Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th September 2016 Written Update

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Oct 1, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

Diwakar speaks to travel agent and asks him to send 35 tickets which Prabhath sent list of. Aggent says Prabhath did not send any list. Diwakar gets very angry and scolds Prabhath in front of whole family that because of him they are losing 1 lakh rs and shouts if he cannot correct himself, he should not work with him. Mansoor tries to interfere, and Diwakar scolds even him.

Prabhath goes to his room and sadly plays his music instrument. Neelima fumes that Diwakar should not have scolded him in front of everyone, even their children are growing up, what they must be feeling seeing their father is not respected. On the other side, Sarita tells Diwakar same. He says Prabhath made a mistake and should be corrected. Aryan and Sushanth come and say same. Diwakar angrily

walks out to living room and angrily calls Prabhath. Whole family gathers. He starts scolding Prabhath at first but then goes into childhood memories where he used to protect Prabhath and Prabhath used to protect. He then apologizes Prabhath for scolding him uncessarily and Prabhath touches his feet and hugs. Diwakar then goes out and apologizes Mansoor. Daadi and Prabhath watch that smile.

Aryan calls Saachi and informs that Diwakar and Prabhath fought today. Saachi says he should do something to reconcile them. Aryan says she should have seen how they reconciled themselves and continues story..Saachi he forgot to talk about themselves.

Sarita and daadi prepare guest list again and does not even ask Neelima’s opinion or include her relative’s names. Sarita asks her to go and get ready for shopping. She goes to room and cries that they don’t respect her in this house and did not even include her relatives names. She comes out. Sarita asks if she is ready. She says she is not feeling well and will rest at home. Sarita, Priyanka and Prhabhth leave for shopping. Neeti and Nilesh ask Priyanka to get gifts for them. Sarita angrily wanders in living room fuming they did not even bother when she told she is unwell and went for shopping. They all return from shopping. Chandra calls on landline. Neelima picks call. Chandra asks her to give phone to Sarita and asks Sarita howmany married and unmarried women are there in her house. Sarita tells numbers excluding Neelima. Neelima gets very angry and complains that they all don’t respect her a tall, they did not include her relatives names in invitation list and did not even consider as family member. Prabhath apologizes that it is his mistake.

Sarita calls Mittal house. Kusum picks call and Sarita asks her to give phone to Chandra. She tells Chandra that all her family members are equal, so she should not hesitate taking opinion from Neelima also. Chandra informs this to family. Saachi gets a call from Aryan. Chandra asks to pick call. Saachi goes aside and picks call. Aryan informs her about Neelima’s anger and asks her an idea to calm her. She says favorite icecream etc. He says he will think something himself. Saachi says okay then, he should call her back when he finds solution.

Aryan diguises as clown and with whole family calms Neelima down. Neelima says they convinced her at last. Daadi says dear ones love family members and even forgets family members. Sarita apologizes Neelima for ignoring.

Precap: Aryan comes to meet Saachi wearing clone’s clothes. They argue. Both families come out and watch them.

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