandit to come. Goon attacks Rajni with hockey stick, but she holds it and beats the goon again. Doctor Pandit ji opens the rope and runs. Rajni thinks he is running, if he runs then who will get the marriage done. Rajni comes to Pandit and asks him to get marriage done at her house. Pandit says okay, and asks her to rescue him first.

Sharmila tells Maggie that it is good that they didn’t call the guest else they would have get insulted. Surili announces that they have to cancel the marriage as they couldn’t get any pandit. Rajni comes and says 1 min…I have brought Pandit ji with me. Surili, Amrish and others are surprised to see Pandit in suit. Surili says how can you get Pandit, and says it seems you called him from some office. She says he is not looking like a pandit from any angle. Rajni asks Pandit to tell about him. Pandit says I am Doctor Pandit. Maggie says how can he be Pandit and Doctor too. Rajni says he is one in one. Pandit says I want to relax before marriage ceremony begins. Rajni asks everyone to go and get ready with her costumes and jewellery. She asks Pandit to come with her and relax. Surili thinks how can Pandit association head sent Pandit with Rajni, and says she will never forgive him. She calls pandit head.

Doctor Pandit takes out dart from his neck and thinks goons might have hit it on me. He takes out solution from his pocket and thinks where to hide it. Goons tell their boss that a girl came and rescued Doctor. Boss slaps him and says he wants crystal liquid at any cost else his boss will not leave him. Doctor Pandit thinks he have hidden the liquid, but he wouldn’t be able to save himself. He thinks I can’t be able to live for much time. Surili tells Sharmila and Maggie that she came to know that Rajni’s pandit is not from pandit association. Maggie says may be he is an actor. Sharmila says when she can hold the snake, she can do anything. Surili asks her not to tell that incident again and asks them to come with her. Rajni comes to Doctor Pandit and says I have brought all puja things. Pandit feels suffocation and is unable to talk. Rajni reads his lips and gives him air through her mouth. Shaan comes and says my wife’s lungs are stronger. He checks his nerves and sees Pandit ji dead.


Rajni asks Shaan what is other world. Can I go also. Shaan is taking Doctor Pandit’s body on his shoulder and sees Commissioner. Rajni calls Commissioner uncle. Shaan is shocked. 

Credit : H_Hasan

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