Nagarjun 29th September 2016 Written Update

Sep 30, 2016

Nagarjun 29th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Astika as Urmia if she got any info about Arjun’s soul. Urmi says she could not get much info from Takshak, but he told he built a magical web around Arjun’s soul and whoever tries to break it will die. Astika says he will go to eaarth right now to inform Vasuki about it.

Vasuki tells Aslam and Tina that they should keep Rakshas/Arjun with bullets while he gets locket from his neck. Aslam asks how will they bring police here. Tina says they can. Vasuki asks them to hurry up as Takshak may see them anytime. He senses Astika calling him and goes to his cave. Astika comes and asks why is he risking his life. Vasuki says Arjun’s soul is in locket and he has to get it Astika says Takshak has built magical web around Arjun’s soul and he will die if he tries

to break it. Vasuki asks if he is so worried about him, god has given him this body to serve humanity and he is happy to lose his life. Astika asks if he will risk his life to save Arjun. Vasuki says he always served humanity and like god consumed halahal/poison to save humanity, even he will sacrifice his life. He is happy that Astika is not against him. Astika says he was never against him, though their views were different, he is feeling sad that he will lose him, whole world will remember his sacrifice.

Tina and Aslam reach police station to take police help, but monsters surround them. Noorie asks Yashoda and Maheshwar where is Arjun and who is that Rakshas. They both stand silently. They hear someone shouting in pain and Maheshwar says baba is in danger, so they all should go. Yashhoda says she will not go leaving him alone. Maheshwar asks Noorie to take Chutki along. They both then go out.

Vasuki fights with Arjun and Arjun attacks him repeatedly. Yashoda runs to protect Vasuki while Maheshwar tries to stop her unsuccessfully.

Mohini asks Nagmaya why did not she give magical powers to Shankchurn. Nagmaya says Takshak has built a magical web around Arjun’s soul and whoever touches it will die. Nagmaya asks so what. Nagmaya says Vasuki has gone to save Arjun’s soul. Shankchurn enters and says if Vasuki dies, they will win.

Yashoda stops Arrjun and says he is her son and cannot do this. He slaps her and she falls down. Shankchurn says if Vasuki is not alive, who will save Arjun and without Arjun Takshak cannot do anything, now nag rakshas will be Takshak’s biggest weakness, then shankchurn will become most powerful nagraj.

Tina and Aslam somehow try to escape, but monsters surround them again. Aslam thinks how to save themselves.

Takshak sees Vasuki and Arjun’s fight via his magical bowl and laughs Arjun throws poison on Vasuki. Takshak laughs that his nag rakshas is so powerful, the game which he started in naglok is played on earth. Maheshwar tries to wake up Yashoda and says she cannot leave him alone like this. She does not. Maheshwar walks angrily towards Arjun and says he killed his mother, he cannot be Yasoda’s Arjun, he is a rakshas, he should kill even him. Arjun stops. Maheshwaar says he killed his mother and should kill even his father. Vasuki senses an opportunity and takes locket from Arjun’s neck. Takshak sees that and shouts no… Vasuki releases Arjun’s soul back into Arjun’s body. Arjun shouts in pain and falls down. A bright light emerges and all monster die. Takshak shouts no….nobody can defeat him. He calls soldier and orders to gather army, it is time to attack earth. Shankchurn also repeats it is time to attack naglok and prithvilok/earth. Arjun gets a new life with a diferent face.

Precap: Takshak address his army that Arjun has become Nagarjun, if they are ready to fight with them. Army says yes.. Arjun is seen wandering in city.

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