Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th September 2016 Written Update

Oct 1, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Shaan checking Pandit’s nerves and says may be he went to other world. Rajni asks you means mars. Shaan asks her to check vital signs. Rajni checks and says he is dead…100 percent. Shaan gets worried and says if anyone sees him, then what will happened. Rajni says some goons was following him, so I brought him here. Shaan says you brings troubles home. He says we shall take his dead body to police and Rajni to help. Rajni says according to my logic, everyone will know seeing his open eyes and open mouth. Shaan asks her to make him wear his sun glasses. Rajni makes him wear sun glasses. Surili knocks on the door asking Shaan to open the door. Rajni opens the door. Shaan makes Pandit’s body sit on chair. Surili comes inside and asks why he let his mouth open.

Shaan says may be because you are looking good in this saree. Surili says bad manners.

Sharmila asks him to close the mouth else fly can get in. Rajni says if fly can get inside him, then it will reach to other world too like him. Shaan says she means to say that he is doing meditation and is in other world. Surili asks him to come out of his meditation and talk to her. Rajni says he can’t answer you. Shaan says because he kept maun vrat now. Sharmila asks if he will read mantras by signs. Amrish comes and asks Surili, who called the guests for the wedding. Rajni says I called them, as because of my data…happiness should be celebrated with everyone. Surili asks her to rectify her happiness data. Shaan says it is a moment of happiness and asks Surili to check the food and get ready. They all leave. Shaan tells Rajni that now they have to move the body from here. Rajni says okay Shaan.

Shaan comes out of his room and tells Rajni that they have to take dead body to the place from where she brought him. Rajni says I will take him out. Shaan says no, and says if anyone sees you with dead body then will know that you are a robot. He comes out and sees commissioner. Commissioner meets Amrish and hugs him. Amrish asks who called you here…Commissioner says he came to attend Bubbles marriage, and says Rajni called me. Shaan asks why did you call him, and asks her to tell that the body is on his back. Rajni says command accepted and says Commissioner uncle…Commissioner asks someone called me. Amrish says no. Shaan throws dead body inside. He tells Rajni that he is thinking that he invented her for his loss, and says he has to make dead body act like a normal body. Rajni says you are looking stressed and gives him massage. Shaan tells her that they have to get ready first and then he will get Pandit ready.

Surili tells Sharmila that Pandit is strange. Surili says he will be strange as he is brought by Rajni. She says I am going to be dangerous thing of my career, and says I will get Amartya married to a girl of my choice. She tells that she is going to change bride in mandap. Maggie and Sharmila are surprised. Maggie says we can learn new things from you. Amrish tells Gyan and Dhyan that he can’t let Bubbles life ruined and says he will change the bride. Dhyan says you have agreed naa after snake incident. Gyan asks if Maa knows about it. Amrish says no, and warns them not to tell Surili. Maggie asks Surili, who is the new girl? Surili says she is a Bengali and of my choice. She says her face will be revealed when ghunghat is lifted. She says she will come in 15 mins. Amrish tells Dhyan and Gyan that the bride came and is sitting inside. He tells that the other bride will wear same dress as that of Bubbles.

Shaan sync dead body with Rajni’s body and asks Rajni that she will control dead body just as he helped her during visarjan. Rajni says I remember. He says I will be connected with you through blue tooth, and thinks it is good that I didn’t make male robot, else it would have been scary. Pandit collides with Commissioner. Commissioner asks who is he and he is not apologizing to me. Shaan says he has maun vrat and a pandit. Shaan asks him to hold ears and apologizes. Rajni holds a woman’s ears, while dead body holds Commissioner’s ears. Commissioner asks what is this? Shaan tells his logic. Commissioner greets him. Shaan tells Pandit ji is busy and that’s why he has to go. Other Pandit will do the marriage. Commissioner says no, this pandit have to get the marriage done, as Bubbles marriage is fixed after much wait. Commissioner asks him to come. Shaan asks Rajni to walk towards the mandap. Commissioner holds his hand and start walking towards the mandap. Shaan thinks dead body will get the marriage done, and thinks he will go to hell.

Aishwarya finds poisonous dart in Shaan’s room and thinks it might be his useful stuff. She throws it. Bubbles tells Amartya that she can’t believe that she is marrying him, and asks him to pinch her. Amartya says I am a man and don’t feel pain. He asks her to pinch her instead. Bubbles pinches him. Amartya shouts and says he is feeling pain. Aishwarya comes there and asks what they are talking about. She asks him to go and says we will send your bride. Amartya says we will meet in mandap. Bubbles asks Aishwarya to call him phupha ji. Goons come there following the signal coming from dart. They find dart outside the house and say girl might be here. Goon peeps inside and see Rajni standing.


Shaan tells that Pandit is having maun vrat and wants him to do the marriage. He asks Rajni to act to light match stick. Doctor Pandit picks a coconut and tries to light it. Everyone is shocked. 

.Credit :  H_Hasan

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